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Myths about Highly Sensitive Personality
 Suchismita Sahu  
 3 March 2018  

"You are too sensitive!"The countless times of this review made me to analyze, synthesize and redefine my personality.High sensitivity is a misunderstood trait. As a highly sensitive person (HSP) myself, I’ve felt insecure in the past about my empathic, thoughtful nature. Luckily, society’s perception of sensitivity is changing, thanks in part to the growing acceptanceneuro-diversity—the idea that neurological variation among people is normal.When you think of the most successful person you know, what qualities do they embody? It’s likely you’re wowed by their ingenuity and creative problem-solving skills. Or maybe you’re impressed by their emotional intelligence and ninja-like ability to connect with people.These are just a few qualities of highly sensitive people (or HSPs), who make up about 20 percent of the population. Despite popular belief, sensitive people make great leaders. They’re consistently rated as top performers. HSPs tend to be well-liked by managers and appreciated for their commitment, even if they get on their co-worker’s nerves from time to time.Some of this diverse group of “famous” individuals that — in my opinion — might appropriately belong on the list of those who exhibit the characteristics of high sensitivity would include Scientists: Albert Einstein, Carl Jung and Charles Darwin, Sir Isaac Newton, Thomas Alva Edison  to political leaders: Abraham Lincoln, Harry S. Truman, Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, Gandhi, Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, Eleanor Roosevelt and Princess Diana, today’s celebrities: Mandy Moore, Adrien Brody, Glenn Close, Eddie Murphy, Joaquin Phoenix, Nicole Kidman, Kevin Kline, Winona Ryder and Elijah Wood, to name a few Artists: Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, Georgia O’Keefe, Picasso, Frida Kahlo and Frank Lloyd Wright, Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Elton John, Alanis Morissette, Neil Young, Jim Morrison.Singer/song writer Jewel in her famous “I’m Sensitive” song, sings: “So please be careful with me, I’m sensitive And I’d like to stay that way. I have this theory, that if we’re told we’re bad Then that’s the only idea we’ll ever have…”Being sensitive is a superpower, but if not managed properly, it can turn into a stumbling block. Navigating the world as a highly sensitive person involves special considerations, as does loving, working, or living with an HSP.1: The Secret Life of a Highly Sensitive Person And why the trait can actually be an advantage: Applying Your Highly Sensitive Strengths HSPs are masters of emotional intelligence. They pick up on subtleties that less sensitive people miss and have a keen ability to read between the lines. Believe it or not, HSPs can be great entrepreneurs and marketers precisely because they tend to be so skilled at building rapport, listening, and empathizing.2. HSPs are conscientious: Details, structure, and organization are their jam. Because they are accustomed to processing a lot of input, they easily come up with plans and solutions for complex problems, which is an invaluable asset. HSPs can also concentrate deeply and adore getting lost in ideas. This make us perfectly positioned for success in an era where deep work matters.3. HSPs are innovative.Some of the world’s best artists include HSPs. Why? Pair heightened sensory processing with a rich inner experience and you have a group of people neurologically wired to create. So, lean into your curiosity, ask questions that rock the status quo, and explore your whims. It’s what separates you from others who are too afraid to think big.4. HSPs are multi-passionate.They care about their work, their relationships, and it shows. HSPs are usually intelligent trailblazers who find ways to uniquely combine their varied interests into satisfying careers that have impact on the world.Thriving as a Sensitive Person Are there downsides to possessing this innate trait? Of course. But with some forethought and intention, they can employ their high sensitivity as their greatest strength. Get more comfortable with feedback. Most highly sensitive people, despite being good communicators, don’t fare well when caught off guard in meetings or presentations. Similarly, one critical comment may shake them for days or weeks. If you’re an HSP, get ready for high-stakes interactions by anticipating questions that may arise. 5. Don’t react—respond.Life doesn’t always go according to script, and as an HSP, you need to hone your resilience skills in response to surprises. To curb panic and emotional flooding, practice putting space between the triggering event and your response to it.6. Be bullish with boundaries.As a highly sensitive person, it’s essential to conserve your energy. You spend the day picking up on the feelings and moods of your peers. If these interactions skew negative, they can leave you feeling drained. Noisy, busy environments (even bad music—yes, seriously) also take a toll on HSPs.Simple shifts can make a big difference. Try getting to the office early so you can have some quiet working time before the hustle and bustle of the day takes holds. I put a 15-to-30-minute buffer between all meetings to ensure I have time to decompress.Managing your energy effectively comes down to creating solid boundaries and paying close attention to the inputs you allow into your life. Limit time with toxic people, be careful about the media you consume, and be bullish about self-care. If you demand a lot from yourself (which most HSPs do), then building in periods for rest and recovery is nonnegotiable.Tips for Loving or Working with an HSP: Highly sensitive people make loyal partners and great leaders, that much we know. But truthfully, loving, living with, or working alongside an HSP isn’t always easy. You can’t (and shouldn’t try) to change them. But you can inspire and support them in simple ways:If you work with an HSP:Keep them in the loop with frequent updates and clear information. HSPs tend to have a high input orientation, so the more they know, the better.When possible, let them prepare. Give them the meeting agenda ahead of time.Focus on coaching instead of criticizing. Details are an HSP strength, so provide ultraspecific steps for improvement.Honor their hunches. Value intuition as part of your HSP’s decision-making process.2. If you love an HSP:Build quiet time and solitude into your shared schedule.Expect insomnia. HSPs sometimes struggle to sleep soundly because they have active minds.Be patient with them during confrontation. If they need space, don’t take it personally.Above all, whether you’re a co-worker, a sibling, or a spouse, try to appreciate the unique set of characteristics an HSP possesses as best you can. There can be a sharp learning curve, but ultimately, you will both see how high sensitivity can shape your worlds for the better.

