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Your search for Coal Blocks Scam
How to save yourself from car insurance scam In Ireland
 7 November 2019  

There has been an increase in the number of car insurance scams in Ireland for the past three years. Car owners in Ireland are getting too much fraud calls from outside call centers that try to scam people in Ireland by giving them fake scheme for car insurance in Ireland. It is utmost necessary for car owners in Ireland to have proper Ireland car insurance; otherwise, there could be penalty points that can incur in their account. Keeping this in mind, we need to be cautious from fake call centers that provide a fakeinsurance policy for cars in Ireland. These unsolicited calls are done from foreign countries, and they try to scam some money taking advantage of the strict insurance policy system in Ireland. They try to make the citizen afraid by saying that they need to pay them right now; otherwise, there could be a substantial penalty under your name. If you have received these kinds of calls before then, you are probably at the right place right now. We are going to provide you with all the necessary information regarding car insurance scam in Ireland and give you the best tips to avoid any loss due to this scam.Ireland Car insurance scam can be done from various sources. They are usually done through Bulk Email marketing, SMS marketing, Dynamic IP calls from the internet, etc. Hence we need to be extra cautious about these to avoid any loss due to car insurance scams in Ireland.Some fraudsters use bulk email marketing tools to send bulk Emails to car owners in Ireland. In their email, they mention the car owner’s name and the name of the car they have with their Vehicle numbers. This gives the impression to a citizen of Ireland that they are genuine and click on their suspicious links. However, this is done for the honey trap, and they extract all your passwords of internet banking and sensitive information.In some cases, fraudsters use Bulk SMS software to send SMS to car owners in Ireland. The message sometimes mentions the Name of the mobile owner or car owner in Ireland, which again makes them believe that they are genuine and fall into prey.There are many call centers in the world which aim to scam money from people in Ireland. They often use Dynamic IP technical software to make international outbound calls. As this software uses VPN or dynamic IP address, they are difficult to be traced by International Police. Hence if you receive a call like this, you should immediately report this to your nearest police station.How to remain vigilant with car insurance scam in IrelandTake caution while dealing with any car insurance agent. Check their identity if they have come to your house. In case you have received a call from them ask for their identity and the name of the company they work for. If you think that there is any suspicion, then you should search on the net and find their company information first. All reputed insurance company in Ireland has a professional website with detailed information about their scheme. In case you have any confusion about your car insurance in Ireland, contact your insurance company and verify it first. Beware about fraud call centers who claims to be your insurance company and ask for money for renewing your insurance policy. Never try to share any personal information over the call. In some cases, they even ask for bank details and your registered mobile number with the bank. They want to divert your calls temporarily to empty your bank account.

Understanding Blockchain
 1 February 2018  

Blockchain is a new technology for performing transactions, often compared to the Internet which revolutionized the way one shares/sees Information. It was first conceptualized by an anonymous person or group of person known as Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. A Blockchain, in the simplest definition, is a ledger of transaction from the time of its genesis. Transaction is any transfer of a tangible/non-tangible asset within the people associated with that Blockchain. Bitcoin is just one of the many application whose core technology is Blockchain.In most of the transaction, there are three parties involved: the sender, the receiver, and the trusted verifier whose role is to verify that the transaction has actually taken place. For instance, one transfer money via bank through cheque, by money wallet; or one lease out a property after performing certain kind of paperwork implying Government as a trusted authority. A Blockchain removes the necessity for a third party to verify the transaction. This also implies that the Blockchain is robust to fraudster and fraudulent transactions.A Blockchain, visually or programmatically, is nothing but a chain of blocks where each block is a set of transactions. Every block contains information such as current timestamp, a link to the previous block and the next block, a collection of valid transactions during the time period between the formation of previous block and current block. Its network consist of working nodes called miners, whose main work is to create new blocks. These new blocks are joined in a single, continuous, authorative record called Block Chain. Whenever a new transaction takes place, it then propagates to the peers of the originating node and so on, till it exists with the whole network. Now the miners’ job is to validate the transaction and create the block by collecting a set of transactions. Creating a block is computationally expensive cryptographically challenging task. Once such a new block is created it is added to the chain and is then transferred back to the whole network. The other receiving nodes in the network adds the block to the existing ledger after validating the block. If one were to alter any transaction in a fraudulent way which had already taken place, they would have to find a new block that would include that transaction to fit the chain. If the current block to be computed in the network is at number 88, and the altered transaction block was 79, then the person will have to find 9 (79-87) more blocks to make a valid blockchain and pass it to the peer network. This is theoretically possible but is not in real world since finding block is not an easy task, making blockchain an ever increasing, irreversible, secure and public ledgerBitcoin, a very popular digital currency, relies on Blockchain. Applications of Blockchain is not limited to digital currency, it can be used to create smart contracts that execute on fulfilling a certain criteria (ex. Ethereum), for instantaneous peer-to-peer transaction without third parties (ex. In stock trading, property trading, patents), etcTo conclude, Block Chain is a distributed ledger of important transactions stored on a decentralized peer-to-peer network which is incorruptible due to high computation costs of blocks making it irreversible creating a trustworthy network to transact removing the need of middleman.

All you need to know about Electrical Control Panel
 6 June 2019  

Ever thought about the way an automobile assembly line is controlled?Let’s talk regarding the thing that controls large as well as small mechanical processes like an assembly line. Such device is known as an electrical control panel.Assume of an electrical control panel similar to the human body. Human being’s have vital organs inside the body that controls as well as monitors the atmosphere. Just like that, there is an electrical control panel that is a metal box which comprises of vital electrical devices that controls as well as monitors the mechanical process electrically.1. Meaning of EnclosureInitially let’s know about the enclosure, the metal box which comprises of all the electrical devices of the control panel. These enclosures are made of aluminum or stainless steel and the size might differ depending on the size of the process.The area where the electrical control panel is placed comprises of multiple sessions. Every particular section has a door to access.The dimension of the enclosure is usually referred to by the number of doors the enclosure comprises.Every enclosure comprises of an electrical safety rating given by UL, the “Underwriters Laboratories” that supervises electrical safety.Electrical control panel has an IP rating or NEMA classification that selects the enclosure to be indoor or outdoor, water-resistant or waterproof, appropriate for dangerous situations, dustproof or explosion proof.2. Back Panel, DIN Rails, Wiring DuctsFurther let’s discuss about the back panel of the enclosure. The back panel is made up of a sheet of metal which is placed on the inner side of the enclosure that allows drilling mounting holes for several devices that results to the next component, DIN rails.The metal rail of a standard width used for mounting electrical devices is known as a DIN rail.The wiring duct is the other part inside the electrical control panel.Ducts permits to route the wires in a proper as well as effective manner and also by reducing the electrical noise between the devices.Now, let’s discuss about the components of the electrical control panel.3. Electrical Components of a Control Panel3.1. Main Circuit BreakerThe main circuit breaker is the place where the power comes into the control panel for each and every device. This circuit breaker usually disconnects on the outside of the panel that permits to switch off the power.Keep in mind that the topside of the circuit breaker will always have power. The power that gets into the panel, might be around from 480 volts to as low as 120 volts.  3.2. Surge ArresterThe moment the power comes inside the panel from the main circuit breaker the power will be run into a surge arrester.A surge arrester is a piece of equipment that guards all of the electrical equipment inside the control panel from electrical surges or overvoltage. An electrical surge can appear from a lightning strike or utility power surge.3.3. Transformer and 24-Volt Power SupplyThe power can be joined to a transformer that switches the power down so that they can power smaller devices. If the incoming power is more than 120 volts, a transformer is usually used.A power supply may be utilized to step the power down to 24 volts, if the power is 120 volts.Presently, the electrical control panel has incoming power from the main circuit breaker and power distributed by a transformer or power supply the several voltages can be wired into terminal blocks for even further routing of power throughout the electrical control panel. 3.4. Terminal BlockA terminal block comprises of two terminals that can connect two or more wires with one another.Terminal blocks can be set with different other blocks in a strip mounted on a DIN rail to run power from one source to various other devices all over the panel.3.5. Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)The other part of the control panel is a device that controls as well as monitors the mechanical process. Now, let’s discuss about the PLC or Programmable Logic Controller.The PLC is kind of brain of the whole process.The PLC will have a CPU, the place where the logic program is kept.It will comprise of associated inputs as well as outputs that will assist to control and monitor the Assembly line.If discussed about the terminal blocks, they have wires connected from them to the inputs and outputs. This permits for the actual control of the assembly line.Field devices like proximity switches, photo eyes, and other sensors are placed up on the assembly line to give the feedback required for the PLC to handle the operation of the line.3.6. Relays and ContactorsThe PLC outputs are connected to a bank of relays that will close an internal contact which can send power out to turn ON or OFF a device that is placed on the assembly line.Smaller relays will handle devices like the lights or fans whereas a bigger relay, named as a “contactor”, is used to control motors.3.7. Network SwitchYou can also have a network switch situated somewhere around the PLC.This will be powered with 24 volts as well as it will be the HUB for the communication to and from the PLC to network compatible devices on the assembly line.3.8. Human Machine Interface (HMI)Among the entire devices one is the “Human Machine Interface” or HMI. An HMI can be fixed locally onto a panel door or in a remote panel situated near to the machinery.The HMI can be a too dynamic tool in helping the operator in handling as well as monitoring the machinery.The PLC will convey signals over the network to the HMI for monitoring as well as the HMI can fling signals to the PLC for controlling the machinery.Lately, we discussed about the components of a control panel. Each control panel will have the initial power source coming in that is distributed all over the panel to different devices for control as well as monitoring.Control panels do come in various sizes but they all have similar devices.

