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Your search for Child Proof Vape Cartridge
It’s all about BRAIN GYM – The ABACUS!
 28 March 2018  

When GYM is discussed, it is all about dumbells, treadmill, skipping, stretching basically for adults GYM is about BODY FITNESS.  Have you thought about kids gym? Not yet?  Then this is a perfect time  to think about your kids GYM and this GYM is all about BRAIN FITNESS. ABACUS a counting tool -  It’s all about brain gym!Approximately 2500 years  ago China invented an instrument called Abacus which was later on introduced in countries like Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia and So on.In Ancient times this magical instrument was used for calculating numbers.What the Abacus Serves? This magical instrument performs basic mathematics, operations  like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplications and Divisions. The  highlight of an Abacus is that it can  calculate sums having negative numbers and also can carry operations, counting up to decimal places in a few seconds.Changes that the abacus brings in a kidMost of the parents are still not knowing the facts and the benefits of abacus course for their toddlers.Abacus course not only ensures an increase of speed in solving  arithmetic calculations with accuracy in results, but also while working on abacus instrument child uses both the hands on beads simultaneously so it also develops child  left and right brain equally.It increases the Visualization Power-  A kid is being taught to visualize and imagine the moving beads of the abacus in their mind while reading the sum.It increases Concentration and Listening skill- To solve every sum a kid has to listen that sum and concentrate it to visualize in their brain.It develops Logical Understanding- While visualizing the sum in their mind a kid has to apply logic to do the proper sum.It helps in developing Photographic Memory-  While applying logic and concentration a kid has to imagine a picture of the beads, as movements of  the beadsare  made  in their minds.It enhances the Ability to Recall- And at the end they have to keep the calculations in mind correctly and has to recall the picture of the abacus with all relevant beats movement to answer confidently.Abacus Course structureLevels0 to10 Levels.Course Duration2 and half years (Each level of 3 months)SessionsOnce a week (2 hours each)EligibilityStudents should be in the age group of 4 to 14 yearsCourse KitAbacus classes for kids have different books for each level, including the speed building software DVD.The  book is structured level-wise and day-wise for better understanding of abacus for children.Each day’s practice is supported by the mathematical games incorporated in the books. A separate book for parents, which is structured to facilitate practice of their children at home 17 rods abacus with pouch At the age of 4 to 14 years brain of a child is so fragile and under development process. Abacus is one of the best exercise for a kid’s mind and the best way to keep brain fit and fine.

English Vinglish - A mania or a Phobia
 12 April 2018  

"Hindi Medium" ufff !!! this is rarely heard now a days. Ten to Fifteen years back we often heard parents saying that my child is studying in Hindi medium, Gujarati medium, Marathi medium, govt schools etc & they were comfortable enough to accept that their child is pursuing education in their local language. Studying in Mother tongue was consider as pride for the family years back, but now the picture of the entire education system has changed. English has become so mandatory, that the entire education system has being corrupted & has become a business. To seek admission in reputed school has become dreams for many & out of budget for the middle class family. Parents has to pass through high & lows to meet the demands of the luxurious school, coz it has created a mindset that child will not have good career & life if he/she does not study in convent schools or reputed english medium schools. children coming from the lower middle class family pass through mental depression if fees are not paid on time, money not given for extra curriculum activities or any development activities of such convent & luxuries school. Children are being tortured to such an extent that they do not want to go to school. Apart from school even Coaching classes has become business. Parents need to put their children in good coaching class or study center as well, which is equally costly as schools. I still do not understand, if parents are spending huge amount on school education, than why there is need for coaching class ???? The worst part is even after spending huge amount on both, children are still deprived of real education which means practical education instead of theoretical. Students mug up everything & vomit the same during exams, scores good, but forgets what he/she has learnt as years pass by. The govt schools are in such a bad shape, that the govt itself does not want to change their education system & way of learning. The govt schools are meant for poor this is the taboo that we have for it. The education given here is even more poor that students even cannot complain, neither parents can. If govt is funding to run the government school, than standard of education should be followed, the teacher should be monitored & audits should be conducted, so that education of these schools can be up to the mark, & all the schools whether private of govt are on same page. In fact, fees, education quality, all round development of child etc everything should on same page irrespective of private or govt school. Govt should take initiative to control fees hike & should standardize fees structure so that its affordable for parents & can give them a sigh of relief on their children education. Donations should be strictly stopped & legal action must be taken & must cancel the licences of such schools. Even in corporate world people give so much emphasis on communicating in English that good employees who really work up to the mark stay where they are & someone only with good English seeks promotion. Countries like Singapore, China, Hongkong, Macau & many more uses only their local language to communicate & even the software used are also in their local language. I do not think English is only life, yes is good to talk in English, but one should be comfortable in talking in their local language & should not be felt ashamed even if he/she is different in that crowd. I have seen people making fun of those who often make mistake while talking in English or has incorrect accent, grammar, pronunciation etc. Apart from this yes even though studying in English medium we often fear while going for an interview or writing emails, attending presentations, etc coz we fear of being laughed or criticized by others. English has created fear phobia & we often fail & feel helpless in our personal,social & professional life. Sad but Slowly we all have adopted this English speaking culture, etiquette, life style, way of talking & behaving, that we has lost real I, me & Myself in this RACE & have lost being our-self. Let's keep it simple, let it be any medium, but system of education should be same, standard, affordable, acceptable, and must have bright future for our upcoming generation, society & the nation. Language should not become hurdle in personal & professional life. I have just tried to highlight the painful struggles that parents go through for seeking admission in school, colleges, universities etc for their children. The system requires uniformity in laws & transformation to eradicate corruption & business out of our education system. #smblogcontest 

Under Cherry-Trees
 21 February 2019  

Under cherry-treessoup, the salad,fish and all . . .Seasoned with petalsVariety of food is like mind and petals represents consciousness.Remember well that you don't have one mind; you have multi-minds.Mind is a flux: river like, flowing, changing. Consciousness is eternal, one. It is not different in the morning and different in the evening. It is not different when you are born and different when you die. It is one and the same, eternal. Mind is a flux. A child has a childish mind, an old man has an old mind; but a child or an old man have the same consciousness, which is neither childish nor old. It cannot be.Mind moves in time and consciousness lives in timelessness. They are not one. But we are identified with the mind. We go on saying, insisting, 'My mind. I think this way. This is my thought. This is my ideology.' Because of this identification with the mind, you miss that which you really are.Dissolve these links with the mind. Remember that your minds are not your own. They have been given to you by others: your parents, your society, your university. They have been given to you. Throw them away. Remain with the simple consciousness that you are ¯ pure consciousness, innocent. This is how one moves from the mind to meditation. This is how one moves away from society, from the without to the within. This is how one moves from the man-made world, the maya, to the universal truth, the existence.