 Mantri Pragada MARKANDEYULU  
 15 November 2018  

This quote is a good one

Ferocious Leo-Women Personality
 Nitish G  
 19 September 2020  

In Astrology, the Fire-Sign is generous & excited in nature generally. Their way to progress confidently further in life meanwhile getting unhappy from those people who overthinks about them, which the Leo-bearer doesn't feel good about it. As we know their ability of leadership makes them much skillful in their work. In this article, we will discuss each personality of a Leo-women, & how they act in those situations.We'll brief out the personality they both have in common, which helps in the development of their lives. Generally, Leo is a sign seeking adventures by traveling to various places where they feel positive and comfortable. Their personality varies from a bold person to an arrogant person. So, let's have a deeper view of what are the Leo-women personality traits which make them a true Leo person.Leo women's ability to be the center face of the community/society is a major lookout, when it comes to holding on some thought/be creative then your intelligence is at peak. You always seek to be at the top among most of us all, & through this horoscope, your personality traits will let you shine if you keep on the track and don’t get overdriven from your goals in life.Let's point out each of the Personality traits which define you as a Leo woman: 1. Creatively Benevolent Person:You have an amazing feature of driving your inner self with full creativity and produce art of your choice or according to your plan. Being a person who desires of a spotlight, you have the tendency to build yourself confidently with a creative mind. You have a personality to mover lose opportunities in life which can give you a spotlight, appreciation and honor towards the society.Another trait of yours is to be a warm-hearted person, and take care of your family and friends. You have an ability of fully expressing yourself towards a group of people or anyone, & when it comes to show your love and affection towards your loved ones you never be feel shy or stutter but confidently have a better conversation. This carves you in rejoicing towards harvesting amazing opportunities towards various needs in life.2. A Candid-Narcissistic Person:When it comes to help yourself and those around you for the betterment of the future, you never back out from neglecting those opportunities even if you have to indulge into straightforward arguments. It doesn't mean you wouldn't hurt your mates or other people's feelings, you could but they will finally understand in some time after they realize their success in the near future.In cases like these some people could let you be annoyed of the arguments that could lead you into being a hot-tempered person, if they cross the line. During work your leadership skills are known to be focused on driving the team together no matter what it takes for them to go accordingly. Sometimes, people make you feel ferocious and hard-headed when they disrespect you or your choices for the betterment of them.3. A Passionate Lover & Captivate Person:Besides focusing on their office work and relationship between their mates, their personal life with full passion & devotion revolve around them. Not only passionate to love their family and loved ones but also much devoted towards their art and painting they possess. Their Fire-sign truly remarks them of being a passionate person when it comes to deal either with relationships or their work.Any person who lives their life with full enthusiast, enjoy and find different ways to live their life at the fullest is one of a trait in Leo-women. They bring joy and happiness in themselves, a bit of a stylish person this particular sign has an inclination towards the abilities of defining your passionate love or hate. It all depends on how you overcome your ego, stubbornness.Concluding the Personality traits of a Leo women we got to know that among all the fire-signs (Aries & Sagittarius), Leo as a fire sign is more of a skillful set rather than being a challenging person. A person who keep on building their life interesting and bold, your matching signs (Gemini, Libra & Aquarius) knows how you keep on that passionate flame rise within you.

Aquarius love for the poor
 Nitish G  
 21 September 2020  

Giving to the poor community requires a big heart. On the world full of riches, have the heart of a king and be generous like a queen. There's one zodiac sign in the club, Aquarius who knows no bounds in order to give to the world their best form of generosity. There are several reasons why you must know what an Aquarius is about. Once you get to know their vulnerable side, you will fall in love with them. So without any delay, let's get to know their vulnerability towards poor people. Aquarius are the perfect human beings where one can vouch for in this current wold. Aquarius loves to give Aquarius has a big heart and love to give to the poor without any fear of judgment. They are the kinds of people if they spot a poor lady in the street, they will buy a water bottle for them. This side of Aquarius seems to be the best-kept secrets of them where not so many people are aware of them. In terms of treating the poor people, they feed them with their own hands and love to make them feel the king of the world. No matter what prevails under the sun, it is the love of an Aquarius born beings that keeps the love alive for the poor people. Today's horoscope for taurus is in favour and suggests them to connect with Aquarius who will help them out to figure out their stubbornness and give love to everyone. They have a heart as big as the sea and they relish every bit of it by giving to the world. Once you get to know them, you will fall for them completely without any doubt or matter of judgment. Spend on self-little Aquarius, add a lot of colour to the world and sends so much positivity to everyone that they add known to spend the least on themselves. They can spend on others but less on themselves. This is one of the best qualities of an Aquarius. They love being the hero of all situations and this becomes the point where people get drawn to them without any hesitation or fear of judgment. They spend on themselves relatively little and makes the best use of times for others, especially for the poor community. Sagittarius today is advised to spend some time and make donations to needy people along with Aquarius. Aquarius, love to surround themselves near the poor people and listen to their stories fervently. They love to spend on others rather than on their own selves. They hate the idea of being super self-obsessed which means they love to spend time doing the underpinnings of the world. 

Example of personality profile essay
 Jeffrey Deshpande  
 24 January 2021  

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Ways To Manage Borderline Personality | Psychologists Delhi
 Deepak Bhatia  
 23 May 2019  

In the event that somebody in your family or your accomplice is experiencing Borderline Personality Disorder, your psychological well-being is in question as well. Borderline Personality is one of the concerns which everyone should have to know what to do and what not do in this, info which is mentioned underneath will help you to know the ways to deal with such personalities, else if you have any doubts and concern consult with Psychologists in Pitampura Delhi will guide you more on it. You should deal with yourself and your passionate needs first. Life can be baffling for all of you the time. Be that as it may, you have to distinguish your 'vibe great' exercises and remove some time from your day by day life to unwind and quiet down. Keep in mind, you can prevail in the basic errand of conciliating or satisfying your dear one with BPD, just when you find a sense of contentment with yourself first. Destress yourself to battle back the misery or enthusiastic waste brought about by dealing with a BPD quiet. If you are from Delhi check out the list of Psychologists in Delhi you will get the nearby specialist as well.Here are a couple of things that can enable you to have a superior life while being involved with an individual experiencing BPD:-1. Try not to segregate yourself: You should be in contact with individuals you like to be with. You need passionate help from loved ones to manage life. Investing some quality energy with loved ones can add little bliss to your life. It will help up your vitality level to battle back the clouded side of life. You should recall that you have an actual existence too.2. Deal with your wellbeing: Sometimes, relatives of BPD patients neglect to deal with their physical wellbeing. They overlook essential sorts of stuff like having appropriate dinners, working out, and so forth since they are made up for the lost time in a distressing relationship. Yet, recollect you can help your cherished one better just when you are physically fit.3. Oversee pressure: Don't get restless or discouraged with the continuous worry in your life. It will just add to your current issues. Keep your nerves cool to have a superior life for yourself just as your sweetheart with BPD.4. Put stock in the 3c's recipe: Well, it is an equation suggested by the majority of the emotional wellness professionals. Try not to censor yourself for the nonsensical conduct of your companion or dear one. The patient with BPD is exclusively in charge of his or her damaging conduct or unusual upheaval. You should recollect these 3c's: I didn't cause it; I can't fix it, and I can't control it.5. Cautious correspondence: You must be cautious while speaking with BPD patients. Try not to contend or attempt to persuade them, when they are now in an aggravated outlook or upset. They may finish up getting damaging. Tune in to their words cautiously and quietly. Infrequent gesturing in the middle of a discussion is prudent to give them a chance to feel guaranteed about the way that they are being heard and comprehended.Remember to recognize their sentiments. It is additionally significant that you remain quiet when the patient is furious and has turned ruinous.

