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Your search for sky
 Excelr Tuhin  
 1 May 2020  

SUSANA GALEANOJULY 22, 2019The applications that useartificial intelligence to change our appearance have taken a big boost after the commotion caused by Faceapp, the filtering app that has succeeded in social networks by making any user, including celebrities, transform into an older person.Faceapp has sparked a fever for apps that transform selfiesHowever, Faceapp is not the only one of its kind , and in fact Snapchat a couple of months ago rose in popularity due to its new filters , such as those  that allow users to transform their selfies into people of the opposite gender, in addition to the filter with the one who can turn back time and see themselves transformed into small children.The viral popularity that Faceapp has acquired in recent days has contributed to the growth of a large number of developers, who have taken advantage of this impulse to create or revive old apps that can transform any selfie into a shot of the possible future. Thus,  apps that had been missing at the bottom of the App Store have now taken the top positions in the download rankings .New Snapchat filters resurrect the ghost app ... as a social media toolIn fact,  5 of the first 15 places in the ranking of the most downloaded apps for iOS in the case of Spain  according to Appfollow,  are dedicated to transforming your image, but an even more surprising fact is that the most popular app within The paid applications are Oldify-Old Face App , which as a good Faceapp clone allows you to age your face both in videos and photos, in addition to allowing you to choose the age you would like to have for a cost of 1.09 euros, which It shows that users are willing to pay to get the effects of these age change filters.Oldify. AppFollow ImageRanking of apps downloads to transform selfies in Spain App StoreFree:1.    Faceapp All Face Editor of FaceApp Inc., with the position number one of the total ranking2.    Avatar keyboard-Themes, Emojis , by Joali Holdings Limited (position number 2)3.    Rick Joseph's Best Faceapp Photo Editor App (4th overall)4.    PiVi & Co's AgingBooth (6th overall position)5.    Snapchat , from Snap, Inc. (position 9) Snapchat is much more than an image retouching app, but its resurrection in Spain has come hand in hand with the popularization of its photo filters.6.    Facelab Face & Body Editor of Utility Apps LP. (general position 13)Payment:1.    Oldify- Old Face App , by Apptly LLCThe sudden popularity of these applications are an example of how the success of one of them can drive other similar versions, even if they are outdated or of questionable quality . An example of this is the Best Faceapp Photo Editor App, the third place in the ranking among the most downloaded free apps in Spain in the App Store and whose last update was in September 2017.Best FaceApp. AppFollow ImageAnd this is not an exclusive phenomenon in Spain, since it has been replicated in various parts of the world.  In the United States , AgingBooth, an app that has turned 9 years old in the App Store currently ranks second among the best free apps in the US. and among the top 50 on Google Play. It is an app that has not been updated in almost three years and has been downloaded more than 2.2 million times in the last week on iOS alone, according to Sensor Tower data.5 of the first 15 places among the most downloaded apps in the AppStore Spain are filtersCLICK TO TWEETConsult Skymarketing to find a better location for your property from pakistan employees housing scheme .Get more information on real estate from property news and Buyproperty Is it dangerous to use Faceapp?Related PostsWhatsapp is already the most popular social app in the world (above Facebook!)Snapchat launches new filters that recognize what is in your photosSnapchat launches the Lens Creative Partners program in MexicoWhile the #Faceappchallenge has taken over social media in recent days, you will have seen numerous discussions about the security risks of your smartphone data that Faceapp represents . It is true that by using the application you are granted a “perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, copyright-free” license to use your photos, but it is worth noting that this is practically the same privacy policy as any other service and platform. . So, any user who is concerned about the use of their data in Faceapp, should also be cautious with these clones. Remember to share your photos or any other information with an applicationThere is always a commitment to privacy , something that you should take more into account, especially when they come from companies with which you are not familiar.  And if your company or you are in Seville I offer you my SEO services in pakistan. We will see each other face to face and we will see what is missing from your company's website to take off on Google.