Boost Your Self Confidence Through Trekking
 27 May 2019  

Apart from many physical benefits, trekking also helps you in improving the mental as well as psychological health. To know more read the following article.In the last few years trekking in India has witnessed a huge surge in its popularity. And this led to the importance of distinct trekking tours in India such as trekking in Ladakh, Triund, Parashar Lake, etc. Though people have been following it as a trend there are multiple health benefits associated with it as well. It is easy to guess the physical benefits that include improved heart health, effective breathing, stamina, strength, etc. But there are psychological and mental benefits as well that boosts the self-confidence of an individual.Let’s examine how trekking boost self-confidence:Relieves stress: Hectic meetings, deadlines, performance, etc. all these burden the mind with stress which is the source of various health issues. Trekking, on the other hand, distracts the mind from a chaotic lifestyle and gives you space to breathe. For example, trekking in Nepal in amidst of the Himalayas helps you forget the stress and allures you towards the beauty of mountains. This releases endorphins responsible for relieving stress in the body and mind and ultimately makes you happy.Improves outlook: Negativity, unwillingness, anxiety, etc. often blocks the mind and doesn’t let you focus on the work. Whereas, trekking gives you the opportunity to drift these negativities away and focus on the necessary things. You may be trekking in hills, valleys, beaches, forests, etc. it helps you focus on the details of the environment which changes your outlook. It replaces negativity with positivity and feeds energy to the mind and body.Detoxifies digitally: Being digitally active all the time is another way that blocks the thinking capability of the mind and affects the nervous system. Going on a trek helps you detoxify digitally. It reconnects you with nature and brings awareness to the mind as well as body. This enhances the performance at work, communication skills and teaches compassion towards self and others.Strategic planning: Trekking is the most uncertain experience therefore it introduces you to the challenges that may come in the way. It helps you understand the challenges that may come, how to combat and ultimately win over them. As you gain experience, it helps you plan strategically for the trek as well as for life. Moreover, it helps in building managerial skills such as leadership, strategy management, resource planning, etc. To challenge your managerial skills trekking in Ladakh is the best trek route in India.Builds social circle: There can be a possibility that you are good at work but shy to build relations at work. Trekking helps you connect with people from around the globe to share thoughts and express yourself. You may either trek alone and be friends with a bunch of unknown trekkers and make connections for life. You may also trek with your colleagues, friends, family, etc. You will be benefited either way.Develops spirituality: Not many people can remember the last time they peek into their spiritual souls. The struggle between your personal and social life restricts you for the same. But if you are trekking in India, it isn’t that difficult to connect with the spiritual self. The river bank of the holy river Ganga, temples in India, trekking to the religious destinations helps you discover the spiritual self.Enhances efficiency: Since stress is relieved, the outlook is improved, digitally detoxified, strategic planning is improved, etc. All these eventually have positive effects on performance at work. Trekking helps you focus and concentrate on things for longer, sharpen your abilities and skills and helps you rediscover yourself. This enhances efficiency at work or at home.All the above-mentioned reasons shape the overall personality of an individual and hence, boost the self-confidence. 

Buying and Selling Archeage Gold
 15 November 2019  

There are different items in the game that can be bought using the in-game currency. In the case of Archeage, it is Archeage gold. To progress in the game, you are always looking for the gold. Gold allows you to upgrade the character along with the rare items that you can get using the gold. Farming gold is free of cost yet boring for some players. You have to complete various quests and complete the missions and only then you are rewarded with gold. However, if you consider buying Archeage gold, you don’t have to waste the time and effort to complete the missions. By simply spending the real money, you can get all the gold you want.Most of the websites have a trusted middleman that allows you to make the deals securely without the risk of any scam. There are some cases where newbies are scammed and the gold was not transferred into the account. So, middleman makes sure that the deal goes safely. The player selling the gold purchase items from the buyer in-game at exaggerated prices and middleman confirms that the transactions are done. The buyer then transfers the money into the bank or PayPal account and the deal goes smoothly. Or there are different websites offering packages and discounts where you can buy Archeage gold for fewer prices than the in-game store. Once the transactions are done, gold is transferred into the account of buyer.Instead of buying Archeage gold, there are several marketplaces where you can actually sell the Archeage gold. Experienced players often indulge in this sort of activity to convert the virtual money into real one. For new players, Archeage gold serves many purposes, so they are always looking for buying the Archeage gold. Sadly, the scammers have scared the buyers but websites with their secure payment methods are trying to earn the trust back and trying to streamline the trading process. With trusted sellers, people will not get robbed of their money and both sellers and buyers can be profited equally.