 Nitish G  
 3 September 2020  

The zodiac sign Gemini is one of the best heart-wrenching signs among the bandwagon of zodiac signs. Gemini is birthed in the Air element and connects each dot of the mind. The air sign is reined by the planet Mercury which symbolizes writing skills, communication and a path of movement. Folks who are moulded under Gemini Sun sign ooze out feelings like “My better half is missing”. This way, they are constantly on a hunt of new colleagues, inspiring mentors and several people to converse with.KNOW WHY GEMINI IS KNOWN AS THE CARING TWIN?Gemini born is packed with traits which makes them the way they are. There is so much that you need to know about a Gemini and why they are regarded as the caring twin! Well, this is one of the rare things found in any zodiac signs. CHILD-LIKE INNOCENCE Having a child within you is like a treat to boredom. You often get caught up with blanket of joy and relish in little laughs like a tiny tot. There is so much fun that oozes out of innocence. They love to twist their tongues into strings of brotherhood tales good enough to make you feel like a super-child. A Gemini makes the best of her/his innocent by sharing immense love among colleagues and cousins whose characters and other elements set apart. As a matter of fact, a Gemini’s physical appearance as well as upbringing makes them quite rare people. This innocence stays with a Gemini until the eternity and beyond. Even their tears are made up of sweet water. DIFFERENT FROM THE REST A Gemini is one and unique species. They are the rare ones that people will try hard to find anywhere. People born under this zodiac sign “Gemini” often like to do things differently, hence, that is why they are known to be different and extraordinary. Their energy is supremely bold and loud. It is when the right time sparks; they tend to sparkle wherever they go. Gems are the perfect folks to surround with and their wits and humour makes it all bearable to stay. You will never feel under-rated or out-dated once you surround yourself with a Gemini. GEMINI AND THEIR COMMUNICATION FAÇADEA Gemini is extremely flavourful. They love to communicate their hearts out without any hesitation. If you were ever stuck in the island with wild wolfs and had nobody to turn to, it is a Gemini who may make you feel safe and sound without any terms and conditions. Their love for communication crosses all boundaries and oceans. That’s why; a Gemini fits into the cadre swiftly and with so much affluence. Communication is like a façade to a Gemini. They love to roll their hearts out of their sleeves and speak their mind in complete splits.  If you ask somebody bout whereabouts of a Gemini, indeed, they will tell you about their very-wild socially abled life and how they love to relish into it minute by minute.  

What Are The Benefit Of Taking Acting Classes In School?
 krisshnaaacting Academy  
 7 January 2021  

The acting training school is the first step in beginning a career as an actress. Aspiring actors who are only starting have an option to take acting lessons in nearby acting schools or to either go through a 3-year drama school training. Krisshnaa institute is the Best Acting School In Delhi NCR, we are trying to discuss all the ways of acting.If you are trying to become an actor and therefore have no experience, the easiest and best way to see if acting is something you really love doing is, to begin with, acting lessons. You don't have to focus on auditioning and finding an opportunity to be part of a movie set or a stage play; just take a class and try your chops there.There are several different kinds of acting courses out there, some of which are more relevant than others. Today, to give you a clearer understanding of what you can choose as the first step into acting school, we will explore all the styles of acting classes that exist.All those young talents who wish to become professional actors are presented with an exceptional and fruitful learning forum. To inspire our students to discover their latent strengths and abilities, we aspire for technical brilliance and stick to advanced teaching methods.Our Krisshnaa is the Best Acting School In Delhi NCRadvanced acting classes are designed to sharpen your acting ability, help to develop prerequisite abilities, and boost your overall personality. We put particular focus on the growth of personality, trust, and efforts of students to enhance their communication skills, interpersonal abilities (along with other sorts of soft-skills)We understand the secret to becoming a great actor is an appealing, optimistic, and rewarding personality. Krisshnaa acting class is renowned in Delhi NCR acting institute led by Mr. Anurag Singh, a versatile professional and acting coach who is blessed with years of experience in this field. Our detailed course addresses all the critical facets of the growth of acting and personality. .

3 Most Common Types of Cleaning Personalities: Which One Is You?
 james mustain  
 4 December 2020  

You know, a home reflects on those who live in it. By having a close look at how someone relaxes, sleeps, and works there, you can get a better idea of their personality - the good and the badBelow we have listed the three types of cleaning personalities and how to figure them out.1. Mr./Ms. PerfectionistHow do you know whether you fall into this type? Do you dust your living space daily? Do you use the best vacuum cleaner on the market every day? Do you feel sorry for leaving the home messy when you know it is pretty neat? Always looking for an opportunity to do some deep cleaning? Then there’s a good chance you are a “Perfectionist.” They tidy up everything each day. Their house is spotless on all occasions. Even the tidiest mess is a reason for them to clean up. The good thing about this personality is, their home is in a flawless condition all the time, including when they have guests.That said, you may face some challenges if you refuse to accept any standard short of perfection. Your home may intimidate your friends and family. People may not feel comfortable around there. They probably wonder whether or not it’s okay to enjoy an open water bottle in your living space. Or, should they remove their shoes? That is why you had better try and make sure your family members and buddies know they are more than welcome in your house, even if it is necessary for you to make things neat again after they leave.2. Mr./Ms. Little BitsIf you belong to this category, you fancy splitting up your home cleaning jobs into smaller ones. Also, you do a little bit of work when you have some spare moments. Do you grab a lightweight vacuum when you notice a dust layer on the floor? When you see pet hair building up in the corners, do you get rid of it with a vacuum cleaner? How often do you clean the home’s little bits at a time? If you give your dedication to these doings, then “Little Bits” is your cleaning style.On a positive note, your attitude toward cleaning is likely more relaxed. You keep your home tidy by doing the necessary things. Unlike the Perfectionist, you do not stress about ensuring it is all spotless all the time.Although your space is neat and comfortable, some details are possibly being missed. Dusting little bits of your house at a time can be a good thing, but be sure you also notice and clean the areas that are not too obvious.3. Mr./Ms. Panicker  By its name, you may be able to guess how this type would react to cleaning up their home. “OMG, crap!!!” You may utter in panic like that when a friend tells you she will be visiting your house. Whenever there are guests coming, you become temporarily mad. You are frantic to throw stuff away from noticeable areas, place dirty dishes in the oven, etc.Indeed, there are good things related to this personality. You prove how much and how fast you can get tasks done in a hectic amount of time. You are impressively good at meeting deadlines.On the other hand, the high chance is, your areas are dirty and cluttered as you avoid polishing them until you have a particular motivation - for example, someone is coming over.To get the most out of this personality, host a party once a month in your house. By so doing, you have a frequent deadline to be encouraged to detail the home.Wrapping It UpDifferent people have different cleaning personalities. Which of the above characteristics are you? Some of you may fall into more than one category. Let’s look around your house, and see what mess/cleanliness level you are living with. Then, ask yourself: What personality type do I fit? Am I happy about that? Source:  http://maisoncarlos.com/UserProfile/tabid/42/userId/348870/Default.aspx See This Page:  Best vacuum cleaner brands  Best Rated Vacuum Cleaners

 Mantri Pragada MARKANDEYULU  
 15 November 2018  

Growth and Prosperity, a good quote.

