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Your search for History of Shab-e-Barat
Where to Buy the best collection of Bridal Wear?
 5 September 2019  

The designers of Pakistani dresses have contributed a great deal in the style business. The commitment of designers Pakistani wedding dresses collection 2019 is amazing for wedding occasions. Design is the language of your body. Your appearance matters a great deal. The magnificence of your dress is the pride of your character. For marriage dresses, you must be so cognizant as it is the event on which the wedding couple particularly ladies needs to look fabulous, amazing and grand on mehndi, barat and walima day.Our Pakistani style planners have worked a ton in the design business from the most recent quite a few years to make us demonstrate the bearing towards the most recent patterns. The top most famous style creators like Fahad Hussayn, Zainab Chottani, Nomi Ansari, Teena Durrani, Sania Maskatya, Mirusah, Asim Jofa, and Elan have done great work on ladies wear including both easygoing dressing and marriage wedding dresses by and large. Pakistani Wedding Dresses Pakistani Collection 2019 Pakistani top style creators of 2019 propose a tremendous accumulation of marriage dresses on various wedding services including mehndi, barat, walima and nikah capacities. You may discover the majority of the Pakistani wedding dresses accumulation at one spot by visiting our most recent marriage wedding dresses and increasingly most recent one beneath. A dumbfounding, best and a remarkable gathering of bridals wedding dresses by Pakistani lawn suits most famous planners is being exhibited to you. This is no uncertainty a valuable accumulation found anyplace.Asim Jofa Latest Bridal Lehnga DressesAsim Jofa accumulation has an imprint in the market. Here we present probably the most recent wedding dresses of this brand. His dresses for the most part have overwhelming weaving work and lie in the classification of Banarsi. The greater part of the wedding wear articles of asim jofa are intensely weaved chip away at resham utilizing brilliant and grayish shading. They are great in their look and plan due to weaved themes at wedding lehnga and peplum style shirts. They are no uncertainty one of the best accumulation of Pakistan and win the heart much time at off the incline and numerous other design appears.Zainab Chottani Bridal Dresses CollectionZainab Chottani has novel marriage dresses in her accumulation like wow in sound. Her Pakistani wedding dresses are great just as glitzy. The decent shading shades and regal magnificence causes the lady of the hour to wind up look significantly amazing. She thinks of ultra interesting hues like fiery remains dark, light pink and other light hues adorned with Swarovski precious stones, globules, dabka, nakshi take a shot at sleeves and bodice. This style originator renowned for the weaved work everywhere. Its most famous brand among the style circles. Big names picked Zainab Chottani dresses because of every one of these reasons.Interested in buying Pakistani wedding dresses? Browse on to Affordable.pk and select from a wide variety of bridal dresses. If you have any questions contact our customer support and they will guide you through the whole process.

Cisco CCNP / BSCI Exam Tutorial: Filtering BGP Updates With Prefix Lists
 5 October 2019  

A significant piece of your BSCI and CCNP test achievement is acing BGP, and that incorporates sifting BGP directing updates. In this instructional exercise, we'll investigate how to channel BGP refreshes with prefix records.R4 is promoting three systems by means of BGP. The downstream switch R3 sees these courses and places them into its BGP table as demonstrated as follows. R3 has two downstream BGP companions, R1 and R2, and is publicizing itself as the following bounce IP address for all BGP courses sent to those two switches.C2070-981 IBM Case Foundation V5.2, Specialist Seo Audit real q&aMS-500 exam reviewC_TADM55_75.pdf brain dumpsAP0-001 ACME Packet Exam certkillerEADA103 ArcGIS Desktop Associate 10-3 Jsfiddle free practice testC9510-052 Collaborative Lifecycle Management V4 entrance exam1V0-605.pdf Practice Test200-125 vce exam collectionMB0-001 CompTIA Mobility+ Jsfiddle prepawayCISA