This is a branch of medicine which deals with healing of diseases with astrological measure.A fusion of Ayurveda and Astrology.Ayurveda believes planets,stars and celestial bodies can affect human body and influence health and disease.Good effects of stars and planets bring  health and prosperity whereas bad effects can lead to ill health and misery.So to save ourselves from the bad effects practitioners use Astromedicine. It can forecast prognosis,help in diagnosis and provide an insight in preventing disease.It uses religious rituals,mantras and gems to provide a cure.

Astrology can predict a disease before its actual appearance.Babylonians and ancient Egyptians were famous for their astrological knowledge.They used it to predict and diagnose disease.Gradually it spread all over the world.Indian and Chinese medicine included it in their medical traditions.

Medical Astrology Of The Sun:

Part of the body--stomach,bone,right eye,heart,skin,belly,head constitution of the body

Diseases-trouble in right eye,high fever,heart disease,stomach,skin,fracture and diseases of the head.

Medical Astrology Of The Moon:

Part of body---heart,lungs,mind,blood,left eye,breast,water in body,intestines,lymph,kidneys and alimentary canal

Diseases-heart,lungs,left eye,uterus,asthma,anaemia,diarrhoea,kidney trouble,diabetes,blood poisoning,dropsy,kidney disease,appendicitis,cough,cold,vomiting

Medical Astrology Of Mars:

Part of body-blood,marrow,neck,veins,genitals,female organs,rectum etc

Disease-leprosy,sore eye,bone fracture,cancer,piles,ulcer,dysentery,chicken pox,mumps,hernia

Medical Astrology Of Mercury:

Part of body-chest,nerves,skin,navel,nose,spinal system

Diseases-disease of chest and nerves,chicken pox,epilepsy,fractures,vertigo,skin and mouth diseases

Medical Astrology Of Jupiter:

Part of body-thighs,fat,brain,liver,ear,memory,tongue

Diseases-liver,kidney and lung disease,dropsy,jaundice,tumors,dyspepsia

Medical Astrology Of Venus:

Part of body-face,eye sight,genital organs,urine,throat,chin

Diseases-venereal diseases,diabetes,throat trouble,water in body

Medical Astrology Of Saturn:

Part of the body-legs,joints,bones,muscles,limb,teeth

Diseases-stomach pain,bone fracture,mental worry,wounds,paralysis,hysteria

Medical Astrology Of Rahu:

Part of body-feet,breathing,neck

Diseases-lung problems,disease of feet,varicose veins,cataract

Medical Astrology Of Ketu:

Part of body-belly,feet

Diseases-lung disease,fever,boils,worms,phobias,brain diseases