Parent Teacher’s meet is one of the fearful things a kid ever experiences. When I was in school I used to skip those meet but somehow, they ruined my day. So, before we start digging into the funny and worst incident of this meet first just take a look at its meaning and importance in the student life.

This is an interaction between your parent and the teacher to chit chat about the child’s knowledge and development. They may be called parent-teacher consultations, parent-teacher sessions or even learning sessions.

Numerous schools organised them for at the beginning of the year and then afterwards a mid-year school report has been guided to home.

They may bid you a set spell, summons you to associate them to place a time, or more and more schools are questioning parents to engage a dialogue with a teacher once in a month, especially in Indian education system. About schools hold seminars formerly or after school, others path them in the sundown.

More than one individual can go to the seminar — you are comfy to take further members of your family. They are valuable, optimistic meetings where as well as reach from your child’s educator, you can ask queries and share your opinions so that you and your teachers can turn out to be partners in your child’s schooling.

Talking about importance then this get-together help both parent and teacher to get a better outlook about the student behaviour at home or school which is particularly important to carve out a better human being. Apart from this, I believe PTA meet is the only thing in our SchoolLife which allows us to give our opinions and thoughts in front of them.

It was an incident of class 10th when I have scored good marks in my academics and every teacher was happy from my performance in that session. I waited for an exceedingly long time and finally, that day arrived, and my parents settled on the chair and my teacher took out my report card and starts appreciating my performance and efforts I had put in. In the meantime, some voice echoed in the room like someone moaning and then I recognized that it’s a sound coming from my friend’s phone because he was the only one who had a smartphone at that time and he was watching porn and accidentally he unmute the video. When that sound stopped there was a pin drop silence in the seminar room and after that, my teacher searched everyone’s bag and finally found the phone in my bag (my noble friend put it there). I did not have any words to prove myself innocent because everyone was aware of my friend circle. Me and my friends suspended from the school for 5 days for violating the very important rule that is students are not allowed to keep smartphones in the school premise. My PTA was turn out to be a living hell after that incident and thanks to my friend.