I have completed my high school from Kendriya Vidyalaya №3 Delhi Cantt-10. Being a KVian is always a great feeling because every KVian is like a family member doesn’t matter whether we are a friend or not. Apart from our great unity, KVians are also popular for their unique and extraordinary annual performances. At that time KVs were very much in trend and every parent was trying their best to make sure that their child gets into this obsessed missionary. This incident happened when I was in 8th standard. It was time for the annual day, everyone was excited and had enrolled themselves in different performances and plays. I had registered myself in “Krishna Rasleela” one of the finest and the biggest rasleela which comprised around 150 students. Yes, 150. Rasleela is a folk dance played in respect of Lord Krishna every year during “Janmashtami”. So, we used to play dandia (two wooden sticks) with our dance partner throughout the performance. The whole thing was very exciting and thrilling.

When our rehearsal started we all gathered in the playground. When the music started instead of listening to our choreographer we all were hitting each other with our dandia, it seemed like we all had entered in PUBG GAME and our only goal is to kill each other from our weapon “dandia”. The more you hit the more coins you would get. Our choreographer tried his best to stop us but we all were on the seventh sky and it was impossible to control 150 students at that time. One of my friends opened the tap of the sprinklers which took our rasleela to the next level. Imagine that 150 students in one ground with high music and dandia in their hands. Our choreographer went to the principal’s office. While we were playing rasleela or PUBG in a real sense, our principal entered in the ground. The moment of silence after a prolonged war, we all felt the silence before the thunderstorm at that time.

When he saw all of us he did nothing, just assembled all of us and made a separate queue of boys and girls. After that, he called our P.T teachers who were the masters of devils, the entire group of 150 students looked at each other because we all know that we are going to become a human being again through the masters of all saints. Our P.T teachers entered in the ground with a thick and a long stick without wasting any time for explanation. They started their work and everyone started crying, people were requesting, apologizing but they continued with their swords (wooden stick) and we realised never ever mess with KV’s administration. After this when we performed our actual dance performance in the auditorium on the eve on annual day, we end up with a standing ovation and we literally nailed it.