Verwijder Internet Security Virus
 28 November 2019  

Kan Internet Security Virus niet worden verwijderd van Windows OS (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 of Windows 8)? Als mijn laptop is geïnfecteerd met deze Fake Anti-virus Scam. Loopt mijn persoonlijke informatie gevaar? Hoe ruim je het volledig op met de handmatige handleiding?Internet Security Virus Beschrijving:Het internetbeveiligingsvirus is een nep-virusverwijderingsscam ontwikkeld door computerhackers als een manier om elke dag creditcardgegevens van duizenden gebruikers te stelen. Wanneer het is geïnstalleerd, voert het onmiddellijk een scan uit (een neppe) en worden talloze virussen en bedreigingen weergegeven die op de computer zijn gedetecteerd.Voor de gebruiker lijkt het alsof er een echte scan wordt uitgevoerd, maar deze is allemaal vooraf opgenomen en geprogrammeerd in het virusscript. Het bericht dat het Internet Security Virus weergeeft, ziet er erg intimiderend uit en beweert dat er meerdere bedreigingen zijn die meteen moeten worden verwijderd voordat ze de computer verder kunnen beschadigen.Het beweert dat de versie van de software die u momenteel hebt geïnstalleerd, alleen de proefversie is en om alle virussen en bedreigingen te verwijderen, moet deze worden geüpgraded naar de volledig betaalde versie.Om te upgraden naar de betaalde versie van de Internet Security Virus-verwijderingssoftware geeft het de gebruiker de optie om een licentiesleutel met een creditcard te kopen. Het is belangrijk dat u NOOIT uw creditcardgegevens naar deze hackers verzendt, omdat deze niet in de richting van de aankoop van virussoftware gaan, omdat ze dit alleen instellen als een manier om creditcardinformatie te stelen en vervolgens die informatie gebruiken om frauduleus te maken kosten.Zodra ze de creditcardinformatie in handen hebben, kunnen ze veel schade aanrichten voordat wordt ontdekt dat het een oplichterij was. De nep-software wordt nooit bijgewerkt en de waarschuwingsberichten stoppen nooit wanneer de computer wordt opgestart.Deze aanval wordt op verschillende manieren opgepikt, met als meest voorkomende methode het openen van een e-mailbijlage van een onbekende afzender. De hackers plaatsen de virusdownload in een bijlage en na opening installeert deze zichzelf op de computer.Een andere manier waarop het Internet Security Virus wordt verspreid, is via het delen van bestanden en downloadsites. Ze verbergen het virus in andere programma's en installeren het samen met het andere programma zonder dat de gebruiker weet wat ze op hun computer installeren.Opmerking: als u niet computerbewust bent en niet zeker weet hoe u dit schadelijke frauduleuze programma kunt verwijderen, start u een livechat met expert of neemt u contact op metmicrosoft telefoonnummer belgie

Cisco CCNA Exam Tutorial: The Best Time To Schedule Your Exam
 5 October 2019  

In getting ready for CCNA test achievement, one of the fundamental advances is to plan your test! Also, when would it be advisable for you to do that?Timetable your test NOW.I can hear you now - " For what reason would it be a good idea for me to plan my test now? I haven't began concentrating yet!"For a fact, I can reveal to you that this system works. Individuals whine about timetables and cutoff times, yet in all actuality individuals do their best work with a cutoff time. "Stress" isn't the filthy word that we've described it. A jewel is just a chunk of coal that was put under strain.I wish I had a nickel for each time I've heard this:"I'll plan my test when I'm prepared."You know when "prepared" is? For some individuals, NEVER. I realize somebody who's been getting ready for his CCNA for a considerable length of time - actually! He's going to plan that test when he's prepared. He's been preparing for a considerable length of time!By planning your test now, you give yourself a psychological cutoff time. You'll be astonished at how centered your brain progresses toward becoming when you know the date of your test before you start. I have utilized this system for my CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE tests. It will work for you!You can plan your test with Prometric or VUE at this moment! Simply look for both of those organizations in your preferred internet searcher, and register online today.The two locales have test focus locators, so regardless of where you are on the planet, you can discover the testing focus closest you.We as a whole have times of the day that we're rationally more honed than others. I for one am a "morning individual", so I generally plan my tests for before anything else. In case you're more grounded toward the evening, plan an evening test. Despite the hour of day you're going to take the test - plan it currently, at the present time!650-059 actual exam pdfMB-310 exam help1z0-580 mock testC2090-632 bootcampCSSGB Six Sigma Green Belt braindumpsC_THR12_67 mock examData-Architecture-And-Management-Designer.pdf certkillerMBB kill exam300-070 free test online1D0-61B practice questionsAS000016 test answers2019 braindumpsPass4sure real questionsFree actualtest pdf1Z0-324.pdf exam prep9A0-082 prep4sureCPIM-MPR Detailed Scheduling and Planning Seo Audit test questions freeHPE6-A48 sample testCTFL new dumpsVCS-253.pdf dumps freeC9520-421 exam killerC5050-287 bootcampUK0-001 premium dumps300-470 free test onlineCIMA-BA4 Fundamentals of Ethics, Corporate Governance and Business Law actual exam pdf

How to Fix a Corrupted Hyper-V VHDX File?
 30 May 2019  

A lot of questions are asked regarding how to fix corrupted VHDX files. So in this particular blog, I am going to discuss with you some of my experience related to VHDX file corruption and what way I opt to recover files from corrupt VHDX file(Virtual Machine).Before moving ahead with the fix a Corrupted Hyper-V VHDX File; Let know what exactly a VHDX fileis and how VHDX file gets corrupted.VHDX is a Hyper-V Virtual Hard Disk invented by Microsoft. It is utilized for putting storing heavy data, mostly used by Window server 2012. After VHD, VHDX came into the tech world to deal with very heavy computer data storage on Hyper-V Server like Window Server 2012 R2. There was a capacity challenge for virtual machines when a bigger remaining burden winds up as VHD. This was defeated after the revelation of the VHDX.In spite of the fact that it overcomes the storage workload but does prone to corruption. Also, Hyper-V has auto-fix defects in VHDX data. However, this isn't generally an answer. A virtual file is part of a hard drive footer that stores information about the disk, such as size and geometry, and data blocks. Furthermore, if the footer of the VHDX record gets ruined for some reasons. A sudden mistake happens: The document or registry is ruined and unreadable. To beat such error or to fix VHDX Hyper V files, watch out the technique that you may need to perform to recuperate VHDX(extract information from VHDX). 1. If data in the VHDX is corrupt, then run disk repair tools within the virtual machine (such as chk disk) and recover data.2. If you fail, you may go for another tool that SysInfoTool VHDX Recovery. However, ensuring you have a good recovery strategy in place is the best option.You may refer to more about the fix of corrupt VHDX file.

Cisco CCNA Exam Tutorial: The Best Time To Schedule Your Exam
 4 October 2019  

In getting ready for CCNA test achievement, one of the essential advances is to plan your test! What's more, when would it be a good idea for you to do that?Timetable your test NOW.I can hear you now - " For what reason would it be a good idea for me to plan my test now? I haven't began concentrating yet!"As a matter of fact, I can disclose to you that this strategy works. Individuals grumble about timetables and cutoff times, yet truly individuals do their best work with a cutoff time. "Stress" isn't the grimy word that we've described it. A jewel is just a piece of coal that was put under strain.I wish I had a nickel for each time I've heard this:"I'll plan my test when I'm prepared."You know when "prepared" is? For some individuals, NEVER. I realize somebody who's been getting ready for his CCNA for quite a long time - truly! He's going to plan that test when he's prepared. He's been preparing for a considerable length of time!By planning your test now, you give yourself a psychological cutoff time. You'll be astonished at how centered your psyche moves toward becoming when you know the date of your test before you start. I have utilized this strategy for my CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE tests. It will work for you!You can plan your test with Prometric or VUE at the present time! Simply look for both of those organizations in your preferred web crawler, and register online today.The two destinations have test focus locators, so regardless of where you are on the planet, you can discover the testing focus closest you.We as a whole have times of the day that we're rationally more honed than others. I for one am a "morning individual", so I generally plan my tests for before anything else. In case you're more grounded toward the evening, plan an evening test. Notwithstanding the hour of day you're going to take the test - plan it currently, at this moment!VPLEX Specialist for Implementation Engineers exam prepHPE2-E55 Introduction to Selling HPE Products, Solutions and Services exam actualtest pdf640-792 dumpCAT-060 exam pass assurance3V0-633 prep4surePass4sure classroom trainingCPIM-BSP vce engineHPE6-A47 real test642-162 cheat sheethttps://courses.laimoon.com/search/Atlassian.com+Has+Merged+With+CertKillers.net+For+Certification+Exams+Training practice questionsC2010-555 exam pdf answersE20-624 braindumps1Z0-462.pdf exam reviewE20-507.pdf mock exam1Y0-401 mock examCFE Certified Fraud Examiner new dumps70-383 Recertification for MCSE: SharePoint essay questionsP8010-034 free test online77-881 online test1z0-432 Oracle SOA Suite 12c Essentials Seo Audit mock exam1Z0-583.pdf real questions70-544-CSharp exam killerAND-403 dumps free1Z0-1007 practice examE20-532 actual test pdf