FMWhatsApp – Fouad WhatsApp
 14 April 2021  

La Mejor alternativa. Para nuestra suerte los MODs de estas aplicaciones child variados y funcionales, capaces de satisfacer esos detalles que las versiones originales no pueden. Así que, imaginar un mundo donde Whatsapp no tenga tantas restricciones no es imposible. En ese sentido, te presento FM Whatsapp, también conocida como Fouad Whatsapp en nombre de su creador Fouad Mokdad. Esta es la versión definitiva de WhatsApp que una vez que la utilizes no te arrepentirás. Mucho más versátil e igual de cómoda que la unique, con la que podrás encontrar lo que necesites rápidamente. Un MOD que querrás instalar en tu teléfono cuando termines de sneer este artículo. Así que, ¡no pierdas el tiempo!, continúa leyendo para saber cómo cambiarte a la nueva tendencia del mejor WhatsApp de tasks. ¿Qué es FM Whatsapp? Se trata de una de las alternativas más confiables al WhatsApp unique. Viene en forma de apk para instalar el MOD en cualquier dispositivo con sistema operativo Android viable. Ofrece al usuario nuevas modalidades de uso para la application, las cuales ofrecen más flexibilidad en lo que se refiere a mensajería instantánea. City hall leader privacidad y sin perder detalle alguno de lo que los demás puedan hacer. La apk de FM Whatsapp es simplemente un ejemplo de que no debes conformarte cuando puedes tener más. ¿Qué es lo que hace a FM Whatsapp la mejor versión de WhatsApp? La versión actualizada de FM Whatsapp 2020 tiene muchas razones por las cuales ser la preferida de los usuarios, aquí te dejamos algunas: Privacidad an otro nivel, ya que puedes bloquear no sólo contactos, sino conversaciones con distintas contraseñas. También, puedes bloquear las llamadas de desconocidos si lo deseas. Cuenta con una opción para poder ver los estados de tus contactos, aunque estos hayan sido borrados. Asimismo, seguirás viendo sus mensajes, aunque estos los eliminen de la conversación. También, podrás bloquear la opción de reenviar mensajes para proteger task lo que necesites. Sin límite en el peso de los documentos, archivos o fotos que quieras enviar. El MOD te permite mandar más de 30 imágenes a la vez y también enviar archivos en formatos que la application unique no maneja. Los paquetes de emoticons de FM Whatsapp child casi infinitos. Emoticons de task tipo que podrás descargar y compartir como nunca. Con este MOD puedes acabar con el diseño monótono de WhatsApp. Personaliza a tu fervor su interfaz con los temas que FM WhatsApp tiene a tu disposición. Puedes conseguir y descargar los temas que prefieras de forma gratuita. Puedes tener utilizar dos cuentas de WhatsApp simultáneamente en un mismo dispositivo. Te da la oportunidad de escribir estados mucho más largos. ¡Adiós a la limitación de 250 caracteres! Las fotos que compartas con cualquiera de tus contactos no perderán la calidad, ya que los archivos se envían de forma comprimida. Con FM WhatsApp también tienes la posibilidad de llamar o enviar mensajes an otras personas sin tener que guardarlo en tus contactos. Estas child sólo algunas de las funciones adicionales que dejan obsoleta la versión unique. Si quieres conocer el resto, ¡anímate a descargar la apk FM Whatsapp!

Bhagavad Gita Verse 2.11
 8 July 2019  

Intelligent And Intellectual - In Gita Verse 2.11 The Supreme Personality of Godhead said: While speaking learned words, you are mourning for what is not worthy of grief. Those who are wise lament neither for the living nor for the dead.Krishna gives Arjuna distinction of borrowed knowledge and intelligence.Mind is not your intelligence.It may sound strange but this is a truth, that mind is not your intelligence. Mind can be intellectual, which is a very poor substitute for intelligence. Intellectuality is mechanical. You can become a great scholar, a great professor, a great philosopher – just playing with words which are all borrowed, arranging and rearranging thoughts, none of which are your own.The intellect is absolutely bankrupt. It has nothing of its own, all is borrowed. And that´s the difference between intelligence and intellect. Intelligence has an eyesight of its own, a capacity to see into things, into problems.Intelligence is your born quality.What exactly is Intelligence.....Intelligence is the inborn capacity to see, to perceive. Every child is born intelligent, then made stupid by the society. We educate him in stupidity. Sooner or later he graduates in stupidity. Intelligence is a natural phenomenon – just as breathing is, just as seeing is. Intelligence is the inner seeing; it is intuitive. It has nothing to do with intellect, remember. Never confuse intellect with intelligence, they are polar opposites. Intellect is of the head; it is taught by others, it is imposed on you. You have to cultivate it. It is borrowed, it is something foreign, it is not inborn.But intelligence is inborn. It is your very being, your very nature. All animals are intelligent. They are not intellectuals, true, but they are all intelligent. Trees are intelligent, the whole existence is intelligent, and each child born is born intelligent. Have you ever come across a child who is stupid? It is impossible! But to come across a grown-up person who is intelligent is very rare; something goes wrong in between.Intelligence dies in imitating others. If you want to remain intelligent you will have to drop imitating. Intelligence commits suicide in copying, in becoming a carbon copy. The moment you start thinking how to be like that person you are falling from your intelligence, you are becoming stupid. The moment you compare yourself with somebody else you are losing your natural potential. Now you will never be happy, and you will never be clean, clear, transparent. You will lose your clarity, you will lose your vision. You will have borrowed eyes; but how can you see through somebody else’s eyes?You need your own eyes, you need your own legs to walk, your own heart to beat. People are living a borrowed life, hence their life is paralyzed. This paralysis makes them look very stupid. A totally new kind of education is needed in the world. The person who is born to be a poet is proving himself stupid in mathematics and the person who could have been a great mathematician is just cramming history and feeling lost. Everything is topsy-turvy because education is not according to your nature. It does not pay any respect to the individual, it forces everybody into a certain pattern.Maybe by accident the pattern fits a few people but the majority is lost and the majority lives in misery. The greatest misery in life is to feel oneself stupid, unworthy, unintelligent. And nobody is born unintelligent; nobody can be born unintelligent because we come from God. God is pure intelligence. We bring some flavor, some fragrance from God when we come into the world. But immediately the society jumps upon you, starts manipulating, teaching, changing, cutting, adding, and soon you have lost all shape, all form. The society wants you to be obedient, conformist, orthodox. This is how your intelligence is destroyed.Also when we are stuck in the objective world our intelligence is destroyed. Right now Arjuna is stuck in the objective world and the words of knowledge, so Krishna reminds him by saying “While speaking learned words, you are mourning for what is not worthy of grief. Those who are wise lament neither for the living nor for the dead.” - person who is intelligent, will act as per the demand of the circumstances. What you are speaking is only borrowed knowledge nothing else.

