Every second, every minute and every hour, She has to face a fear. A fear of molestation by statue of sand who is 'emotionless', 'feelingless' and 'heartless'. She also has some dreams to fly higher in the sky but society's 'orthodox talks' cut her premature wings even before her first flight. If she walks with her friend in the night, She will be called an 'ill-mannered' girl. If she talks about her 'Rights', everyone keeps on saying, "Beta tum abhi itni badi nahi hui ho, pehle apni padhai par dhyan do". Clouds of duskness always surround over her little sky. Society duplicity always deceive her. Some so called 'Human' throw acid on her. Some always have desire to fulfill their 'hungriness' by her. Some treat 'her' as 'butler' in their home and some use her as a way to get money in 'tocher' (Dowry). No one is happy to talk about 'her',but everyone is happy to talk about her carved body. Everyday, news of 'her molestation' are coming from every corner of our country. Why is she suffering from this 'torment' She never ever hurt them by whom she is dying in her 'every second'. She always suffered a number of exasperating setbacks. Don't our society feel it intensely,irritating and infuriating ? But unfortunately, No, they have other 'useless, illogical and Bakwas' matters to talk.

©Gaurav Khenchi‚úŹ

16 December 2012

Can anybody feel her "agony" ?