On this International women's day, I sat and thought about, “What do I see in the women around me?”

My mother, my grandmothers, many aunties - they are all women who are adventurous, ambitious, adaptable, compassionate, considerate, firm yet affectionate. Countless words. Today, women are pioneers.

But, if I somehow whizzed back in time and told my great-great-great grandmother that I would like to be an astronaut or even just go to work, she would be appalled. Our society is defined by traditions. And we were slowly letting meaningful traditions become mental blocks and stereotypes.

However, change happens. The world is changing - one tiny step at a time. Today, women are pioneers, visionaries, explorers, adventurers and what not. And we always have been. Maybe we were never given a chance before to be what we could be. Now, opportunities are lurking in every nook and cranny. 

Women are inspired, imaginative, inventive, insightful, perceptive, far-sighted with an eye on tomorrow. And I would love to be one of them…