With the changing technology, it seems difficult for one to keep abreast with the modern advancements. Nonetheless, if your site would keep at the top or rank high in Google, then you have to be updated. Apparently, a site well-optimized will attract more visitors, leading to more traffic and ultimately increase your leads and sales.

SEO expert Delhi is a company offering Internet marketing services. They not only offer keyword research, but they also help sites to implement on-page and off page strategies. Before hiring an IT company, this should be your proffered agency for the best results.

SEO is such a crucial tool in marketing. This denotes without this tool, people won't be able to find your site and this means all your efforts will be nil. Follow me through in this article as I give you a review of the best SEO ranking factors that will help you dominate your search. Let's dive into the heart of the matter.

A Secure and Accessible Website 

Amazingly, having an accessible website connotes that Google bots can easily reach to you and survey your site Now, you need to have a URL that Google will use to examine your content and what all your page is about. First, you will need to have a sitemap that states all your pages. Next, you will need a robots.txt file. This allows Google to control your site's information upon visit.

Page speed 

This is one of the highest ranking factors. Certainly, Google needs to improve the user's experience and this can be done by increasing the loading speed of a website. A search engine algorithm update was initiated on July 2018 by Google to improve the loading speed of websites on mobile devices and a penalty would follow if your site fails to. To examine the loading speed of your site, you can use the "mobile testing tool."

Mobile Friendliness 

Changes have emerged on how Google ranks websites. Why is this so? The reason is simple. Innumerable people use mobile devices to access the web than they use desktops. Currently, Google mobile-first index is authentic. Google is now using the mobile ranking to get their results. Optimize your site for mobile devices to avoid being left in the lurch.

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Optimized Content 

Seemingly, Google uses keywords in your content to search for your site Keywords are phrases that describe what your content is all about. This is the reason why you should use keywords in your content. Duplicate content is what you should avoid. Make sure your content is fresh and original and if by chance you have similar contents, Let the Google be familiar to choose which content should be ranked as the authoritative one.

Technical SEO 

Technical SEO involves various aspects of ensuring the right code for better content optimization. Using keyword phrases in the page title is essential. Google looks at the page title to confirm the relevance of the content. Secondly, use header tags to display the content order. You can use h1 for the title and h2 or h3 for the subheads.

As the list is endless, these are some of the SEO ranking factors you ought to implement in your site to improve your traffic. SEO Expert is here to make this a reality.