Different Personality Types Management Can Face at The Workplace
 James Jon  
 1 April 2019  

Conflict in any environment, situation or setting can be frustrating. Everyone wishes to live in a world of complete peace, agreement and compliance but unfortunately, it never happens. Whether they like it or not but people have to face conflict situations at their workplace. No matter how much they want to avoid, it creeps out before they even get a sniff of it either with the fellow employees and customers. That’ why it is necessary to learn how to approach the conflict and resolve it.Students who are pursuing a degree in business management need to understand that resolving conflicts are necessary for business success. They can also acquire conflict management assignment help from the experts to understand that different conflict styles for different personalities. What is Conflict Management? As mentioned in our previous blog “Resolve Conflicts in the Workplace with these Effective Management Strategies” conflict management refers to the process of handling and resolving disputes among two or more parties. The foremost objective of conflict management is to minimize the negative effects of the conflict and eventually convince parties to come to the mutual agreement. If implemented properly, successful conflict management can result in a beneficial outcome that is approved by both parties. What are the Different Personalities You can Face at the Workplace? Work is like a life where you meet people that may come from different backgrounds, having different personalities, temperaments, and dispositions. But work is kind of different from life as you cannot simply walk away when someone having the different personalities crosses the path with you. As you spend one-third part of your life at the workplace so, learning how to deal with different personalities can help you to stay happier at the workplace. Hire make my assignment help to know more about different personalities in the workplace. What are the Conflict Management Personality Types? In the famous book “Introduction to Type and Conflict” writer, Damian Killen and Danica Murphy explained the different conflict management styles that go well with the different personality types. What you can learn from their theory is that the last two letters of someone’s personality indicate their specific conflict management strategy. Moreover, the third letter defines how you would make the decision. Thinking vs. Feeling People who spend more timing thinking before taking a decision can easily understand all the opinions of both parties and can come up with the solutions and are firm while taking a stance and analyses the situations properly. Those who can understand and empathize with other situations can develop solutions for success, growth and would rather bring the change than changing people. Such believe in accepting and appreciating the opinions of the parties. Judging vs. Perceiving Those who are the subject of judging often take decisions based on pre-defined standards, take some time out to think about the decision and have a clear idea about the possible outcome and don’t want someone to bring the conflict once resolved. Those who are the subject of perceiving believe on facts, check assumptions, consider negotiation and seek the mediator to reduce the negative results and establish harmony. An individual working in an organization often have one of these four combinations and management has to follow different conflict management styles to handle conflict between different employees of the organization. Students who are writing an assignment on the conflict management can hire help with assignment online from experts.

How Child Counselling Centres Help In Developing Child's Personality
 Hursh Bin  
 24 November 2020  

Like grown adults, kids face difficulties and challenges which may prompt emotional well-being issues that would require advising. Children who show sentiments of pity, consistent displeasure, or determined nervousness, stress, or frightfulness should see a child counsellor preclude the issue and go through proper treatment. It is seen that parents depend on Child Counselling Centres In Mumbaito help their children become a better person in life. Children can be engrossed with their appearance, most particularly within the sight of actual disease or handicap.A child counsellor can help kids who have issues, for example, tension, sorrow, consideration deficiency hyperactivity problem or ADHD, bipolar turmoil, social issue, and other recognizable emotional wellness issues that youngsters and teenagers face. Call a counsellor once you notice an unexplained and abrupt drop in grades at school, changes in eating or resting or loss of interest in the standard exercises your kid normally appreciated.Adults and children will in general conceal their musings and feelings in light of blame emotions, failure to deal with private matters, low fearlessness, or companion pressure. If you are looking for the best Child Counselling Centre In Andheri then Hursh Bin is the most reliable and recognized centre out there. That is the reason a few youngsters experience standard bad dreams, gorge, and watch out for communicating by wrecking toys, executing creatures, or setting fires. Try not to trust that a difficult will deteriorate. A youngster treatment ought to be actualized. A trusted and respectable therapist or an advising focus, for example, people psychology, can support you.Your child will be offered toys to play with while a psychotherapist watches to lead an enthusiastic or psychological well-being appraisal. Play treatment is viable in helping kids who have issues managing life issues, for example, the passing of a relative or separation.Your child will figure out how his considerations can influence his mindset and conduct. Your youngster will be instructed on how to recognize and manage negative or mutilated idea designs. This treatment is useful in treating the state of mind issues, for example, nervousness and gloom.In some cases, guardians can't sort out what's the explanation behind the social change, fits of rage, or helpless school execution. Your youngster may be reluctant to converse with you or don't have any desire to be a reason for dissatisfaction and disillusionment. Hursh Bin also offers child development sessions at their Child Development Centre In Mumbai. Sentiments of disgrace, forlornness, and sadness, and uncertain private matters or issues may bring about mental issues. Before it's past the point of no return, it's critical to preclude these issues through youngster treatment.

Complete Your Ethnic Look With 9 Conventional Earrings
 kk sharma  
 5 October 2019  