Miguel Ángel Herrera Santana - Interview with the CEO of Mahsteam System
 James Bond  
 12 December 2020  

In this section of real estate experts we have counted with leading figures, who have contributed their privileged vision as trainers of other real estate professionals.This is the case of Miguel Ángel Herrera, CEO of Mahsteam System, real estate trainer, training consultancy and selection of real estate professionals.Interview with Miguel Ángel Herrera SantanaWelcome to our real estate blog , Miguel Ángel. The first thing we want to ask you about is your exclusive method, the "Mahsteam System". We know that it arises from a new conception of the market. What makes the current situation different from the one before the crisis?I would say that we are experiencing the last phase of that crisis and that it is clear that we are coming out of it. The "joy" has returned to the market and everyone speaks of an influx of a "contained" demand, an increase in the number of transactions, more accessibility to loans, growth plans, creation of new projects ... I have detected that those with more time and experience in the market have taken good note of this crisis and are willing to take the measures that the hard learning they have experienced has meant.On the other hand, with the crisis, concepts and initiatives imported from the North American market have emerged in the Spanish market and we must not forget that in the United States most of them are born as a result of meeting a consumer need and as a result of a clear marketing orientation. . In Spain, and not all, respond to a failure of the agencies in the face of the crisis and with an orientation towards production. With the market change we will see those that remain and prosper and those that will simply disappear. Mahsteam System was born with the idea of applying the most advanced  North American real estate sales techniques taking into account the “Spanish reality” to adapt to it.Based on your extensive experience, being a real estate agent requires a number of skills. Which do you think are the most necessary?If we divide the skills of an agent into two large blocks: technical and personal, in the previous stage much importance was placed on the former due to the dynamism that the market had, based on crossing supply and demand. In the current situation, the personal skills of the agent play a fundamental role when it comes to being successful in the profession. Especially in the residential market, the emotional situation of the selling client must be taken into account, who generally experiences a situation of "loss" when selling their house, unlike in the previous stage when the property was sold to "Improve" and access another that covered higher needs.Now real estate agents must be able to identify and manage the emotions of selling and buying clients in order to understand their personal situation and be able to carry out the transaction in a satisfactory way for all parties. These skills are related to the ability to communicate, empathy and all those that have to do with human relationships.Sky Marketing is a leading marketing company working on many real estate projects like smart city, smart city Islamabad and development housing societies in Pakistan.As a professional in the sector, you know the importance of marketing to publicize a real estate business. What is your opinion of social media and online marketing?Undoubtedly, networks and web pages for real estate are the new, most direct means of communication between company and client, between the product-service and the end client. But we should not stop at that alone, because they are also the means for the general public to know more and better the values of the company and thus achieve an approach to the brand, which will go beyond the purely commercial, and associate and incorporate it to our life as part of our way of being and to display it as part of our personal values.The Internet has made corporate reputation no longer dependent on companies and the end customer, but on the general public. In this section we can distinguish two trends in Spain: real estate companies that carry out corporate campaigns that seek to achieve an emotional approach to the brand, and real estate companies that base their advertising on commercial campaigns (sale of properties) and whose only link with the client is the product.One of the services in which you are specialized is the formation of work teams and the selection of agents. What qualities should a leader have who wants to advance his business?Transparency, honesty, perseverance and an attitude of service towards his work team. The new leaders must become aware that the first customers are the components of their team and they must put a service policy on them so that they can extrapolate it to the end customers.The person in charge must be clear about the mission and vision of their business and lead by means of principles and values that provide both employees, clients and society in general an ethical and more humane treatment. The financial achievements of companies should not be at odds with the personal growth of their members.Finally, we want to ask you for some predictions for the year that begins. What do you think real estate agents have to take into account for 2016?In my opinion, the market is crying out for a new type of real estate agent that, among other things, begins to apply the concept of representation versus intermediation, that abandons the role of figure that is limited to crossing supply and demand to become an advisor specialized in real estate marketing capable of highlighting the client's property over the other properties that make up its competition and that as a result of these actions generates demand for the property.On the other hand, he must define himself as an expert, whether in a geographical area, a type of product or a specific client profile and finally I dare to launch the idea that fees should not be linked to the price of the property but to the services provided to achieve the final sale.This will lead us to a new type of agents that will go from being mere "communicators-marketers" to "communicators-marketers-producers-executors" of the services and achieve a high degree of personalization of these for their clients.We appreciate the opportunity to have been able to chat with you for a while and we recommend that Inmogesco readers follow Miguel Ángel Herrera's Mahsteam System Facebook page for more training resources for real estate agents.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 10.25
 Dhwani Shah  
 6 June 2020  