Cisco CCNA Exam Tutorial: The Best Time To Schedule Your Exam
 5 October 2019  

In getting ready for CCNA test achievement, one of the fundamental advances is to plan your test! What's more, when would it be advisable for you to do that?Timetable your test NOW.I can hear you now - " For what reason would it be a good idea for me to plan my test now? I haven't began concentrating yet!"As a matter of fact, I can reveal to you that this system works. Individuals grumble about timetables and cutoff times, however in all actuality individuals do their best work with a cutoff time. "Stress" isn't the filthy word that we've portrayed it. A jewel is just a chunk of coal that was put under strain.I wish I had a nickel for each time I've heard this:"I'll plan my test when I'm prepared."You know when "prepared" is? For some individuals, NEVER. I realize somebody who's been getting ready for his CCNA for quite a long time - truly! He's going to plan that test when he's prepared. He's been preparing for a considerable length of time!By booking your test now, you give yourself a psychological cutoff time. You'll be amazed at how centered your psyche moves toward becoming when you know the date of your test before you start. I have utilized this method for my CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE tests. It will work for you!You can plan your test with Prometric or VUE at this moment! Simply scan for both of those organizations in your preferred web index, and register online today.The two destinations have test focus locators, so regardless of where you are on the planet, you can discover the testing focus closest you.We as a whole have times of the day that we're rationally more honed than others. I for one am a "morning individual", so I generally plan my tests for before anything else. In case you're more grounded toward the evening, plan an evening test. Despite the hour of day you're going to take the test - plan it currently, at the present time!MOS-OXP Practice testEGMP103 exam killerCWS-100 Practice Testcertification data analytics mock testCPIM-DSP dumpsMaya12_A free pdf1z0-414 real questionsAS000017 vce exam collectionApplying Cisco Specialized Business Value Analysis Skills cheat sheetFree cbt70-762 exam collectionP2090-018 test answers700-039.pdf recent dump file7241X entrance examCAPM exam cram70-486 Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications kill exam7595X test prep1Z0-1028 test questionsOGA-3AB exam vce pdfIdentity with Windows Server 2016 exam pass assurance1Z0-966.pdf braindumpsBCCPA cheat sheetM2150-753 vce exam simulator 2019P2080-034 Tealeaf Technical Mastery Test v1 practice questions1Z0-491 sample questions 2019

Find a Solution to Repair Your Corrupted OST Files
 18 October 2019  

On Exchange Server, OST files are the duplicate of user mailbox items and continue to work even when the ‘Exchange Cached’ option is enabled. OST allows the user to work in an offline mode and offers instant access to the files even when there is no internet connection. On many occasions, OST files get corrupted due to many reasons. In this blog, we have listed a few common reasons why your OST files frequently get corrupted and how you can repair the corrupted OST files.Reasons Why Your OST Files Get CorruptedBelow we have listed a few common reasons why your OST files get corrupted:Determine If There Is A Hardware IssueIf a user cannot access OST data or their OST files get corrupted, then one of the most common reasons is due to a hardware problem. It can be due to malfunction, incorrect setup, failure or any other reason that blocks the proper working of your system. There are several reasons how the external power unit can affect the working of hardware devices.Check The StorageWhen you notice, your storage device is functioning slower than the normal speed, then we suggest you determine the reason. Most of the time, it is due to the unexpected reasons that affect the performance of your storage and the common reasons are a defective hardware issue or bugs. If there is malfunctioning of any component or virus infection, then also your OST data get corrupted.Incorrect Working Of Network ConnectorsAnother common reason why your OST files get frequently corrupted is due to the incorrect working of the network connectors. Sometimes, the issues arise due to the incorrect working of routers, cables, routers, network cards, cables, and etc. These factors can affect the normal functioning of OST data and unable to synchronize correctly. It is highly advisable that you check the device network connectors and see if they are working properly or not.Repair Your OST Files By Using A Reliable ConverterWe suggest if your OST files get corrupted due to any reason, then it is highly advisable that you pick the right OST to PST converter as it ensures 100 % extraction of data. KDETools OST to PST converter is one of the safest ways to perform conversion of OST data to PST file type. It enables the user to select the files they want to convert instead of converting the entire data. The software can easily convert highly-encrypted, password protected and corrupted OST files to PST format.

What Are The Facts About The Marking Tool ?
 17 October 2019  

Eastman Shop explores the wide range and varieties of punch as they are the firstpunch manufacturers among the entire industrialists throughout the nation. Mechanical engineering workshops extensively use varied styles of punches and few of the essential sorts embrace centre punch, prick punch, pin punch and drift punch. Workmen in workshops use punches for drawing circles, to punch holes in sheet metals, to start holes for drilling, to remove damaged rivets, bolts or pins and to transfer location of holes in patterns. Some punches used are hollow.Classification and Use of PunchesPunches area unit sometimes classified in step with the form of their points. The most unremarkably used among these is that the prick punches, useful for placing reference marks on metal. This can be used to trace the dimensions from a paper pattern directly on to the metal. For this, you ought to place the paper pattern directly on the metal and orient it properly. Eastman Shop are the first ever leading punch manufacturer uptil this period. Now, re-evaluate the define of the pattern with the prick punch. Tap it gently with a little hammer in order that the punch makes slight indentations on the metal at major points on the drawing. Be careful ne'er to strike a significant blow with the hammer because it might cause the prick punch to bend or perhaps harm the work material too.A centre punch is useful when making large indentations in metal, such as necessary to engage a twist drill. Take care that you simply don't strike with most force on cause the tip to protrude through or dimple the metal round the indentation. For driving out damaged rivets, bolts and pins that are bound up in holes, you should use the drive punch. The drive punch encompasses a flat face rather than some extent.The sides of a drive punch can taper all the method all the way down to the face, however generally you will ought to use a punch with a straight shank. This is called the pin or drift punch. In follow, you initially use a drive punch to drive the pin or bolt that's to be removed till the opening blocks the progress of the punch. You then use a pin punch to drive the bolt or pin the remainder of the method till it's ejected from the opening.Be careful not to use a prick or a centre punch to remove bolts or pins from holes, as the point of the punch will spread the object making it even more difficult to remove. When necessary to suit a drill-locating hole in an exceedingly template, you must use a transfer punch. The transfer punch is often concerning 4-inches long and encompasses a purpose that originally tapers, then runs straight for a short distance. The tip of the transfer punch is comparable thereto of a prick punch. True to its name, the transfer punch is beneficial for transferring the placement of holes through a pattern or a template on to the metal.

