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Your search for Ayurveda therapy
Sreeragam Ayurveda
 juvan arun  
 20 February 2020  

Sreeragam offers great Ayurveda medications alongside advancing wellbeing/therapeutic the travel industry. Sreeragam retreat is a health place for anybody looking for comprehensive experience for the prosperity of the brain and the body. Our treatment is solidly founded on the well established standards of Ayurveda and we carefully pursue conventional ayurvedic prescriptions, techniques and frameworks. We have a group of all around experienced specialists had some expertise in Ayurveda and our inside is all inclusive endorsed as the best place for ayurvedic treatment in Kerala. Several patients visit us to encounter the mitigating contact of ayurvedic recuperating. We offer unrivaled highlights for our clients, particularly the tremendous quantities of clients visiting from abroad. We keep up our altruism by conveying quality recuperating administration to our patients. The retreat is situated at a tranquil and roomy territory and offers the best hotel office for guests and the individuals who experience our mending administration unquestionably gets an encounter that invigorates their body just as brain. Our treatments have ensured mending impact and Sreeragam offers total answers for medications for some infections and afflictions.ayurvedic retreat in keralabest ayurveda hospital in kochiayurvedic treatment for rheumatoid arthritis in keralaarthritis treatment in keralaweight loss treatment in keralaparkinson disease treatment in ayurvedaspinal cord injury treatment in ayurvedaayurvedic treatment for paralysis in kerala

How is Angel Therapy Services in Gurgaon beneficial for the people?
 Shushant Singh  
 17 July 2020  

Is you are searching for peace in your life and want to live your life with a positive vibration? Then, take the help of Angel Therapy Services in Gurgaon. This therapy service is the perfect use of healing of body, mind, or spirit. This therapy is an alternative treatment for people. Give your life with our therapy only the set of wings but also a set of hands to guide you through life. Our therapy services are appreciated by many of the people through in Gurgaon.Our service ensures clear guidance in many areas, finances relationships health, and tapping into your life’s purpose. This therapy service is a non-denominational spiritual healing method. This therapy assures the best and beautiful life to live indeed stressfully. This therapy service is a non-denominational spiritual healing method that involves working with your guardian angels and archangels.Give your life the good and happy prosperity through the Angel Therapy Services in Gurgaon. Our service creates bits of help to create more peace in your life. Many people are not religious, yet belief in the concept of guardian angels being the protectors to heal and harmonize every aspect of life. Believers of guardian angels, who believe or practice the process of healing through the angels, follow this method of healing. This service of ours gives the users great healing and peace in their minds. We heal various health problems.The effectiveness, benefits of Pyramid Therapy in GurgaonIf you are the one who is searching for the power of healing the energy, then take the help of Pyramid Therapy in Gurgaon. They provide positive and effective therapy that will give the strength of happiness in your life. The peace of life is extremely vital for you must understand the flow of life. While having this therapy, you will move the sorts of negativity. This therapy also assists you to manifold. It also helps them to have a peaceful afterlife. Our therapy is generally about energy healing and the effectiveness of those energies reaching you well. We assure to assist in improving the functioning of the thyroid gland. It also helps in balancing the hormonal levels in the body.We bestow Pyramid Therapy in Gurgaon in a big way to improve the cognitive abilities of a person. The people who hire in the pyramids are said to maintain a better emotional balance than others. Our therapy ensures you to get cured of various hearing disorders because of its energy sufficiency. In today’s life, many of the people are having stressed. We will completely affect them for the best beneficial benefits. This service of ours gives the users great healing and peace in their minds. We also supposed to have healing properties. Our therapy has known, to cure asthma, toothaches, migraine, common cold, high blood pressure, arthritis epilepsy, and insomnia. This therapy technique, wounds, boils, and bruises heal quicker; it ensures weight loss and increases resistance to diseases. Are people searching for spiritual health wellness? Then, visit Aalma Inner Voice. They offer the consumer the best and effectively positive vibration. And, completely changes their life.

Pros and Cons of Chelation Therapy
 Joseph Carey  
 19 November 2019  

ForChelation therapy basically injects a type of medication called chelating agent or a chelator. Few chelators are better in eradicating certain metals than any other can. It actually binds the metals in the blood circulation. After they are injected in the bloodstream, they circulate through the blood, metal binding. This is the way, chelator collect’s all the metals into a compound that are filtered via kidney and released in urine.There are proven benefits of oral chelation therapy for heart disease and other diseases. Below are the metals that can be effectively removed with this therapy. Lead Arsenic MercuryIronCopperNickle Below are the causes of poisoning the heavy metal: Breathing polluted air heavily. Drinking polluted water. Ingesting bits of lead paintNevertheless, plenty of conditions can also tend to a buildup of particular metals in the body. Few of them include: Wilson’s disease – it’s a genetic disorder that can cause copper poisoning the body. Hemochromatosis – it’s a condition in which body consumes too much iron from food.Chronic kidney disease – dialysis, it causes the aluminum to build in your body. Thalassemia – blood disorders, requires several blood transfusion, which causes iron to build in your body. Against It is still unclear whether oral chelation therapy for heart disease is beneficial or not. For long, such therapy is used for mercury and lead poisoning – but this hasn’t been a proven treatment for heart disease. The people against oral chelation therapy for heart disease believe that it potentially causes severe side effects. But, few doctors and health practitioners have also used it to treat stroke and heart disease. During the therapy, you are given disodium ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) via different numbers of weekly intravenous (IV) treatments, each sitting last for 30 minutes. Typically, the medication you are seeking is out and metal and mineral sticks in your bloodstream. Forming a compound that leaves your body when you urinate. This therapy is promoted for heart disease because it’s felt that the medicine sticks to calcium found in fatty plaques (deposits) in the arteries. Nevertheless, this therapy is so far controversial for some reasons. Here is what we know so far: The Trail to Assess Chelation Therapy (TACT) hasn’t provided adequate evidence to support heart disease cure. Moreover, it did not even find that chelation therapy gives moderate protection against any cardiovascular arrest in future such as heart attack or stroke. TACT so far focuses on diabetes people. Even the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology is also ascertain about the oral chelation therapy for heart disease is beneficial for heart treatment or not. Other also haven’t approved including Food and Drug Administration that this therapy is good for heart treatment. Before concluding against argument, this therapy has known risks and side effects for heart disease treatment. The most typical is burning at the IV. On other hand, it may cause you headache, fever, nausea or vomiting. Serious cases reported following therapy treatment are as listed below:Sudden blood pressure dropsKidney damageHeart failureBone marrow count dropsBlood calcium level abnormally dropsDeath