mock testTawk entrance exam1V0-604 VMware Certified Associate 6 - Network Virtualization Fundamentals Jsfiddle real testP2170-037 real testtraining exam date real test9A0-150 online vceCLSSBB Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt free testCQA real questionsC2180-376 kill examAWS-006 BPS Oncology Pharmacy Seo Audit free practice test300-170 vce exam simulator 2019PEGACSSA.pdf exam review156-215-77 Check Point Certified Security Administrator Jsfiddle real testRPTM Data Center Design Or Construction Seo Audit test questions and answerscertification s4 hana exam cramMB-300 study guideR4(config)#router bgp 4R4(config-router)#network veil veil veil ip bgpBGP table rendition is 4, nearby switch ID is codes: s smothered, d damped, h history, * legitimate, > best, I -InsideBeginning codes: I - IGP, e - EGP, ? - deficientSystem Next Jump Metric LocPrf Weight Way*> 0 4 I*> 0 4 I*> 0 4 IR3(config)#router bgp 123R3(config-router)#neighbor next-bounce selfR3(config-router)#neighbor next-jump selfThusly, both R1 and R2 have these three courses in their separate BGP tables.R2#show ip bgpBGP table variant is 4, nearby switch ID is codes: s stifled, d damped, h history, * substantial, > best, I -InnerCause codes: I - IGP, e - EGP, ? - inadequateSystem Next Bounce Metric LocPrf Weight Way*>i21.0.0.0 0 100 0 4 I*>i22.0.0.0 0 100 0 4 I*>i23.0.0.0 0 100 0 4 IR1#show ip bgpBGP table rendition is 4, neighborhood switch ID is codes: s smothered, d damped, h history, * substantial, > best, I -InsideSource codes: I - IGP, e - EGP, ? - fragmentedSystem Next Jump Metric LocPrf Weight Way*>i21.0.0.0 0 100 0 4 I*>i22.0.0.0 0 100 0 4 I*>i23.0.0.0 0 100 0 4 IIn the event that we needed R3 to get every one of the three of these courses from R4 yet not promote every one of them to R2 and R1, we have several alternatives on the best way to hinder these courses. Cisco's proposal is the utilization of prefix-records, and once you become acclimated to the linguistic structure (which you ought to do before taking and passing the BSCI), you'll see they are really simpler to use than access-records.For this situation, we will arrange R3 to send just the course to to R1 and to R2. Notwithstanding, we do need these two switches to get any future courses that R4 publicizes into BGP.Since R1 and R2 will find out about these courses from an iBGP neighbor, they won't publicize the courses to one another.On R3, we'll compose a prefix-list that denies and, however allows every other course. In the wake of applying the prefix list as appeared, R1 sees just the course.R3(config)#ip prefix-list FILTER_R1 deny prefix-list FILTER_R1 deny prefix-list FILTER_R1 grant le 32R3(config)#router bgp 123R3(config-router)#neighbor prefix-list FILTER_R1 outR3#clear ip bgp * delicateR1#show ip bgpBGP table rendition is 6, neighborhood switch ID is codes: s smothered, d damped, h history, * substantial, > best, I -InteriorStarting point codes: I - IGP, e - EGP, ? - deficientSystem Next Bounce Metric LocPrf Weight Way*>i21.0.0.0 0 100 0 4 IThe ways to and have been effectively sifted.We'll do likewise for R2, aside from the course not being explicitly blocked is The line "ip prefix-list license le 32" is the prefix list likeness a "grant any" announcement in an ACL.R3(config)#ip prefix-list FILTER_R2 deny prefix-list FILTER_R2 deny prefix-list FILTER_R2 license le 32R3(config)#router bgp 123R3(config-router)#neighbor prefix-list FILTER_R2 outR3#clear ip bgp * delicateR2#show ip bgpBGP table form is 6, neighborhood switch ID is codes: s stifled, d damped, h history, * substantial, > best, I -InnerRoot codes: I - IGP, e - EGP, ? - fragmentedSystem Next Bounce Metric LocPrf Weight Way*>i23.0.0.0 0 100 0 4 IThe ways to and have been effectively separated.To see the prefix records arranged on a course just as the request for the announcements in each rundown, run show ip prefix-list.R3#show ip prefix-listip prefix-list FILTER_R1: 3 passagesseq 5 deny 10 deny 15 license le 32ip prefix-list FILTER_R2: 3 sectionsseq 5 deny 10 deny 15 license le 32Get a few hands-on training with prefix records and you'll rapidly ace them. Prefix records are a significant piece of working with BGP in the test room and generation systems, so it's fundamental that you are open to working with them.

