Physiotherapy treatment means the therapeutic process, which deals with the rehabilitation of individuals post suffering from trauma. It refers to restoring and getting the patient back on their feet by focussing on their functionality and movement. 

Various conditions can be treated using the physiotherapy mechanism. Some of them are: 

●Sports injuries

●Neurological disorders

●Rehabilitation post-surgery

●Joint problems

●Fractures in the bones

A lot many other kinds of therapies are accommodated in the treatment. Therapeutic physiotherapy includes manual therapy procedures, exercise programs, or electrotherapy procedures. Physiotherapy also includes trigger point therapy, massage, and acupuncture, to name a few. 

Physiotherapy Treatment At Home

Physiotherapy at the comfort of your home has become the new normal. It is beneficial when the condition of the patient is severe, or it is not very feasible for the patient to travel to a physiotherapy clinic. These situations call for a physiotherapist at home for the purpose of diagnosis and treatment. The procedure starts from scratch, which is from taking the place of discussions that relates to the health of the patient to actual physiotherapy treatment that is all taking place at home. 

Specific benefits of availing physiotherapy at home:

Cost-Effectiveness: It is cost-effective in comparison to visiting a physiotherapy center. Even if a physiotherapist charges more, still it would be less in comparison to the center’s rate. One of the main reasons for being cost-effective is that your travel cost is cut down. 

 Supervision: Utilising the physiotherapy service at home ensures that the family keeps an eye on the procedures which are led by the physiotherapist. They can also keep track of the treatment process. 

 Comfort of Home: The environment of the home is always better than that of a clinic as one is accustomed to the former. It is also considered to be more comfortable for the patient. Looking out for family members while on the road to recovery may give the patient a speedy recovery. 

Time Management: Time can be saved when you opt for physiotherapy at the comfort of your home. Time is of the utmost importance when dealing with issues like stress and acute pain. 

Enhanced Scope of Treatment: Option of physiotherapy treatment at home increases the range of treatment process to a new high. There is one hundred percent attention by the physiotherapist to the patient when he provides care at home. 

Certain Disadvantages of Availing Physiotherapy At Home:

● Insurance companies are hesitant to welcome new forms of treatment. Home care has become popular, and many insurance companies have come to recognize it. However, some of them may refuse to cover the expenses of your care. Most of the insurance companies will give in if the patient is not able to travel or if doing so would impose a considerable amount of hardship. 

● Some kinds of equipment are not available to in-home patients. Large equipment is difficult to transport, and in-home therapists don’t have the privilege to use them.