How Arthritis Treatment Effective For the Patient?
 Painspecialist Clinic  
 30 June 2020  

If you are suffering from the arthritis pain problem due to a long-lasting period then the patient must take benefit of the Best arthritis treatment in Delhi. Do not try to negotiate it? Otherwise, it may cause a big problem. This pain starts giving trouble from the joints.. The patient must get Pain relief is one of the goals of our professional team. Our doctors recommend trying the best treatment of therapy first. By our Physical therapy for arthritic pain has been proven by research to be highly effective and naturally safe for the patient.Here are a few essential points on how the treatment is effective:-When you start taking benefit ofarthritis treatment, then the doctor will first examine your joints for deformity and inflammation, look for signs of disease, and review your history of symptoms.After that, the expert and Professional doctor recommended the patient for the exercise routines, medications, rest, and physical therapy that may surely give the improvement in their pain. A physical therapist can provide guided exercise regimens. The patient must do the proper, safe exercises to avoid injury.The treatment also treated with PEMF therapy. Utilizing this therapy, the doctors emit electromagnetic waves at different frequencies to stimulate and encourage the patient's body's natural recovery process. This treatment shows quick results in pain relief and 100% naturally safe. Many of the people got relief from this therapy and continued their regular schedule.If you have visit lots of doctors for getting relief from the joint pain and you haven’t received any effective results in pain. Then once reach to the center where you meet with the Best Doctor for Joint Pain in Delhi. They assure the effective and quick relief from joint pains through its best treatment with the latest technology called pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. The expert doctor recommended the patient for this therapy that will show a good effect on the patient in their pain. The treatments are given here without any medicine, without any surgery, the best doctor for joint pain assists the patient in removing the joint pain by the physiotherapy. They assure a healthy environment with their treatment. The best doctor gives the patient the rid of pain in a few appointments.If the patient wants to be completely healthy with their body and mind? Then they must visit at Pain Specialist Clinic that offers the patient Best arthritis treatment. Get a healthy living life with us. 

Benefits of Massage Therapy That One Should Know
 Zeitaku Spa  
 25 March 2020  

One of the most relaxing physical therapy, massage is considered as an effective way to relax and calm the body. No matter how stressful your day is, getting a massage reduces the whole tensity. Today, it is gaining popularity day by day. When it comes to relaxation, there is nothing wrong with associating the term “massage” which has several therapeutic benefits too. This form of therapy involves the hand-on techniques, resulting in improving blood circulation, reducing stress, reliving the chronic body pain, etc, pointing towards its endless benefits. Enjoy the best Rapid city massage and experience its real benefits. You will surely feel strong mentally, physically and emotionally.In this blog, we have mentioned the top 5 benefits why massage is one of the best physical therapy on everyone’s list. Take a glance-A Relaxing TherapyYes! While doing massage, the body feels so relaxed and calm that you will definitely want to try it again. But how does it happen? When the body is tense, then it releases the stress hormones known as cortisol which always had a diverse effect on the body, resulting in weight gain, chronic headaches, and digestive problems. Regular body massage reduces the flow of cortisol in the body and hence improves mood, reduces stress. Therefore, most of the doctors recommend massage when your body is under stress. Improves FocusAnother surprising benefit of massage is that it helps in improving the ability to focus. You can only pay attention to anything when your heart rate is lowered. If your heart rate is high, then it’s really difficult to focus. Massage therapy slows your nervous system, hence your heart rate also slows down. This is how massage improves your focus and helps you to pay attention to anything and everything. Search on the web “massage near me” and enjoy this effective body therapy today. Reduces Chronic Body PainThat’s true! If massage is done properly by an expert or physical therapist, then it also relieves body pain and heals the injuries. It’s quite effective therapy that one should try. It reduces the joint pain and several other long terms chronic pain you are suffering through. It is always recommended to get a massage from a good, licensed therapist as they are experts in assessing which areas are around the injury that needs a massage or which are best to avoid.Lowers the Blood PressureRegular massage lowers the blood pressure level as well. With some studies, it is cleared that massage reduces both systolic (upper number) and diastolic (lower number) blood pressures. As we already mentioned above, this therapy reduces stress and makes your body feel relaxed. The lower blood pressure can rescue the risk for many other diseases like heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, etc. so, get the consistent massage rapid city and stay fit always. The above-listed are some of the benefits of massage therapy that one should know. Add this therapy to your daily routine and stay healthy and fit always.

Ayurvedic Approach To Erectile Dysfunction - Remedies That Can Help!
 ashu sharma  
 1 November 2019  

IntroductionErectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to get or keep an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse. It's also sometimes referred to as impotence. ED is the result of how long does an erection last, because when the erection time is less then only it results in erectile dysfunction.Erectile dysfunction is activated by a few factors, for example, mental stress, despondency, over the top utilization of liquor, smoking, low testosterone levels, penile issues and nerve related issue.As indicated by ayurveda, erectile dysfunction is the aftereffect of the interruption of one of the vaayus of the body titled apaanavayu. Apaanavayu is situated in the balls, urinary bladder, phallus, crotch and rear-end. It controls discharge, erection and furthermore the entry of stool and pee. Ayurvedic measures to treat erectile dysfunction utilize a blend of herbal pills, massages and adjustments in the patient's way of life to help erection. A blend of every one of these cures is titled vajikarana treatment. It deduces that this treatment helps men in beating issues confronted while sex including erectile dysfunction. It additionally upgrades the nature of sperm, and sperm motility. Ayurvedic Solutions for treat erectile dysfunction Herbs that incorporate, vangabhasma, lauhabhasma, shilajitu, hingula, yashtimadhu, pravalapishti, kapikacchu, and kupeelu are advantageous in expanding sperm tally. These herbs likewise support erection by aiding in expanding the term for which a man can hold his erection. Kajjali, satavari, vanga bhasma, jiraka, vidarikanda, bala, tamra bhasma, ativisha, jatiphala, karpura, lavanga and abhrakabhasma, are known to have properties that can treat erectile dysfunction. Ayurvedic massages for erectile dysfunction There are different oils that are utilized by ayurveda professionals to ease an individual of stress. Stress is one of the significant reasons that lead to erectile dysfunction. Home grown oils that utilized for body back rubs contain herbs, for example, bala kashaya and bala kalka have therapeutic powers. There remember pressure, restore the body, stop the backward procedure of maturing and furthermore support the moxie. Sesame based oils are utilized to knead the penis which loosens up the pelvic zone, expands blood dissemination and furthermore helps in expanding the span of an erection. The herbs present in these oils incorporate, bala, ashwagnadha, shatavari and sariva. Way of life changes for erectile dysfunction As ayurveda depends on the rule that general wellbeing of the body and psyche directly affects any sort of treatment. Yoga and reflection are significant techniques by which the body can be empowered and the mind invigorated. This in the long run aides in treatment of erectile dysfunction as the body by increasing the average erection time and psyche respond to treatment. Satisfactory rest is another basic fixing on which the achievement pace of treatment depends. Eight hours of rest will guarantee that the body is loose and calm. Dietary changes, for example, the consideration of ghee, nuts, urad (dark gram) lentil and sweet things detailed help in the fix of erectile dysfunction. Hot and spicy nourishments ought to be evaded as they can agitate the doshas of the body and obstruct treatment.