Mengenal Jenis - Jenis Manga dan Anime bagi Pemula
 7 December 2020  

Mengenal Jenis - Jenis Manga dan Anime bagi Pemula- Manga dapat diterjemahkan secara bebas sebagai gambar-gambar aneh. Di Jepang, kata tersebut mengacu pada semua komik, sementara di tempat lain hanya merujuk pada komik dari Jepang. Anime dapat dianggap sebagai mitra layarnya. Berita anime dan manga biasanya mengacu pada serangkaian karya, tetapi itu tidak sepenuhnya merupakan bagian dari definisi. Keduanya memiliki ciri khas yang membedakan dengan media seni lainnya. Kenali dunia manga dan animesaku Jepang yang menakjubkan.Sejarah MangaManga secara tradisional dibaca dari arah kiri-ke-kanan, terlihat 'terbalik' bagi banyak penonton Barat. Praktik ini berawal dari Periode Heian dan Kamakura di Jepang, ketika gulungan ditulis dengan cara ini. Manga modern dalam bentuknya saat ini diperkirakan berasal dari era pasca-Perang Dunia II. Sensor yang diberlakukan oleh pasukan Sekutu dicabut, dan kreativitas berkembang. Seperti banyak literatur Jepang yang hebat, salah satu seri manga paling awal juga ditulis oleh seorang wanita. Sazae-san karya Machiko Hasegawa diterbitkan di surat kabar Fukunichi Shinbun pada tahun 1946. Manga, Anime, dan KawaiiBukan rahasia lagi bahwa banyak manga dan anime yang mencoba meraih status kawaii (imut). Seniman kontemporer Takashi Murakami percaya ini bisa dijelaskan dengan kembali ke awal. Pendudukan Sekutu tidak membantu. Menurut Murakami, artis dan publik beralih ke gambar kawaii yang tidak berbahaya sebagai pelarian dari realitas bermasalah mereka. Apakah ini berpengaruh atau tidak dalam bentuk manga saat ini masih bisa diperdebatkan. Kebangkitan budaya kawaii tidak benar-benar terjadi sampai tahun 1970-an, setelah Keajaiban Ekonomi Jepang dan ledakan budaya konsumen.Bagaimana Karakteristik Manga dan Anime?Karakteristik Manga dan AnimePerbandingan komik Barat dengan manga akan menunjukkan perbedaan gaya yang besar. Pertama, manga sering kali menampilkan closeup wajah yang mendetail, dan berfokus pada manifestasi fisik emosi. Karakter bahkan dapat berubah bentuk untuk mengekspresikan keadaan mereka saat ini dengan lebih baik. Misalnya, mereka mungkin menumbuhkan taring saat meneriaki seseorang, menandakan kemarahan mereka. Tapi ini tidak mempengaruhi realisme komiknya.Tema Manga dan AnimeDi Barat, komik populer seperti Superman dan Batman menampilkan pahlawan berkostum yang menyelamatkan dunia sendirian. Jenis komik ini belum pernah sepopuler ini di Jepang, meski tentu saja selalu ada pengecualian. Banyak anime dan manga menampilkan pahlawan wanita atau pahlawan yang realistis, meskipun sisa hidup mereka tidak begitu biasa. Tema dan latar belakang manga dan anime tidak terbatas. Dari Japanese Psycho-Pass futuristik, di mana hukum dan ketertiban ditentukan oleh mesin, hingga Natsume Yuujinchou (Buku Teman Natsume) modern, di mana seorang anak laki-laki dapat melihat roh dan harus mengembalikan nama mereka, ceritanya terbatas pada manusia. imajinasi.Gaya Anime yang BerbedaMenandukIni ditandai dengan konten yang sangat kejam dan berdarah. Ini memiliki fitur ecchi atau hentai, yang membuatnya lebih mencolok dan ditujukan untuk penonton dewasa. Itu menjadi lebih menarik ketika dibuat dengan gaya yang menyampaikan perasaan intrik, komedi hitam, romansa, antara lain.SpokonIni mengacu pada anime dengan konten olahraga, yang menonjolkan nilai-nilai seperti persahabatan, upaya fisik dan mental, persahabatan serta persaingan dan persaingan. Hal ini menyebabkan penonton emosi ingin menjadi bagian dari klub olahraga dan mereka yang sudah terlibat dalam perasaan dikenali.RomakomeIni adalah komedi dengan sentuhan