India is a diverse country with quirky beliefs.An insight into the quirky beliefs and rituals performed in India.

The Bani Festival in Andhra Pradesh:celebrated during Dussehera every year at the Devaragattu Temple  where scores of lathi- wielding devotees hit each other on the head till midnight. It is a gory sight to see blood dripping all over the temple.

Snake Worship On Nag Panchami: people worship cobras and offer them milk.This festival falls on the 5th day of the lunar month of Shravan.

Frog Weddings In Assam And Maharashtra: to please the rain God's farmers get frogs married as their croaking is considered an harbinger of rain.

Trampling By Cows In Maharashtra: In Bhiwdawad village in Maharashtra cows are decorated with henna and flowers on Enakdakshi and villagers lie on the ground and let their cows walk over them.They hold the cows in high esteem.

Coconut Smashing On The Head At Aadi Festival In Tamil Nadu:A human head is similar to the human head and the priests of Mahalakshmi Temple in Tamil Nadu smash coconuts on the heads of devotees as a sign of good-luck.

Exorcism Of Evil By Marrying Animals:in several parts of India if a girl child is born with a tooth or is believed to be possessed by the devil, they marry the girl to a dog to get rid of the bad omens or even if the girl is a Manglik.

Walking On Fire,Theemithi In Tamil Nadu:walking over fire is thought to be purifying.The Theemithi festival is celebrated to honour Draupadi's act of walking over fire and people believe if they do so ,they would be blessed.

Baby Tossing For Good Luck In Maharashtra:a ritual practised in the Baba Umer Dargah in Maharashtra involves dropping of babies from a height of 50ft to people standing below.

Celebrating Menstruation At Kamakhya Temple, Assam: the deity residing in Kamakhya temple is thought to be the vagina of Mother Goddess.In June she goes through the periodic cycle and during this period the Ambubachi Mela is held,due to colour of blood the offerings are made in red.

These are a few bizarre beliefs found in India.