Beauty therapy courses near me perth: How to Choose the Right One
 Scott Ervin  
 2 May 2020  

Beauty therapy courses near me offers exceptionally experienced mentors persuade and move as they lead you through the most recent educational plan and application systems.Beauty therapy coursesnear me and a wealth of hands on preparing give you the best chance to open your latent capacity and flourish as a marvel specialist. The school is generally eminent for creating specialists of the most noteworthy expert norm.Beauty therapy courses near me students are exceptionally looked for after with most of our capability graduates picking up work or beginning their own organizations at the time they graduate. Their students approach full homeroom offices for hypothetical educational cost and cutting edge PCs for online industry explore, venture advancement and general PC aptitude educational cost.Picking the right beauty therapy courseIt is important that you ask yourself the type of route you want to take which will rely a lot on how your career panning out.Beauty therapy short courses are explicitly intended to suit understudies who can't concentrate full time. Endless supply of any of our short courses, the understudy will get a Soma Sense Certificate of Competence. Every short course incorporate a preparation pack/items expected to finish the program.Nail innovation alludes to the procedures, instruments, and different items used to treat and deal with nails, while likewise making them look stylishly satisfying. This field includes restorative excellence medications for fingernails and toenails. Cosmetics will be Beauty Therapy Short Courses care products, for example, lipstick or powder applied to the face, used to improve or address the appearance. In Beauty Therapy Short Courses we will cover day, evening just as marriage (uncommon event) cosmetics systems. Healthy skin treatment includes excellence medications for the face. This course covers an essential facial everyday practice: Cleanse, Skin Analysis, Exfoliation, Mask, Massage, and Tone and Moisturize.With a certificate to practice and even get insurance, you will be allowed to join a professional membership body which then gives you more professionalism in your clients’ eyes.Types of beauty therapy courses perthCosmetologyThis programme builds on the foundation of sanitation and infection control and physiology and anatomy and covers general skincare services like makeup application, nail treatment, and facials. Also, students will learn how to shampoo, style hair, and condition hair. Lab and course content focus on normal salon services.Chemical Reformation TechniquesThis course teaches students to master clinical hair applications as well as treatments. Also, you will learn how to straighten hair chemically and give perms. The skillset is completed by learning condition and modified shampoo applications on how to keep with chemical texturizing treatments. As a student of this course, you are required to have a great understanding of dealing with hair before you can learn about the chemical processes.Hair Colouring TechniquesIn this course, you will learn the proper application and formulation of hair colour according to the hair and scalp of the client. Learning chemistry and the technique of hair coloring can be completed in the middle of the cosmetology program. Grasping permanent and temporary color is an important competency that students can practice during labs and also in salons.Other coursesSkincare beauty courses typically cover topics like body waxing, facials, and exfoliation among other skin treatments.Medical aesthetics is yet another skincare niche and it relies on the same courses. However, it often calls for a greater amount of experience, especially in medical settings. Their work involves working alongside plastic surgeons where they help them to improve the appearance of a client after an elective surgery or a medical trauma.

Top 8 Reasons You Should Visit a Therapist
 Galagali Multimedia  
 17 April 2019  

Psychotherapy, counseling, talk or talking therapy, or just a therapy—no matter the name it’s known by, mental health counseling can help people struggling with emotional difficulties, life challenges, and mental health issues.It may take some necessary steps before you decide that you’re ready for therapy or not. You may want to wait and see if time, lifestyle changes, or the support of friends and family improves whatever you’re stressed with.If you experience any kind of emotions or feelings to the extent that they interfere with life, therapy may assist you to reduce their effects. It’s particularly necessary to consider getting help if you feel controlled by symptoms or if they could cause harm to yourself or people around you.1. OverwhelmYou may feel like you have a lot of things to do or too many problems to cope with. You might feel like you don’t even have time to rest or breathe.Stress as well as overwhelm can lead to serious physical health concerns.2. FatigueThis physical symptom many a times results from or accompanies mental health problems. It can be a sign of depression. Fatigue makes you sleep more than usual or sometimes have trouble getting out of bed in the morning.3. Disproportionate rage, anger, or resentment Everyone feels angry many a times. Even passing rage isn’t necessarily harmful. Looking support to deal with these feelings may be a better idea when they don’t pass, are compared to the situation, or if they lead you to take violent or potentially harmful steps.4. Agoraphobia People with agoraphobia fear being in places where they may experience panic attacks or become trapped. In fact few people may become unable to leave their houses.5. Anxious or intrusive thoughtsIt’s quite normal to worry about things from time to time, but when worrying takes up a significant part of your day or causes physical symptoms, therapy can be a better idea to help you deal with it.6. ApathyLosing interest in regular activities, the world around you or life in general can be a sign of mental health issues like depression or anxiety.7. HopelessnessTo lose hope or motivation, or feeling as if you have no future, can indicate depression or another mental health issue. Feeling hopeless after specific intervals, especially after a period of difficulty, isn’t uncommon. But when it exists, it may even lead to thoughts of suicide.8. Social withdrawalMost of the people feel good when they’re able to spend at least some time alone. Introverted people might need even more time alone as compared to that of others. But if you feel distressed with others being around or fear being with other people, therapy can help you understand as well as tell you ways to deal with such kind of feelings.Even if you are unsure, whether you want to commit to therapy or not, many therapists provide a free first session or phone consultation to talk through what you’re dealing with. Depending on your symptoms, they might encourage you to get assistance.