Every moment is a new moment and it deserves maximum celebration. You need to look good while in celebration mood. Jewellery helps you get the desired vibrancy and dynamism in your personality. You are good looking and impressive, you should, undoubtedly, add some jewellery to make it more expressive. It is a fact that you cannot wear your exquisite collection of precious jewellery all the time. You need much needed diversity and range in your jewellery collection for all types of occasions, especially for home, market, and office. Thankfully, the rich and diversified cultural heritage of India offers you the vast range of tribal jewellery to build your unique collection.Indian tribal jewellery gives you the much needed differentiator in social circle. It is not just the elegance, but the connection with the culture that makes you look different and make a bold statement of personality. It is simple and easy to use, with no worry of maintenance and safety. Thankfully, you have a variety of options, which you could use according to the need of the moment. The moment you wear it, you can feel the attention it gets you. Here are 9 trending conventional designer earrings that you can buy and use to make a bold statement:1.  JhumkaIt is an all time favorite style of Indian women. The dangle and swing of Jhumka adds exceptional value to your gait as it syncs well with your rhythm. The exceptional and delicate design of this silver tribal jhumkas makes it perfect for semi-formal get together. It goes well with all kinds of Indic and indo-western dresses. Just try to match it with your dress and flaunt.2.  Cluster earringsThis is an epitome of traditional Indian tribal jewellery. Inspired from the temple art, these earrings give you the classical look for normal family functions. It gives you the desired vibrancy and sparkle in the known circle. It is better to check the material and contrast just to match your facial features and hair style.3.  StudsYou simply cannot avoid this all time great, because of its universality and sobriety. Your jewellery collection is incomplete without studs. You have an option to choose material and gems to make it more sparkling. It goes well with your traditional as well as western outfit. Thankfully, you don’t need to worry about your facial match as it goes well with all types of faces. 4.  Hoop earringsIf you are looking for contemporary and modern look this circular design with openness gives you the added vibrancy. It is currently the most popular in celebrity fashion circuit. It has all the ingredients to make you look elegant and classy. Depending on your feature and attire, you have the option of small hoop earrings and large hoop earrings. You can choose the traditional Indian tribal jewellery in this hoop trend as this give you an added edge of fashion with statement. The silver tribal jewellery with hoop will make you look complete.5.    Dangler earringsIf you want to add rhythm to your gait and make it visible then this dangling silver tribal jewellery is perfect for your ears. These slick and sizzling piece of Indian tribal jewellery will add vibrancy to your personality. It goes well with all types of facial features and attire.6.   Chandelier earringsWe all love the little sophistication. Stone studded tribal jewellery gives you the required shine and sophistication to stand out in a crowded space. It is known for its universal appeal as it goes well with all types of ethnic as well and indo-western outfits. However, you need to be a little careful about the weight as chandelier earrings are relatively heavier. So, choose earrings that are comfortable for your ears.7.  Drop earringsThis is all time great since time immemorial. Women of all ages love to wear this classical masterpiece. It is a perfect balance of design, style and charm. It is very simple to use and maintain. Of course you have several options of metals and gems, but do try silver tribal jewellery with some gems. It will make you stand out in your circle.8.   Huggie earringsIf you are averse to the traditional swinging and shining jewellery, this is perfect for you. It stays with your ears, giving it some filler. You will definitely love it when someone will come forward to say “it is great”. You can try the Indian tribal jewellery as this gives you an option to make a bold personality statement.9.   Ear cuffsIf you want your ear to do the talking in family function, ear cuffs are perfect jewellery for you. This covers your ear and sparkle to your personality. Those little swinging drops will make it more vibrant. The silver tribal jewellery design will make you stand out in the crowd with added elegance.Wear any tribal jewellery and you will feel the difference in response. You will love yourself and people around you will appreciate your choice. Build your collection of Indian tribal jewellery and flaunt it on all possible occasions. It’s your moment, make it great!

6 Things to Consider Before Buying Perfumes Online
 Amaara Sheikh  
 22 November 2019  

<p>Today, everyone loves to shop online &ndash; be it cosmetics, clothes or furniture. The internet, or online shopping, has made purchasing things easier than ever before. However, the only downside faced is while buying products that need to be sensed through smell, i.e. perfumes. After all, it&rsquo;s difficult to choose the perfect fragrance without smelling it, right?&nbsp;</p><p>To help you ease your perfume buying process, we have listed six important things to consider when looking through different products.</p><ol><li>Do proper research: You must beware of the discounted fragrances. You may end up getting a bad perfume if you buy it from a substandard brand. That&rsquo;s why you need to do your homework. It is best to go through all the customer reviews to make sure that the website you&rsquo;re ordering from is genuine. You can get a better idea of how other people have liked a particular perfume you&rsquo;ve selected online. Also, search for blogger reviews or news related to the product from other outlets to ensure that it&rsquo;s rated high by most customers. The viewpoint and experiences of other customers are valuable for you to make a well-informed decision. Make sure to consider the return policy too, in case you don&rsquo;t like the product so that you are able to return it if you&rsquo;re not happy with it. While online shopping like this may seem tedious, it&rsquo;s convenient if you know the drill.</li><li>Sign up for a scent personality quiz: Don&rsquo;t worry, you can find out about your signature scent through a variety of quizzes online. Some company websites offer perfume personality quizzes to ensure you determine what your olfactory liking or preferences are. You can figure out what your lifestyle and personality are and what sort of perfume fragrance goes best with them. It is a fun way to find out some interesting facts about yourself.</li><li>Pay attention to product descriptions: The perfume descriptions mentioned on the online websites are not bogus. These descriptions are there to help you figure out what a particular fragrance is likely to evoke, like emotions such as romantic, happy, etc. This way, you will be able to understand whether or not this type of perfume matches your lifestyle and personality.<br>If you are a lively and bright person, you don&rsquo;t want a perfume that&rsquo;s overpowering or heavily scented. Instead, you need something light, refreshing and subtle to go all day long. Therefore, it is important to look for descriptions that tell you how a particular scent may feel like.</li><li>Know your notes: You must have seen the word &lsquo;notes&rsquo; in perfume descriptions. This is what indicates what a scent is categorised into. A perfume is categorised by different notes, such as fresh, woody, floral and oriental. So, you need to know what type of note suits your personality and likings to find the right perfume for your daily wear or special occasions. &nbsp;</li><li>Find the universal character of both male and female scents: Before you shop online for the best perfume for men or women, you need to do a bit of research. Most male perfumes are made on a woody base with smoky and leathery notes. On the other hand, lady&rsquo;s perfumes have a fruity or floral base with alluring notes in the scent of rose, apricot, jasmine, lavender, etc. If you want a refreshing perfume for office, sporty citrus is perfect for both men and women in this case, as it lasts all day long without fail.</li><li>Check the strength: There is a standard international rule for finding your perfume&rsquo;s strength.&nbsp;</li><li>Here it goes:<br>If your perfume says &lsquo;PARFUM&rsquo;, then it&rsquo;s made with higher concentration and potency. In this case, only minimal application of perfume is needed.<br>If &lsquo;Eau De Toilette&rsquo; is written on the bottle, the base note is stronger than in a parfum, and the fragrance is expected to last longer.<br>If your fragrance is labelled as &lsquo;Body Perfume&rsquo;, it has a much higher concentration than a deodorant and lasts longer, but is to be used similarly.<br>Do consider these rules when selecting your perfume online.</li></ol>

