Fuel is a non-renewable resource used extensively in our life. Used to power electricity, cars and more it is vital ingredient for transport, food and entertainment.Fuel thus plays an indispensable role in our life and is vital for humanity to survive. Its wide spread implications is why imagining life without fuel is neigh impossible.

However we are currently facing an enormous fuel crisis. Fuel such as petrol and coal were formed millions of years ago. We have been draining the earth of this vital resource up to the point where a minuscule amount remains. Fuel is imported from countries at exorbitantly high prices, which is why petrol, a fossil fuel is referred to as 'Black Gold'. This has caused an economic crisis in developing countries. It took millions of years for fuels to form and at the rapid pace we are exhausting them, it is likely that we will have finished our oil by 2050.

Fossil fuels have a catastrophic effect on our delicate environment. Burning of fuels release carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. This causes disastrous phenomenas such as burning acid rain and climate change.

Global consumption of fossil fuels has increases more than 1300 fold from 1800. This has caused a sharp spike in temperature-and global warming will continue unless we leave 80% of our fuels in the ground.

Thus preserving fossil fuels and looking for cleaner options is the need of the hour. Simple methods of reducing our intake of petrol and diesel and driving economically, reducing load and maintaining tire pressure along with carpooling and limited use of air conditioners can really go a long way. Burn fat, not fuel- Choose to walk or ride a bicycle as much as possible.

Another innovative method to conserve fuels is by using biodiesel. This is a recycled version of used oil. Oil is combined with alcohol to produce an efficient and clean fuel- biodieselThis method helps solve the problem of waste management and fuel conservation, killing two birds with one stone.

Usage of renewable energy sources such as hydropower, wind energy an solar power is ideal. Solar panels and wind turbines are used to generate clean energy. in 2003 Swiss explorers developed a revolutionary aircraft which was capable of flying day and night using only the power of the sun. It was flown around the world, conveying the message to switch to cleaner fuels. The same energy-efficient solutions found in this airplane can be used in our daily life. They could replace our old polluting devices, help improve our energy consumption, reducing our carbon footprint and help us preserve our precious natural resources.

Thus, by following these simple steps, we can fuels for a better environment, earth and future!!