Get Body Massge - Prostata Massage
 Rob Davis  
 6 June 2020  

Massage therapy has several benefits, from increasing circulation and immunity to minimizing problem from health problems and injury. Massage therapy frees the feel good hormones, which allows the client to relax and de-stress. If clients fail to keep stress in check, it can lead to disease and can worsen conditions that already exist.Massage is effective to everybody under the sun; from premature infants to the elderly. Massage does help infants to thrive and grow; facilitates youngsters with several different health related, physical and emotional problems; so helping get rid of the anguish of those who are desperate.Massage therapy can certainly help to practically any health condition, but there are particular incidents that Massage tend to make the illness more irritating (referred to as contraindications). Or infection of any kind, Massage will make the person feel worse, if the person is suffering from a fever. If the person is intoxicated by alcohol or drugs, Massage is not warranted for the same reason, also. He/she will need written permission from his/her prime proper care service expressing which the Massage are likely to be advantageous and not simply increase the risk for health probem even worse in cases where the woman has advanced disease. Recently available harm or surgery (under 30 days) generally speaking also need to have drafted authorisation out of your main caution health practitioner just before the therapist can proceed.prostata massage40-two states in america along with the Center of Columbia and three Canadian provinces have transferred legislation regulating Massage and bodywork - through enrollment, licensure, or accreditation. In those provinces and states that normalize Massage counselors also require therapist to hold insurance, which brings its own range of procedures of undertake. States in america almost always absolutely need your Massage specialist to use graduated originating from a Massage therapy college, normally needing at the least 250 to 500 many hours of instruction. Instruction typically will involve gaining knowledge of a number of modalities, body structure/physiology, on, business, pathology and ethics-the-job opportunity training courses; through the school clinic or concerning the student's unique time. Insurance covers the therapist in the event the customer is harmed during the process for the Massage or includes a reaction to an item being utilized among the specialist. Legal guidelines also manage confident protocols throughout the Massage, include things like ideal draping and privacy of client details.Most states that regulate Massage ask for that a Massage Therapist really should drape your client all the time, only undraping the present part really being handled. Massage Therapists storing insurance are placed to a pair of conduct and ethics that must definitely be shadowed continually. Not next few these rules or persons set in place with the say could lead to disciplinary action getting applied opposed to the Massage specialist. Massage therapy can be used perhaps rest or perhaps to eliminate constant worry or reduce the outcomes of disorders or damage on the body.Massage therapists are not able to use remedy, Real therapy or Chiropractors job unless of course they witout a doubt accredited in almost any of these fields. Massage Therapists usually do not spot, can just apply treatment to, and can not deal with health issues. Massage is certainly not physical in general together with anal and genitals section really should be draped at all times. If a Massage therapist considers your client is further than their extent of observe (practical experience), then s/he would need to reference that clients to a person else who seems to be a bit more capable.

The smart Trick of Pittsburgh Floatation Tank That Nobody is Discussing
 Nadim Mia  
 22 July 2020  

One hour of zero gravity and zero interruptions will minimize the manufacture of cortisol, a worry hormone, leaving us emotion refreshed and serene once the float.Floating helps to promote the body’s own purely natural energy of healing and regeneration. Healthcare disorders which have been demonstrated to reap the benefits of floatation therapy include the subsequent:They final twenty five occasions extended than incandescent bulbs and they’re not fragile, nor prone to split. LEDs have revolutionized lighting in the last twenty years, and created it doable for individuals to harness Risk-free, helpful light therapy in their own individual residences at an inexpensive selling price.I’ve been wanting to do this for years. I wasn't disappointed as well as the owner, Chris is just superb. The area is cleanse, lovely and they’ve considered anything to.Read through himalayan salt room , it’s was mine and my girlfriend’s birthday whenever we went they usually gave use both a gift basket with signed joyful birthday cards after our float. Fantastic individuals� Examine LessSynergy Float Middle is a brand new addition to Old Towne. I've been to other float spas, but This is actually the initial that impressed me from begin to complete. Every little thing from.I have been going through a really really hard time not long ago (in the midst of heartbreaking grief from getting rid of my father) and are trying to focus on self treatment. I've done... Read through MoreI've been going through a extremely tough time a short while ago (inside the midst of heartbreaking grief from dropping my father) and are trying to target self treatment. I've carried out the shut tranquility pod three moments and it's awesome.Extra notes: Synergy is often a veteran owned company which is associated with Pathways for Veterans by furnishing an setting for veterans to operate via their psychological and Bodily wounds. Go through Considerably lessThere was no element missed. It truly is cleanse, the staff are welcoming. It is really peaceful and deeply therapeutic. I'd like to get everybody We all know on board as I have confidence in the many benefits of floating. We experienced a terrific chat While using the proprietor who continued to present us worthwhile information on the many benefits of floating, ingesting structured water as well as the functions guiding the magic. We will not wait around to return subsequent thirty day period. Browse Much lessCrimson light therapy feels so rejuvenating because it stimulates the manufacture of collagen, which gives skin its elasticity, hair its energy, and connective tissue its capacity to hold all the things together. [3] You may go through more details on crimson light therapy escalating all-natural collagen below.A Cochrane (organisation) assessment performed in 2019 states the evidence foundation for light therapy like a cure for avoidance of seasonal affective disorder is restricted.Perspiring in an infrared sauna is a powerful Software for therapeutic and avoidance simply because infrared safely and securely induces short-expression hyperthermia and raises your core temperature enough to eliminate most cancers-resulting in cells, detoxify your body of doubtless carcinogenic heavy metals and toxins, and boost your immune method.It may audio too good to generally be accurate, but substantial proof exhibits that crimson light therapy actually enhances everything the body does.The energy within the infrared ray lights go deep beneath the pores and skin to ensure that it could be absorbed via the further tissue levels.