romansa, ditujukan untuk semua jenis penonton. Ini sebagian besar diatur dalam kehidupan sekolah dan disertai dengan elemen realistis seperti fantasi dan supernatural.Tokoh Mana yang Paling Anda Suka?MeitanteiIni biasanya tidak umum, mereka dapat ditemukan untuk berbagai macam audiens. Ini memiliki kisah hebat yang memiliki sentuhan intrik atau misteri. Ini digunakan untuk menampilkan anime dengan cerita polisi.MechaGenre ini biasanya terletak pada fiksi ilmiah. Istilah tersebut mengacu pada mekanik. Dengan kata lain, sekering adalah robot yang memiliki karakteristik berbeda seperti ukuran raksasa, senjata yang kuat, dan sebagian besar dirancang untuk keperluan militer.ShojoIni ditujukan untuk wanita dan anak perempuan, berisi keterikatan, komedi, konflik cinta dan biasanya karakter remaja. Ini berfokus pada topik seperti persahabatan dan kencan, yaitu masalah kehidupan sehari-hari.Maho shojoYang satu ini, sebagian besar karakternya memiliki kekuatan magis untuk melindungi sesuatu. Mereka kebanyakan melibatkan kehidupan sosial dan sekolah, dengan prioritas diberikan kepada karakter utama yang perempuan atau perempuan muda. Ini adalah variasi shojo, karena mempertahankan komedi dan romansa.GekigaIni disajikan kepada penonton dewasa, bukan karena memiliki konten seksual, tetapi karena mengacu pada gambar yang dramatis. Mereka umumnya memiliki plot yang rumit dan fokus pada kehidupan sehari-hari masyarakat.JoseiIni mengacu pada manga dan anime yang ditujukan untuk penonton wanita. Ini adalah versi cerita dan karakter yang lebih realistis dan sebagian besar tidak mengandung materi eksplisit. Mereka biasanya tentang kehidupan sehari-hari dari tokoh utama yang adalah seorang wanita. Ini berfokus pada pengalaman kehidupan perguruan tinggi, sekolah menengah atau wanita dewasa.KemonoIni sebagian besar ditujukan untuk penonton anak-anak, yang disertai dengan komedi. Hal ini ditandai dengan fakta bahwa beberapa karakter memiliki ciri binatang atau sebaliknya.KodomoMemiliki cerita dan tema yang familiar, memiliki banyak penonton berkat plotnya yang sederhana, durasi yang singkat, dan gaya yang menyenangkan, berani, dan lucu. Ini ditujukan untuk audiens anak-anak dan berbeda dari yang lain karena tidak mengandung elemen untuk audiens dewasa.EcchiSebagian besar dimainkan oleh karakter pria, dengan sedikit pengalaman cinta membuat plotnya menarik. Artinya cabul, biasanya digunakan untuk anime yang mengandung humor di beberapa momen yang bersifat seksual. Apakah Anda Menyukai Anime?YaioIni adalah varian dari shojo. Temanya masih salah satu hubungan romantis, hanya pada laki-laki, seperti mengatakan roman homoseksual. Anime jenis ini sangat banyak dilihat oleh penonton wanita. Dalam anime jenis ini terdapat dua karakter yaitu yang dominan (seme) dan yang didominasi (uke).YuriSama halnya dengan yaoi, satu-satunya perbedaan antara aksi dan romansa adalah antara wanita. Istilah seme berubah menjadi tachi dan ukeShonenDia adalah jenis kelamin untuk laki-laki (laki-laki). Temanya juga sedikit sederhana tetapi dengan lebih banyak aksi baik itu perkelahian atau plot yang lebih dalam dan beberapa romansa. Ini adalah salah satu genre yang judulnya biasanya sedikit lebih panjang dalam hal bab dengan banyak episode yang terisi.SeinenIni untuk penonton pria yang lebih dari Shonen dan Shojo, dengan kata lain, anak muda dan bukan anak-anak karena temanya yang umum. Plotnya memiliki lebih banyak kekerasan dan seks implisit. Mereka cenderung memiliki bagian berlubang dan lebih konkret daripada Shonen serta episode pengisian yang lebih sedikit. Demikian pembahasan tentang Berita Anime dan Manga yang harus Anda ketahui, semoga bermanfaat.

