The Older I get, the more Beautiful I become, by accepting myself…!

This was a quote, that had come directly from my heart, few days back, while writing for a quote related to life in Story Mirror. Definitely, this quote is true, because I discover myself at each and every moment, I accept myself boldly, which makes me stronger to face my surroundings and to see my future in a very optimistic way. I love my own company and so I used to analyse myself always, used to do lots of research why a particular incident happened in my life, how could have I handled that situation instead and what should I do next, by analyzing my personality and horoscope as well. Yes, I could never have known so much about myself if I did never have learnt astrology. This was a very interesting topic that I had started learning since my childhood, by getting inspired by my paternal grandfather. Before also, I had written one aspect of my personality on the placement of Moon in my horoscope, now I will explore a deeper aspect of that, which is caused by a special planetary position in my horoscope. It’s a very interesting position, about which I started taking interest to analyse, by going through the phase of similar gochara transition, means now I am going through the phase of Saturn antardasha in Venus mahadasha. Yes, its right, I am going to discuss about the effects of Venus’s placement in Capricorn in a person’s lifestyle and personality. In my birth horoscope, Venus is placed in Capricorn, whereas I am going through the phase of Saturn antardasha in Venus mahadasha since last two years and which will be continuing for another year, till July 2020, during which I am working hard like a donkey, but no positive outcome of that work! I only know how my life has put me at a turning point in each and everyday, I plan for something and something different happens with me. Since how many days, it will continue like this…I am suffering in my life since 2012, when Rahu antardasha started in Venus mahadasha. The 20 years’ time span of Venus mahadasha is very interesting, in one’s life, that I will discuss in my another blog. So, I decided to analyse this combination of planets in my horoscope and others horoscopes also. In order to come to the below summary, I have analysed five horoscopes, who are having Venus in Capricorn in their birth horoscope.

From the very beginning, I knew that Venus and Capricorn are contradictory, but this much of contradictory, I did never have expected. Venus is the planet of money, love, pleasure, harmony, relaxation, beauty, art, talents and even vanity and overspending money. Capricorn, instead, is the sign of hard work, professionalism, ambition, criticism, discipline, severity, seriousness, authority, the ability of working in long-term projects and most all, patience. 

How does Venus work when she is placed in such a hostile place of the Zodiac for her and how does it influence chart’s owner life?

Venus in Capricorn is neither in detriment nor in fall so actually her placement in Capricorn is not that bad. But, what I have in my life till date? Nevertheless the energies of Venus and Capricorn are not compatible. When a planet in a natal chart is placed in a sign which doesn’t resonate with its energy, it becomes even more active as if it was in the sign of its ruler-ship or exaltation. The owner of such natal chart feels that the matters represented by that particular planet are his/her weakness and that’s he/she puts more effort to develop them.

Very interesting! Lets discuss about my love life at first. Its all of my personality, which had made me to have certain expectations from my future life partner in meeting specific emotional needs, to grow with him by learning lots of things from him, getting committed in a very serious relationship, but nothing could happen. Why? The individuals with Venus in Capricorn in their natal charts treat love and relationships in a very serious, practical and cautious way. They are not interested in flirting, romance or short term relationship because they consider it a waste of time. They don’t like going out to clubs, discotheques nor romantic dates with candle light. In their opinion this is just stupid and not serious enough. They are looking for a serious and long lasting relationship which must be official, in other words, a marriage which would last for the rest of their lives. Capricorn is related to traditions and keeping social order.

People with Venus in Capricorn seem to be very serious, rigid and even arrogant as deep down their hearts they feel that they are better than others. Holding an image of cold and proud (unless they have the Sun, Moon or the ascendant in Libra, Cancer, Leo, Taurus or Sagittarius. I am a Leo ascendant girl. A perfect Leo.), makes difficult relating to other people and finding friends or potential partners, especially in the young age. They are not spontaneous nor funny so it is very difficult for them to have fun with other teenagers. They feel much better in the company of adult people who have a serious approach to life. When they are young, they feel lonely quite often as they can’t find a right, i.e. a serious partner. As they are very wise, they know it’s better be alone than in a bad company but if they find a right a partner, usually this is a person who is much older. The point is that the individuals with Venus in Capricorn mature very slowly so when they are young, they are not aware of their emotional needs yet. They need time to grow up, to realize what they expect from their partners and what is their role in the relationship. When they are about 30 years old, after their first Saturn return, they finally are grown up and they realize that they had chosen a wrong partner so they decide to break up. They don’t want to waste more time on living with someone who doesn’t suit their needs any more. On one hand they suffer that they have to break the social rules but on the other hand, they are searching for a perfect love. They are very practical so they prefer to end a bad relationship and look for a better partner who will make them happy. It’s a wise decision because they are finally mature so now, being 30 or even 40 years old, they know what they really need in love and partnership. 

A person with Venus in Capricorn is often shy and self-controlled, so he/she has difficulties in expressing feelings. A woman with Venus in Capricorn won’t make the first step because she knows it wouldn’t be correct. She wants to act according to social rituals and normally a man makes the first step, not a woman. She will be waiting for ages and hoping that the man of her dreams will start a conversation with her. Acting like this, she misses a lot of good opportunities to start a relationship. If Venus in Capricorn is in a chart of a man, he will be terrified to make the first step because the fear of rejection will paralyze him. The woman he is in love with will be tired of endless waiting for any sign of interest from his part so she will find another man who will show her affection. As people with Venus in Capricorn are very proud and serious, they fear rejection very much. If someone would reject their feelings or laugh at them, they would feel very humiliated and wouldn’t be able to stand it. Their whole world would break down if the person they love would reject them because it would hurt their pride too much. That is the reason why they prefer to be alone, even if they are passionately in love with someone. Yes, I am passionately love with someone, but don’t want a relationship, because I feel insecure. 