Are You Making Effective Use Of Addiction Treatments101?
 Meirrs eirrsul  
 23 January 2020  

Addiction disorder is significantly prevailing amongst the persons of the present-day period of time as individuals are addicted to cell phones, online games, food items, and primarily misuse ingredients. For all of such alcohol and drug addiction is progressively spread out over the entire world. A person who is obsessed with misuse substances are also experiencing all kinds of other ailments for instance cancers, anxiousness, heart attack, diabetes mellitus, lungs injury and perhaps so forth. After suffering from addiction issue it is quite hard for addicted individual to quit these materials. Substance abuse is always that disorder which in turn not just has an effect on a person’s actual physical heath but also spoils personal and professional existence.Historically, hooked individuals lose their desire toregain their healthy and happy life style but now our created leading-edge technological innovation helps it be possible. Today era, there are lots of alcohol and drugs rehabilitation centers are introduced that gives treatment to people for addiction difficulty. Each rehab centrehave their new ways to deal the problem which include in-patient treatment method, out-patient treatment method, pre-hospitalization remedy and also residential treatment. Each of these methods are approved to passionate person based on a human being’s health problem at the same time requirement. People who find themselves hugely dependent on drugs in that case inpatient treatment is the very best however it is costlier in natureas compared to outpatient therapy. Thus, people who haslowspending budget ought to choose the outpatient remedy wherein they can regain their prior healthful existence.There are various people who don't like ecosystem of rehab center at the same time some has hectic schedule so that they steer clear of their cure. Hence, do not worry because within the sophisticated technicalera all aspects are feasible with no going anywhere. There's among the best rehabilitate centre called as Addiction center offers hostedtreatment to dependent ones. They have a team of health-related experts who deliver treatments also guide the individuals by way of their online video media clips. Thesevideo clips boost the hooked person to acquire rest from abusing drugs with out visiting rehabilitation center. Team of Addictions center additionally teaches beauty of living as well as adverse reactions of misuse materials to inspire the dependent persons to enable them to easily give up addictiontreatments101.com misuse substances.Web-based therapy is the best option to the individuals merely who exactly really wants to quit abuse substances and strictly follow the approved therapy. Normally there is in-patient therapy is contained in which 24/7 care is provided to dependent patient too total expert therapy and treatments. So there 's time to change your life from an dependent patient to normalcy pleased person along with a telephone call to addictions center. Specialists of Addictions center can be obtained 24 hour-a-day for the assistance of persons. If required,interested individuals can click here or go to our official web page in order to learn about Addictions center.

Tantra Massage Köln - Body Massage
 Rob Davis  
 6 June 2020  

Though there are many methods available for our reduction of pain and stress, few are as universally commended as ancient creative art of our body massage. Long renowned for being able to relieve muscle tension and provides comforting relaxation, various forms of massage therapy treatment have grown in recognition nowadays as new ages of individuals are introduced to the tranquil and healing effects that this fingers-on therapy offers. Deciding what type of massage to get can sometimes be confusing for newcomers to the discipline, however. To make your selection less difficult, is a review of 3 of an very popular body massage models.A person genuinely popular form of body massage is recognized as the deep tissue message. Because of its focus on muscles lying underneath the visible surface muscles, deep tissue massage therapy has the ability to provide relief that goes beyond the superficial surface skin massages with which most people are familiar. A lot off the more common purposes of this kind of massage are sporting events pain and medicine management, especially in incidents connected with injuries to muscles in addition to cells. Because this type of massage reaches muscles of which most people have little awareness, most deep tissue massage specialists will insist upon continual communication during the massage to ensure that the process is as painless as possible.tantra massage kölnWith the growth of various sports activities comes a corresponding growth in the number of sports-similar injuries. more, more and result athletes and sporting teams have turned to sports massage pros to guard to prevent this kind of harm right before they take place, as a result. Aided by the athletics massage, the body massage is provided before the sporting task, and is usually a precursor with the comfy-up period of time. Additionally, most players who use this sort of body massage also get a massage as soon as the wearing function to make certain their muscle tissues and ligaments keep on being totally free of accident. Such a massage is typically done with two ambitions under consideration: empowering much better blood flow and blocking harm.Of course, no review of body massage tips may be even slightly finished while avoiding not less than talking about the Swedish massage - most likely the most famous of the massage routines. The Swedish body massage utilizes a variety of types of cerebral vascular accidents to ease pressure and reduce or terminate suffering. The underlying strokes and kneading techniques are simple enough for anyone to learn,. That is though there has been a mystique surrounding Swedish massage, the fact. This truth, it could be exceeding just about any other, has helped to keep up the recognition of Swedish massage on the globe.With each passing year, it appears analysts are always training new methods body massage supports those people that end up with it. And emotional health of those who regularly receive the therapy, massage therapy in all its many forms is sure to become an even more important part of our lives, as doctors and scientists alike learn just how powerful the benefits of body massage can be in increasing themental and physical.

Learn About Various Types Of Cancer Treatments
 Vidhi Verma  
 21 April 2020  

Cancer treatment is of many types. The treatment depends on the type of cancer one has and how much-advanced stage it has. When someone needs treatment for cancer, he/she needs to have a lot of knowledge about different kinds of treatment. Some people go for only one therapy, whereas some go for multiple treatments like radiation therapy or chemotherapy. It is natural to feel confused about procedures. Well, don't worry because I will explain everything about the medications here.Various Types of Cancer TreatmentsCancer treatment is possible in Best Cancer Hospital in India. So, now let us look at various types of cancer treatments:1) Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy is a potent medication for cancer patients given to stop the spread of cancer in the body. It kills cancer cells present in the blood, mouth, hair follicles and digestive system of the patient. Cancer cells are quick to grow, and hence, medication helps slow their growth or even kill them. It helps prevent the spread of cancer in the patient's body.2) Internal Radiation: Doctors call it brachytherapy. The process involves putting radioactive implants on the place of the tumour, inside the patient's body. Radioactive implants are as small as a rice grain. Radiation from the implants kills cancer cells in a patient's body. 3) External Beam Radiation: When cancer cells are attacked by high-energy particles such as particle therapy, protons or through waves like X-rays then, the harmful cells are damaged in one specific area, and not the whole body. This treatment is called External Beam Radiation. 4) Open Surgery: If someone has a solid tumour in an area, they go for open surgery. Open surgery doesn't work if cancer is in the blood or has spread to the whole body. In this treatment, the surgeon uses a scalpel or sharp tool and makes a significant cut in the patient's tissue. The cut is made to remove the tumour as much of the part possible. Further,  lymph nodes and other tissues may also be removed for testing. 5) Minimally Invasive Surgery: Unlike open surgery, several small cuts are made in a patient's skin, instead of one large cut. A tube, including a tiny camera, is put into one cut to get a view of the patient's body. Additionally, tools are placed on the other cuts. This treatment takes a shorter time for recovery as compared to open surgery. Doctors call it laparoscopic surgery. All these cancer treatments are also available in Best Cancer Hospital in India.ConclusionCancer staging determines the treatment protocols. Higher the number assigned in cancer staging, the more aggressive is cancer found in the patient's body. Hence, different cancer treatments are available for different stages of the disease.In conclusion, cancer treatment varies according to the type and stage of cancer found in the patient's body. Many cancer treatments are performed to fit the individual patient's disease. However, many treatments of cancer include chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation therapy. Cancer patients should always look for one of the Best Cancer Hospital in India.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 3.14
 Dhwani Shah  
 20 September 2019  