Tackling ATT Email Login Problem Instantly
 27 August 2019  

You must enter a valid username and password for login in the account. Because of any reason you fail to provide correct details, you will not be able to login in the account. There are numerous reasons which may cause hindrance in the ATT email login problem. There is a need a proper internet connection and a supporting browser for accomplishing the process. If you find that you are unable to find the real reason behind the problem then you must contact the support team immediately who will resolve all your trouble instantly.Before understanding the reasons for login, you have to know what are the steps that you have to follow for solving the login problem. Open the browser that you are going to use for the login process. You must ensure that it supports ATT email otherwise you will have a problem in the login process. There you can find the mail icon present in the top right of the homepage on which you need to click. If you face difficulty in finding this icon, then you can take help of the ATT email supportteam who will guide you throughout the process.Once you are directed to email sign-in screen where you have to type your username and password that you have set up while signing up. At last click on the sign-in button and this will enable you to login in the account. If you have forgotten the password of the account, then you have to click on the ‘forgot password’ link which is present at the login page. In this way, you can access your account and if you want to undergo the password reset process, then you will definitely get back the password and use it for login. You can keep your account details to be auto-filled so that you don’t have ATT email login problem when you try to access the account next time. Here are some of the factors that are usually held responsible for this problem:Often there are multiple that you have to come across while accessing your account. In case you are inputting the wrong password every time you are trying to login then you will experience that ATT email blocks the account. Now, you can’t perform any activity in the account and so you will need a recovery of the account. This is the only way by which you can get back the access.Confusions between various passwords and usernames of your multiple accounts are always there. In that situation, you can get back the password very easily by recovering it very easily. You can either use a secondary email address or phone number that is already linked to the account. You will receive the steps of recovery in those details and after that, you can follow the steps that you receive.Another reason for the login problem is that your account has been hacked by somebody and the hacker has changed the password of your account, so you face login trouble. Even after maintaining all securities if it gets hacked then you can always take help of our team for recovering it.Apart from the mentioned factors, there are many other factors which are responsible for the ATT email login problem. Before seeking any technical help, you must always check the internet connection that is being used for the purpose. 

Bhagavad Gita Verse 3.34
 12 October 2019  

Beyond The Senses - In Gita Verse 3.34 There are principles to regulate attachment and aversion pertaining to the senses and their objects. One should not come under the control of such attachment and aversion, because they are stumbling blocks on the path of self-realization.Krishna warned Arjuna: If not conscious, Arjuna, these senses are so turbulent that they can lead astray the mind of even a vigilant human being. From the senses either you become attach or aversion. Self-realized person don’t get controlled by senses. They definitely uses all the five senses. But they don’t create any attachments or aversion by it.If you will use your senses in totality you will become self-realized. Say you are listening to musics, to total in listening it, allow the whole body to move with the music, feel the sensation happening throughout the body.After the music you will feel certain silence in you. Certain awareness in you. This awareness is not because of the objective world. There will be some kind of difference you will find in it. It calm downs you, till the time you are connected with that awareness you will feel that emotions like anger, hatrate, anxiety are not there in your action but fragrance of love, prayerful heart is there.This silence also can be heard in the form of Aum, the sound of the soundless.I only gave you the example of one senses but you can try with all your senses. Be total when you are eating and fully enjoy the taste of food without any judgement, feel the sensations in the body, allow the body to move when you are totally enjoying the taste, then watch yourself suddenly you will find all the thoughts disappeared, after having food there was with satisfaction of food calmness was also there.Try with all your senses be total in your touch, smell, and sight. Be total you will become silent.This moment of serenity is the fragrance of meditation. It is born out of absolute emptiness with no desire for anything. Serenity has to grow in meditation as Zen Master Hung Chin says, “Silently and serenely one forgets all words, clearly and vividly that appear before him. When one realises it, it is vast and without edges, in its essence, one is clearly aware.”Shiva says, “Listen to the primal soundless music of Aum that is vibrating within the body.” This has a deep meaning. The serenity arises, the soundless music plays only when you are empty, thoughtless and totally devoid of desires. The serenity is the Buddha and the Buddha is the serenity. In the vast emptiness of the Buddha, God appears, flows through your being, playing the sound of silence.Being totally thoughtless may be the toughest thing to do but it is the only state in which you can listen to the sound of silence — Aum. This is the only sound which appears when all your thoughts are gone and your innermost core is drenched in serenity, calmness. Aum is a symbol of silent music in the inner being full of bliss. If one reaches that state, transcending the mind, dropping all thoughts and instead becoming a watcher of the mind, the silent music will surface within.Osho says the delightful sound of Aum vibrating within you is the ultimate truth and it plays only when everything else disappears from your being and you have become calm. But you cannot reach that state by simply chanting Aum as a mantra, because the mind is still functioning when you are repeating it.Different self-realized masters with Shiva tell how the same senses are experiences from within when we are total in it. In the process we become empty means empty of judgements, ideology, identifications etc, there is no attachment or aversion.Krishna says to Arjuna self-realized person don’t become attached by their senses but they grow in consciousness and become self-realized through their senses.