MCSE Certification - A Lifetime Of Educating
 4 October 2019  

In this article we're going to concentrate on the drawback of getting a MCSE affirmation to the extent what it will intend to the lifetime of your profession.Let's face it, Microsoft is the lord of PC everything, from programming to systems administration. Some time ago Novell was the main genuine systems administration super power. Presently Microsoft commands the business, however it is questionable regarding whether they really have the better item.Thus, pretty much every organization has a Microsoft arrange. Simply the way that this makes it simpler to run your online applications, since most programming is Windows based, makes it practically self-destructive to go with whatever else yet Microsoft. In this way, on the off chance that you need to find a new line of work at one of these organizations, and trust me the challenge is off the outlines, you need to get MCSE affirmed.The issue has thus been rooted out.It's just plain obvious, the Microsoft organize itself is a long way from stable. In all actuality, at regular intervals or so there are significant changes in the working framework and everybody needs to, truly, return to class. Essentially as an issue of having the option to keep your system running, except if obviously you remain with the old system, you need to get instructed. On the off chance that you decide not to, well, the issue you at that point face is that inevitably the old system is never again upheld and you're up the creek without a paddle should anything turn out badly. So overhauling is just about an absolute necessity.Be that as it may, shouldn't something be said about the individuals who need to get ensured? A large portion of them presumably simply did a couple of years back and some perhaps even inside the previous couple of months. Also, presently here they are with a fresh out of the plastic new confirmation and abruptly it will be useless in an exceptionally brief time. So what happens is they need to return to class again and get recertified.Shouldn't something be said about the ones who simply state, "The hell with it. I realize enough to carry out my responsibility. I can get familiar with the new changes without anyone else." Well, perhaps they can. Be that as it may, imagine a scenario where they can't. In the event that they can't and don't get recertified here comes the following issue. Numerous organizations simply search for reasons to laypeople off. What better reason to dispose of a more seasoned worker who is getting more cash than another child who just as of late got confirmed? Much of the time the organization will fire the old person, letting him know essentially that it is on the grounds that he didn't get recertified, and employ this new child ideal out of school, despite the fact that he may, not the slightest bit, be as fit for carrying out the responsibility.The purpose of this is essentially that on the off chance that you need to be a MCSE, at that point be set up to go to class at regular intervals for an amazing remainder. Something else, at the absolute first open door you might just wind up losing your business to some new child appropriate out of school. Its only an interesting point before you trek off into that place that is known for no arrival called MCSE confirmation.9A0-019 exam collection156-820-77 Check Point Managed Security Expert Jsfiddle vce exam simulator 2019Certification VMware Certified Associate 6 - Cloud Management and Automation Fundamentals real questionsAS000024 ASTQB Mobile Tester mock test00M-665 IBM Tivoli Storage Sales Mastery Test v4 cheat sheetCPGP practice testIIA-CGAP mock examC9560-568 prep4sure642-995 Unified Computing Troubleshoot free practice testFortiWiFi-5-2-2 mock examFC0-U11 actual test pdfMB3-230 test prepES0-006 entrance examC7010-013.pdf exam prepE20-547 exam pdf answers1z0-429 Oracle FS1 Series Systems Implementation Essentials Jsfiddle exam pdf answersE20-885 vce exam simulator 2019Tawk questions pdfADM-201 exam reviewP9510-021.pdf fullversion pdf2V0-622D online test70-765 Provisioning SQL Databases real questionsTawk actual test pdf650-127 Cisco Connected Grid (Engineer)(R) Knowledge Verification kill exam156-315-80 practice test download

Know the Unique Advantages of Zip Blinds
 21 February 2019  

Zip Blinds for a shady Outdoor SpaceZip blinds are also known as outdoor blinds. They carry many unique advantages because they can treat the windows at your home and office in variety of ways. Zip closures can bring more shade to your verandah when you need comfort from sunlight while being at outdoor spaces of your home. Today these home accessories are in great demand and they get more buyers during warm months or summer season. Outdoor or Zip Blinds can be installed easily at your home or office. This will help you to feel comfortable during noon hours when you sit in your verandah. Most of these accessories are available at a low cost during off season months.Know the importance of fire Proof FabricYou may also even know about Fire Rated Fabric. These cloth materials are more resistant and safe from fire. They are made of deep chemical treatment to make them as fibers that are fire proof. When you buy a fire resistant fabric in the market then you may even know that such cloth material is tested through many stages. These accessories are one of the best when you search a fire rated clothing material. Some cloth materials are given fire ratings after treating them with organic and inorganic agents and chemicals. They are also dry cleaned with friendly dyes so that their fire proof features may not go away.Composite panels for durable Real estate StructuresA Fire Rated Aluminum Composite Panelhas many advantages. Take for example such panels have light weight to lift. They are also durable while handling and assist you to create strong structures within the shortest time duration. You can install these composite panels within short time without wasting many hours. Such panels are generally made of aluminum or plastic yet metallic structures are better than weak materials and components. You can use such a panel in commercial complexes and residential buildings. The most common benefit of these aluminum panels is that they can be folded easily. They are also a bit portable.

 16 March 2018  

  All over the world, countries celebrate their independence day with great pride and gusto showcasing their strength and progress to be admired and awed by people. However, I wonder at times are we; human beings really free or liberated? Do we enjoy freedom in true sense? I’ll keep my thought process limited to India without going to the other parts of the world.Every human being according to me is free only at the time of birth. A baby has no worries about projecting the “right public image” and is happy doing anything and everything he wants to. As we grow, we are caged, shackled in many chains by the society- Social, cultural, emotional and lately technological.It starts when the baby (I’ll use ‘She’ as a pronoun as it encompasses ‘he’ too J!) is hardly a toddler. Parents love to show off his/her talents without any consideration for his/her moods and fancies. She has to sing or dance and entertain the relatives who are often least interested. Then there is a marathon for the best school in the city. The kid is again forced to mug up the likely questions to be asked at the interview, learn to behave in a certain manner at the age when she just wants to be left on her/his own.    Once at school the comparison starts with all the other children. Every parent wants the child to be the best - marvelling at studies, sports, debates and elocutions, arts, theatre, social etiquette and so on. In short she has to be a Superwoman, while the mothers sweat over every small detail like deciding what hobbies are “in”, what vitamin supplements to give the child for super-built body and extra-intelligent brain, what kind of clothes are in vogue for kids and so on. All advertisements put the pressure on parents to make a scientist/ doctor/ engineer or any professional (Please note that none off the advertisements think much of artists or farmersL! No wonders farmers have remained the most vulnerable lot in our “agrarian” economy for decades!). The harried parents, in turn pass on this frenzied madness on to their children. Every parent dreams of having a super successful child prodigy, irrespective of own talents that he has passed on in the child’s DNA at birth. We want our children to follow the career chart we have created for them taking in consideration the status, social acceptance, and money it will yield. What the child’s interests are is totally ignored.Once the school and college marathon is over and youth gets a plum job, then the other social pressures build up. A girl must learn to be graceful, super talented at juggling home and demanding career, must be having all the socially accepted attributes like – fair, tall, slim, social yet home-loving, educated yet sacrificing, modern yet with traditional values and the list is endless.This brings me to the fairness obsession in our country where most girls are bound to be wheat complexioned due to our geographic and climatic conditions. Having a dusky complexion is looked down upon and if you have a darker skin only God or fairness creams save you! I find the advertisements so ridiculous when a girl dreaming of a great career has to rely on fairness creams to prove her mettle! If she wants to remain single by choice then hell breaks loose. If she marries then her womanhood is not considered complete till she delivers a baby. Why I wonder, in a free country it becomes a privilege of all and sundry to barge into couple’s bedroom and discuss why are they not having kids and what could be wrong with them. Can we not let the parents decide when they want to bring in a life that is going to be their responsibility till they are alive?Men on the other hand are forced to bring home a handsome pay package and comparisons of how much comforts and luxury a neighbour can afford to give his wife vis- a -vis the poor husband becomes a main topic of contention. Once they become parents they too merrily join the same rat race that their parents had joined to ruin them.These are some of the socio-cultural shackles I strongly feel about. Emotional shackles too are somewhat intertwined in these as usually our Indian society loves to emotionally blackmail their loved ones to follow their commands. Log kya kahenge is the most dangerous epidemic that has been afflicted by Asian psyche. Social approval is a bug that has bitten all of us. Imagine the emotional state of a young girl when she is more than often rejected because she is NOT fair, slim or beautiful. She is most often an easy prey to depression. I wonder why we give so much importance to external attributes while totally ignoring the more important ones like nature, intelligence, compatibility etc. in a life partner. Are we shopping here for a curio to beautify home or wanting someone with whom we can share our lives! And same things go for men too - what with markets flooded with anti-balding treatments and all those fairness creams for men? He too is expected to earn well, be qualified with the most lucrative degree, have a macho figure etc. I often hear young girls asking for well sculpted men as their life partners. SO now the fire has reached even the other side of the society. At a young age he’s expected to offer all the comforts and luxuries when he’s still building his career!Added to all these cages, the worst shackle is the technology. We think human being created technology for comforts but today it has totally backfired on us impacting every aspect of the society. Just look around and see for yourself what have smart phones done to our lives! The downfall that started with the idiot box and further fuelled with the internet has been completed by the smart phones. Phones are getting smarter and humans are getting dumber. I’ve nothing against technology and if used sensibly it can be a great boon. We can now reach the entire world in a split second. Emails have become a passé with the advent of other more powerful and faster means of communication. Often Facebook and twitter has helped in reuniting people or in sending across a useful message. Today I too am saying what I feel thanks to this technology. We can surely not ignore the good things. However, we can’t turn a blind eye to the damage it does to our most profound institutions of marriage, family and society as a whole.  Families are fast disintegrating today as each one is happy to be in his on anda cell created by his Laptop, smart phone, personal TV or a tablet, and is constantly in his world with his headsets on. Cheating in marriages has never been so rampant and easy with the right to privacy. Virtual affairs ruin many marriages as one doesn’t understand that virtual love is bound to appear “perfect” and it’s only when you actually start life together you need to adjust and understand. Recently, a study revealed how social skills are being affected in this generation that spends most of its time in the virtual world. Family time is unheard of with each one immersed in his on virtual world. We forget that though wired from all sides we are not robots but human beings who are bound to need emotions like warmth, love and touch to thrive. The older generation who is not very tech savvy feels the brunt the most. They are mostly treated like a piece of furniture. The youth has no connect with parents leave alone grandparents. In our desire to connect across miles we have been disconnected from our own family.Family outings, dinners and gatherings do happen surprisingly even today but the most time and attention is hogged by these smart phones. Family time has become a joke with each member immersed in one’s cell phone- exchanging messages. Checking face book updates, updating status and so on.The family vacations are more for clicking selfies and check-ins to let the whole world on social media know the exotic place one is heading to. There have been many stand up comedies, what’s app forwards and tongue in cheek cartoons aimed at this but I feel we are quick to ignore these warning bells and laugh it off merely as a humour. So many have lost lives clicking selfies at dangerous spots but we are too slow to understand the implications. Are we really a generation of dimwits and our cell phones smarter than us? Only God save us in such situation…!All pictures Courtesy- https://unsplash.com

