Everyday is the New beginning, New learning but, when you  teach Pre-Schoolers every moment is a Great learning ..

Teaching is my passion...And my happiness...because when you are in class the little ones who revolve around you are the Creators of God's who blossoms your every bit of moment with full of Excitement and fun.

Their tight hugs, innocent faces, love and respect, Waving hands , before leaving the school is a real joy everyday..

No doubt i am teaching since last 15years but every first day and last day are  still  most challenging days to face...

Whole year is the Best connection we create, Strong Freindship to share and express ourselves,  Unbreakable Bonding Which has a lot of understanding between each other.. 

Then who will not like to have this Beautiful life...with this Angels ???

I wish all my little ones best wishes and Thank them for such a Wonderful life....who are my Strength , Energizer for move on!!

Dear All,,


Blossom like Flower...

Reach the Sky...

And Fly up High...

Truly Blessed to be an Educator...


Trupti D.