Demands are continuous in a relationship,whether it’s a maternal bond , a paternal bondage or a smoky blossom of love,we all are use to it, and often fulfill it to the extreme.

Sometimes we hold on to it and redeem it as love or else we are not up to the mark which in turn has two outcomes,the first one is disappointment,rusty criticism,dilemma,and above all the melodramatic approach of society(i.e like beta aur kya hua ki nahi job.marriage,carrier etc-).

The second one is that cozy warmth of encouragement from respective products.

Yaah products ,i may sound weird and would expect a throw of rotten eggs accompanied with a pair of flip flops but to be honest with you all ,In my point view-

Every relation is like wholesome product with so called add on package .Nevertheless these are somehow our disguised destinations.

Sometimes when we are in a race to credit ourselves with a fully satisfied demand,we often discover what we are ,who we are and what should be our destination, so in a way somehow it’s beneficial.

It’s true to expect your ward’s good carrier graph but a graph of marks never ever assures linearity and smoothness in one’s life.

We all do our respective hardwork that may vary from nothing to everything.Sometimes we end up fulfilling it or either delaying it but if we are not up to the mark with demands ,usually after with  effortful  approach to it,we are just in a verge of disappointment.

This often lead a way to depression ,drugism,mental abuse etc.

Not only for “education”-the best demand in the market,we also face disappointment to some extent while having other products like love,friendship,colleagues,etc..

To have love(demanding product ever) and to survive with it’s demand in order to avoid the inflation is like coming out of a 0.2mm snake hole.

Of course to have a quality time with the special one,is the most required demand that should be fulfilled first,But who the hell has termed it as a definition of “loyality”. What does loyality actually mean?

It’s like she/he is not okay when you are in a conversation with someone else but it’s okay for him/her to have a private chat with others.

It’s okay for him/her to just reject your call when you are in need but it’s not okay to reject his/her call while you are busy with some serious stuffs.

It’s fine for him/her to go on a date with you and never trying to know your weak finances. 

Is this what love demands or is it loyality??? Is it love?

It’s not possible to just hang out everytime,with these other demands encircling a homo-sapien ,it’s not easy to survive and fulfill the demands of “LOVE”.

LOVE should be that product which strengthens & comforts you,built you when you are broken ,cherish you with all emotions.

But now a days its like  most available yet disappearing  product in this market(SOCIETY).

Available because no body gives a shit on being heart broken,. To move on has become the most followed trend.

It’s like having someone for a week and the next week you find another one because the first one has ditched you or vice versa.

Who are these people justifying this as love???

Is it love???

No rather it’s that trend which are being followed by some drastic hooligans who just want to show off whatever they want.So basically it’s hard to survive and deal with this product ,and on top of that we couldn’t find the real version of this product.

The next product that we deal with is friendship ,this product has both demands and credits.

Moreover friendship is a bridge between colleague and opportunity.

In this case the demand known as “sacrifice” arise as the best ever gross liability.Further if it comes to choose or grab an opportunity ,and if opponent is your near and dear friend it literally becomes a dense situation.

So fact lies that we should mend the bridge so strong that whoever serves as a deserving traveller (i.e either you or your friend ) would grab that opportunity. 

The demand associated with this case is of two categories

The first category is the mix emotion of joy,pleasure,suppression of wierd feeling.

The second category deals with that wierd feeling which is suppressed in some corner of  your soul.That feeling of being surpassed by a dear one ,that feeling of jealousy ,feeling like lost ,feeling blank not because you lost the opportunity rather it’s because your friend grabed it.

All these demands are like lifting up a mountain,and to fulfill it is next to impossible .

Now moving on to the credits, this product has a variety of benefits, but fact is to choose the right brand of this product.

A “Right brand” never blocks you in dark side, it always shows you the lightened one. As for example a true friend(brand) never reacts to your positive side rather he/she reacts and probably will be the first one to point your weaknesses ,mistakes ,overconfidence.

These beneficial criticism is the most needed for someone to develop himself in every genre. 

Although it’s somehow misunderstood in an other way.But being trustworthy and having trust on right brand’s verses are two different kinda thing.

And hence we get the idea of demand and credit of this product ,that’s nothing but trust.

Coming back to the most important relation that we share is the maternal and paternal bondage.

Both are equally important to us, a  comparision of these true bonds are strictly a disrespect to the almighty.

But today’s present scenario deals with the so called “generation gap”.

Literally if we go through the concept of generation gap we find that most of the youth are more associated with their smart gadgets than the most everlasting product.

Yaah the durability of product matters the most ,and with this hybrid world all around the only everlasting bond that strengthens us is our family.

So why are we more engaged with those less durable products which even expires after a couple of years and often replaced with its new version.

The only everlasting entertainment is mom’s one liners. Dad’s everlasting possessiveness is the greatest asset and never ever replacable antivirus protection version we have.

So why are we racing behind those gadgets which doesn’t even satisfy it’s own browsing apps.

A father’s possessiveness doesn’t have a subscription validity and neither mother’s so called one liners which often make you annoyed have it.But without her one liners life will be a mirage.

It gives you immense pleasure and bundle of mixed emotions when you hear such lines like(kuch mat kar waise he bethi reh,pata nahi badi ho ke kya karegi).

It’s the only free ,most precious and durable package that this product have.So blessed and lucky we are to have this product and that to from day one.

The demands of this product are always for our credit ,but the case of dispute arises when we have our own demand to lead our life.

In somecases our demands are a better choice to fulfill but to surpass their demands is not the only way out.

We should make them understand our demands and their credits and how this could help us lead a better life.

And I’m sure many of us might have done this when it comes to choice of carrier ,partner ,etc.

Its our sole responsibility to make them clear which demand is a better choice.

With this i would conclude my commercial approach to relations.Hope my point is clear to all readers and their is no intention of disrespecting anyone...