According to Me being a Personality Development Faculty during my tenure in my previous organization.

I would suggest these tips to develop right personality to crack the interview :

  1. Have a Positive Attitude, that doesn't means being positive everytime rather handling situations or problems with your spirit of never giving up.
  2. Follow the rules properly ie, regarding the attire to be weared should be proper Formals with well groomed personality
  3. Have a knowledge about the organization, their history, their portfolio before going for an interview.
  4. Look into the job description of a particular job profile & find out whether it matches your skills, qualifications & your personality then appear for an interview.
  5. First of all give an intro about yourself in short comprising of your education, family background, prior work experience, skills, hobbies.
  6. Maintain an eye contact while talking with the interviewers it reflects your confidence.
  7. Never sit with crossed legs & folded hands in front of an interviewer while giving an interview.
  8. Greet the interviewers with a smile on your face the moment you enter the interviewers cabin.
  9. Never try to argue with them on any point, express your views politely & in a positive way with facts.