Flower therapy is one of the most natural ways to heal through the power of plants.Flowers help to express various feelings like happiness,sympathy,love,friendship,congratulations etc.These flowers have the gift of nature to heal,inspire and touch our hearts.Sometimes words cannot say what flowers say.We experience them as a gift of nature on country roads,gardens and as gifts in the form of bouquets.So flower therapy is the age-old form of healing.


Flower medicine is a powerful and effective for body,mind and spirit.Depending on the type of flowers and how you are using they work on physical or energetic level.The following type of therapy acts on the physical level--

Flower oils and ointments:

They are for external use and are used in wound healing,relaxing muscles,acne etc.They are made from fresh or dried flowers infused in a carrier oil.Carrier oils such as olive,jojoba,apricot,grape seed oils are beneficial.Medicinal flower oils are calendula and dandelion.

Teas and infusions:

Dried  flowers and plant parts are used for teas and infusions.Teas are sipped for enjoyment,medicinal benefit and relaxation.Infusions provide extra benefit of vitamins and minerals.

Medicinal tinctures:

Tinctures are  readily absorbed and easy to use.They can be mixed with juice and water and taken in.Fresh flowers are used to make tinctures.

Physical and vibrational flower therapy:

It works on physical level and heals the energy of the body.

Essential oils-made from the steam of extracted volatile oils of flowers.Aromatherapy heals on the physical level.Flowers and resins like jasmine,frankinsense are used as vibrational remedies for spiritual and energy healing.Rose,jasmine and lavender have heavenly  smelling healing essential oils.

Vibrational flower therapy:

Flower essences:they are unique,unlike tincture,teas,herbal preparations,oils they are totally made from flowers. They work on mental,emotional and spiritual energy levels.

Live flowering plants:

Whether in a field or garden flowers offer the same benefits as essences.Even sitting in the presence of a flower can benefit a person.Mental and emotional healing can be done by meditating on the positive qualities of a flower.Whether one takes an essence or sits in the presence of a flower your vibration  raises to match the vibration of the flower.The negatives fade and you become calm and healed.