झूठे वादों की झड़ियां यूँ ही लगेगी,
पागल जनता है, विश्वास करती है, करती रहेगी,
हमें देश से क्या है लेना,
हमारी जेब भरी है, यूँ ही भरती रहेगी !

I really feel pity for the people who are blind worshippers of so called political parties, and of that 'special one person', It's a matter of concern that highly educated person got trapped in their nets too easily. I just want to ask how many of them really do research on the data that our P.M gives in Parliament. If they closely follow the scenario, they can easily find out the truth, How many of them are interested in knowing that how much amount of G.D.P is being invested in education sector ? How much amount is being spending in scientific research and how much in their security and foreign trips And the truth is that in sector of education we are only spending our 3.71 % and 0.69 % in scientific researches. And for the petty expenses of so called 'JANSEVAKS' , it's touching sky. But what is the use of knowing it ? Right ? People can easily blame that we don't have good basic facilities but have they arose question about it ? Bills of their own use and benefits got easily passed in Parliament, but what's about 'LOKPAL' ?

Agli baar koi 'maanniye neta g' vote maangne aaye to sawaal karna ki hamara paisa humpe hi karch hoga ya aap pe ?  😛

Jab desh ka har ek aadmi apne haq ke liye sawal karna sikh jayega tab aasha hai ki ek alag hi 'BHARAT' ka nirmaan hoga aur us 'BHARAT' me garib bhi aur ameer bhi 'INSAAN' hi kehlayenge.

Sirf satta ki taakat hi 1947 me ek haath se dusre haath gyi, par nitiya wahi rahi.