Infinite Sky - In Gita Verse 10.25 Of the great sages I am Bhṛgu; of vibrations I am the transcendental oṁ. Of sacrifices I am the chanting of the holy names [japa], and of immovable things I am the Himālayas.Krishna is expressing his vastness through language. Which is limited and through the language he is giving hint regarding who he is. So he picks up certain example who is so vast for us. His vastness has no limit but our mind and understanding has. He has to use the language and examples so that we can get a hint regarding his vastness.Indian mythology we have painted Krishna as blue:‘Neel’ means blue - that is the symbol of depth. And vastness is always deep - the vastness cannot be shallow; only the limited is shallow. How can the unlimited be shallow? When the river is deep it becomes blue. That's why the sky looks blue. In fact it is not: there is no colour in it; it is colourless.But anything deep gives an appearance of blueness.Because of this idea in indian mythology we have painted Krishna as blue, which is very rare because blue human beings don't exist! Black human beings are there and white human beings are there and yellow and pink and many shades of colour, but blue human beings don't exist, have never existed.And Krishna we paint as blue. If you have seen some pictures of krishna that looks very absurd.Why blue? - just to indicate depth, just to indicate the skyness of his being... that he was as deep as the sky. The blue is just symbolic, it doesn't show reality; it is just a metaphor.And once there is depth and there is infinity there is divinity. Divinity comes into existence only when there is depth and infinity - then everything is holy, everything is godly.In the East we don’t bother about god as a person - our interest is really very different from the western interest in god. In the West god has just become almost a replica of man? The bible says god created man in his own image. the truth seems to be just the reverse: man has created god in his own image.In the East we don’t bother about god as a being, as a person, not at all as a human being. Our idea of god is more of godliness rather than of god. the idea is more of quality rather than of an ego.So the eastern god is not the western idea of god; it is godliness. We can all become gods because we can all become godly.In the West it is very difficult. - even to say that one is god is very heretical. Christians will never forgive you; they cannot tolerate that. Even Jesus is not god, just the son of god, mm? Only that much they have relaxed their rules for Jesus... not much. But in the East it is not in any way sacrilegious because everything is divine, you are divine, but with the christian idea of god as the creator of the world you are certainly not the creator of the world.But that is not our idea of god at all. Nobody has created the world; god is not a creator standing aloof. God is not like a painter; god is like a dancer. The world is divine - he is herenow.In the East we don’t use the pronoun ‘he’ for him, we use ‘it’, ‘that’; we take all personality out of him. Then what is left? - infinity and depth.Krishna says - become as infinite as the sky and become as deep as the sky. This is the message.... And meditate on the sky as much as you can? It will come closer - just befriend it.

Pedro Sánchez announces aid to workers and SMEs for the coronavirus
 Md Tuhin  
 6 September 2020  

