In an effort to stopover defaulting agents like Vijay Mallya and Nirav Modi from escaping the country, an inter-ministerial board has suggested the Home Ministry stiffen the Passport Act. The home ministry had instituted a panel to guise into the matter of Indian passport holders locating dual citizenship — which was the case through fugitive diamantaire Mehul Choksi.

Millionaire jewellers Nirav Modi and his uncle Mehul Choksi are key suspects in multi-billion bank scam in India, and they together fled the nation weeks earlier the CBI snaked an FIR contrary to them.

After detailed examination, the board regulated by the Financial Services Secretary Rajiv Kumar recommended alteration in the Passport Act to a pact with the intentional defaulters and cheats fleeing the country, PTI cited a basis as a proverb.

Amongst the associates who were part of the board include delegates from Reserve Bank of India, Central Bureau of Investigation, Intelligence Bureau, and Enforcement Directorate. Besides, senior bureaucrats of the Ministry of Home Affairs besides Ministry of External Affairs were also measured of the board.

The reference is important as in the cases where a person is in control of passport of another country, it turns out to be very problematic for the establishments to get hold of that individual in the state of financial wrongdoings. Just this week, it was stated that Mehul Choksi got a nationality of Antigua two weeks earlier CBI had started a probe in the PNB scam.

In the previous few months, the government has taken numerous steps to stop financial criminals from parting the country. Subsequently, Nirav Modi and his uncle Mehul Choksi escaped the country, the Finance Ministry requested public sector banks to gather passport particulars of all those debtors who have lent loans of more than Rs 50 crore. The banks have also been enquired to announce modifications in the loan request form delivered to a borrower to include his or her passport particulars.

Previous this month, the Parliament approved the Fugitive Economic Offenders Bill, 2018 — which places down the actions to authorize Indian authorities to attach and remove proceeds of crime related with financial criminals and the possessions of the financial criminals and thereby discourage financial criminals from escaping the procedure of Indian law by residual outside the jurisdiction of Indian courts.

“This bill is an operative, speedy and legitimate way to halt these criminals from running away. Legislative variations or a new law essential be in place to remove the assets of such absconders till they don’t current themselves before the courts. We will also work out what has to be done with the removed assets,” Finance Minister Piyush Goyal newly held.

To remain in line with the global standards, Indian passports may soon not comprise any info printed on its last page. The info will be accessible in the government’s record and can be check by establishments through the barcode located in the passport. As of now, on the last page of the passport comprises names of father/legal guardian, mother, spouse, and address. The choice has been occupied by the administration in order to diminish the info on the passport.

The report specified that while smearing for a new passport, the applicant wants to pass in the address, however, the same will not be published on the last page. The police will transmit out the necessary confirmation of address as stated in the application.

In a declaration, MEA representative Raveesh Kumar held, “A Board has been set up which embraces the administrators of the Ministry of External Affairs and the Ministry of Women and Child Development. This has been done to inspect various issues connecting to passport applications where mother/child had maintained that the name of the father should not be stated in the passport. Also, subjects connecting to the passport of children through a single parent and adopted children.” He also held, “The statement of the Board had been putative by the Ministry. One of the references of the Board was that the Ministry of External Affairs should discover the option of doing away with the printing of info limited in the Passport colour such as names of father/legal guardian, mother, spouse, and address confined in the last page of the passport.”

Raveesh Kumar sustained, “The Ministry has inspected the reference of the Board in discussion with the various stakeholders, inspected the rules of the International Civil Aviation Organization concerning Machine Readable Travel Documents and obvious that the last page of the passport and additional travel documents distributed under the Passports Act, 1967 and Passport Rules, 1980 would no longer be published.” The MEA representative held, “…the passport containers through ECR status would be dispensed a passport with orange colour passport jacket and individuals with non-ECR status would endure getting a blue passport.”