Female foeticide is the aborting of a foetus when it is determined that it is a female.The sex of the unborn child is found which is an illegal practice.The foetus is aborted through intake of medicine or surgery.This social evil is rampant in our country.Male children are preferred over the female child both in rural and urban societies.Indian patriarchal social structure has led to this practice.People feel males will carry forward the generation,be a strength for parents in their old age,care for them and even when parents die the sons will light their pyre which will give them salvation after death.The birth of a girl is suppose to be a burden for parents ,as they feel they have to pay a hefty dowry to get her married.But for their sons they can get a good amount when they get them married.People have started putting the advanced science and technology to wrong use by pre-natal sex determination.The determination is only done to avoid any genetic anomalies but people are using it wrongly and aborting the female foetus.This practice has led to skewed male- female ratios in several parts of the country.They are cutting short lives of girls even before they can bloom.Laws have been made to stop this practice but still they have not been fully enforced.

With education mindset of the people is changing and girls are doing well in every sphere of life.They are on equal footing with their male counterparts.It is our social and moral responsibility as citizens to spread awareness and put an end to this practice.Girls are bringing laurels to the country.There should be stringent rules to punish people indulging in this practice.Lets all join hands and let these angels take birth and bloom,don't nip them in the bud.