• Please give details about your initial education and forming years of life.
    Army School was the basic foundation of my personality. It helped me in developing an all-around personality as I had a healthy balance of academics and co-curricular activities. 
  • How did you get interested in literature? What inspired you to write?  
    I was a deep observer and used to daydream and keep scribbling lines in my notebook. I wrote my first poem 'For Those At Kargil' as a part of the school's feature in Hindustan Times, Jaipur.
  • What difficulties did you have to face with respect to literary work?
    Finding the right publisher and spreading the message to the audience takes time. I am patiently trying to build my audience organically. 
  • What is your view about the present day literary work?
    With self-publishing and online portals such as StoryMirror, writers have a platform to showcase their literary work with ease. However, it also gives rise to plagiarism. I still believe that good quality content will attract the right audience. 
  • Do you think that the emergence of digital and social media has given a new opportunity to creative writers?
    Yes, definitely. Writers get instant feedback about their writing style. 
  • Please tell us something about your literary work.
    I have 5 publications under my name. My first novella, '7 Vows of Marriage' is a personal take on the institution of marriage. Reminiscence, published by Blue Rose Publishers is a poetry collection. The recent title 'The Mind Game' is a self-improvement book that helps readers understand the importance of emotional intelligence. 
  • What was your first literary work and how was it published? 
    7 Vows of Marriage is self-published through Amazon Kindle. 
  • How many ways literature can contribute to society in future?
    Literature can help in understanding different perspectives about a topic. Reading literature helps people expand their horizon and broadens their thought process. 
  • Where do you see yourself after 5 years in the literary world?
    Through literature, I want to address several social issues that have cropped up in the modern era. I hope to make a difference in the lives of my readers through my books. 
  • What ways would you suggest to build a community for poets?
    Recitals, open mics, contests, and online journals/newsletters are good methods of building a poetry community. 
  • What message would you like to give to aspiring new writers?
    Be honest with what you write. Try to adopt a new writing style and be unique. Keep reading to improve your vocabulary and take formal education if necessary. Self-learning is the best method for a writer. 
  • How was your experience of writing on StoryMirror?  
    StoryMirror has given me a platform to voice my opinion. The experience has been good so far.
  • Would you like to say something about StoryMirror?
    Can you organize a quarterly meetup of contributors from the same city? e.g. A Writers' Meetup or something similar.

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