When it comes to financial matters, I need my financial security, from my very first salary, I started savings, as described above I was a lonely person, so there was not any need of spending money with friends, I wanted to have everything of my own before deciding to get settled in my life. But I was acting in a strange way. On one hand the financial security was crucial for me but on the other hand I was not able to value my work properly so I used to agree to work for very law salaries. Not only me, as per my analysis, these people think that the only way to become rich and to gain the financial stability is through hard work. They don’t believe in such things like luck in gambling or lotteries or getting opportunities in workplace through some friends. In most cases they are very professional and they are excellent specialists in their environment but they don’t realize it. Sooner or later they will learn to demand more money for their work or services, especially when they realize that people who are less talented or even lazy earn more than them. Such situation will awaken their ambition and motivate them to change their approach towards money. Usually it happens when they cross 30 years old. When they turn 30, they are much wiser and they know how to build their financial security. The most important thing that they have to learn is to value themselves and their work. People with Venus in Capricorn don’t like spending money as they prefer to save it. They must have some savings on their bank account, otherwise they feel very insecure. They know how to survive a financial crisis having little money and they are even proud of themselves cutting all unnecessary expenses. They don’t spend money on entertainment and they don’t buy anything without analysing if they really need that thing. They like investing money in different courses which broaden their professional skills. They believe that it will help them to develop their professional career, get a promotion and a better salary. This strategy works very well for them. They don’t throw out old or broken things because they think they may still use them or need them in the future. They fix broken things which other people don’t use any more, like old furniture pieces, electronic devices and give them a new life.

When it comes to fashion, my roommates used to call me “Nanny” means “Grandmother”…why? Because I was not interested in fashion at all at my young age. I prefer to be admired for their wisdom, intelligence, honesty and seriousness and not for my looks. I even despise people who wear nice, expensive clothes and pay a lot of attention to their visual image. When I was young, I often wear old-fashioned clothes, e.g. of my mother’s college day dresses because I like it much more than the modern style. Wearing old clothes was making me look ridiculous. Other teenagers laugh at me and even treat me as losers. That’ s why these people have difficulties in building friendships and they feel rejected by the society. But, when they cross 30, they realize that wearing nice clothes, going to the beautician and hairdresser is very important and that a good image doesn’t make them less intelligent. When they mature, they realize that the bad taste in fashion had a negative influence on their relationships with other people and even affected their love life. Wearing ugly clothes made them unattractive. When they are over 30 years old, they change their style and start to dress properly. They know what kind of clothes make them look attractive. They dislike colorful patterns or big jewelry. They style is modest, simple but very elegant and expensive at the same time. They feel comfortable in smart business suits. When they are over 40 years old, they even become fashion gurus for others. Nobody laughs at their style any more as they look perfect on every occasion.

When it comes to my artistic work, then I can say that it was never being appreciated in the young age, I was always underestimated, was very shy, so was not able to express myself, was in a fear of being rejection. I was not able to develop their own ideas. I had to obey my parents. Most of their artistic projects are criticized by their teachers and rejected by the society which is frustrating. Venus on Capricorn possess very high technical skills but they are not able to express their artistic creativity as they are not spontaneous. After 35 years they become mature and aware of their artistic talent and expression so they want to bring their own ideas to life and reject everything that is imposed by someone else. They finally want to use their great skills in order to express their artistic inspiration. When they are over 35 years old, they gain respect in their artistic environment and become an inspiration for the next generations of artists. Their success is long-lasting.

Edith Piaf, the legendary French singer, had Venus in Capricorn in her natal chart. Her artistic talent was expressed by Venus in Capricorn. Her songs seem to be very serious and dramatic. Her singing style, full of pathos and sadness, is very typical for Venus in Capricorn. Edith Piaf was wearing simple, modest black dresses which made her look more serious. Nevertheless, her modest style was very attractive and impressive. Edith Piaf became a legend and a great inspiration for next generations of artists. Her love life was complicated. She was searching for the perfect love, that’s why she was disappointed by men. 

Steve Jobs also had Venus in Capricorn in his natal chart which opposites Jupiter an Uranus in Cancer. This aspects had a strong influence on his Venus and enabled him to earn a fortune on electronic devices. Jobs earned a lot of money thanks to excellent managing skills and hard work. The electronic devices produced by Apple became so popular because of their unique design which is very simple but very elegant at the same time. In this case, simplicity and minimalism of Venus in Capricorn was the key to success for Apple products. Steve Jobs was wearing jeans, black sweater and white sneakers which was an equivalent of a suit for him. He wasn’t interested in fashion at all and his clothing style was simple and modest. He had the opinion of a serious, cold and even arrogant person which is one of the faces of Venus in Capricorn. 

The overall summary is that the Venus on Capricorn natives get everything possessed by Venus in their life but at a late age, especially after 35 years, because Saturn makes them to realize that they need to work hard in order to get those possessed by Venus, due to their past life karma.