After the announcement last week of the mobilization of 18,225 million to alleviate the economic consequences of the coronavirus and after the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, announced last Saturday the statement of alarm, the Council of Ministers met again yesterday to approve a royal decree law with extraordinary measures to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus.With over a decade in the property market, Skymarketing offers real estate including the projects such as, capital smart city islamabad and Capital Smart City.This will mobilize up to 200,000 million (117,000 million from the public sector) and includes a one-month moratorium on the payment of mortgages for particularly vulnerable debtors who see their income decrease. In addition, it includes the prohibition of cutting basic supplies (water, electricity and gas) to vulnerable groups, as well as telecommunications services.Aid to the right to housing for people with difficultiesSpecifically, the right to housing of people with the most difficulties is guaranteed . For this, a moratorium is established in the payment of mortgage payments for mortgage debtors in a situation of special vulnerability who see their income decrease. Government sources have explained that the purpose is that no person in a difficult economic situation loses their housing .Furthermore, the protection of energy and water supplies is extended , guaranteeing essential public services for vulnerable groups. As a novelty, telecommunications services are also guaranteedRegarding the possibility of establishing a measure similar to the moratorium on rents, as they had been demanding from United We Can, the same sources have initially ruled out such measure. They trust that there is flexibility and agreements between tenants and landlords.In this sense, they recall that the rest of the measures included in the royal decree-law, such as the relaxation of ERTEs or the guarantee that supplies are not cut, are also aimed at ensuring that tenants can pay their rental income.Supervisors and Banco de España study guaranteeing liquidityAs for the possible provisions that financial institutions will have to make before the moratorium on mortgages, the Government indicates that all the measures of the royal decree-law contemplate the duration of one month. But it can be extended depending on the duration of the alarm state.However, they recall that the treatment of this type of credit by financial supervisors is being reviewed. Thus, the European Banking Authority (EBA) and the Single Supervisory Mechanism (MUS) of the European Central Bank (ECB) are studying how to accompany this type of measure so that banks have liquidity in an exceptional situation.In any case, the Bank of Spain and the European Central Bank are aware of the situation. So they are looking at how to accommodate the applicable rules to channel credit in the most efficient way possible to the economy along with monetary policy. It seeks precisely to channel resources to the economy.In this sense, government sources recall that the ECB reinforced the mechanisms for financial institutions to lend and guarantee liquidity and the operation of the economic fabric . The objective is to provide an adequate margin without putting the financial solvency of the entities at risk, according to Moncloa.Definition of vulnerable groupsThe assumptions of economic vulnerability as a result of the health emergency caused by the Covid-19 contemplate that the mortgage debtor becomes unemployed or, in case of being an entrepreneur or professional, suffers a substantial loss of income or a substantial fall of your sales. As well as that the total income of the members of the family unit does not exceed, in the month prior to the request for the moratorium, certain limits.These are, in general, the limit of three times the annual Public Indicator of Multiple Effects Income of fourteen payments (hereinafter Iprem). This limit will be increased by 0.1 times the Iprem for each dependent child in the family unit.The applicable increase per dependent child will be 0.15 times the Iprem for each child in the case of a single-parent family unit. This limit will be increased by 0.1 times the Iprem for each person over 65 years of age who is a member of the family unit.In the event that any of the members of the family unit has a declared disability of more than 33%, a situation of dependency or illness that renders him permanently incapacitated to carry out a work activity, the limit foreseen will be four times the Iprem. Notwithstanding the accumulated increases per dependent child.It is also foreseen that in the event that the mortgage debtor is a person with cerebral palsy, mental illness, or an intellectual disability, with a recognized degree of disability equal to or greater than 33%, or a person with physical or sensory disability, with a degree of disability recognized equal to or greater than 65%, as well as in cases of serious illness that renders the person or their caregiver incapable of carrying out a work activity, the anticipated limit will be five times the Iprem.Other assumptions considered are that the mortgage payment, plus basic expenses and supplies, is greater than or equal to 35% of the net income received by all members of the family unit. And that, as a consequence of the health emergency, the qnnit unit has suffered a significant alteration in its economic circumstances in terms of effort to access housing, in the terms defined in the following point.For the purposes of the regulation, it will be understood that a significant alteration of the economic circumstances has occurred when the effort that represents the mortgage burden on the family income has been multiplied by at least 1.3 . And that there has been a substantial drop in sales when this drop is at least 40%.Lastly, the vulnerable group by family unit includes that made up of the debtor, his non-legally separated spouse or registered domestic partner and children , regardless of their age. Who reside in the home, including those linked by a relationship of guardianship, guardianship or foster care and their non-legally separated spouse or registered domestic partner, who reside in the home.

