A person cannot leave without loving himself, when loving himself is true, their will be enrooted  success. As a man he his to take care of himself rather than taking part of others when he courageously look him self then his life gets with an "wings to fly" .

A wings with more of confident , a wings with more of self dependence , a wings with more of wise ness, a wings with more of self growth , a wings with more of love towards what to do, a wings of more of joy towards what he doing, a wings of more of affection towards learning, a wings of more of taking and giving, everything relays on you, unless you learned to love yourself, a door of opportunity to fly with wings is better than sitting in other cup of tea.

A self experiences makes to fly like an independent wings within a bird, with no support, thus how much the wings are important to a bird , without an wing it is impossible to fly for a bird . So it cannot search his food , it cannot shelter himself, it cannot escape from his enemies, bird cannot survival without wings, meanwhile a man without a wings of self confidence, self believe ness, self courage, self estimation, self love, self authentication, self determination he cannot fly.

Thus a selfness is important for a person to posit ionize himself in a society, a people comes to our life , a people goes through our life , but some circumstances we have to face our self that is inseparable, a joy of well being and flying in the sky is like a sun shining alone in the sky in the morning and the moon shining alone in the night.

Nature , gives us the best example to nurture our self to explore like a strong eagle flying in the sky during rainy, in order to stop the rain from clouds.

So lets believe in our self in order to fly with the wings of selfness , and make life exploring each and everyday.

 Let's fly out!!