Bhagavad Gita Verse 11.35
 Dhwani Shah  
 26 July 2020  

Vertical Dimension - In Gita Verse 11.35 Sa&ntilde;jaya said to Dhṛtarāṣṭra: O King, after hearing these words from the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the trembling Arjuna offered obeisances with folded hands again and again. He fearfully spoke to Lord Kṛṣṇa in a faltering voice, as follows.Why was Arjuna trembling? To be in the present is to be in truth. Then you have depth, you have fallen into the vertical dimension. You have heights, heights which are higher than Everest and depths which are deeper than the Pacific. Then your life has a grandeur, a splendor.Person who has fallen into a vertical dimension is trembling because he is facing the truth as it is. Person who has fallen into a vertical dimension will be grateful. Arjuna in this condition was praying to Krishna.This is what is called Buddhahood, Christ-consciousness, or whatever you will.There are people who are past-oriented, there are people who are future-oriented - both go on missing. The orthodox, the conformist, is past-oriented, and the revolutionary, the rebel, is future- oriented; there is not any difference between them. The orthodox thinks the Golden Age was in the past, &ldquo;the Garden of Eden&rdquo;. The revolutionary, the so-called communist, the fascist, the socialist - he thinks the Golden Age is to come. It is in the future, the utopia, the classless society where everyone will be equal, the world of freedom where exploitation will have disappeared and paradise will descend on earth. But paradise is right now, here.Beware of these two traps. You need not go into the past to search for truth. You need not go into the scriptures, because scriptures belong to the past; and you need not go into imagination, logic, because all that logic can do is create utopias in the future. You need not go anywhere, neither in the past nor in the future. You have to be just here.And the utter beauty of the moment, and the utter blessedness of the moment.. and one is transformed - not by doing anything, but just by being here.Allow yourself this fall into the present more and more. And you will be afraid, because it is really a fall. You will be going into depths, and those depths are abysmal; there is no bottom, and we have become accustomed to floating on the surface. For many lives we have been just swimming on the surface; we have forgotten the depth of the ocean, of this reality. So when you start falling into depth you will become afraid, you will have a very deep, frightening, scary experience; you will be in panic.That is the moment when you need a Master to say to you, &ldquo;Don&rsquo;t be worried, there is nothing that can be lost, and that which can be lost is not worth keeping. That which is essential will remain with you, only the non-essential will be gone - and it is good that the non-essential go.&rdquo;The man of awareness becomes the man of the essence. Personality consists of the non-essential.Your soul consists of the essential, and the essential is immortal. The non-essential is momentary, and we cling to the non-essential; hence we suffer, because we cannot keep hold of it. It disappears sooner or later. Whatsoever we do is futile because the momentary cannot be forever. Just as it comes, it goes. It is a wave, a ripple, a bubble; sooner or later it will be gone. For the moment it looks so beautiful - the sun is reflected in it and a small rainbow surrounds it - but it is just a soap bubble. You can play with it but don&rsquo;t become attached to it, otherwise you will suffer. And that&rsquo;s why people are suffering: they become attached to soap bubbles.They have given different names to the soap bubbles. Somebody calls it love, somebody calls it money, somebody calls it power, somebody calls it life, prestige, and so on, so forth - but they are all soap bubbles. Any moment, they will be gone, and you will be left in despair.To cling to the personality is to cling to soap bubbles.Arjuna&rsquo;s trembling is revealing that he understood it is the vertical which is significant, not the horizontal. On the vertical, we are not two.When you drop your mask, when you drop your personality, when you look inwards, when you see the inner sky, then who is Osho and who is Mahavira? Then who is Jesus and who is Abraham?Then who is Gorakh and who is Adinath? All have disappeared; it is the one truth.

Selecting The Best Human Hair Toupee For Your Man
 Priya Negi  
 8 May 2020  

Baldness is something no person can find an easy escape to. Wearing wigs or human hair toupee is not only an ongoing trend amongst females, but also amongst men. No matter whether it is merely a fashionista stunt or a self choice for enhancing your personality, everyone loves to style it off with a toupee. With lot of new designs and options available in the market, it becomes complicated for men to shortlist the best human hair toupee for to cover their baldness.Why men&rsquo;s human hair toupee?It is a stigma today to roam out with a bald head in open and the situation turns out to be more complicated for the males. A simple solution to this problem is selecting the right mens human hair toupee which imparts a great natural look to your face and head. With a wide array of shapes, sizes, and colors, you have ample of options to dwell around. Depending on your personality, needs, and desires, the market offers you a good count of men&rsquo;s toupee made out of human hairs or synthetic fibres.&nbsp;Why you need to measure the size of a toupee?While buying men&rsquo;s human hair toupee for the first time, you need to consider two basic factors &ndash; its length and width. In short, you should have sufficient knowledge on how to measure and pick the right wig for your bald head. Besides, getting the perfect size hair piece allows you to carry a more realistic look. To get an accurate measurement, you can opt for a cloth measuring tape irrespective of a straight ruler. When you are measuring the dimensions of your men&rsquo;s human hair toupee, do not hold on your ruler very tightly. To get the accurate estimate, you need to take measurements more than once and at the least, three. Flatten your tape straight while taking measurements.&nbsp;Tips to get your men&rsquo;s human hair toupee &ndash;&nbsp;While we have dealt with a lot of stuff about the men&rsquo;s human hair toupee, here are some tips to select the perfect one for you &ndash;&nbsp;In the first place, use a cloth tape for measuring the dimensions of your face. This will help you in determining the size of your cap.&nbsp;Decide whether you want to buy a wig which is exactly of the same color and texture as that of your natural hairs or you want to remould your look. If you look confused, you may get two different human hair toupees for yourself &ndash; one that perfectly matches your natural hair colors and the other one that twins in with it. While the former will give you a more realistic look, the later will add more value to the length, style, and color of your voluminous hair.&nbsp;If you are entirely unaware about the styling, you may pick the one that is somewhere lighter than your own natural hair tone.&nbsp;In the end, shortlist some of the best quality wigs that imparts more natural looks to your face and personality. Lace front and a piece of art by the monofilament on the top of your toupee adds on further value to your look.&nbsp;

Where To Find Best College For The Diploma Course In Hotel Management?
 iihm mumbai  
 9 January 2021  

Hotel management in the hotel is the most important part as they handle all the working and responsibility of the hotels and it is safe to say that it is an art itself and if one is interested in working in this field then they are supposed to do proper diploma course and that is where Indian Institute of Hospitality and Management that is the best Hotel Management Diploma College In Mumbaibecause we provide in-depth knowledge about this domain and also help you uplift your attitude and personality as being presentable also matters in this domain.Our team of highly educated professors renders a detailed understanding of an operating aspect of the industry of hospitality through making a balance between the theoretical and practical exposures. &nbsp;The objectives of Hotel Management Diploma College In Mumbai is very simple yet effective. we provide basic fundamental knowledge of how the work happens in the hospitality industry especially in the food and beverage operational skills.We have contracts with the top hotels where our students go for attaining practical skills in order to develop or enhance the responsiveness, commitment, ownership, punctuality, and teamwork as well where all such mentioned factors are highly required in such a luxurious customer service industry.After the completion of the diploma course, all the students surely get a deeper understanding of varied hospitality subjects such as that of the Hotel laws, Accommodation Management, Food &amp; Beverage Production, Food &amp; Beverage Service, Food &amp; Beverage Management, Finance, and other areas related to it.The students also get changes in their personality and develop entrepreneurial skills by recognizing varied hospitality management structures and systems of organization. We have the latest and modern technology and software application which are required in the course to let the students learn more easily and efficiently.Along with this, we also provide various other facilities on our campus like world-class accommodation, High-speed internet, indoor and outdoor games, and many other things so that our students can able to attain all the knowledge with all the comforts.