Confira o melhor da SKY TV e seus Planos
 Nadim Mia  
 29 November 2020  

A SKY TV possui diversos benefícios inclusos e oferece o melhor do entretenimento e tecnologia para a sua família.São diversos canais para todas as idades, com muitos filmes, séries, jogos de futebol ao vivo, uma programação especial para crianças de todas as faixas etárias, notícias do mundo todo em tempo real, shows e muito mais!Além de contar com os canais digitais e canais em HD, você conta com uma TV interativa, repleta de funções de entretenimento e que facilitam suas ações com a SKY TV, tornando suas experiências muito mais divertidas.Assine os Planos SKY TVConheça mais da SKY TV e os melhores planos para você e sua família. São diversas opções, com uma programação SKY para todas as idades e gostos, além de pacotes SKY Pré Pago, SKY Banda Larga e combos exclusivos.SKY TV e seus melhores planosA SKY TV possui 4 categorias de planos, com até 4 equipamentos, permitindo que você assista simultaneamente de 4 pontos diferentes em sua casa.Tenha mais de 120 com 50% de desconto na 1ª mensalidade para você economizar e aproveitar ainda mais o melhor da SKY TV e seus planos.Confira o melhor da SKY TV e seus planos:SKY TV Easy: Mais de 120 canais, com canais em HD, com até 2 equipamentos + SKY Play + HBO por 1 mês.SKY TV Fun: Mais de 160 canais, com canais em HD, com até 2 equipamentos + SKY Play.SKY TV MEGA: Mais de 190 canais, com canais em HD, com até 3 equipamentos + SKY Play + Canais adicionais + Tecnologia SKY TV Interativa.SKY TV Media Center: Mais de 200 canais, com canais em HD, com 4 equipamento + SKY Play + Programação completa + Tecnologia SKY TV Interativa.Quais as vantagens de assinar SKY TV?A SKY TV te dá diversos motivos para assinar. A começar pelos recursos exclusivos e cheios de interatividade, além da alta definição de imagem e som e uma programação completa para todas as idades e gostos.Com os pacotes SKY TV você pode ter até 4 equipamentos SKY, tem acesso ao SKY Play para assistir onde e quando quiser a programação SKY, além de ter acesso ao gravador para salvar seus programas preferidos e assistir quantas vezes e quando quiser.Conheça as principais vantagens da SKY TV planos:Canais com imagem e som 100% digital;Uma programação com filmes, séries, esportes, canais infantil e muito mais;50% de desconto na 1ª mensalidade;Acesso ao SKY Play com os maiores lançamentos e sucessos do cinema;Recursos incríveis como gravador e sistema de pause e replay;Acesso à plataforma SKY Online, para você curtir a programação SKY de onde estiver;Variedade de pacotes que cabem no seu bolso e gosto;Até 4 pontos adicionais;Canais com alta definição.Tecnologia SKY TV interativaExistem muitas possibilidades com a tecnologia SKY TV interativa, com recursos que facilitam o seu dia a dia e transformam sua experiência com uma TV por assinatura ainda melhor.Confira o melhor da SKY TV interativa:Gravador com até 500 GB de memória e sistema de gravação a distância através do APP SKY;Sistema de Pausa e Replay, para você parar qualquer programa, mesmo que ao vivo ou voltar aquela cena incrível;Busca de programas por gênero, nome ou atores;Sinopse do programa exibido;Alteração do idioma e legenda;Bloqueio de programas por idade, com senha;Canais favoritos de rápido acesso;Acesso a jogos;Horóscopo diário;Previsão do tempo para as principais cidades do país,Tabelas dos campeonatos de futebol e da Fórmula 1;Usar o seu smartphone como controle remoto, através do APP SKY;Lembretes de programação.Seguindo essas dicas você terá total condição de contratar o plano do seu agrado com a melhor empresa de TV por assinatura da sua localidade, então já sabe, vai contratar? Avalie, compare, entenda, busque o melhor pra você e sua familia.É necessário conhecer todas as suas necessidades em TV por assinatura e entender o que cada empresa oferece, somente assim você irá conseguir um plano que não irá te dar dor de cabeça e que você não terá com o que se preocupar. É isso, assim como na hora de querer o melhor celular, a melhor roupa, o melhor carro, a melhor casa, queira o melhor plano de TV por assinatura e busque por ele até encontrar.Conheça os Pacotes SKY, lhe recomendo verificar os pacotes do site https://skytvplanos.com.br, pois é um site totalmente seguro e com diversos planos (do econômico ao completo), além é claro, com consultores de vendas disponíveis o tempo todo para lhe auxiliar na melhor escolha.Quer conhecer nossos planos e assinar SKY mas está sem tempo para ligar em nosso 0800? Chame nossos especialistas no WhatsApp Sky.

