We millennials are struggling with back pain and neck pain at a young age. Millions of us are struggling with back pain due to the high use of cell phones, computer as well as absence of physical activities. Nowadays, a flexible spine is a blessing. You can improve your spine flexibility through yoga. Yoga poses are specifically designed to rejuvenate your spine and entire back. Yoga practice can make you flexible and prevent you from chronic diseases like migraine and severe back pain.

People complain about their pain but do nothing to cure it. You may practice these simple yoga poses to increase your versatility and improve your spine’s health. If you want to gain proper knowledge of all the yoga poses you may join yoga courses in Nepal for better results.

1.Ardha matsyendrasana (seated spinal twist): This pose is bliss for spinal flexibility. It also helps in improving digestion and blood flow to the major organs.

How to: Sit on the yoga mat, keep the right leg straight and cross the left leg over the right thigh. The left knee should touch your chest. Twist your waist towards the left and exhale. Put the left hand behind you near the sacrum on the floor. Hold your left leg gently with the right arm. Repeat it with the other side.

2.Chakravakasana (cat and cow): It is a good exercise for shoulder mobility and spinal flexibility.

How to: Align your wrist under your shoulder and knees under your hips. Inhale and slowly lift your chest, chin and move your shoulders away from the ears. Exhale and drop the chin towards your chest and press the palms on the floor.

3.Parsva Balasana(thread and needle): This is a helpful asana for the spine; it also spurs digestion and helps the shoulder, neck, and back to function properly.

How to: Come into the cat and cow position, slide your right arm to the left side. Softly release the right shoulder and head on the floor. Focus on the position of your hips and balance them. If you feel comfortable in this position, then lift your left arm to the sky.

4.Bhujangasana (cobra): Cobra pose is a graceful posture that is full of energy. It is highly beneficial for the chest, shoulder, spine, abs, and neck.

How to: Lie on your belly, place your palms along your ribcage. Point the toes behind you directly. Inhale and press the hands and lift your chest. Make sure your elbows hug your body and thighs on the floor. You can keep the belly on the floor.

5.Dhanurasana (bow pose): Bow pose is helpful for your chest, neck, back, and abs. It also stimulates the abdominal organs, improves metabolism and reduces stress. It also helps your kidneys to function better.

How to: Lie on your belly, bend your knees, and hold your ankles. Inhale and press your hands on the floor that will automatically lift your chest. Breathe and hold the posture.

These are some of the useful yoga poses, which can help you to get a flexible spine. But if you are working and you don’t have time for joining a full-time yoga course you may go for a yoga retreat in Nepal for a rejuvenating week. Nepal is said to be a paradise for yoga and mental peace. So make time from your hustles and bustles to spend a week in Nepal till then happy yoga!