Life from the birth to death are inter-linked with all the challenges, may be known or unknown, small or big, negligible or full countable challenges. In life, challenges are taken as serious challenges, especially in youth days and at middle age group level. This is called challenges in youdult stage. But, for any challenge risk is involved. Without risk, there is no challenge. Few people take risks in challenge to overcome competitors to come to limelight either in personal life or to become a professional in their liking field. Few people will have challenging mind and are habituated for various challenges in life by default. Such people are always prospering in their life and earn name, fame, health and wealth. Without challenge, dynamic personality cult, boldness, commitment towards their liking field, there is no life, as what few people think. For few, there is no life without serious challenges and few people even lost their life while confronting serious challenges. Few people overcome serious challenges with risks and become even legends.


Mantri Pragada Markandeyulu


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