Ma this word is enough to melt anyone’s heart, how rude that person may be. Mother is a creator, a protector, a friend, a disciplinarian, a selfless human being created by God who sacrifices everything for a child. Mother fight with the entire world to brought up her child, Mother sleep without having food to keep her child stomach full. The meaning of word mother never changes if she is biological/ non biological/ surrogate etc. Mother Yasoda is the foster mother of Lord Krishna but is much more than her real biological mother. A mother can never differentiate between her children. The sacrifices of her can never be compared or repaid. But are we as children doing well enough for her?????
I came across a boy in my school days; he used to hate his mother very much, because his mother had one eye. His mother ran a small shop and as she was the only earning member she used to work very hard to get her son whatever he wanted. But that boy always used to avoid his mom, never brought her to Parent Teacher day, or school function etc. One day as it was last day of our school everyone insisted him to bring his mom to school, so he allowed his mom to visit school. But when she came every one taunted that boy saying “hey, your mom have one eye”, and to that he got so embarrassed that he ran away from the school. As he was my best friend so I went to his home and was surprised to hear, he was scolding his mom saying “Why don’t you have the other eye? You are only going to make me a laughing stock. Why don’t you go and just die?” But his Mom didn’t respond and cried a lot alone. But he felt bad not for the words he said rather for why she was crying in one eye. He hates his Mom so much that he fought with his Mom and decided to go abroad. He was a scholar so he went U.S leaving his Mom here all alone.
After 20 years we had our school reunion and on that day only I met him. He was happily married with two Kids. I on that day asked him about his mom to which he got angry and said his Mom had once went U.S. to meet him. But by seeing her one eye , he didn’t recognized her and told his family member’s that she was a beggar to which she disappeared. I then forced him to meet his Mom and went to his Mom’s house but surprisingly we found no one there. An old man staying near that house came and said his mom passed away few months earlier and had left behind a letter. He then opened the Letter which read-“ My son, I think my life has been long enough now. And I won’t be able to visit U.S. anymore. That day I went to U.S. to give you money which I had made for you. I earn only for you my son. I felt happy that you had a beautiful family and my grand-daughter is really beautiful. But would be too much to ask if I wanted you to come visit me once in a while. I missed you very much. I am sorry for my one eye and embarrassment you had for me. But listen son, when you were very small we met an accident in which I lost your father and you lost your one eye. As a mother, I couldn’t stand watching you having grown up with one eye-so I gave you mine, I was so proud that my Son can see the entire world for me. Don’t be upset, stay happy. I really missed you. I love you. You mean the world to me. Please take the Money which I earned for you and the shop which I kept in the name of yours”
My friend world shattered. He cried a lot but now his mom was not present there. He then went back to U.S. and brought his wife and children back to India and stayed in his Mom’s house. Whatever he did had hurt his Mother like hell. But Mother’s love never changed. Starting from school days she tried to keep her son happy till the last breathe.
Remember we should never disrespect our parents; we should never ignore them and underestimate their sacrifices because it’s for them only we are something today. They gave us life. They raised us. They always give, give and give. Mother never takes back anything from a child in return. A mother kept her child for complete 9 months. She is the true motivator. She forgives her kids always. Remember there is no way to return her back anything she had given us.
All we can do is try giving what she needs and it’s just- TIME, LOVE & RESPECT.