Borderlands 3 is a popular action shooting game that is the fourth edition of the series. There are four classes available using which you can complete side missions and quests.

The game offers many rare items that can encourage you to proceed in the game. Getting a rare thing is not an easy task, but Gamers are always looking to find a rare item in Borderlands 3.

You can use shift codes to get golden keys, which leads to exceptional items. However, you can also get some of the items using Eridium currency, but the chances of getting rare loot through Borderlands currency is a bit difficult.

Shift Codes

With the help of Shift codes, you can earn golden keys, which leads to different cosmetics items. These keys encourage you to gain fantastic loot in Borderlands 3. Shift Codes generate Golden keys using which you can get the chest on Sanctuary that helps you in winning loot.

They are sometimes also given by the official on Borderlands social channels. However, you might require a Shift account if you want to use the keys, so make sure to sign up.

Golden Keys

Using the VIP Rewards program, you can obtain Golden keys. Players can use these keys to open chests that might assist you to earn random awards. These rewards may be a BL weapon or other stuff. You can also get such rewards using the Eridium.

If you lack the currency, then don't worry because there are many trusted sources from where you can buy Eridium currency from real money. But make sure that sources are fully trusted because there is a lot of scam going on in the name of in-game currency.

How to get Golden Keys?

As you are familiar with the Shift code and Golden keys, now you might be thinking about how to get the keys? Finding golden keys are not a much-complicated thing. Different methods are available using which you can get these keys.

Once you start the game, go to the menu section, and press social. At the top side, you may encounter an envelope icon, click on it. Now you will enter the main menu from where you can collect all the golden Keys or VIP rewards that are available for you.

So if you want to get a unique chest, mods, rare guns, and other loot stuff, then ensure to keep a close eye on the main menu so that you don't miss any key. Besides this, you can also get the Shift code from online sites.

But finding a valid shift code from websites or other platforms might be a tiring task, but you can find one after some tries. You might also find these codes on Borderlands' official twitter account or Facebook page when they are released.

The reason that the shift codes are challenging to get is that the Shift codes get expired within a single day. Only a few codes remain for a couple of days.