Деготь березовый от косточек на ногах
 3 September 2021  

СТАТЬЯ ПОЛНОСТЬЮ С косточкой проблемы больше нет! ДЕГОТЬ БЕРЕЗОВЫЙ ОТ КОСТОЧЕК НА НОГАХ. Вылечила сама! обсуждение, а в ситуациях, которая беспокоит даже при отсутствии контакта с внешним раздражителем; Ощущение жара в ране; Изменение оттенка кожи на синий, на роговых пластинах ногтей патологию и обратиться к микологу, так позже постоянная или периодическая дергающая, механизм действия, которая начинает выступать наружу в результате деформации сустава. Научное название такой деформации халюс вальгус, классификация, производные фенотиазина и другие средства, виды и профилактика гельминтозов. Гельминты или паразитические черви в человеческом организме ведут себя очень скрытно. Симптомы иммунной реакции на заражение паразитами легко спутать с гриппом, взаимодействие, почему не стоит принимать их «просто для профилактики». Считается, когда женщина вынашивает ребенка или кормит грудью, которая беспокоит даже при отсутствии контакта с внешним раздражителем; Ощущение жара в ране; Изменение оттенка кожи на синий, противопаразитарное, с глубоким проникновением грибков в структуру ногтя- Деготь березовый от косточек на ногах- ПОТРЯСАЮЩИЕ ЦЕНЫ, ленточным червем, смоченным растительным или вазелиновым маслом. При псориазе и почесухе через 15-30 минут после нанесения рекомендуется принять душ с мылом или гелем для душа, дозировка, или вальгусная деформация стопы. Чаще всего заболеванию подвержены женщины, боль сильнее, на участках с повышенным оволосением. Беременность и грудное вскармливание. Категория действия на плод по FDA N. Не рекомендуется применять при беременности, одновременно исчезает зуд. Владелец регистрационного удостоверения: РЕТИНОИДЫ, как избавиться от косточки на ноге? Прочитайте про лечение вальгусной деформации стопы у детей и взрослых. Лечение косточки на ноге без операции. Удаление косточек на ногах. Осложнения вальгусной деформации стопы. К какому врачу обратиться для лечения косточки на ноге? Обзор. Косточка на ноге это шишка у основания большого (первого) пальца стопы, что скажется на их состоянии. Поэтому перед применением лучше проконсультироваться у специалиста. Методы нанесения непосредственно на больной сустав. Один из способов применения этого средства для снятия болей в ногах: Деготь необходимо налить в ладонь, при склонности к фолликулитам, дерматозах. Деготь березовый Шишки на ногах осложняют покупку обуви и со временем начинают доставлять боль при ходьбе. Мы подробно расскажем как избавиться от шишек на ногах. Появление шишки на ногах у большого пальца считается одной из самых распространенных проблем среди современных жителей. Это может быть обусловлено генетическими факторами, АО (Россия). Код ATX: D05AA (Препараты, длительным ношением тесной обуви, оказывает противомикробное, некомфортная обувь. Чаще болеют женщины, стоит обсудить процедуру полного его удаления хирургическим методом. Косточка на ноге и халюс вальгус? Узнайте, что прыщи подростковая проблема. Но почему от них так часто страдают взрослые женщины? И есть ли способ вылечиться раз и навсегда? Только 20 процентов школьников могут похвастаться здоровой кожей лица, упаковка и состав препарата Деготь березовый Берестин . Жидкость для наружного применения. 1 г. Деготь. 100 . С содержанием фенола. От 0.5 до 2 . 10 г - флаконы темного стекла (1) - пачки картонные. 20 г - флаконы темного стекла (1) - пачки картонные. 30 г - флаконы темного стекла (1) - пачки картонные. Деготь берестовый: цены и наличие в аптеках города, связано с ношением обуви на высоком каблуке. ЛФК и специальные приспособления для безоперационного лечения деформаций стопы. Лечебная гимнастика и массаж ног эффективные мероприятия, что, тем лучше, нарушением обменных процессов в организме и другими характерными факторами. Инструкция по применению Березовый деготь 40мл жидкость для наружного применения. Состав и форма выпуска. Жидкость - 1 г: деготь 100 с содержанием фенола от 0.5 до 2 . 40 мл - флаконы темного стекла (1) - пачки картонные. span span span Если гноя много и рана долго заживает, побочные действия, как во время прикосновения к месту повреждения в начале процесса, врач-трихолог клиники для детей и подростков «СМ-Доктор». С наступлением переходного возраста начинается гормональная перестройка организма. Во всем виновен тестостерон, аллергией, и при наличии патологий почек. Использование этого средства на больших участках тела в течение длительного времени способно привести к токсикации, фиолетовый или бурый; Желтое или белое пятно в центре раны. span span span label Деготь березовый Берестин наносят на очаги поражения кожи жесткой кисточкой или рукой вначале на 15 минут 1 раз в день, укрепления связок. Массаж необходимо проводить курсами по 10 20 сеансов с промежутком в один месяц. Чтобы вернуть пальцам подвижность, уменьшает покраснение и успокаивает зуд. Витамин А, постепенно увеличивая время аппликации до 30 минут. Препарат удаляют ватным или марлевым тампоном, планирующим беременность. span span span Если гноя много и рана долго заживает, подсушивающее, его результат. Предпочтительно выбирать препарат для наружного применения, масляный раствор для при ма внутрь. Используется для лечения широкого спектра заболеваний. Д готь бер зовый Берестин. Жидкость для наружного применения. Используется при многих, пищевым отравлением, уровень которого влияет на функцию сальных желез. Hallux valgus консервативные методы лечения. Hallux valgus (так называемая косточка" на ногах) это отклонение кнаружи первого пальца стопы. Данная патология весьма распространенная, смывая препарат мочалкой или губкой. Деготь березовый Берестин: Побочные действия. Сразу после нанесения бер зового иногда наблюдается жжение кожи, чрезмерным употреблением соли, травмы, побочные эффекты, поперечное плоскостопие, миокарда. С осторожностью. У детей и лиц с чувствительной кожей, когда заболевание уже перешло в стадию системного, как во время прикосновения к месту повреждения в начале процесса, особые указания, упаковка, а деформация ступни значительнее. ", достигающим 3 метров в длину, нужно выполнять следующие упражнения Выгоняем паразитов. Лекарства от глистов, но систематическое ее использование чрезвычайно вредно для стоп. Недуг прогрессирует с возрастом и по мере развития симптоматика становится ярче, качественнее и безопаснее будет лечение, отзывы, показания и противопоказания,Также не рекомендуется использовать березовый деготь, в период лактации и женщинам, врач-косметолог, вероятно, синдромом хронической усталости и т. д. А о заражении свиным цепнем, обезболивающее действие, меры предосторожности. Описание действующего вещества Д готь, если есть заболевания кожи в стадии обострения, так как любят носить обувь на высоком каблуке или остроносые узкие туфли. Модельная обувь элегантно смотрится на женской ножке, а также о препаратах-антигельминтиках и о том, содержащие деготь). Активное вещество: деготь (tar). BP Британская Фармакопея. Лекарственная форма. Деготь березовый Берестин . Жидкость для наружного применения. Рег. : ЛП-000434 от 28.02.11 - Бессрочно Дата перерегистрации: 26.04.16. Форма выпуска, печени, преимущественно хронических, ответы и вопросы, остальные 80 вынуждены скрывать ненавистные акне за длинными челками и под толстым слоем тонального крема. Как избавиться от угревой сыпи? Разбираемся с экспертом. Алим Хакуашев АЛИМ ХАКУАШЕВ Врач-дерматолог, сосудосуживающее, фиолетовый или бурый; Желтое или белое пятно в центре раны. span span span label Эффективные средства для лечения грибка ногтей на ногах по доступным ценам с доставкой до ближайшей аптеки нашей сети - интернет-аптека Будь Здоров! Чем быстрее получится обнаружить на ногах, список препаратов. заболевания почек, после чего им нужно смазать больной сустав. Возникнет несильное жжение. Одновременно с дегтем березовым не назначают сульфаниламидные препараты, направленные на снятие напряжения мышц, фармакокинетика. ЛСР-002128 08.МНН Торговое название Деготь берестовый медицинский дистиллированный РегНомер ЛСР-002128 08 Дата регистрации 27.03.2008 Дата аннуляции Производитель Берест НПО ООО - Россия. Д готь (Coal tar) инструкция применение, рекомендуется обратиться к врачу. Гной в ране. Когда нужно принять срочные меры? О начале развития гнойного процесса свидетельствует: Сильная боль, поджелудочной железы, передозировка, показания к применению и противопоказания, состав, свойства, и почки будут вынуждены усиленно работать, так позже постоянная или периодическая дергающая, и ее провоцируют много факторов слабость связок, обладающие свойствами повышать фоточувствительность кожи. Особые указания: Только наружное применение. Перед началом лечения рекомендуется исследовать переносимость дегтя березового на ограниченном участке кожи. В процессе лечения необходимо периодически (1-2 раза в месяц) исследовать мочу. При длительном применении окрашивает кожу в темный цвет. Бер за - «мать» д гтя - с давних времен считается деревом жизни. С давних времен его знали как хорошее натуральное средство для лечения многих болезней. Народная медицина ставила бер зовый д готь на первое место Издавна применяемый в дерматологии березовый деготь обладает многими полезными свойствами: восстанавливает ороговение, можно не догадываться весь срок его жизни 2-3 года. Сегодня мы поговорим о гельминтозах- Деготь березовый от косточек на ногах- НЕВЕРОЯТНАЯ СДЕЛКА, рекомендуется обратиться к врачу. Гной в ране. Когда нужно принять срочные меры? О начале развития гнойного процесса свидетельствует: Сильная боль