 noyal parker  
 16 November 2020  

The general public has numerous remarkable highlights for the accommodation of its inhabitants, making it a perfect speculation and an ideal spot to raise a family. They have likewise effectively executed their own lodging social orders in Sargodha, Multan, and Sahiwal by the name of Royal Orchard Multan, Royal Orchard Sarghodha and Royal Orchard Sahiwal separately. FDHL is one of the top Pakistani land engineers and resource the board organization, that helps with creating cutting edge brilliant urban areas to give a sumptuous up-scale living as well as productive commitments to its customers. Capital Smart City is an amazing private venture that will be the first of its sort in Islamabad as well as in Pakistan. It is the First Smart City in Pakistan and fourth in Asia. Because of its shrewd highlights and modern evaluation 8 turn of events, it has gotten one of the most famous lodging plans in Pakistan in record time. It is wanted to turn into a self-supporting eco-accommodating Smart city.FDHL is a gathering affiliation enrolled under Companies Ordinance 1984. Various National and universal business elements have met up to frame this association. Skymarketing FDHL is a mix of China Liaoning International Economic and Technical Cooperation Group Corporation Ltd (CLIC) and Engineering Dimensions (Pvt.) Limited (EDL) – Two of the main organizations with ability in authority and specialized aptitudes. FDHL is dedicated to giving propelled current living involvement with its private and mechanical zones. These zones are completely connected by means of the crucial Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M-2) and regions around the CPEC Route, with assigned trades for direct access.A development and improvement bunch situated in Pakistan which has been answerable for the absolute most lofty development and building ventures in the course of recent decades. Its accomplishments have been the immediate consequence of unadulterated devotion and commitment to their client requests and needs in Pakistan just as abroad. It additionally earned ISO 9000 accreditation because of its quality administration process. HRL has been the pioneer in changing the substance of lodging framework and advancement over the most recent 15 years and is presently considered in the most good and notable names in the market.The unimportant name Habib Rafiq is viewed as proportional to trustworthiness, trust, quality, and polished skill, any land advancement bunch related with HRL see themselves as amazingly advantaged and fortunate. Throughout the years HRL bunch has been answerable for creating regarded lodging plans, for example, Bahria Town and DHA in Pakistan with complete work including the obligation of all the foundation of these social orders for example development of houses, streets, electrical work, mechanical work, water stockpiling, gas pipelines and furthermore the arranging administrations.

Best Astrologer in Chandigarh, online best astrologer in india, astrologer vedant sharmaa
 Vedant Sharmaa  
 15 December 2020  

Best astrologer in Chandigarh. The night sky consistently involved an extraordinary spot in my heart. My developing age likewise made my interest and adoration for the night sky develop significantly. The general thought of the incomprehensibility of the night sky and the bashfulness of our own lives, bearing a distinct difference to one another used to overwhelm me. The immense night sky studded with huge number of little shimmering stars, each attempting to state its own story. I used to ponder in those days, do they have an existence? Do they communicate in a similar language as our own? I could conjecture that the incomprehensibility of this night sky is a long ways past the shyness of our home, or most likely our planet or the whole close planetary system as well! Clearing my path through the grass finished off with dew, used to go around my home gazing into the night sky, continually attempting to hit a discussion with it. In any case, oh, would never succeed!In those days, at school we were informed that stars are simply fixed brilliant focuses in the night sky, they don't have life, neither do they talk. However, because of some explanation, there was consistently a convincing power in me which said that there's a more thing to these stars than what was told at school. What's more, here started another excursion of my life as a Astrologer, looking for a definitive objective of the life in stars, their impact on us, what they attempt to let us know and most likely everything conceivable that I could will find out about them.online best astrologer in indiaThis is an encounter of one of the Astrologers I read some time back. This genuinely portrays their interest for the investigation of stars. The story doesn't end here. Peruse on to discover what he got some answers concerning Astrology. How it can affect our lives.I was extremely quick to realize the about the zodiac signs that we used to peruse each day. What was the source behind them? Who characterized us on those premise? And every one of my inquiries got replied with this investigation. It was the overall movement and situating of the divine bodies like the sun, the moon and the planets, my night sky's mates, which influenced us. this brought about different zodiac signs which clubbed comparative kinds of individuals under one rooftop.Next I found that Astrology could likewise make an individual self-formed and quiet. I never felt a convincing warmth to yield my annoyance on anybody or settle on choices in a flurry. Astrology instructed me to improve as an individual in existence with significant level of persistence. It caused me to comprehend the reason for my life. It assisted me with growing an individual and become a superior person, prepared to help anybody out of luck, be delicate hearted and altruistic.I'm certain in the wake of hearing the encounters from the pony's mouth, even you should be anxious to attempt your karma by visiting a Astrologer. Here I present to you a rundown of the absolute best Astrologer in Chandigarh!Astroguru Vedant Sharmaa is a Best Astrologer in Chandigarh who is giving veritable Astrology administration in Chandigarh as well as to different pieces of world through his Astrology site.You can connect with Astroguru Vedant Sharmaa to find solutions according to issues in different backgrounds and diminishing it through Astrology cures.Administrations: Career, Marriage, Love and Relationship issues, Health, Business, Wealth, Property and Litigation, Name Analysis, Child Related issues, Birth Time Rectification, Gemstone Recommendation, Progeny, Husband Wife Disputes, Court Cases, Vashikaran Services, Complete Life Prediction Report, Online Puja and so onServicesSpouse Wife ProblemsLove Relationship ProblemsMonetary Problem SolutionsManglik Dosh in KundliMatch Making LoveNumerologyBusiness ProblemVastu ShastraRead MoreBest astrologer in PunjabBest astrologer in biharBest astrologer in maharashtraBest astrologer in delhi

