Sujok is a combination of two Korean words namely' SU'-meaning' hands and' JOK' meaning feet and Sujok means treating on hands and feet.It is an alternative therapy where treatment is done without drugs.It is safe without side-effects.In it hands and feet are massaged and several diseases like bronchitis,asthma,dizziness,gastritis,ulcer,diabetes,mental disorders can be cured.It is helpful in weight loss.Each session is of 15 minutes and in 16 sessions one can get rid of physical and meta-physical suffering.

SUJOK SEED THERAPY:seeds are natural stimulators of acupressure points.Pulses and legumes are used to stimulate acupressure points.

Just like the arms comprise of wrist, elbow, and shoulder; the legs comprise of ankle, knee and the hip; similarly our fingers, which are the corresponding point in Sujok, have three joints. So, when we are looking at the points in Sujok, till the writs is the tip of the outer finger, from the wrist to elbow is the middle of the finger and the shoulder is the last part of the finger or that attaches the finger to the palm.

In this way, the two sections of the neck and head can be easily associated with the two joints of the thumb. The top part of the thumb, or the part near the nail is the head, till the first joint of the thumb, corresponding to the face and the second joint corresponding to the throat. It is to be noted that the corresponding Sujok points for the back of the head and the neck are in the back of the thumb and the second joint respectively.The pressure is applied on all these points.

Sujok  aims in balancing the imbalanced energy in the body,cells and organs.The treatment involves a variety of methods seeds,fingers,round objects.The advanced treatment of sujok involves needles known as Six-Ki treatment which harmonizes physical,emotional and chakra plane.It helps to alleviate pain,treats insomnia,heals injuries and backache

This therapy was developed by a Korean Professor  Park Jae Woo.It is a simple method which can be learnt and practised easily.It can give instant relief.It can be useful in managing malignant diseases.