No one can imagine life without a women . She has unparalleled power to give birth, the gift of life to all of us. No household is complete without her and if we talk about the modern era, no field feel complete without the better section of society working on it. Still, women are taken for granted by almost every relation in the world. We are so accustomed to them, that we tend to forget how important they are to make this world a better place to live in.

Certain horrendous acts like girl child abortion, rapes, child marriage that this society has committed or it will be more apt to say that it is still committing, puts even Devil to shame. This article is just to remind to all the readers that just how wonderful this creation of God is and why all the ladies should be celebrated not just one day but everyday.

1. They Understand Relationship Better Than Men

Whether they are a daughter, mother, sister, wife or any other relationship, they know how to handle it gracefully. When they need to show maturity, when they need to be playful in a relation and when a relation requires a best friend or secret keeper, they play all the roles flawlessly and to much of a surprise, they do it simultaneously in all the relations they are attached to.

2. They Are Selfless

If this one isn’t obvious to you yet, then you need to open your perception a little bit more. Women do things for others and for each other and don’t expect the same flavors in return. They primarily do it out of love and concern for their loved ones and at times even for strangers.

3. They Are Energetic Like A Powerhouse

How many men you know who handle their work and household simultaneously? It will be a surprise to even get a number or two go up to two digits but almost every women in the world manages it exquisitely. They work round the clock at work and at house and still have energy to go out and have fun with their friends. Believe it or not, women are superhuman.

4. They Are Dependable

Whether a task at office or a chore at house, you could depend on them that not only they will execute it perfectly but also on time and like a master. From finding socks to giving presentations, you could put anything on her shoulders and she will carry it like Superwoman.

5. They Have Solution To Every Problem

May be this is the reason that women are considered better bosses than men. They have solution to any problem you put before them an not only at work but in her household too she is the best adviser and that too an expert one. So, any kind of problem, go to her for a precise advise or for an effective course of action.

With so much in one person, how could you not celebrate her. On this 8th March, surprise her with a midnight delivery of Women’s Day cake and flowers for her to tell her how sweet and joyful your life is because of her.