Rape Culture
 27 April 2019  

End Rape Culture.Rape culture should end in India. Rape culture is an environment in which rape is prevalent and in which sexual violence against women is normalized and excused in the media and popular culture. Rape culture affects every woman. Rape culture affects every woman because it involves sexual violence, body objectification and use horrible language towards them.Every women and girl in India stay in the fear of rape. If a girl is raped, she is blamed for it. If a girl accuses a boy for raping her it is said to be that the girl provoked the boy to rape her. If there is nothing left to be blamed or accused then the topic shifts to the clothes the girl was wearing. She was wearing a burkha then she asked you to rape her, if she wore a skirt then she asked you to rape her, if she wears decent clothes without revealing anything that means she asked you to rape her. Then when the girl is raped, she is said not to say anything about it or if she does, she would be hung to death.I mean why is our society like this literally why? Its very hard to understand the society at times because its horrible how they treat rape victims and how they just blame them for everything that happen with her. I mean at the time she needs the support of her family, of people around her but they turn in to the society I mean the evil people of the society. It’s never too late to stop the rape culture. The girls cannot live their life freely because they have to limit their behaviour in the society so that they do not provoke any men to rape them.This is way too much for them. There is no problem in the girls or their behaviour but there is too much of problem in the people of the society’s thinking. Being girl would also make me a mother in future when that time comes. I never want my child or my kid whatever you call it to grow in such society where the girls are the victims and instead of making them feel better, they are blamed for everything. If I have a girl child, I would never let her grow in such a surrounding and if a I have a boy, I hope it does not be like the people in the society. I hope time changes and the thinking of the people as well as the society changes.~By. Saloni Maliwal

Vulgarity to Dignity in Sex
 27 April 2018  

No one can deny that a woman has to live with the same senseof freedom and happiness as we do, because social harmony and peace isinterrelated with each and every one’s happiness in life. I know that most ofyou have respect for woman, but the present situation in India demands moreopen discussions and a little more energy from your side. There are manycomplexities that we need to resolve, behind this cruel action called “RAPE”.Without resolving them, if we make stringent laws, we are acting only on theperipheral of the issue. However, the centre from which this action springs upstill remains the same. Laws are necessary, but they are not enough. In aphysical relationship, the man and woman both should have a mutual agreement.Any action without that agreement proves that one is no more a MAN. We need toinclude this small fact in our education system.A physical relationship is a sacred thingthrough which creation happens, looking at it in a vulgar sense is a sin.Having an affair seems to be a heroic action, but sex is just a part of life,not all of it. We must learn how to get energy out of it, and soon die to thatpleasure, instead of feeding it to our memory. If we don’t die to that memory,it is used by thought and turns your life into a mess. Few of the issues behindthis cruelty seem to be1) Female foeticide – Because of this, theratio of the girlsto boys is reducing,and more men are left with wild unfulfilled desires, turning them into wild animals.2) No sex education –When we don’t teach a child about sex as apart of nature and how to involve in it in a dignified manner, vulgaritycreeps intothe mind. Forget about the child, can you and I talk about sex in a dignifiedmanner, without anyvulgar thoughts or jokescreeping into our conversation?3) Entertainment – Inthe entertainment industry, women are mostly objectified. Within the industrywomen may get paid more and mayget good respect. But because of the way they portray women inpublic, thecommon man is looking at women as sex objects or glamour dolls. Indecent jokes about sexual organs have become a trend becauseof our movies today. 4)   Not understanding thefact that thereis no problem with desire, but the problem is with either suppression or the craving for it.“I call himempty who has no love, and forhim sex becomes a problem, anissue, a thing to be avoided or to be indulged.”- Jiddu Krishnamurti

Should we fear Examinations?
 26 February 2019  

It is wrong to believe that examinations are a burden or a fear on part of all the communities involved in  the entire set up of our examination system, be it teachers, students or the parents. It is very important to understand that Examinations are an important tool to evaluate our understanding about the subjects being taught, or being learned.Generally we relate the examinations with the grades or the percentage of marks scored. If understood deeply, the grades or the marks scored don’t hold much importance in comparison to what has been learned or taught  and how the same has affected or been  related to  our day to day life.  When we prepare ourselves for the examinations, we get an opportunity to widen our understanding, to check the facts properly  and to learn and memories more deeply the information that a particular content offers. They also help to absorb the knowledge unconsciously. Hence, Examinations also provide us with an opportunity to work hard, develop mental discipline,patience, creativeness, leadership,  improving writing caliber, learn the content by heart, by understanding it, not by mugging it up. Once the content is mugged up, it looses its importance unless the information that it carries is stored deeply in our mind. So understanding the content is the most important factor in terms of gaining knowledge and applying it in our next level.In current scenario when the syllabus is quite huge, it is important for all to prepare a healthy schedule to address one content at a time, understand it, check the loop holes, focus on the logical part and  write the content a multiple times to grasp the knowledge, as writing improves comprehension and critical thinking. Writing is basically the frame work of our communication.It is important to understand that without conducting examinations, students do not concentrate in their studies, hence the mental discipline is lost. Hence, my advice here to all the communities involved in the process of examinations, is not to fear the system but to address it logically. Take it in the healthy spirit, don’t load the children with the burden but find ways and means by making it more playful,more enjoyable, and more practical by focusing on cross learning,making mind maps, designating time hours, multiple patterns of a single question, relating the content with day today activities the child is into, etc. Don’t forget to given leap hour to a child on daily basis during examination to rejuvenate his interest in examinations. Boredom should be avoided to keep their interest alive.All the best!Ratna Kaul Bhardwaj