Rat Race of life
 Meenakshii Tripathi  
 21 August 2018  

The sun had completed its tour for the day,dark mantle sweeping across the sky,strange darkness in city of heart,light of moon filtering in through the gap of curtain and millions of bright stars,thinking a thought ,you know what! At night you can be anybody and no one care who you are!!You can be a Flower which carry a different fragrance,color and beauty for the world.Can be a Wind ,that exist but can't be seen or heard.somethings need to be felt.Can be Sky ,no matter what storms are passing beyond the clouds.It is always blue. Can be  Pet which love unconditionally  without expectation. Can be a Butterfly which  grow, change and find color in .Can be Bird who wants to fly up at the sky wants to touch the high. Can be a Night sky which is important  to appreciate, the light. Can be a tree that full of generosity. Can be a Child  who teach us to be happy for no reason, busy with something, carefree and living life fully. But when step out from imagination,we  are a person of cruel world which has lost it self in self. We are not living we are just surviving. We  don't want to change our life because we are afraid to change. We all are busy in rat race of life. We are comparing our accomplishments, our joys, our challenges, feeling, pain to others .I can be anybody but I don't  concern myself with Rat race!Nature is our origin and the place where all our subtle needs for beauty, mystery, and adventure are met. And when  we feel empty inside and lifeless outside. Nothing seem colorfull then we notice blooming flowers,purple glow in the western horizon ,rain drops,The snow-capped mountains,blue sky,watered lakes,  rainbow ,that makes us  fall in love with Our self. 

Lahore Smart City - Sky Marketing
 noyal parker  
 23 September 2020  

Capital Smart society covers an all out place where there is 55,000 Kanal, it is multiple times greater than its neighboring society University Town. It will be one of the nearest lodging society to the new Islamabad International Airport. The ground breaking strategy given by society right now is temporary and will be reached out after some time. Extra land will be added to the task and a few different squares will be added to the undertaking later on.It very well may be handily gotten to through Main Chakri street from M-2 Motorway and by means of ring street sooner rather than later. Lahore smart city The general public is additionally legitimately available to the encompassing territories by means of the national roadway, Lahore-Islamabad M-2 Motorway. It will likewise have its own assigned trade from the motorway which has been affirmed by FWO. NOC of Capital Smart City Islamabad was endorsed by the RDA and is one of the legitimate lodging ventures around there. Nonetheless, the principal NOC allowed to society is as of now under modification because of the extra land procured so the general public is anticipating its NOC for the reconsidered arrangement for the all-inclusive squares in the general public. It is relied upon to be conceded soon.The capital keen city is endeavoring to advance and create key development in the territory alongside drawing in future speculations. The idea for Smart City is to accomplish a savvy outspread development design keeping in thought the significant offices and administrations joined to augment proficiency in the lives of its inhabitants.A Smart City plans to give a one of a kind, practical turn of events and administrations in its environmental factors. Capital Smart City Islamabad satisfies all the prerequisites of an exciting shrewd city including the accompanying: The general public will encourage its inhabitants by turning into the principal business focus in the area and drawing in worldwide organizations and speculators to put resources into the shocking lodging venture. Capital Smart City will likewise make an assortment of business and administration segment openings for work subsequently adding to the financial state of Pakistan.The general public is planned in a manner that makes a versatile social condition in the locale so the individuals can appreciate a charming and tranquil living and the general public can turn into a center point for business, private and recreational chances. Capital Smart City is endeavoring to accomplish a feasible transportation framework to guarantee a system for street clients, people on foot, cyclists, and other versatility need. The general public will present a cutting edge transport foundation with higher productivity.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 2.20
 Dhwani Shah  
 17 July 2019  

