As far as the human being is concerned, the Nature of God has fixed a maximum of 100 years living life depending upon the place, environment and biography’s weather & living conditions.  Life is a cyclic process of birth and death.  It will take its own course and turns & events during this process. 

       One should not short-close the life due to any type of reason, whatsoever it may be.  During the life span, whatever to happen, it will happen and one should face boldly for any type of consequence whether it is good or bad. It does not matter.  One has to take this in righter perspective angle and in good spirits.

        The God given Body, Mind and Soul with “PANCHENDRIA’s” ‘accelerate & function’ with the ‘support and blessing’ of “PANCHA BHOOTAS” (Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Sky) is a gift of beautiful “Human Life”.  This “Human Life” is pure, precious, valuable and priceless.  One has to work for the betterment of humanity, mankind and for preservation of human values.  One has to up-keep and preserves the Nature’s Beauty.“SERVICE TO MANKIND AND NATURE IS SERVICE TO GOD”.

        To think in terms of “what one has done well to the Humanity, Mankind and the Society” is important instead what the ‘’Society has done to oneself’’.

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