Афродизиак купить омск
 3 September 2021  

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Descargar apk de QuickShortcutMaker
 29 March 2021  

Sin duda El sistema operativo Android es el más mainstream entre los usuarios de Smartphones y tablets, y en los últimos años, ha ido mejorando e innovándose constantemente mediante constantes sus actualizaciones. Aunque esto ha agradado a la gran mayoría de los usuarios, aún existen algunas funciones que child necesarias, como por ejemplo, los atajos rápidos hacia aplicaciones. Risk esta necesidad nace la apk de QuickShortcutMaker. Pero en si ¿qué es? y ¿qué hace?Tal vez también te interese conocer GPS Localizador de moviles por número¿Qué es QuickShortcutMaker?QuickShortcutMaker es una aplicación que crea un atajo rápido entre el menú inicio del Smartphone o Tablet, hacia cualquier aplicación o menú. Al crear estos atajos rápidos, podemos dar una mejor fluidez y desplazamiento dentro de tu móvil, aumentando su usabilidad.En este punto la Apk de QuickShortcutMaker no tiene comparación, ya que te ofrece características y privilegios que ninguna otra aplicación puede ofrecerte.Esta aplicación se encuentra disponible para casi tasks los sistemas operativos Android actuales, ya que se puede instalar desde la versión 1.6 en adelante. Así que si tienes un móvil relativamente antiguo, de igual manera podrás utilizarla sin problemas.Características de la AppQuickShortcutMaker trae consigo ventajas por encima de su competencia, brindando lo que los usuarios esperaban, y un poco más. Entre sus características podrás encontrar:•Filtros: Posee filtro para acceder más rápido a los lugares como por Aplicaciones, Actividades, Favoritos y por tareas.•Búsqueda: Con la apk de QuickShortcutMaker puedes realizar las búsquedas por palabras claves para que ocean más rápido tu acceso.•Personalización de accesos: Si puedes personalizar los accesos directos dentro de tu atajo rápido pudiendo modificar el nombre y el icono que quieras para poder disfrazar la aplicación y que ninguna persona sepa de qué se trata (si quieres privacidad). •Orden Alfabético: Sin duda que esto es practico ya que nos organiza nuestra búsqueda por orden alfabético para que podamos identificar más rápidamente nuestro atajo.•Agregar iconos: Tiene la capacidad de agregar iconos a la búsqueda para que ocean más intuitiva la búsqueda y no pierdas tanto tiempo buscando solamente nombres.•Historial: Esta estupenda apk de QuickShortcutMaker posee un historial de búsqueda para que localices de manera automática un acceso ya risks usado.•Crear actividades: Como una de las mejores applications en su área, puede crear múltiples actividades y llevar el control de su funcionamiento, si es correcto o no.•Seguridad: Es sin duda una aplicación muy segura que no posee infection ni malwares, respetando la integridad del dispositivo móvil y los datos que se encuentran en él.•No Root: Este fabricante de corte rápido de aplicaciones para usar todas sus funciones no es necesario realizar ningún proceso de Root a nuestro android.•Gratuita: Sin duda esta es lo que más nos atrae de esta application, que tasks los beneficios que trae consigo child totalmente complimentary, para que lo puedas disfrutar cuando quieras.Todas estas características child las que podemos mencionar, para conocer más te invitamos a descargarla y descubrirlas por ti mismo.Descargar Apk de QuickShortcutMakerYa sabemos que te quieres bajar esta aplicación y disfrutar de task lo que ofrece para ti, por eso sigue nuestras indicaciones y en pocos minutos la tendrás en tus manos:1-Busca la opción de descarga que se encuentra en la parte predominant de este post con el nombre de "Descargar APK" en un recuadro verde que te llevara al enlace de descargar y podrás hacerlo sin molestos anuncios ni acortadores de connections.2-Durante la descarga debemos verificar dentro de los "Ajustes" de nuestro Smartphone o Tablet, que la opción "Fuentes desconocidas" esté activada. Para poder así instalar sin dificultad la apk de QuickShortcutMaker.3-Con la descarga lista vamos a guardar nuestro archivo en formato APK dentro de la tarjeta SD de nuestro dispositivo móvil.4-Con task lo foremost listo, podemos Comenzar an instalar la apk de QuickShortcutMaker. Accediendo desde la tarjeta SD donde la guardamos.5-Este paso es essential y es comenzar a disfrutar de nuestra aplicación.Esta maravillosa Herramienta te hará la vida más fácil y rápida. Podrás crear un atajo rápido y acceder a cualquier función de cualquier aplicación que tengas en tu Smartphone o Tablet. Consulte esta publicación de blog para Descargar APK y Juegos Android.Solamente nos queda recomendarte que visites la home de nuestra página web. Para que disfrutes de la amplia lista de applications que tenemos disponible para tu móvil. Tasks en formato apk.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 3.1
 7 September 2019  