Know About Playground Equipment Manufacturer in Noida
 Nagpal Engg  
 19 June 2019  

Outdoor playing equipment shapes the personality of kidsPlayground Equipment Manufacturer in Noida can help you well in doing the mental and physical development of your child. Most outdoor playground equipment plays a significant and integral role to shape the personality of school going kids. The manufacturers of this equipment give you services with factors like high quality and durability including top rated safety. Most playground equipment makers give more importance to safety factor so that their brand image may not get tarnished. Most playground accessory companies have got immense popularity and revenue because they paid heed to the safety factor. These companies know that when kids play on outdoor play equipment then their safety from accidents is very essential.Playground Equipment why so popular?When you approach Playground Equipment Manufacturers then you will see many other essential things. Take for example according to international survey reports it has been seen that playgrounds are such places that make children feel much happy and healthy including being independent. Today technology has made great progress yet children love to be on playgrounds to have fun on ground-based equipment. This is because kids also have instincts that make them feel comfortable when they play on playground equipment. Thus playground types of equipment are seen in parks, gardens, and schools. You can also see these types of equipment in hotels where families board and dwell. You may even see playing equipment for kids at tourist resorts where families come to rejoice.How to install Playing Equipment at schools?Outdoor Play Equipment for schools in India has made kids so excited and thrilled during lunch hours. During breaks children entertain themselves in two ways; some children like to chat with one another. On the other hand, some kids love adventures like playing on the school equipment. Most of this equipment on the school playground is installed after judging the needs of kids. If you are running a school then you need to install playground equipment after measuring the area of the school ground. Just check the safety and durability factor before you choose and pay for any kind of playground equipment.

Revealing Secrets Behind Body Language Workshop
 Brock Hicks  
 23 July 2020  

Revealing Secrets Behind Body Language Workshop was created by the Multi-Level Marketing Industry&#39;s (MLM) Chief Recruiter, Ralph L. Thompson. He is one of the biggest and most influential Multi-Level Marketers, and he shares with you the secrets behind the eyes and the language that goes with it.He explains his core principles to help you in your own career, and also offers some useful tips on the ways that Ralph Thompson&#39;s work can benefit your business as well. He is not trying to be a savior or a salesperson, but rather, he is helping us make decisions based on facts and reason.Ralph Thompson&#39;s voice is heard in Revealing Secrets Behind Body Language Workshop. He tells us about his background, which includes starting off as a very unhappy single parent. He also gives us a glimpse into his community college days, where he honed his selling skills, to the times he taught marketing at a local community college.Ralph Thompson&#39;s passion for life led him to take the O. E. Cummings Marketing Course, which he credits as his introduction to MLM. In this course, he learned how to understand and react to the body language that would tell him what people want from them.In this first part of the course, we are introduced to the vast knowledge that was presented. Ralph Thompson provides the basic knowledge to go into greater detail in the second part of the course.Ralph Thompson explains how he came up with his theories, and how the information works, to help us gain more control over our future. The lessons are taught through a series of videos, which include building lists, setting goals, taking action, keeping control, and how to build relationships. Ralph Thompson also explains how the 3 C&#39;s can be used to create a strong foundation for a successful business.Ralph Thompson also discusses his methods for paying off a big client, whether that is a company or an individual. He then goes into much more detail on the personal marketing methods, to help you create the personality you have always wanted to display, and get the results you desire.Revealing Secrets Behind Body Language Workshop teaches the fact that if you are going to become a true success, you need to stand out from the crowd. Ralph Thompson talks about how your personality is the best indicator of who you are, and how this personality can be expressed in your appearance, and especially in your eyes. It helps you to express yourself in the way you want, when you want.Ralph Thompson is very clear that if you want to be happy, you must embrace the truth that your true self is hidden and can only be found out if you know how to open up to your inner self. He then shows you the seven elements, the five basic colors, and the structure of our body.Ralph Thompson does not hide anything, and he tells us everything we need to know about our own actions. We are told how to discover our own inner beauty and how to use this beauty to attract happiness in our own lives. Finally, we are taught how to unleash this inner beauty, using a variety of tools, including facial expressions, and the ability to determine the emotional state of a person with just a glance.Revealing Secrets Behind Body Language Workshop gives us the ability to utilize our own inner wisdom, and control our destiny, by simply using our own self awareness. This is a powerful tool to help us achieve our goals, and it has given me the guidance I need to achieve the success I am looking for in my life. Learn the secrets behind body language, or why you should not laugh too hard at other people&#39;s jokes. Discover why I am comfortable to stand next to a stranger on an airplane, or when driving. Revealing Secrets Behind Body Language Workshop is the most powerful tool for us to learn how to love ourselves by looking into our eyes, and feeling at ease, knowing that we have the capability to change the world with our very own inner power.

 Nitish G  
 4 December 2020  

Having a deep insight into the world of different zodiacs gives us a colorful perspective about our own natural traits and also about others and their personality. It also helps us develop our personality according to our traits. Speaking of zodiacs, how can one not mention the leaders of our clan, The Aries Horoscope and its traits are on the bold and expressive side.They tend to have a deep and stern opinion about each and everything around them. And this stern and firm attitude of theirs might be a little annoying for others. They sure are leaders and them quite the talent to impress the world out there, but every person has a set of traits that they can alter, so here a few traits of our leaders that they can work on:Short-temperedAries Horoscope is synonymous with having a short fuse. It doesn&rsquo;t take much for them to get angry or offended. They may not stay angry for a long time but they can get angry very quickly.OverthinkersAries have a tendency to overthink their decisions. It doesn&rsquo;t have to be a complicated life decision which they are stuck on, it can be something simple like what to purchase. They usually think of every scenario imaginable in whatever they&#39;re thinking or overthinking.ImpatientIt is difficult for aries to be patient. They don&rsquo;t want any unexpected delays. This zodiac sign wants their desires to arrive at their time and they will give you reasons why they are acting impatient.StubbornAries are very proud people. They have strong opinions which they don&rsquo;t tend to change easily. They will likely change your mind or opinion. If they are thinking something about a certain thing whether correct or not, they will not believe your side of the argument.ImpulsiveAries are impulsive in nature. They can come to a conclusion or decision without giving it much of a thought. This can be both a good or a bad thing, depending upon the situation. Many times aries think about their decision after making the decision.Lack of confidenceAries sometimes show a lack of confidence. They need a little push to do certain things that expose them to the comments of the people. They often doubt their own talent, no matter how talented they are. Aries should believe in themselves as they are capable of achieving anything that they desire.