Five Elements - In Gita Verse 3.14 All living bodies subsist on food grains, which are produced from rains. Rains are produced by performance of yajña [sacrifice], and yajña is born of prescribed duties.Not by Krishna but our Ayurveda also says that be in gratitude towards all the five elements, space(Ether), earth, water, air and fire. We worship all this five elements for being in our life and taking care of our needs. To nourish our body we need food but grain, food is combination of all the five elements.Krishna says unless we are in gratitude towards five elements and what they are giving to us we will not be doing our prescribed duties.Ayurveda evolved in the meditative minds of seers of truth - the rishis. For thousands of years their teachings were transmitted orally from teacher to disciple, and later they were set down in melodious Sanskrit poetry. Though many of these texts have been lost over time, an abundant body of Ayurvedic knowledge survives.Originating in Cosmic Consciousness, this wisdom was intuitively received in the hearts of the rishis. They perceived that consciousness was energy manifested into the five basic principles or elements.The rishis perceived that in the beginning the world existed in an unmanifested state of consciousness. From that state of unified consciousness. the subtle vibrations of the cosmic soundless sound aum manifested. From that vibration there first appeared the Ether element. This ethereal element then began to move; its subtle movements created the Air, which is Ether in action. The movement of Ether produced friction, and through that friction heat was generated. Particles of heat-energy combined to form intense light and from this light the Fire element manifested.Thus, Ether manifested into Air and it was the same Ether that further manifested into Fire. Through the heat of the Fire, certain ethereal elements dissolved and liquified, manifesting the Water element, and then solidified to form the molecules of Earth. In this way. Ether manifested into the four elements of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth.From Earth, all organic living bodies including those in the vegetable kingdom such as herbs and grains, and those in the animal kingdom. including man, are created. Earth also contains the inorganic substances that comprise the mineral kingdom. Thus, out of the womb of the Five Elements all matter is born.The five basic elements exist in all matter. Water provides the classic example: the solid state of water, ice, is a manifestation of the Earth principle. Latent heat (Fire) in the ice liquifies it, manifesting the Water principle; and then eventually it turns into steam, expressing the Air principle. The steam disappears into Ether, or space. Thus the five basic elements; Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth, are present in one substance. All five originated in the energy issuing from Cosmic Consciousness: all five are present in all matter in the universe. Thus, energy and matter are one.Man as Microcosm.Man is a microcosm of nature and so the five basic elements present in all matter also exist within each individual.Ayurveda regards the human body and its sensory experiences as manifestations of cosmic energy expressed in the five basic elements. The ancient rishis perceived that these elements sprang from pure Cosmic Consciousness. Ayurveda aims to enable each individual to bring his body into a perfect harmonious relationship with that Consciousness.Krishna by saying that unless you live from your subjectivity you will not realise this five element from which our body is made and having expression of cosmic energy.

Why is Transactional Analysis important and what is it used for?
 Anna chandy  
 29 April 2020  

This theory is developed by Dr. Eric Berne in the 1950s. It is social psychology and a method to improve your communication skill. By the theory outlines how we have developed and treats ourselves, how we relate and communicate with others, and offer suggestions and intervention which will enable us to change and grow. We make your life different from others by our counseling classes.What will you learn in Transactional Analysis classes?This course gives the knowledge - how you can get it day to day life and psychoanalytic practice, either to improve your own life or to help others improve their life.Transactional Analysis Training classes teach you what its core concepts are and how to manage it for the analysis of performance, therapy, and self-help. As you have knowledge that it has been developed by Dr. Eric Berne. Such as ego states, transactions, games, scripts, and life positions, and how these concern our relationships. It totally helps you in dealing with all types of situations.In our classes, you will get the knowledge of how to help people to alter their standpoints and changes in their lives. Our classes look at different types of patients and their therapeutic goals. The classes give you a hard to believe the tool to use in therapy but it is just as powerful for self-help. Our classes also look at how the practice can be used in your own life, to highlight and understand issues and work on your personal development, to overcome them. Classes provided tips and jump off points to help you do just that what you want to achieve.In addition to teaching the core principles and methods of it, the classes outline the additional training you will need to become a Transactional Analysis certification courses. You’ll learn about where you can expect to find work and what you should expect to learn, and the considerations you need to make, should you wish to set up as an independent TA therapist. BY our Transactional Analysis Training classes you will get the total satisfaction in these courses.If you are looking for good therapy classes? Then Welcome to Anna Chandy who loves the supportive nature of the learning environment and offers you the Transactional Analysis certification courses. By it you can change your life and others. Our classes ensure you for the positive environment of learning the life struggle.

Welcome to Kashyap Skin Clinic! We offers Multiple Treatments
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KASHYAP SKIN CLINIC is a reputed skin and clinic in New Delhi offering all non-invasive dermatology treatments including acne scar removal, botox treatment, under eye dark circle removal, prp therapy, dermal fillers treatment, laser hair removal, vitiligo surgery, hair transplant, birthmark removal, mole removal, warts removal, wrinkles treatment, earlobe repair, nail surgery, Dermaroller, Electrocautery, Excessive Sweating, Injection Lipolysis, Melanocyte Transplant, Mesoglow & Mesolift, Mesotherapy, Microdermabrasion, Nail surgery – Nail Avulsion, Peeling, Skin Rejuvenation, Tatto Removal, Iontophoresis for Excessive Sweating, Removal or Corns, Warts, Skin-tags & Cysts, Venereal Disease & Sexual Problems and all other skin and laser treatments.Get more about laser hair removal at http://www.kashyapskinclinics.com/laser-hair-removal.htmlGet more about tattoo removal at http://www.kashyapskinclinics.com/tatto-removal.htmlGet more about prp therapy at http://www.kashyapskinclinics.com/prp-therapy.htmlGet more about Vitiligo Treatment at http://www.kashyapskinclinics.com/vitiligo-surgery.htmlDr. S. K. Kashyap having more than 10 year of experience in field of dermatology. He is a certified dermatologist in Delhi India and currently consulting at kashayp skin clinic.Kashyap Skin ClinicShop No. 5, First Floor, Manish Twin Plaza, Near VIP Showroom, Ashirwad Chowk, Sector 4, Dwarka, New Delhi, Delhi 110075Phone: +91-9718551800, 9582916169Email: drskashyap.v@gmail.comWebsite: https://kashyapskinclinics.com/