Wisdom V/S Mind - In Gita Verse 3.1 Arjuna said: O Janārdana, O Keśava, why do You want to engage me in this ghastly warfare, if You think that intelligence is better than fruitive work?When Arjuna uses the word as intelligence he means wisdom, own experience, not the knowledge of scriptures. Also he asked this question from mind and from knowledge. But with doubt. As he already has experience of his wisdom but right now not sure whether to act from that wisdom in this war. He has created a smoke screen for his own experience of wisdom. For him right now subjectivity and objectivity are two different things. But in reality they are not. Life and death are not two different things same way objective world and subjective world is not two different things. They are same. Arjuna in his unconsciousness thinks that war is not productive and pleasurable work, but it’s for the ego. Why I should use my wisdom for war instead of some joyful, creative and pleasurable work. Right now in his unconsciousness he thinks that war not align with universe and not according to the wisdom. I need to use my wisdom for the productive work, creative work, which give me pleasure.In our life most of us have gone through the experience of parents scolding us or giving us punishments. In that moment we don’t feel good, neither our parents feel good about it but parents knows that if this pain will teach my child to become wise in their actions they are ready to take that pain, they don’t hold themselves that how people around them will feel about it. For them the future of the child is more important than what others think or say about it.Universe also has given us soul, life to the body. They will not like us to take any action where we are unconscious regarding present moments demand to act.Same Arjuna was not in the greed, when he had the choice between Narayani sena and Krishna without the weapon he selected Krishna. Right now he is unconsciousness, like when we dream at night we are unconscious but in that also little fragrance of consciousness is there, so we do remember our dreams when we just wake up. Same way Arjuna has his consciousness in his unconsciousness only thing he has doubt that whether I am using my wisdom for war and taking action will bring fruitive result for everyone or not. Exactly like parents. When they have to teach the children certain discipline they look very angry but they are compassionate in their action. That work turn out to be creative, productive and when the child learns through their realization the discipline it is pleasurable also.It's a big challenge and courage is needed to take such steps. As the person is putting whole is life learning and wisdom on the stack.Courage is not the absence of fear. It is, rather, the total presence of fear, with the courage to face it.The word courage is very interesting. It comes from a Latin root cor, which means “heart.” So to be courageous means to live with the heart. And weaklings, only weaklings, live with the head; afraid, they create a security of logic around themselves. Fearful, they close every window and door - with theology, concepts, words, theories — and inside those closed doors and windows, they hide. The way of the heart is the way of courage. It is to live in insecurity; it is to live in love, and trust; it is to move in the unknown. It is leaving the past and allowing the future to be. Courage is to move on dangerous paths. Life is dangerous, and only cowards can avoid the danger — but then, they are already dead. A person who is alive, really alive, vitally alive, will always move into the unknown. There is danger there, but he will take the risk. The heart is always ready to the risk, the heart is a gambler. The head is a businessman. The head always calculates—it is cunning. The heart is non-calculating. This is courage.Right now we all can see that Arjuna’s body is alive but he is dead. Non-alive. Look in our life when we don’t want to move into the unknown, respond to the present moments demand we feel certain death in us.Remember life incidence when you are passing through the road and someone is teasing the girl you will avoid to protect her and try to run away from that place. If you run away from that place without giving help you will feel guilt in you, as if some part of yours, you will find dead, non-sensitive. But somehow if you create courage and help her even if you have to face a very dangerous situation but after that you will find certain life in you, satisfaction and fulfillment in you. If you will find sensitivity in you. You will find grateful towards universe.Arjuna needs to take step against his mind which gives lot of excuses for not to respond in the present moment circumstances but to run away. He needs to have the courage to follow his wisdom and not mind.

A Child-star to a Superstar
 25 February 2018  

The first female superstar of the Indian Cinema, Sridevi (bornShree Amma Yanger Ayyapan), passed away last night. As soon as the news came, it was mandatory to check if it was some kind of rumor. But, to our utter grief, it was true. And true to such extent that we are still taken aback to witness the ‘Hawaa-Hawai’ star, go too soon at the age of 54. She broke our hearts for the first time when she played an autistic child-woman in Kamal Haasan-starrer ‘Sadma’ (the Sadma lullaby is still one of the most cherished memories from my childhood) and yet again she has left us in tears. The only difference is that this time she has left us heartbroken forever. It’s just so unfair that the versatile actress had a cardiac arrest and left us. We all watched her with awe, in ‘Himmatwala’ doing ‘Naino me Sapna’, in Yash Chopra directed ‘Lamhe’, in ‘Roop Ki Rani, Choro Ka Raja’, in ‘Nagina’ and ‘Nigahein’ as the snake-lady, and in the iconic roles she played in five Indian languages. ‘Judaai’, ‘Khuda Gawaah’, ‘ChaalBaaz’, ‘Mr. India’ and ‘Chandni’ are some movies that would not have had the fame they have if Sridevi was not a part of them.A special mention for her last but not the least, ‘Mom’ where she showed that she was still the same Sridevi that we then fell in love with when she proved herself yet again. It’s been heard that she has played a guest appearance in Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Zero’ which is up for release in December this year.Sridevi in her entire career displayed that simple yet the heart-warming, beautiful smile that could melt a man of any age.Here’s to a stunning superstar, a mother, an icon, an inspiration, and an artist - may you find peace wherever you now are. And you’ll be missed. Always.

Review on the movie - Dangal
 20 April 2018  

'Dangal' in hindi, but you can call 'Wrestling' in English. We all are wrestlers in real life, coz we fight with our fears, failures, we fight for our dreams, success, we fight for our love, our near ones, dear ones & much more. Wrestling is not so easy, one has to put in hard efforts, one has to give away sleep & work dedicately towards the goal. The journey is painful & their is always learning in each small step that you take towards your goal. It really needs a big heart to give away entire time & life for shaping the career & moulding it into the finest piece. No other can do that for you except our parents. We at times do question them, we doubt them , we blame them, but the fact is , whatever little they had, they spend that little on us. In todays scenario a child often forgets the pain that parents took to upbring them. No other can trust you as much as our parents does & no other can motivate us except our parents. Even if the entire world is against us, we have parents who stand firm with us. We should always be kind, grateful, thankful & shld show our respect by showering our love & care towards them. The other fact of the society is male dominating, inspite of being educated. We give more encouragement to son in sports or any other field & less to girls. The state fund raised for girls in sports shld be easily approved & available but this corrupted ppl eat funds & fill their own pockets. Girls need to fight with the society & ppl around to prove that they are not less then boys & thoughts towards them are wrong & has no base. Girls are not only born to get marry & do household cores. Parents must take initiative to make their daughter realise of their own worth, potential & value. I salute to the parents who encourages their daughters into sports, singing, dancing or any other field. I feel proud to see parents fighting for the daughters for their rights & equality. The movie emphasis on the thoughts of the society towards girls whether its sports, whether giving birth to girl child etc etc. If given opportunity girls can be much better than boys & we can shape their career, passion & their life. The movie is humorous, it has drama, it has fun, aggression & passion for sports & it has undying spirit of hope & a strong message to the society 'Let her Live' & she can do wonders & create history. The movie is awesome & aamir was superb with his role of being father of two proud daughters geeta & babita. Our society needs more such inspiring father to create more such stories. I give 4.5 star to this movie. Do go & watch & be wrestler to cope up with your life...😊