How to Create the Perfect Home Gym
 Nadim Mia  
 14 January 2021  

Are you finding it hard in visiting your workout centre on a daily basis? Or maybe you want to own the best home spin bike and use it the way you like? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then it may be the perfect time to consider having your own gym at home. Before taking this route, you ought to keep in mind that so many people have been duped into purchasing overly expensive fitness equipment. In this post, we will take you through important tips for creating the best home gym.AtmosphereThis is by far one of the most fascinating parts of creating a compact home gym. Spend some time thinking about what motivates you after which you can fill your space with the fitness equipment that will help you in visualizing what you are trying to achieve. It is highly advisable that your tailor your environment to suit your personality. Simply because you can find the best upright exercise bike for short persons at an affordable price, it does not mean you should buy it yet you&rsquo;ll never use it. Ensure your home gym depicts your personality and needs.Essential EquipmentWhen it comes to creating a perfect home gym, you need to have a clear understanding of your equipment needs. One of the most important equipment you need to include in your home gym is the barbell &amp; plate set. Actually, this is the foundation of pretty much of your workouts. With a barbell set, you can perform basic exercises such as bicep curls, behind the neck press, upright row to mention. Aside from a barbell &amp; plate set, you should also get yourself the best workout bench not forgetting the best kettlebells.In ConclusionCreating the perfect home gym does not necessarily have to be stressful. With a bit of research, it will only be a matter of time before you have the best weightlifting shoes. Keep in mind the sports store you decide to rely on is going to determine whether you&rsquo;ll get the best leg press machines, rowing machines, kettlebells or any other fitness equipment of choice. It is for the reason that you need to examine as many stores as possible before making the decision to rely on one. Through this action, you are never going to regret your decision even once.

Ideal Party Wear Sarees
 kk sharma  
 5 December 2020  

Drape yourself in the beauty offered by a sareePick the most gorgeous designer saree for the upcoming party which will elevate your personality. Wearing a saree will be an ideal choice for any occasion which allows a woman to stay comfortable and enjoy each and every moment. For girls who love to wear sari and grab the occasion can pick one from a vast collection of the designer sarees which come in several different patterns.Saree is the traditional dress of bengal and Bengali women looks so amazing in Saree. Here you can get different types of party wear sarees. Silk Saree with Red border, Tussar Silk, Muslin cotton, Kanth Silk and Murshidabad Silk saree you can try for any party.Move on to a partyBefore moving on to any parties pick the specially designed saree which are available in several vibrant and eye catching colors. These sarees are designed following latest and contemporary designs so that they will become a special part of your collection. All these sarees offer a special glamour to the evening parties as they are unique in the designs and patterns. So move on to any of the parties by dressing in any designer saree to impress people all around.Designer sarees will be a perfect choice and complete attire with a stylish blouse it will offer a pretty charm to the girl wearing.&nbsp;A number of lightweight and high quality fabrics are being used in designing a perfect party wear saree and the embroidery will make it more special.&nbsp;It is the work of the saree that makes it more appealing and when it comes to a party wear saree go with the work that highlights your personality.These designer sarees will be embedded with shiny stones, crystals, beads and kundans, pearls which will make the saree an extraordinary piece.The collection of designer saree will be full of several enticing designs in a number of trendy patters and vibrant colors making it more fabulous.By mating it with a stylish and a classy blouse you can spread your charm during any occasion or the family gathering. All these sarees make the women look prettiest and offer a touch of elegance at the same time.But as these are expensive sarees see that the pattern you pick for your blouses will surely suit you and your personality.Choosing a perfect and a well designed blouse with a pretty neckline will offer you a charming personality and will become a compliment to your structure. &nbsp;The beautiful color combination and the stunning designs of the sarees of a fine and soft material will definitely become a magnificent outfit for the beautiful gathering. The outstanding sarees with alluring designs and the trendy patterns can be worn with any accessories as they are full of attractive zari borders and trendy patterns.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 4.41
 Dhwani Shah  
 4 December 2019  

Live Naturally - In Gita Verse 4.41 One who acts in devotional service, renouncing the fruits of his actions, and whose doubts have been destroyed by transcendental knowledge, is situated factually in the self. Thus he is not bound by the reactions of work, O conqueror of riches.Krishna says one who act from surrendering, his focus is not on the fruits. When he surrendered he has transcended his knowledge to knowing.Recollect from your own life, when you love someone you surrender yourself to that person, and when you do anything for him your focus is not on the fruits but how can I do something more.You can surrender to anyone only if you have a love for that person. Otherwise you cannot surrender. You can love to anyone if you have love yourself. Journey of self-love starts from knowing self. Before you can Love yourself you have to know yourself.One has to begin not by loving oneself, because you don&#39;t know who you are. Who are you going to love? If you start by loving yourself, you will love only your ego, which is not your self, which is your false personality. Almost everybody loves his personality; everybody loves his ego. Even the ugliest woman, if you say to her, &ldquo;How beautiful you are,&rdquo; will not refuse to accept it.Yes, I would like you to love yourself, because unless you love yourself, you cannot love anybody else. You don&#39;t know what love is if you have not loved yourself. But before you can love yourself you have to know yourself; hence love is secondary, meditation is primary.And the miracle is, if you meditate and slowly, slowly get out of the ego and out of your personality and realize your real self, love will come on its own. You don&#39;t have to do anything, it is a spontaneous flowering. But it blossoms only in a certain climate, and that climate I call meditation. In the climate of silence - no-mind, no disturbance inside, absolute clarity, peace and silence - suddenly, you will see thousands of flowers have opened within you, and their fragrance is love.Naturally, first you will love yourself, because that will be your first encounter. First you will become aware of the fragrance that is arising in you and the light that has been born in you, and the blissfulness that is showering on you. Then loving will become your nature. Then you will love many; then you will love all.Love has to become not a relationship, not a narrowing, but a broadening. Love has to become your very quality, your very character, your very being, your radiance. Just as the sun radiates light not for anyone in particular, unaddressed, meditation radiates love unaddressed.Of course, first it is felt within oneself, for oneself, and then it starts radiating all around. Then you love not only human beings, you love trees, you love birds; you simply love, you are love.Live naturally. Live peacefully. Live inwardly. Just give a little time to yourself, being alone, being silent, just watching the inner scene of your mind. Slowly, slowly thoughts disappear. Slowly, slowly one day the mind is so still, so silent as if it is not there. Just this silence... in this moment you are not, as if you are empty.In this silence within you, you will find a new dimension of life. In this dimension greed does not exist, sex does not exist, anger does not exist, violence does not exist. It is not a credit to you; it is the new dimension beyond mind where love exists, pure, unpolluted by any biological urge; where compassion exists for no other reason - not to get any reward in heaven - because compassion is a reward unto itself.When you find new dimension within you, you will be overflowing with love, in that moment as there is no greed, no sex, no anger, violence doesnot exists. You will be flooded with love and surrender happens. As everyone of us has experience from our life when we love someone surrender happens, when you are overflowing with love, you love to whole, and surrender to whole happens, in the process you will be able to transcend your knowledge to knowing.Krishna tells Arjuna turn in, in that you will meet yourself, you will realize yourself, and you surrender to the whole. Then you don&rsquo;t have to put any effort for focusing in this moment. Your attention from the fruits will be no more there. You will be able to look into the present moment and feel the whole within you, in that moment all your knowledge for karma will be transcend into knowing. As you will realize that in surrender you are just vehicle for whole to act and move, flow.