Piercings are a common thing among many people and basic piercings such as the nose and ear piercings are socially accepted throughout the world. Nose piercings look quite good and they are most prevalent in the Indian subcontinent which also includes people from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, etc. When we think about Indian women, one of the first things that come to our minds is their nose piercings. Their real diamond nose pin or nose rings make their faces more attractive and it does look good. Nose piercing was mainly prevalent in Indian women but these days you can find many people around the world who are getting their nose pierced regardless of their gender. 

Types of nose piercings: 

  • Nostril Piercings: In this type of piercing the puncturing is done in the right or left nostril of the person. This is one of the most common types of nose piercings and it is prevalent in the Indian culture. It is also seen as a tradition in the Aboriginal people of Australia. Indian women generally get their left nostril pierced as it is believed to be connected with their reproduction health. Several types of jewelleries can be worn in a nostril piercing which may include rings and studs with different types of closures. In India, women generally have to get their nose pierced before marriage. 

  • Septum Piercings: This is another form of nose piercing where the puncture is done in the nasal wall which divides the nostrils. Rather than piercing the cartilage, the puncture is done in the small gap present between the end of the nose and the cartilage which is also known as the 'sweet spot'. Rings are the most common jewellery that are worn in case of a septum piercing. This type of piercing is prevalent in tribal communities around the world. There was a time when it was popular in India but it has declined drastically. It is known as the 'Nathori' style. In some cultures, a septum piercing works as a rite of passage for boys. 

  • Bridge Piercings: This is an uncommon type of nose piercing where the puncturing is done in the skin present on the bridge of one's nose. Curved barbells and straight barbells are common jewelleries that are worn in this type of piercing. 

Reasons for getting a nose piercing:

These days one can Simple nose ring so they do not have to think of much reasons to pierce their noses other than appearing more fashionable. In the past, people often had specific reasons for which they wanted to get their piercings. Indians paid more attention to Ayurveda and for them, a nose piercing in the left nostril was compulsory for a married woman. Right now, a nose piercing is mainly done because people want to express their individuality. 

If you think that you will look good after getting a nose piercing, then you can always experiment with it. Just do the proper research about taking care of it are you will be fine. These days it is quite acceptable for anyone to get an appropriate nose piercing irrespective of their gender.