Bhagavad Gita Verse 2.49
 14 August 2019  

Surrender - In Gita Verse 2.49 O Dhanañjaya, keep all abominable activities far distant by devotional service, and in that consciousness surrender unto the Lord. Those who want to enjoy the fruits of their work are misers.Krishna is saying that if your focus is on the fruits then your focus is in the future and not in the present moment and on the available resources. This kind of state is state of miserly people. They cannot connect themselves with the universe and what through that circumstances universe can give you.I will like to tell the same thing in different manner. Universe give us seed, with the potential to grow in tree. If we started asking the seed to give us the tree immediately it will not be able to give us. But if we sow the seed in the earth then it can become a tree and give us a number of things, back.When we focus on the tree instead of possibility to grow the seed into the tree we are in the future and dreaming in the future. Universe through the seed gave us potential tree, to grow the tree, possibility for the tree, but if we start dreaming regarding tree and thinking of the fruits that is a miser thinking, future thinking. When you focus on what possibility is there from the seed means you are not neglecting the fact that it has potential to grow as a tree, but as potentiality and not as desired. In the process to grow into the tree the seed disappears to become tree.Whole of your consciousness will change, it will be what is needed to act and what are the growth possibilities are there through my act, you will feel vastness in you instead of suffocation.Krishna is guiding Arjuna for this vastness and bringing back his focus from desire and expectations of fruits to the possibility of this moment.He is guiding him to surrender to the universe. To become vast.Surrender is a very paradoxical state: on the one hand you disappear, on the other hand you appear for the first time in your infinite glory, in your multidimensional splendor.Yes, the dewdrop is gone, and gone forever; there is no way to recapture it, to reclaim it. The dewdrop has died as a drop, but in fact the dewdrop has become the ocean, has become oceanic. It still exists, no more as a finite entity, but as something infinite, shoreless, boundless.This is the meaning of the myth of the phoenix. He dies, he is utterly burned, reduced to ashes, and then suddenly he is reborn out of the ashes – resurrection. The phoenix represents Christ: crucifixion and resurrection. The phoenix represents Buddha: death as an ego, and a new birth as utter egolessness. It represents all those who have known; to know means to be a phoenix. Die as you are, so that you can be that which you really are! Die in all your inauthenticity, phoniness, separation from existence.We go on believing that we are separate. We are not, not even for a single moment. In spite of your belief, you are one with the whole. But your belief can create nightmares for you; it is bound to create them. To believe that “I am separate” means to create fear. If you are separate from the whole, you can never get rid of fear, because the whole is so vast and you are so small, so tiny, so atomic, and you constantly have to fight the whole so that it does not absorb you. You have to be constantly alert, on guard, so the ocean does not simply take you in. You have to protect yourself behind walls and walls and walls.All this effort is nothing but fear. And then you are constantly aware that death is reaching you and death is going to destroy your separation.When the focus is on the fruits and not on the devotional service, you are separate from the universe, not surrender. When your focus is on the devotional service you are one with the universe, you never question, you act as per the demand of this present moment through your subjectivity, vastness, in surrender, as part of the universe.It is like a mother who gives some work to the child in total trust and surrendering to mother child does it without questioning. Child never feels separate from his mother when he has been given certain work by mother.And remember, let me repeat it again: when you surrender to existence you are not surrendering anything real. You are simply surrendering a false notion, you are simply surrendering an illusion, you are surrendering maya. You are surrendering something that you never had with you in the first place. And by surrendering that which you don’t have, you attain to that which you have.And to know that “I am at home, I always have been and I always will be,” is a great moment of relaxation. Knowing that “I am not an outsider, I am not alienated, I am not uprooted,” that “I belong to existence and the existence belongs to me,” all becomes calm and quiet and still. This stillness is surrender.In the Gita what Krishna tells to Arjuna is not about war but to become self-alert, surrender and then take action. Krishna is not against or for the war, his whole guidance in the Gita is to drop the knowledge and become knower, become universe.

Dear Zindagi
 10 April 2018  

“DeAr ZiNdAgi” Yes !!! what could be more beautiful, precious, lovable & valuable thing in the world other than 'Life' or 'Zindagi'. Dear Friends, we often tend to run so fast in life, that we have no time to stop & when we realize it’s too late to turn back. We hold loads of grudges # sufferings # pain # complains # unspoken words # un expressed love & much more from being child to being adult & that makes us to stay in the nutshell from which we do not want to step out coz of fear to get hurt again, to face people, to tackle same problems & same circumstances again. We keep running away from our-self, & we start living a life that makes us unhappy at times. Life is too short & all we have is only one life so, we should not let our past bad experience haunt & spoil are present.There are many who do not have good relationship with parents, with siblings & of course wife & husband, but each broken things can be fixed if we make efforts & know how to fix them. Being child we were too immature to understand things, situations, parents, siblings, friends, etc, but now that we have grown up we must learn to accept that all people make mistakes knowingly & unknowingly but we should give them a chance & forgive them.The people that make you unhappy let them go away from your life & you need not to regret. The people that make you happy, that motivates you, encourages you, understands you, listens to your heart, loves you should be valued & should never take them for granted.Speak out as and when need, instead of burying your unspoken words & feelings inside your heart. Our heart does not have habit of carrying such a heavy load. Our heart is precious & should be kept peaceful & happy to enjoy every second & minute of our life.Nothing holds us back except I Me & Myself. Learn to live in present & learn to change your present by improving in all little ways that you can that can make you & you life happy & joyful. Mistakes is our best teacher, so keep falling & keep learning but when you get up learn to move forward in life without turning the pages of unhappy past. You are the writer of you own life, so make the most beautiful painting out of it & give the Title “Love you Zindagi”We shld not feel ashamed of talking on our mental stress, depression, & feeling of being alone to our friends, families & dear ones. Dnt simply live life. Learn to live healthy stress free life. If you are happy frm within, you will see more happiness around you to feel & enjoy. If you are mentally stress free & happy it will help u to forget your past, you will live in present, do enjoy the company of yourself, love yourself, appreciate yourself & make your heart free like butterflies. #smblogcontest

Magnetfix в новокуйбышевске
 2 September 2021  

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 13 March 2018  

Babies especially newborns are sensitive beings recently out from the safe vicinity of mother’s cocoon to face the extreme weather conditions. Since their bodies are slowly developing immunity and tolerance, babies born in summers have a tougher time of not only coping up with extremely hot surroundings but also regular problems like long power cuts, water shortage, and soaring temperature. HappyMaa provides some tips to keep both the baby and mother cool during the summers.Baby bathing frequency-Babies sweat a lot during the summers but it is still not recommended to bathe them frequently as their skin may get dry. However, if your child still feels too hot wiping them frequently with lukewarm sponge will and moisturizing them also help to keep them cool and prevent their skin from developing dryness. Babies should not be bathed with cold water in open surroundings, the bathing water should always be lukewarm and babies should be brought back to the bed wrapped in a towel. While bathing the baby special care should be taken to clean her underarms, neck, and all the folds visible on her body as these areas produce more sweat and chances of developing rashes are more.Oil Massage- Oil massages are mandatory health routines for the baby even in summers as they regulate blood circulation and strengthens the bones of the child. However, in summers it is recommended to use light oil which readily gets absorbed in the skin and doesn’t stay for long on the body of the baby as it may block the sweat pores and develop skin rashes causing irritation.Summer dressing- Babies should be dressed in loose fitting cotton clothes during summers as cotton cloths easily absorb the mild sweating. For the protection of babies they are usually dressed in layers so that whenever they start feeling uncomfortable due to soaring weather a layer can be removed to keep them cool yet protected. If you are moving out with the baby, try to cover their body completely with loose and soft cotton cloth and her head with comfortable hat to safeguard her from scorching heat, rashes, and heat strokes. However, it is recommended to avoid taking baby out during the hot weather for a long time.Additionally, throughout the weather try to use soft and comfortable material for baby everywhere like whenever you are putting baby down the cloth below her like the bedsheet should be of soft cotton material so that it can easily absorb their mild sweating. It is recommended to avoid using silk, nylon, and other synthetic form of material for the baby as they may trap heat inside the baby’s body and cause them to sweat profusely causing skin rashes.Use of AC and Coolers for baby- It is highly recommended to keep baby under the normal room temperature so that their bodies adjust to the temperature accordingly. However, if the mercury is soaring and unbearable, the AC and Coolers at moderate temperature can be used. However, babies should be kept away from the effect of direct air hitting their bodies. Also, switch off the AC and let the baby’s body adjust to the temperature before taking them out during the summers as sudden baby’s bodies are vulnerable to sudden weather changes.HAPPY MAA WISHES YOU AND YOUR BABY HAPPY SUMMERS. WE ALSO RECOMMEND YOU TO SHARE YOUR UNIQUE TIPS TO KEEP YOUR BABY COOL DURING THE SUMMERS. 

