In Ayurveda, the energy to digest food is called Agni. It allows you to ingest the food and helps the body to perform other vital functions. Balanced Agni is a sign of good health whereas imbalanced Agni may invite various health issues. 

The myriad of secret to cure imbalanced Agni lies in Ayurveda which you can learn through Ayurveda treatment in India. To give you a glimpse of the same, here are a few ayurvedic remedies to improve digestion or the balance of Agni:

  1. Hing (Asafoetida): Ayurvedic medicines have been using the bitter and pungent taste of this herb since ages to cure indigestion. Drink a half teaspoon of hing powder in a glass of normal water in empty stomach. One can also add a pinch of hing to buttermilk or curd if you don’t want to have it with water.

It will help you balance the Agni by increasing metabolic activity in the body and encourages weight loss. Moreover, it also helps in curing breathing disorders such as chronic bronchitis, asthma, and even swine flu. 

  1. Ghritkumari (Aloe Vera): This compound has active vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, sugars, enzymes such as anthraquinones that aids in digestion. The compound of ghritkumari can be added to your recipe to help the body in the breakdown of sugars and fats causing indigestion.

In fact, the intake of a pure form of Ghritkumari can also save you from the same. Besides, its application on skin cures the skin from acne, remove excess oil, etc. While applying it on hair removes dandruff, makes the hair grow strong and thick, etc. 

  1. Haldi (Turmeric): This Indian spice is the secret ingredient of Indian cuisines as well as Ayurveda treatment in India. Drinking turmeric tea or water can be a perfect way to detox your body from toxins. You may also add haldi powder to sorted vegetables.

Intake of haldi in any form will not only help you bring equilibrium to Agni but also helps your body in other ways. The bioactive compound curcumin in haldi heals respiratory disorders, enhances the skin’s radiance, treats liver diseases, gastrointestinal ailments and even prevents cancer.

  1. Adrak (Ginger): In Ayurveda, adrak is considered as the healing ingredient. Taking raw minced adrak with a dash of honey speeds up the digestive fire Agni. Consuming ginger tea throughout the day after your meals can help you boost the metabolism of the body. 

Apart from improving digestion, adding ginger to your routine will help you soothe muscle pain and soreness, heals osteoarthritis, lowers risk of cardiovascular diseases, etc. Taking ginger powder can help you relieve from menstrual pain, improve heart health as well as functions of the brain.

  1. Lahsun (Garlic): Though lahsun has therapeutic effects on digestion yet it may not be easier for you to consume it. Chop a clove of raw garlic and gulp it down the throat along with water. Doing the same every morning will eventually show results on your health. You may also add garlic powder in your food along with other spices. 

It has anti-oxidant properties which helps in reducing stress, manages blood pressure, reduces the level of cholesterol and prevents Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. It also helps in detoxifying heavy metals from the body. Use of garlic in your daily routine also improves bone health as well as boosts fertility in men and women.

  1. Pudina (Mint): It has a cooling sensation that relieves the gut from all problems. Consuming mint tea is considered as one of the best solutions to balance Agni. You may also add pudina to a recipe for instance, in salads with parsley, in your smoothies, in yogurt, etc. 

Along with indigestion it cures bad breath, decreases pain during breastfeeding, improves irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Most importantly, it improves the functions of the brain

These are only a few ayurvedic remedies that help in improving digestion that you can adhere at home. You may also enroll for Panchakarma treatment in India which not only aids in balancing Agni but also has several healing benefits on the body.