Though proper digestion is a sign of good health, it is still a dream for many. Some people can digest food easily; whereas, some take time which causes weight gain. This can be explained through early Ayurveda texts. 

It is believed that Agni, the digestive fire stimulates digestion. Strong Agni in the body increases the digestion; whereas, low Agni shuts it down. To understand the working mechanism of Agni in-depth, enroll for Ayurveda certificate courses India


Anomalous distress in the mechanism of Agni decelerates the digestion process. Such action in the body causes bloating, gas, constipation, heartburn, food intolerance, autoimmune conditions, etc. 

Apart from digestion issues, the old texts also educate about ayurvedic practices to improve digestion. Here are such 6 ayurvedic practices you can obey for the same:

  1. Eat when you are hungry: Many people munch a lot while in office, at home or while traveling. Since you are not hungry, it makes you feel bloated and uncomfortable. This is because every meal takes 3-4 hours to digest. Eating at irregular intervals slows down the digestion process and affects overall health. Therefore, eat only when you are hungry.
  2. Eat food in the right order: In Ayurveda, eating food in the right order is crucial for good digestion. The body produces hydrochloric acid in the stomach. This acid acts as a medium for digestion of proteins because only protein requires hydrochloric acid for complete digestion. Hence, consume proteins first from the meal. Moreover, since fruits are faster to digest than any other food, never eat fruits after a meal. It digests the fruit first instead of food which delays digestion. To learn the correct order of eating food, enroll for Ayurvedic cooking classes in India

  1. Savor warm water instead of cold water: Coldwater takes an hour to digest; whereas, warm water takes 30 minutes. In the case of cold water, the body puts extra energy to heat the cold water and utilize it. It shifts the focus from breaking down food to water. Therefore, savor warm water instead of cold water. You may also sip ginger tea at regular intervals of time. It not only accelerates the digestive fire but also helps in easy removal of toxins from the body.
  2. Don’t distract yourself while eating: When you eat, don’t distract yourself either from TV or phone. Keep them aside and concentrate on the meal. Watching TV or talking on the phone distracts the nervous system which disrupts the process of digestion. Instead, experience the fragrance and taste of each ingredient; it stimulates the digestive fire.
  3. Consume heavy meal at lunch: As per a principle of Ayurveda, Agni is strongest when the sun is at its highest point. Therefore, consume a heavy meal at lunch. It gives the body enough time to digest the meal fully before you sleep. Also, since the digestive system shuts completely at night; consuming heavy meals on the eve or at dinner may cause digestion issues.
  4. Practice Virasana after every meal: Another way to improve digestion is to practice Virasana (Hero Pose) after every meal. Try to hold the pose for 2-5 minutes; it enhances the digestion process.

Apart from this pose, you may lie down on your left side for 10 minutes. Since, the liver and gall-bladder are on the right, lying down on your left draw the bile juices into the stomach. It helps the stomach in digesting the food swiftly.

Follow these basic ayurvedic practices to stimulate digestion. To know more about such techniques, enroll for Ayurveda courses in India.