Acupressure is an ancient therapy which is being used in India since Mahabharta, Arjuna knew acupressure points and he had made an arrow-bed for his grandfather on this knowledge of Acupressure which made Bhishma Pitamaha lie on the arrow-bed for many days .Today we are again moving towards alternative therapies .

Acupressure means applying pressure on certain points of body to get rid of the disease and the main purpose of this therapy is to remove blockages and improve blood-circulation.The word disease means discomfort and to ease is relief from discomfort.

Acupressure is combination of two words Acu and pressure ,Acu means pointed and pressure is to apply force .Thus to press a point which is as small as a needle tip by a blunt object.If the pressure is applied by a needle and the skin is pierced it is termed as Acupuncture.

This therapy has two external aspects 

1. treatment point existing in the body

2. the method to treat at these points.

To understand the first aspect it is necessary to study the body i.e. which point in the body affects on what specific part of the body.

The many principles of Acupressure have become prevalent few principles are as follows:

1.Traditional Chinese Medicine System.- In the Chinese method it is called, TCM is Traditional Chinese Medicine.According to TCM, there are two basic natural forces Yin and Yang. The entire cosmos and the energy in all living creatures is organised around these two forces and imbalance of these two leads to diseased body.

2.Electro-Acupuncture.- A German doctor scientist Dr.Raymond Voll with the help of his electronic instruement called Dermatron proved with his experiments that most of the acu-points are effective at the same place where they are established by TCM.

3.Sujok Acupressure -    A Korean Scientist Dr.Park Jae Woo, after studying TCM principles showed that TCM meridians in body could easily be plotted on palm of hand and sole of foot. su means hand and jok means foot.

4.Yogic Acupressure -Yogic Acupressure is an important technique of synergy of ancient Indian philosophy of Yoga with Acupressure.Many chronic and complicated diseases can be treated by Yogic Chakras plotted on palm/sole.

5.Ayurvedic Acupressure -Ayurveda is a holistic philosophy of life.In Ayurvedic Acupressure the most important principle is that the cosmos is formed of five elements and five metaphysical elements. According to Ayurveda five physical elements are






The five metaphysical elements are






The combination of five physical elements results in three forces : Vatta,Pitta and Kapha

Akash and Vayu - Vatta.

Agni and Jal -     Pitta.

Jal and Prithvi- Kapha.

In a harmonious and fit body they are in a balanced form but one realises their presence when there is some imbalance.