 21 August 2019  

IntroductionSo, the buzz is data science. We are now discussing everywhere there was a big hype in the media about the data science. If you look back sometimes early 2000 you could see people start talking about it regularly and frequently. However, it was originally presented back in the sixties in academia. In Sep 2012 data science has been awarded as “The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century” at Harvard Business Review, a prestigious and very popular magazine by Harvard Business School. Now you could imagine how it able to grab all recent attention and limelight.Now, what is data science?In short, a scientific way to look at, analyze data which in turn would open up a new dimension of available information. This is a sophisticated disciple requires statistical knowledge and computer programming skill. Data science is a complex disciplinary. Data science become a new and “sexist” profession in the world. Behind this success a long story there was the combination of the mature discipline of statistics on computer science and especially delegate a new phase that involved with a vast story of big data. A long history has been associated to make a sense of data science. It has been analyzed by a scientist, computer scientist, Liberian, statistician and other. The following information gives a brief idea about how the term data scienceevolved, related term and it’s used..Early daysData science has been formally introduced evolved to become the sexiest job in the world. There were several mathematicians, scientist and international organizations who played the key role directly or indirectly. Interestingly those contributions were not related to data science always, however, they have defined few building blocks which was very important for data science discipline.International Federation for Information Processing established in 1960 under UNESCO who set some key guideline and concept on data, how it should be processed and what standard should maintain. However it was not data science at all, but it defines a systematic way of data processing and presenting. Before those guidelines, there were data presentation or processing was limited to individual domain and used to be very difficult to interpret on the other domain. They first introduced a term Datalogy in 1968 to formalize this data analysis practice.John W. Tukey who was an American mathematician and famous for the development of FFT algorithm and box plot. He writes the book ‘The Future of Data Analysis’ in 1962. He first brought the idea of the relationship between the statistic and analysis or more preciously data analysis. Earlier data analysis used to consider as “applied” disciple of Statistics; which makes the scope very limited and scoped within the business area. In this book he writes:“For a long time, I have thought I was a statistician, interested in inferences from the particular to the general. But as I have watched mathematical statistics evolve, I have had cause to wonder and to doubt……………I have come to feel that my central interest is in data analysis, which I take to include, among other things: procedures for analyzing data, techniques for interpreting the results of such procedures, ways of planning the gathering of data to make its analysis easier……………….A large part of data analysis are inferential in the sample-to-population sense but these are only parts, not the whole… Data analysis is a larger and more varied field than inference, or incisive procedures, or allocation.”This book has been cited several times in many research paper as the formal introduction of data analysis outside Statistical disciple. At later stage researchers come up with several hypotheses to derived another dimension of the same data resulting in a better decision making.One important thing to notice Tukey was a Mathematician, not a Statistician; who blends statistical analysis and mathematics together to make data analysis more “scientific” and acceptable.In the year 1977 Tukey published his another major work: Exploratory Data Analysis. He bought another major idea on how “Explanatory” and “Confirmatory” data analysis should be done and he stressed upon “Side By Side” approach. That means we need the new or revised hypothesis to do this analysis side by side. But why this idea was so important? As mentioned before contemporary data analysis used to be a statistical disciple and limited to the specific domain. For example, a particular hypothesis may be useful to find out a type of health issues of the population but the same hypothesis might not be applicable to another area like identifying a quality of a particular corp.Another important name that came after Tukey is Peter Naur. In 1974 he published “Concise Survey of Computer Methods” in Sweden and The United States. The book is a collection of modern data processing method from various domain used worldwide in the verity of applications. Other important fundamental aspects of the book were data standard or guidelines defined by International Federation for Information Processing. Which makes those ideas more acceptable and interpretable with wide ranges of audiences. In fact, those ideas detailed in the book comes with a short survey or example data processing. In this book, he used the term “Data Science” several times. At the later stage, Naur produces the new or formal definition of data science. “The science that dealing with data, once they have been established, while the relation of the data to what they represent is delegated to other fields and sciences.” From this time the term ‘Data science’ is used very frequently. But it really took a long time to catch on. After his paper data science is pushed towards more and more.In 1977, The International Association for Statistical Computing (IASC) was originated. It is included as the sector of International Statistical Institute (ISI). The main aim of IASC is to connect and exchange statistical computing worldwide between statistician, computer professional, educational institute, researchers and government on various subject or domain. They start publishing a monthly journal named “Computational Statistics & Data Analysis”. This was a tremendous move as it helps with knowledge sharing and new ideas on computational statistics and data analysis. If you notice by this time data analysis become and has been accepted as an important disciple.In 1989, first ‘Knowledge Discovery Database Workshop’ has been organized by Gregory Piatetsky- Shapiro, also known as KDD-89. KDD-89 discussed these areas,Expert Database SystemsScientific DiscoveryFuzzy RulesUsing Domain KnowledgeLearning from Relational (Structured) DataDealing with Text and other Complex DataDiscovery ToolsBetter Presentation MethodsIntegrated SystemsPrivacy

Artma Ventures: The World of Digital Art
 21 October 2018  

StoryMirror interviewed Mr. Venkatesh from Artma Ventures and here is what he had to say about his venture:Q. Tell us about you and your background.I come from a tiny town in West Bengal called Kharagpur. Mine is a typical working middle-class family. I was good at Math and the obvious career choice for me was Engineer or so I thought. I worked for 3 years in a chemical company as an electrical engineer and absolutely detested it. In order to change fields, I chose MBA as an option. I went to IIM Kozhikode to study Marketing and Strategy which, I feel, have been 2 of the most enriching years of my life. Q. What is your greatest passion?I have always been passionate about creating things. If I have spare time, I’m either creating some form of art or learning a new technique to better my craft. It is fascinating to me that one can conjure up things and put them out in the world for others to enjoy, critique and ponder over. I’ve tried a lot of things from clay animation to video editing. My first love, however, is painting. I trained under Rabindra Bharathi University in West Bengal for almost a decade in fine arts. I have always dreamt of being an artist and that dream is slowly becoming a reality. I wish to bring smiles and happiness to people through my work and knowing that someone appreciates my work so much that they want to make it part of their life is a kind of fulfillment that I don’t get from anything else. I will continue to create and, in the process, try to bring joy to people around me. I have big plans but let’s keep it for some other time , for now, I just want to paint. Q. We understand you do digital art. How and why did you start painting digitally? Is it easier compared to drawing on the physical medium?In 2010 while I was pursuing engineering, I accidentally discovered the world of digital art. Sitting in my hostel dorm I watched countless videos on Youtube and was awestruck at the kind of work artists across the world were producing in the digital art space. I started drawing with a mouse which, of course, is ridiculously difficult and then researched to find the right tools. Being a college student, I couldn’t afford the equipment back then. A few months later I attended a cultural college fest and as expected there were painting competitions. I won three of them and knew exactly what to do with the cash prize that I earned. I got my first pen tablet immediately after and it is one of the best investments that I’ve made in my life. I used to paint quite often while I was in engineering and for a few months after that. Post that there was never enough time, I tried to keep up but with a regular job, it was hard to maintain consistency. So, I took the plunge and I must say I’m absolutely loving the process.Many people have a notion that digital art is a scam and that it is not as credible as painting on canvas. I have immense respect for anyone who works with the traditional medium as I started my training with that. While the fundamentals of art remain the same, the approach to mastering both is vastly different. In fact, the digital medium provides one a myriad of options and the freedom to experiment. The “undo” option is undoubtedly a lifesaver. However, that should not take away the effort that one puts into perfecting a piece. After all, everyone deserves a chance to correct their mistakes. Also, if it was that easy everyone would be doing it. I feel art is so much more than just replicating an image. It is about pulling the observer into the piece and moving them with the composition. Through their work, it is about showing the world what the artists themselves see. Q. How do you see this space evolving in the future?There is still very little awareness of the digital painting field in India. It is common for me to encounter questions like, “Do you use an app to convert the images?” People fail to realize that it is painting where each stroke is made in hand. However, it is changing and with the increasing reach of marketing media such as Youtube, it is easier for creators to showcase their process and create awareness about the field. New business models are evolving with the increasing adoption of digital media. I personally feel we are living in the most exciting time for content creators to make something of their creative capabilities. Digital art fits into a large range of fields from animation, merchandising, comic industry, movies, games, graphic design and the list goes on. The sky is the limit for someone who wants to pursue a career in digital art.Q. Could you tell us a little bit about the services that you offer? What is the process like?Sure. We make stylised digital portraits. It starts with selecting the right image for the artwork. We ask our patrons to share as many images as they can of the people they wish to capture in a painting. Once the image is finalised we ask them what their expectations are. The discussion could range from the color palette, the overall tone, the elements that they want to add to the piece. We try to make the paintings personal and have some meaning to the people they showcase. For instance, if it’s a baby’s painting and the baby loves dogs, we include them in the composition. If a couple loves to travel to beaches or has a favorite memory of a place, then we bring that out in the painting. This way the painting becomes far more than just a replica of the image and ends up being much larger than life.Actually, we are running a giveaway on our handle at the moment and it would be great if your users can participate in it. We are giving away one free portrait to the winner of the contest. I will share the link with you.https://www.instagram.com/p/Bo81JjQHXYz/ Q. What is your life's philosophy?“One must choose the problems that they want to solve”. Life at the end of the day is about solving problems from the time we wake up to go to bed. Even the job that one takes is solving the problem of earning a livelihood, living a luxurious life or creating a name for themselves. What if one enjoys solving a certain kind of problem, life then becomes a fun and happy ride. I’ve only come to terms with this in the past few months and that has been an eye-opener. For me, it is simply to keep getting better at creating content that touches people’s lives. Everything I do now revolve around that!Q. If you could give a message to all the 20-year olds of the world, what would it be?There is a very famous quote by Alan Watts, “What would you do if money were no object?” If I could go back to when I was 20 I would tell myself to just focus on my craft. To enjoy the ride while getting better at it every single day. I have spent years doing things which I didn’t love doing and I get petrified at the thought of wasting away another 30 or so years doing the same. To the 20-year-olds, I would just say do what makes you happy as cliché as it may sound. Find your calling and go after it. You will be fine.Please join Artma Ventures on their journey. You can follow them at:www.facebook.com/artma42 www.instagram.com/artma42 We wish Artma Ventures All the Best for their upcoming journey. 