The Many Benefits of Outdoor Play on Children
 25 September 2019  

Today, more now than any other time in recent memory, kids invest less energy outside and with nature than their parent's age did as kids. Innovation and composed organizing of "extra time" tremendously affects why youngsters are inside more than outside, however, the advantages of being outside playing in nature have experimentally demonstrated positive effects on wellbeing, the insusceptible framework, and kids' improvement.It's a great opportunity to step away from screens and send your children commercial Playground equipment, here's the reason: Obesity Obesity is undoubtedly the most obvious indication of an inactive way of life spent for the most part inside, however different manifestations incorporate consideration shortage hyperactivity issue (ADHD), smothered creative mind and innovativeness, and diminished capacity to issue tackle and show self-control. These can be altogether improved when kids invest more energy moving and playing outside. Buy kids Playground equipment from Recreation Today and control the obesity rates in children.ImaginationBeing in a "green" domain has been appeared to improve generally represent prosperity, confidence, bring prompt pressure alleviation, spikes imagination and even altogether improve learning and review capacity, and mental and enthusiastic prosperity. (Source: University of Essex research study). InnovativenessUnstructured free play outside advances innovativeness and creative mind since kids can submerge themselves in a domain, and think and play uninhibitedly without grown-up plans. At the point when youngsters head outside, they are normally inquisitive about their condition and the new environment – the untainted marvel we swoon over as parents, all of a sudden returns! Buy Preschool Playground equipment from Recreation Today and help your child innovate new things.LearningBeing outside may feel less like an invigorating domain than a learning movement, or notwithstanding playing a computer game, yet being drenched in nature powers youngsters to draw in their faculties. At the point when children are outside, they see, contact, smell, and hear what's around them however when they are generally inside, youngsters can't draw in these faculties appropriately and after some time, they become dulled and capacity decreases. Buy outdoor play equipment from Recreation Today and help your child learn new stuff.ImprovementExercise enables children to the center, and improve acknowledgment and review capacities. While exercise doesn't need to be a group activity or transform you into an end of the week warrior at the soccer fields, making a beeline for get your blood siphoning and take in natural air is gainful for each age. Strolling the pooch, going on a bicycle ride or playing hopscotch outside is superior to being a habitually lazy person watching a screen. As indicated by the Attention Restoration Theory, in a common habitat, we practice an easy style of consideration called "delicate interest." which makes sentiments of delight and serenity. Be that as it may, when you live in an urban situation you utilize what's designated "coordinated consideration," which powers an individual to disregard diversions and debilitates the cerebrum. Being in nature is simply something contrary to this – drenched in green and indigenous habitat – diminishes pressure and cerebrum exhaustion, diminishes hostility and expands generally speaking satisfaction. As one investigation distributed by the American Medical Association in 2005 states, "Youngsters will be more brilliant, better ready to coexist with others, more advantageous and more joyful when they have ordinary open doors for nothing and unstructured play in the out-of-entryways."Interested in buying outdoor play equipment? Contact Recreation Today and get a free quote!

Love in crowd
 12 March 2019  

Synopsis:.story is about a scrap owner who get in luggage compartment and come across a child mother who struggle to have sit ..clutching handlebar for her safety ...into that a hour journey he go through his own love story when he get along a couple in train ...and scenes rolling over one by one in his memories                 Kabari 💘Platform was crowded.a woman brought with her a smallbaby cradled  her into her womb cave.defending  bad eye from public. She  covered her child  under her saree layer.She pushed her  into luggagebox,hanging by shoulder  a purse . hair sprawled over forehead partly. She wore  saree and put on lipstick to her lips, applied on  to baby a  eyeliner.liptick smeared  lips upper and lower part.Clutching and combing under her cave of breast and baby sucking milk while mother looking support to have sit comfortable.Train moved away fast and rapidly through platform one by one station received.Platform dashing and knocking movement made her uncomfortable before public eye.balanced herself over the toe and one hand clutching handlebar other made support to baby.it was difficult situation to handle baby with one hand , and clutching other to support to save from train movement.she was wobbled and tossed into crowd In Luggage-box...window side space was stuck with poster and ads filled with.It was scraped with finger notched and nailed or scribbling by blade a bunch of message in different language as momentum for mumtaj or mausoleumstuffed boxes filled compartment made it more cumbersome and nuisance..coolly pushed boxes into compartment as train stopped.it made traveller in compartment irritable...in compartment two type person travelling one is. With luggage and without luggage bearing things over head also in train it's called “FATIWALA:....Two party always fought like beast and indian neta ;but nothing was special happened in that cases.and last they gave in.and no more made fuss about ...only pelting of abusive words over each other nobody beaten each other.that was one of the quality of becoming mumbai-indian based people..they bolting abusive words but never knocked down person ,never made enemy last longMeanwhile , a couple got in luggage they seemed south-indian.they had both difference in age groupA girlfriend looked double in age than boyfriend.the gap between them was it could be 10 yrs difference into them.suddenly one scrap -shipowner also got into train luggage between the station.he looked at them with curious eye.he also looking handsome had grey haired made him more foreigner looks.he brought with him old -fashioned coloured tv, well  stuffed into carton box wrapped.he was making space near door side adjust his baggage beside corner side. it was heavy material old fashioned coloured tv...he was by professional kabbadi_ owner .so in his nature bargaining is in his blood related business...in his eagle eyed eyesight made him bargain on anything ...even in love matter he never spare it!...if  something profitable ..he would never spared it anyhow. he will capture and gulp in money bargain..in second.He adjusted his old tv near corner side but it has been occupied all space of passage so that passenger could not make move or fuss about it..he always used to bring in sugar on his mouth tongue and ice over head ,  he never get angry on anybody he will take side of cool and make people like that...he always peace-follower in his blood cell.All things shortly and slowly ebbing away and moving like film scenes shots upturned one by one suddenly.When he made himself comfortable he made criticize on a couple.he started narrate his love story about 10 years old when he always used to visit his friend shop near his shop. It was electronics showroom and he always visit his shop ..that shop owner was his school friend so that mostly he would spend his time with him on his cabin.he would talk like partner in company it was mistook by employees that he was actually partner in shop.but one lady employee took it seriously that he was really partner ...he had something belong to it.he daily visited him..in his office a woman employee looking smart and handsome  and smart looking beautiful she caught him in her love ...she also love him they both got tough friendship .both got each other phone and discussing on mobile till night...they both spend time on night dinner.used to have lunch in five star restaurant and visited love beach and mostly spend time on talking on the mobile..she once proposed him to marry him ..but he rejected said that he was already married person.but didn't mind his marriage life ..even if he would  have father of four child she could adjust with his life even that.She had mistook him .she made fake love with him but he did know it .he said his real story that he was not partner in that shop ..he just to come. To visit his friend to spend time with his friend .I have own kabadi shop near road corner nook.when she heard his real story she got shock and she deleted him from her life always.But he could not forget her and delete her from his life..woman could easily forget past..but man have no courage to forget his last spending time with woman ..he just want to store it always with him.chatting and chatter that frst time spent on beach and had been dinner in one plate ..celebrated each other's birthday ..how could i forget that...could anybody even my wife give me back that moment..nobody shared it nobody ….He could not erased his memory he also saved her mobile number..never mitigated easily i really By my heart felt in love her but she had love for money and could easily caught in her nest and then drawn up easily money from themWhen one day he called her but she could not receive his  call..she put it on rejected option him ...but he continuously called her until she could not  respond him in msg box….But the she sent on whatsapp message written in message as” who are you...i replied i am gentleman your …Who is that mentalman….she forwarded message in reply and said….and she  went offline always from my life option.