Everyone is quite aware of the restless life in the corporate marketplace. The stresses, anxiety, depression, pressure for performance, hectic work schedules are some of the synonyms that best describe this place. One of the best and cheapest ways to handle the heated life of the corporate marketplace is to introduce yoga. It yields a myriad of benefits such as brings positivity in the work environment, releases stress and anxiety, boosts confidence, enhances overall performance at work, etc.

Since yoga will be practiced at work one needs to have proper guidance to teach yoga. A yoga center in Gurgaon offers programs on how to teach yoga in the marketplace. The following article focuses on some of the tips that will be helpful in teaching yoga in the corporate:

  • Never miss the yoga accessories: As you will be teaching yoga at the workplace it may not be possible that everybody has yoga accessories available; especially when you will be surrounded by new learners. It may happen that they forgot to bring their mats or you are teaching poses that need blocks. Your students will have to miss the practice session as they don’t have either of them. To avoid the same, always carry extra yoga mats, blocks, towels, etc. 
  • Be welcoming to newcomers: Teaching yoga in a corporate office is completely different from teaching at a yoga center in Gurgaon. In corporate yoga teaching, you may be surrounded with newcomers or may be a combination of newcomers and yogis. You need to make sure that you maintain a balance during your sessions. The more welcoming you will be for newcomers, the comfortable they will be with you.
  • Plan for the right sequence: Since there is almost no physical activity during the corporate working hours, planning for the right sequence becomes an utmost priority of your yoga session. Choose yoga poses that are useful in opening their chest cavity, shoulders, lower back, and even buttocks. To make sure that students are on the same page as you are, introduce the poses along with their benefits and why are they doing it. Adding pranayama to the yoga sequence will have an edge over benefits for your students as it will help them manage their mental as well as physical health.
  • Don’t miss layering: While in the corporate setup, it is difficult to manage the room temperature. Hence, the best solution to this problem is the layering of the clothes you wear. You may remover or wear it as per the temperature, if you have prepared for it in advance. Don’t forget to share the same with your students.
  • Avoid fluorescent lights as well as dark rooms: If you are teaching yoga under fluorescent light, it may not let the students feel the warmth of yoga. Similarly, if you are teaching in a dark room, it may induce sleep or laziness. Therefore, avoid fluorescent lights as well as dark rooms. You may teach under diminishing lights or lamps; this will help them focus and will also be a rejuvenating experience for them.
  • Feedbacks play an important role: Once you are through with the session, always ask for feedback from the students. This is because the positive feedbacks will help you market yourself at another level and negative feedbacks if any will help you improve. You may also ask your students to write testimonials that you can save in a feedback file.

Following these tips will not only helps you in gaining experience but will also help you in marketing yourself. Moreover, if you come across any yoga practitioner during corporate yoga training, you may encourage them to enrol for yoga teacher training in Delhi, Rishikesh, Kerala, Nepal, etc.