There is a surprising psychology behind Makeup (a part of improving physical appearance), its not only make you feel pleased but wearing make up significantly alters perceptions (your personality) of woman's “Personality” ,

(but, what people infer from made up appearance varies depending on the observers gender; for example a men finds women who wears make up more attractive, confident, men perceives women who wear make up more prestigious

whereas a women may feel insecure and jealous when they see women who wear make up, women perceive other women wearing make up to be more dominant.)

you do a simple experiment, go to a grocery shop (particularly  where shopkeeper is man) to buy something without wearing make up now next day do the same thing just put on some make up ; observe the difference. the treatment you have got yesterday when you went without make up and the treatment you have got when you went wearing make up. you will easily understand whats the effect of make up.

(make up is just one part of improving physical appearance, decent dress which suits you, wearing heels, nice rose gold watch, nice perfume, little bit of accessories that suits you- again you need lots of research on which types of cloths suitable for you, your body type, Hair style every thing matters).

Now, if you think looking attractive and being dominant over others makes you feel more confident then you will definitely go for improving your physical appearance right?

Remember, it doesn’t matters what type of body you have what matters is how you carry yourself with right attire. (e.g if you are healthy you can go for black dresses, black color makes an illusion ,healthy person looks little bit thinner in black)

Right attire with little bit of confidence (you can always fake it till you make it) makes you look more attractive.

Always remember, Do whatever that makes you feel good about yourself; if “looking attractive and being confident” motivates you then, you will always want to improve your appearance ; right?

Ending with an old proverb, “first impression is last impression”, so go make your impression and rock the world around you.

Stay blessed………..Stay Happy………………..