The combination of foot and ankle joint consists of twenty-six bones, thirty-three joints, and more than one hundred tendons. The longest bone present within the foot is the heel. Over usage or injury to the heel would lead you to expertise pain within the heels. The severity of heel pain will vary from mild to painful. 

Causes Of Heel Pain

The cause behind heel pain is usually related to excess usage of the heel bone. Straining of your heel happens if you overly pound your feet on surfaces that are exhausting, otherwise, you are overweight or even if you wear shoes that don't fit your feet properly.

These strains cause irritation within the muscles, bones or tendons that are present within the heels. a number of the other common causes provided by Orthopedic Doctor in Preet Vihar include: 

- Heel Spurs:
Development of heel spurs happens due to the continual stretching of the lining, that covers the heel. Upon continuous stretching, pieces of the lining tend to break off. Development of heel spurs is common in athletes who frequently jog or run. people who are fat conjointly tend to experience pain due to heel spurs. 

- Plantar Fasciitis:
Development of plantar Fasciitis happens due to the inflammation of the connective tissue that connects the heel to the ball of the foot. Development of Plantar Fasciitis is common in athletes who often jog or run as well as people who wear shoes that don’t fit the feet properly. it may often be associated with vitamin b12 deficiency and raised acid in the blood 

- Achilles Tendinitis:
This is often the inflammation of the Achilles tendon|tendon|sinew}. Achilles tendinitis happens usually in folks that have active lifestyles, like folks that are joggers, runners or perhaps dancers. 

Treatment For Heel Pain

Physical therapy, medication or various treatments will be used to treat this way of pain. Medications for heel pain will only be within the form of anti-inflammatory medication. although these oral medications cannot considerably relieve heel pain, some injections containing substances like corticosteroids, as well as arthrocentesis (removal of fluid present in joints using hollow needles) may be able to give relief. Recently PRP (Platelet-rich Plasma) injection are found very helpful in treating recalcitrant plantar fasciitis and heel pains. 

Common practices that may be used to relieve discomfort include: 

- Application of ice to the heel for a duration of 15 minutes daily. 

- Utilize over-the-counter pain medications.

- Have adequate amounts of rest.

- Wear shoes that match properly.

- Walking on tiptoes to stretch the region fascia helps to relieve heel pain.