How to make your mother happy?

I'm 17 years old and the most important person in my life is ofcourse, my mother. But there are many out there who have the same feeling but here's the facts-

  1. If you,"I love you, Ma." She will reply,"Love is not something to be said, it is something to be felt."
  2. If you'll try to hug your mom to show your affection or just to lose in her security, she'll say,"I don't like this affection, you don't need to hug me to show your affection."

Well, there are many other such things. But ponder over yourself if you really do something to make your mother feel the love. If not then try these things-

  • Study- okay, pretty obvious your mom want you to have a bright future and for that study is must. And she also need to bounce upon your grades.
  • Talent- In today's world, mere grades are not enough, one need all round personality. Stand up and get into a hobby which you may later call your talent.
  • Wish- if you lives with your family, wish goodmorning and goodnight to her. Say goodbye wherever you go out.
  • Call- If you live away from her, it does not how much busy you are, just call her, duration do not matter but feelings do.
  • Cook- well, first of all to all the boys, cooking is not just for girls. Assist your mom in cooking or try to wake up early and make breakfast for her or make tea. This summer holiday, learn some tricks from your mother.
  • No argue- Do not argue with her, especially for your friends.
  • Sometimes affection is must- Hug your mother and say thank you when she keeps fast for you on Ahoi Ashtami or any other such occasion.
  • Share- Please share everything with your mum, she will give best advice.
  • Make your bed- Get up early, make your bed and take bath. You will surprise your mum with it.
  • Keep your clothes on place- Do not throw your clothes. Just keep them properly even for washing.

Try out these simple things and write down if they work and if you're a mother comment if you like it and share with your child.

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