Full Body Massage - Tantra Massage
 Rob Davis  
 6 June 2020  

It is not easy to decide which type of massage is great for your body. Generally, the massage therapist targets an entire body massage. These locations usually are known as trigger points. When massaged suitably, areas let go of from any of the engineered-up knots within the muscles which trigger pain and suffering within the other parts this body. However, the sole purpose of the massage is not to relieve the physical pain. Reflexology concentrates on targeted elements of your body for regulating the techniques. This kind of massage is not meant for hitting a particular area of the body, but for making it healthy.The other precise massage therapy boasts emphasizing the cranial sacral region to the body the head and neck location. Its in particular effective in healthful temporomandibular joint disorder, and backaches. targeted therapy is the best solution if you are suffering from pain in any particular area. Whilst thinking about massages, a lot of people envision the whole body massage. Into a Swedish massage, the full muscle tissues of a body are massaged. This produces metabolic build-up and relaxes tight muscles that could ail you. It may also help in realigning the skeletal system and elevates your convenience.A sporting activities massage also includes the complete body and is particularly frequently used in pro athletes. This is usually a type of therapy which can be directed a little more for sportspersons or people who find themselves somewhat active. massages are also offered to geriatric and prenatal most women at the gentle fashion for the best outcome. The reason for these massages is always to delicately put out the metabolic accumulation, tense up the muscles groups and realign the skeletal technique of the person with the objective of enhancing the person's mobility. A whole body massage can be easily accomplished, although if you want it to succeed, you must ensure that the massage is being done appropriately.tantra massageIt is additionally beneficial to earn a preparing with this fit that the massage is to take place. The individual receiving the massage should also be as required well prepared. To consider somewhere between partial or maximum bodied massage, you need to realize whether you wish to objective a unique element of your body or direct attention to all around health. On the lookout for a professional masseur is usually the ideal way to go given that it gives you the self-confidence to advance ahead of time from the undertaking. You are able to look for referrals out of your friends and family subscribers for optimum ends up with full body kneading.Acquiring a completely full body massage is the remarkable sensing, putting the day to day emotional stress and stress most of us find a thing of the past. Merely one hour or so in the time is all it takes to get back a sense of peace and tranquility to on your own. But bear in mind that the only way to do this inner product is produced by an entirely qualified massage therapist who seems to be qualified is the skill of massage treatment plan. Getting the wife or husband or significant other give you a massage is certainly not actually comparable, in spite of how enjoyable it might be.There are several benefits to obtaining a stuffed body massage, through afore-said stress cure to being able to help help the defense purpose of the body. Not anything is regarded as to why the skill of massage does almost all these wonderful things but many studies have demonstrated any time achieved an experienced massage therapist the whole body massage is exceedingly best for anyone who is model. Within these scientific studies of massage therapy treatment all five health advantages have been discovered to be true.

buy methadone online with credit card
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 23 June 2020  

if you want to buy methadone online with credit cardBeginning within the 1970s, methadone has been wont to assist in opiate addiction treatment.In 2009, quite 100,000 individuals who had struggled with drug addiction were regularly taking methadone as an opiate replacement medication, consistent with Harvard Medical School’s Harvard Health Publications Methadone treatment is additionally referred to as a substitution therapy, or a treatment that permits the individual who struggles with opiate addiction to effectively manage cravings and withdrawal symptoms with another opiate. it's viewed as a secure treatment for opiate addiction when used under medical supervision and in conjunction with therapy. Methadone is understood as a full opiate agonist, which keeps individuals from getting high on other opiates, like heroin or prescription painkillers, consistent with the UCLA Dual Diagnosis Program.Goal of Methadone Use in white plague TreatmentUltimately, the goal for the one that chooses methadone maintenance is to return to a more normal life. Once they start taking methadone under medical supervision, they'll be ready to enjoy drug abuse treatment, vocational counseling and academic assistance. As they start feeling more healthy, they'll self-refer to welfare work agencies in order that they can revisit on their feet.According to Harvard school of medicine , approximately 25 percent of persons admitted to a methadone maintenance program will, over time, become abstinent from methadone if they prefer to have themselves weaned. Another 25 percent will continue using methadone while the rest will stop using methadone and resume its use once they enter another drug abuse treatment program.How Methadone WorksWhen people become hooked in to heroin, they crave the drug so strongly that, even once they know what consequences they face as a results of their heroin use, they're unable to remain faraway from the drug. This makes relapse to heroin use incredibly likely after detox. Often, those battling drug addiction experience multiple episodes of relapse on their road to recovery.In some instances, methadone can help these people to avoid relapse. Since methadone works as a long-acting opioid, it fills an equivalent opioid receptors within the brain that heroin and prescription painkillers do. As a result, when people are taking methadone as a part of an addiction recovery program, they won’t experience cravings for heroin or the extreme withdrawal symptoms related to heroin withdrawal. this will allow those in treatment to completely specialise in therapy, establishing a robust basis for recovery, without continually battling cravings and urges to relapse.As a long-acting opioid, methadone stays within the body for up to 56 hours. this suggests it works well as a maintenance medication since frequent dosing throughout the day isn’t necessary.

