Monologues of luggagebox

Synopsis:.story is about a scrap owner who get in luggage compartment and come across a child mother who struggle to have sit ..clutching handlebar for her safety ...into that a hour journey he go through his own love story when he get along a couple in train ...and scenes rolling over one by one in his memories

                  Kabari 💘

Platform was crowded.a woman brought with her a smallbaby cradled into her womb cave. She shielding away from bad eye from public. She  covered her child  under her saree layer.

She pushed into luggage -box.hanging by shoulder  a purse . hair sprawled over forehead partly. She wore  saree and put on lipstick to her lips, also to baby a  eyeliner.she  smeared  her lips upper and lower part.

Clutching and combing under her cave of breast and baby sucking milk while mother looking support to have sit comfortable.

Train moved away fast and rapidly through platform one by one station received.

Platform dashing and knocking movement made her uncomfortable before public eye.balanced herself over the toe and one hand clutching handlebar other made support to was difficult situation to handle baby with one hand , and clutching other to support to save from train movement.she was wobbled and tossed into crowd

 In Luggage-box...window side space was stuck with poster and ads filled with.

It was scraped with finger notched and nailed or scribbling by blade a bunch of message in different language as momentum for mumtaj or mausoleum

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