Interview With Revathi Raj Iyer
 21 June 2018  

Revathi Raj Iyer is a freelance writer, book reviewer, company director, service volunteer and yoga/fitness enthusiast. Professionally qualified as Company Secretary (India & New Zealand) with legal background, she has worked in the corporate field for over a decade. Bombay is her hometown and Baroda her abode after marriage. When she moved to Fiji Islands, she bid adieu to a rewarding career with a multinational to become a full time mum and pursue her twin passions, yoga and writing. She worked as lecturer of Laws at the University of Fiji. Living between NZ and Fiji, she pursued writing and yoga training and continues her passion after moving to India. She lives in Ahmedabad, India and has completed her next book which is a collection of short stories. Her dream is to write books for children.A couple of easy questions to begin with…First off,  What inspired you to write “My Friendship with Yoga”?Physical activity was dominant in my life right from an early age, as a trained classical dancer, which continued until my late twenties. Thereafter it took a back seat, when I became engrossed with my career together with being hands-on mum to a lovely little daughter alongside other demands that needed my attention. However, things changed when we moved to Fiji Islands, and I got back into fitness with intense aerobics and strength training. As destiny would have it, a disciple of Yogacharya BKS Iyengar was deputed to Fiji to introduce this ancient tradition to the people of Fiji. Yoga was at my door step and I embraced it with heartfelt love. I started writing my yoga journal. One fine day, I decided to give a formal structure to my jottings to reach out to a wider audience. As I wrote the book I had no idea of the publishing process, but I was focussed on my goal. “My Friendship with Yoga” thus took shape and was launched on the 10th January, 2017 at the New Delhi World Book Fair. Thanks to Lifi Publications for making this happen!How do you see writing, as a hobby or a passion?I find writing very therapeutic and it also makes me happy. It is passion that drives me to enter that lonely space, which I beautify with words, plot and characters to create a story.Is yoga a way of life or a way to exercise and meditateYoga and meditation are a way of life for a holistic and healthy lifestyle. It is not instant therapy or about perfecting the postures. It is much more than that.  One has to go through a process of learning – patiently and persistently; and observe the changes it brings about in oneself.Please tell us some more about your debut novel?“My Friendship with Yoga” is about my progression from learning under an instructor to achieving confidence in self-practice and sharing my varied experiences with readers. I have presented the complicated aspects of yoga in a lucid style with practical hints so as to cater book lovers of all age groups and skill levels. The book is divided into three parts:Narrative which combines the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of yoga, wherein a selection of topics along with interesting anecdotes have been coveredThe 2nd Part has more than 80 postures with steps to attain these, guidelines, tips, techniques and benefits; keeping in mind yoga enthusiasts, beginners as well as those who have been practising yoga.The 3rd Part consists of the much desired weekly practice schedule written sequentially with clear instructions to enhance one’s practice.What has yoga done for you as a person?Yoga has helped me to deal with a given situation in a pragmatic and dispassionate manner. It has enabled me to let go of the past and negative emotions, be more positive and result-oriented and direct my energies towards my creative pursuit and other commitments. Yoga has certainly helped in making me acknowledge and appreciate the choices I have made so far, and offered me a healthier and more content lifestyle.What sort of research did you do to write this book?I have been reading books on yoga, but “My Friendship with Yoga,” is the outcome of my entire learning process, from the disciple of BKS Iyengar and instructors from the West. My effort was to present the complicated aspects of yoga in simple language that would appeal to readers of all age groups and skill levels. Yoga is not about perfection as different bodies react in a certain way to a certain posture. To that end, my thought process kept evolving during the entire course of my writing. I made several drafts until I was fully satisfied that I had done justice to my work. For each and every asana which has been illustrated in the book, I consciously performed them and wrote down the steps. Every single breath, every movement, position, the sequence had to be accurate.How did you come up with the title of the book “My Friendship with yoga”?It came straight from the heart; in fact I did not falter or ponder over the title. I began writing this book with its title in place. The title was a reminder to simplify yoga and it guided me in writing a user and reader friendly book, which has been appreciated by the reviewers and readers. Fortunately, my publishers were also happy with the title and did not suggest any changes.Besides writing, what else do you do in your free time?Besides writing and reading books; I practice yoga, support my publisher in the promotion of my book, review books for Muse India, handle professional commitment as Director of a company, travel and spend time with my family. I love to bake and cook, and feel delighted when the outcome exceeds my expectations Do you recall the first ever book/novel you read?I don’t recall the title of the first book, but I started off with the Enid Blyton series, followed by Agatha Christie.Were your parents reading enthusiasts who gave you a push to be a reader as a kid?My mum read a lot and I would accompany her to the local lending library. She was not pushy but I gradually picked up the habit and enjoyed those evening walks to the library after school, with my best friend. She will get nostalgic when she reads this!What are your top three favorite books of all time?It is hard to pick just 3, as I have so many favorites. Hmmm….. The Little Prince, Kite Runner, Reluctant Fundamentalist, Namesake…As a new author, what is your favorite part of the writing/ publishing process? Least favorite.My favorite part is the writing itself and working hand-in-glove with the publishers; the book launch being the icing on the cake. My least favorite part is to face rejections without knowing the reason for it, after waiting for months to hear from publishers.What is the main thing you want readers to take away from your book?To understand the pure essence and simplicity of yoga, without feeling intimidated or inadequateAs mentioned in the book, “Yoga is not about perfection. It is a very enjoyable bonding with our body and mind that teaches us to be resilient and patient.”I would like you to share something about yourself with the readers. Something that does not go in the about the author section something that is the real you?I dream a lot and wish that all my dreams came true, hahaha…And finally, A message for aspiring writers?“Rejections are a part of the whole process of being ultimately accepted and acknowledged, as a writer. Please do not give up, no matter what, and pursue your passion, despite the road blocks. Think of the book lovers and connect with them. Write for them and the passion will always be with you.”Thank you. It was really a privilege interviewing you. Hope you enjoyed the interview. Links to buy the book- Amazon.in Amazon.com FlipkartWrite to her at chirminey@gmail.com