Witnessing - In Gita Verse 2.20 For the soul there is neither birth nor death at any time. He has not come into being, does not come into being, and will not come into being. He is unborn, eternal, ever-existing and primeval. He is not slain when the body is slain.Krishna says that our subjectivity or soul is witnessing consciousness. Which is eternal.Witnessing is not a mental activity; thinking is a mental activity. Rather, it would be better to say that thinking is mind. When the mind is not, when the mind is absent, when the mind has disappeared, only then do you have witnessing. It is something behind the mind.Zen Buddhism uses “mind” in two ways: the ordinary mind means thinking; then mind with a capital M means the Mind behind thinking. Consciousness is behind the mind; consciousness comes through the mind. If mind is in a state of thinking it becomes opaque, nontransparent, just like a clouded sky – you cannot see the sky. When the clouds are not, you can see the sky. When thinking is not there then you can feel the witnessing; it is the pure sky behind.So you cannot do two things, either you can think or you can witness. If you are thinking, then you lose witnessing. Then the mind becomes a cloud on your consciousness. If you are witnessing, you cannot think simultaneously; then the mind is not there. Thinking is an acquired process; witnessing is your nature. So that you cannot do both, or mind cannot do both, it doesn’t mean that mind is the faculty to witness. Mind is the faculty to think, mind is for “minding.”Really, many problems are created just by language. There is nothing like “mind.” There is only a process, not a thing. It is better to call it “minding” than mind. It is a process of continuous thought, one thought being followed by another. Only in the gaps, only in the intervals between two thoughts can you have something of the witnessing nature. But thoughts are so fast that you cannot even feel the gap. If you begin to witness your thoughts, then the thought process is slowed down and then you begin to feel gaps. One thought passes, another has not come yet, and there is an interval. In that interval you have witnessing. Thoughts cannot exist without gaps, otherwise they will begin to overlap each other. They cannot exist! Just like my fingers are there – with gaps in between.If your thought process is slowed down – and any method of meditation is nothing but a slowing down of the thought process – if the thought process is slowed down you begin to feel the gaps. Through these gaps is witnessing. Thought is mind; a thoughtless consciousness is witnessing. Thought is acquired from the outside; witnessing is inside. Consciousness is born with you; thought is acquired, cultivated. So you can have a Hindu thought, you can have a Mohammedan thought, you can have a Christian thought, but you cannot have a Christian soul, you cannot have a Hindu soul. Soul is just soul – consciousness is consciousness.What Krishna is right now doing giving very gentle jerk to Arjuna, through that jerk he is bringing Arjuna back to present moment.Recollect the moment when you get little bit of jerk in your thinking your thinking stops, in that moment you get like lightning, you come across a glimpse of your consciousness. Suddenly you will find freshness in you.Krishna right now is just giving a jerk so that Arjuna can be watchful and then can witness. Once Arjuna can witness himself then he will be on his own to become aware. We have to remember that we can eat, see, hear, sleep on our behalf same way no one can witness on our behalf. Unless we take take that challenge and responsibility than only it is possible. Krishna can only give wake up call to Arjuna, so that he can witness himself.Witnessing is a relationship between subject and object. Awareness is absolutely devoid of any subjectivity or objectivity. There is no one who is witnessing in awareness; there is no one who is being witnessed. Awareness is a total act, integrated; the subject and the object are not related in it; they are dissolved. So awareness doesn’t mean that anyone is aware, nor does it mean that anything is being attended to.Awareness is total – total subjectivity and total objectivity as a single phenomenon – while in witnessing a duality exists between subject and object. Awareness is non-doing; witnessing implies a doer. But through witnessing awareness is possible, because witnessing means that it is a conscious act; it is an act, but conscious. You can do something and be unconscious – our ordinary activity is unconscious activity – but if you become conscious in it, it becomes witnessing. So from ordinary unconscious activity to awareness there is a gap that can be filled by witnessing.