This is an important relationship for all of us and the reasons are many

Friendships may come and go but sibling relationships are there to stay.

They come from the same blood and blood is thicker than water,so this relationship is authentic.Siblings provide emotional,social and psychological support to one another.Siblings may stay far but are always close in thought and action.All of us can unburden ourselves in front of our siblings without being judged. They help to shape your personality,help you in better communication,understanding the opposite sex better and it is an enduring relationship for life.

Our childhood demands bonding well with our siblings and only parents can do this by helping the children develop a positive relationship,mutual respect,cooperation and the ability to solve problems.Age and gender doesn't matter.The siblings are play mates in childhood and confidantes in adulthood.Siblings help each other to learn social skills,dominance and hierarchy.

Sibling rivalry is a common problem ,as kids fight for toys,clothes and most of all they vie for their parents attention.It is a love-hate relationship which siblings outgrow in adulthood.Parents should not show favouritism during  the sibling fight which might lead to resentment and may go on till adulthood.By doing this parents can help to induce positive feelings among their children which will further aid maintaining family unity,sanity and understanding.

From my own experience I can say childhood was all about snatching,pulling each others' legs,a bit of bullying,caring and being the elder sibling ,being admonished by parents for teasing or hitting my younger sibling.Since we were farther in age,my younger sibling acted like a pest by snatching my things,spoiling my home-work,not letting me watch my favourite T.V show and definitely tattling about me to the parents.It was a love-hate relationship but now as adults we may stay away from each other but the concern for each other remains.We have a mutual concern for the parents since we are from the same stock,we try to emotionally boost each other,are concerned for each others' health problems and at times try to be physically present for each other.We want our families to interact and our kids to bond as we bond.We make it a point to celebrate each other's important life events.We unwind in each other's company.