Kundalini Yoga Therapy

Considered as the most powerful form of Yoga Therapy, Kundalini Yoga therapy is filled with uncountable benefits. Kundalini Yoga focuses on the complete body ranging from soul to mind and mind to health. Kundalini Therapy involves all the senses of body with sets of Yoga asanas, postures, and movements which is known as Kriyas focuses on meditation, chanting of mantra, yoga traditions, dynamic breathing techniques, movement and tensions on the body, and sound. A time tested practice, this yoga therapy is the cluster of all healing methods ranging from allopathy to yoga. Kundalini word is derived from two root words i.e, Kunda means "pit" and Kundalini means "coiled". Thus Kundalini Yoga therapy is considered as the coiled energy which in turns helps to eradicate diseases with the help of this energy. This yoga teacher training form is one of the functional forms of yoga that waken consciousness among the body. It is a cluster of eight limbs of yoga into one yoga therapy. With the help of Kundalini Yoga therapy, one can develop spiritual and physical consciousness among the body with the energy coiled in the base of the spine. This therapy can lead you to combine with the inner voice and serves as the path for the golden future. 

Kundalini Yoga Therapy is a mixture of three basic forms of Yoga. They are:-

Shakti Yoga - It includes the yoga of expression of power and energy

Raja Yoga - It is known as the Yoga of meditation and mental & physical control of the body

Bhakti Yoga - This yoga is called yoga of devotion and chanting

Benefits of Kundalini Therapy 

Achievement of good health and fitness can be done by Stimulation of specific endocrine glands through pranayamas, asanas, bandhas, and mudras. It helps in balancing the nervous system by releasing energy from the chakras, thus inturns benefiting the complete body organs. During stimulation of Mooladhara chakra, the energy goes from the spinal cord right up in the brain. This therapy thus helps in strengthening the body and prevents the body from diseases. Apart from this Kundalini therapy fills the body with immense positive energy. It can take life to the utmost and new level bringing more positive energy with every coming day. 

Under the able guidance of a professional yoga teacher in the best yoga schools, this therapy will refresh yourself and make you feel happy. It can help in enhancing your creativity to the maximum level and make you free from the karma of your past, realizing yourself the actual aim of your life. People with a lack of motivation, tiredness, and suffering from depression should join Kundalini therapy classes. However, Kundalini therapy is interrelated with Endocrine glands, central nervous system, and third eye too. 

Chakra or Endocrine Relationship

The endocrine glands regulate the overall function of the body by secretion of certain chemical compounds hormones. For the maintenance of good health and building good personality, proper functioning of the endocrine gland is necessary.  The basis of Kundalini therapy is the major endocrine glands which are closely related to the Chakras like thyroid - Vishuddhi, Pineal - Ajna, Gonads - Swadhisthana, Thymus - Anahata, Pituitary - Sahasrara. However Mooladhara Chakra is not equivalent to Endocrine Gland, yet it is associated with the perineal body which is known as a vestigial gland that lost its function in the man but it must be reactivated so that dormant Kundalini can be awakened. With the help of Kundalini Yoga Therapy, one can awaken the Kundalini so that new hormones can be released through the pituitary glands so that perfection of chakras and endocrines. Thus resulting in the perfect functioning of the body parts.

The central nervous system

Kundalini therapy of yoga is very much designated to change the unconscious state of the lower brain into a conscious and aware state. This in turns helps your body in the proper functioning and increasing your potential for a living a happy life. One can not only refer Kundalini as just energy inside our nervous system but is also known as the sum of the total cosmic energy. The energy transmitted through the nervous system is one of the most strong and vital energies and can only be restrained through the path of Yoga. 

The third eye

By opening the third eye through the path of Kundalini yoga, understanding of thing on psychic level begins. As the psychic and physical workings are interrelated to each other and both are just a reflection of each other. The Kundalini practices help in opening of the third eye and thus maintain the correct functioning of pituitary-pineal gland and brain, thus controlling your hormonal secretions and nervous system in an effective manner.