The Path to Achieve Optimal Health and Wellness
 Rammohan Rao  
 26 July 2020  

When we define ourselves as ‘human’ it includes (1) a physical body, (2) a mental body, and (3) an emotional body. While these three facets appear as independent entities, such a limiting belief is the root cause of suffering and disease according to the Yoga/Ayurvedatraditions. Instead, if we believe that we are a combination of body, mind, and emotions, and work to achieve oneness of these three entities, we will be on a course toward a long, healthy, purposeful, and extraordinary life. Thus, in an era filled with wars, natural calamities, pandemics and other infections, it is imperative that we keep the body, mind, and emotions in sync, functioning as one unit, and act in that manner to achieve optimal health and wellness. So what does this look alike in the present scenario where we are besieged with a deadly virus? To address the virus associated health challenges, let me present some excerpts drawn from my newly published book Good Living Practices that provides numerous Tips for optimal health and living that keep the body, mind, and emotions in sync.Physical BodyGood physical practices include mindful eating, physical exercise, and regular tuning of the body to nurture one’s physical health. The principles of good physical practices can be found in three of the eight limbs of Yoga philosophy: the Yamas (moral injunctions), Niyamas (moral observances), and Pratyahara (managing the senses). Let me just say that combining good physical practices with a daily practice of asana will nourish all the organs and body systems and help to gain strength and may improve immunity. People who incorporate these practices are more stable physically and likely to feel energetic, empowered, and positive about their direction in life.Mental BodyGood mental practices are about strengthening brain structure and function, and this is achieved through good quality sleep, mental training, and selfless service. According to Yoga/Ayurveda, inculcating and putting into practice the principles of Yama (moral injunctions), Niyama (moral observances), Asana (poses), Pratyahara (management of senses), Pranayama (breath practice), Dharana (focus), Dhyana (meditation), and Karma yoga (selfless-action or selfless service) will lower the risk of acute and chronic health problems, reduce stress, improve sleep and mood, enhance mental clarity, and help an individual to make wise decisions. A clear mind is not affected by stress and produces a healthy body, thus creating a greater connection with one's own pure, essential nature. Emotional BodyWe carry with us an enormous amount of emotional baggage which weighs us down and clouds our perception and awareness. According to Yoga/Ayurveda wisdom, failure to detach from the negativity may lead to mental illnesses and make us more susceptible to infections, illness, and chronic physical conditions. Being on the yoga path means to cultivate good emotions and harmonious thoughts to reduce mental conflict and promote a fully functional life. This involves using suitable tools to perceive, understand, and express emotions and to be aware of life’s daily dramas and act effortlessly to experience complete peace and joy. A steady and regular practice of Pratyahara (management of senses), Pranayama (breath practice), Dharana (focus), Dhyana (meditation), and Karma yoga (selfless action or selfless service) is a key to manage and overcome any emotional disturbance.I am not wrong when I say that every individual wishes to experience less stress, feel more energy and joy, sleep better, and put all the virus talk on the back burner. But to do this effectively, you need to keep the body, mind, and emotions in sync and this balanced approach as described above is a pathway to optimal health and wellness.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 6.28
 Dhwani Shah  
 24 January 2020  

Yoga Is Universal - In Gita Verse 6.28 Thus the self-controlled yogī, constantly engaged in yoga practice, becomes free from all material contamination and achieves the highest stage of perfect happiness in transcendental loving service to the Lord.Krishna is saying the person who is pracing the yoga is free from all material contaminations. Why again and again Krishna selected Yoga from all the other practices for self-realization. As Yoga Is Universal, it doesn’t belong to any particular religion or sect.In my Bhagavad Gita Verse 6.17, blog I wrote as Yoga is practice which don’t need any belief.Yoga Is Just a Technology:Technology comes from the mind, and religious technology also comes from the mind – yoga, mantra, yantra. Yoga means body postures, which can help you to go deep inside yourself; they are created by the mind. That is religious technology. That’s why Yoga is not part of any particular religion. There can be Christian yoga, there can be Hindu yoga, there is certainly Buddhist yoga, Jaina yoga – there can be as many yogas as there are religions. Yoga is just a technology. No machine is Hindu; no machine is Mohammedan. You don’t go into the marketplace to purchase a Mohammedan car or a Hindu car. Machines are simply machines. Yoga is technology. Mantra is technology; it is created by the mind. In fact, mantra comes from the same root as mind – both come from the Sanskrit word man. One branch becomes mind, another branch becomes mantra – both are part of the mind.As Yoga is technology Yoga Tries Step by Step to Penetrate the Inner Mystery:The whole yoga is a methodology: how to uncover it which is so hidden, how to open the doors within yourself, how to enter the temple that you are, how to discover yourself. You are there, you have been there from the very beginning, but you have not discovered it. The treasure is carried by you every moment. Every breath you take in or out, the treasure is there. You may not be aware, but you have never missed it.You may be completely oblivious, but you have never lost it. You may have forgotten it completely, but there is no way to lose it – because you are it. So the only question is: how to discover it. It is covered; many layers of ignorance cover it. Yoga tries step by step, slowly, to penetrate the inner mystery. In eight steps yoga completes the discovery. The beginning steps are called bahirang yoga, the yoga of the outside. Yam, niyam, asan, pranayam, pratyahara ­ these five steps are known as the yoga of the outside. The following three, the last three – dharana, dhyan, samadhi – are known as antarang, the yoga of the inside.Also Yoga Can Teach You again how to Be Here and NowWherever you are, in that moment, enjoy not asking for the future. No futuring in the mind, just the present moment, the nowness of the moment, and you are satisfied. Then there is no need to go anywhere. Wherever you are, from that very point you will drop into the ocean, you will become one with the cosmos. But the mind is not interested in here and now. The mind is interested somewhere in the future, in some results. So the question is, in a way, relevant for such a mind – it will be better to call it the modern mind rather than Western – the modern mind which is constantly obsessed with the future, with the result, not with the here and now.How can this mind be taught Yoga? This mind can be taught Yoga because this future orientation is leading nowhere. And this future orientation is creating constant misery for the modern mind. We have created a hell – and we have created too much of it. Now either man will have to disappear from this planet Earth, or he will have to transform himself. Either humanity will have to die completely because this hell cannot be continued anymore, or we will have to go through a mutation. Hence, Yoga can become very meaningful and significant for the modern mind because Yoga can save. It can teach you again how to be here and now, how to forget past and how to forget future and how to remain in the present moment with such intensity that this moment becomes timeless. The very moment becomes eternity.A disciple means a seeker who is not a crowd, who is trying to be centered and crystallized – at least trying, making efforts, sincere efforts to become individual, to feel his being, to become his own master.Krishna says that the whole discipline of Yoga is an effort to make you a master of yourself. As you are, you are just a slave of many, many desires. Many, many masters are there and you are just a slave – and pulled in many directions. Now the discipline of Yoga. Yoga is discipline. It is an effort on your part to change yourself. Many other things have to be understood.Yoga is not a form of therapy. In the West many psychological therapies are now prevalent, and many Western psychologists think that Yoga is also a therapy. It is not! It is a discipline. And what is the difference? This is the difference: a therapy is needed if you are ill, a therapy is needed if you are diseased, a therapy is needed if you are pathological. A discipline is needed even when you are healthy. Really, only when you are healthy can a discipline then help. It is not for pathological cases.