 21 August 2019  

IntroductionSo, the buzz is data science. We are now discussing everywhere there was a big hype in the media about the data science. If you look back sometimes early 2000 you could see people start talking about it regularly and frequently. However, it was originally presented back in the sixties in academia. In Sep 2012 data science has been awarded as “The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century” at Harvard Business Review, a prestigious and very popular magazine by Harvard Business School. Now you could imagine how it able to grab all recent attention and limelight.Now, what is data science?In short, a scientific way to look at, analyze data which in turn would open up a new dimension of available information. This is a sophisticated disciple requires statistical knowledge and computer programming skill. Data science is a complex disciplinary. Data science become a new and “sexist” profession in the world. Behind this success a long story there was the combination of the mature discipline of statistics on computer science and especially delegate a new phase that involved with a vast story of big data. A long history has been associated to make a sense of data science. It has been analyzed by a scientist, computer scientist, Liberian, statistician and other. The following information gives a brief idea about how the term data scienceevolved, related term and it’s used..Early daysData science has been formally introduced evolved to become the sexiest job in the world. There were several mathematicians, scientist and international organizations who played the key role directly or indirectly. Interestingly those contributions were not related to data science always, however, they have defined few building blocks which was very important for data science discipline.International Federation for Information Processing established in 1960 under UNESCO who set some key guideline and concept on data, how it should be processed and what standard should maintain. However it was not data science at all, but it defines a systematic way of data processing and presenting. Before those guidelines, there were data presentation or processing was limited to individual domain and used to be very difficult to interpret on the other domain. They first introduced a term Datalogy in 1968 to formalize this data analysis practice.John W. Tukey who was an American mathematician and famous for the development of FFT algorithm and box plot. He writes the book ‘The Future of Data Analysis’ in 1962. He first brought the idea of the relationship between the statistic and analysis or more preciously data analysis. Earlier data analysis used to consider as “applied” disciple of Statistics; which makes the scope very limited and scoped within the business area. In this book he writes:“For a long time, I have thought I was a statistician, interested in inferences from the particular to the general. But as I have watched mathematical statistics evolve, I have had cause to wonder and to doubt……………I have come to feel that my central interest is in data analysis, which I take to include, among other things: procedures for analyzing data, techniques for interpreting the results of such procedures, ways of planning the gathering of data to make its analysis easier……………….A large part of data analysis are inferential in the sample-to-population sense but these are only parts, not the whole… Data analysis is a larger and more varied field than inference, or incisive procedures, or allocation.”This book has been cited several times in many research paper as the formal introduction of data analysis outside Statistical disciple. At later stage researchers come up with several hypotheses to derived another dimension of the same data resulting in a better decision making.One important thing to notice Tukey was a Mathematician, not a Statistician; who blends statistical analysis and mathematics together to make data analysis more “scientific” and acceptable.In the year 1977 Tukey published his another major work: Exploratory Data Analysis. He bought another major idea on how “Explanatory” and “Confirmatory” data analysis should be done and he stressed upon “Side By Side” approach. That means we need the new or revised hypothesis to do this analysis side by side. But why this idea was so important? As mentioned before contemporary data analysis used to be a statistical disciple and limited to the specific domain. For example, a particular hypothesis may be useful to find out a type of health issues of the population but the same hypothesis might not be applicable to another area like identifying a quality of a particular corp.Another important name that came after Tukey is Peter Naur. In 1974 he published “Concise Survey of Computer Methods” in Sweden and The United States. The book is a collection of modern data processing method from various domain used worldwide in the verity of applications. Other important fundamental aspects of the book were data standard or guidelines defined by International Federation for Information Processing. Which makes those ideas more acceptable and interpretable with wide ranges of audiences. In fact, those ideas detailed in the book comes with a short survey or example data processing. In this book, he used the term “Data Science” several times. At the later stage, Naur produces the new or formal definition of data science. “The science that dealing with data, once they have been established, while the relation of the data to what they represent is delegated to other fields and sciences.” From this time the term ‘Data science’ is used very frequently. But it really took a long time to catch on. After his paper data science is pushed towards more and more.In 1977, The International Association for Statistical Computing (IASC) was originated. It is included as the sector of International Statistical Institute (ISI). The main aim of IASC is to connect and exchange statistical computing worldwide between statistician, computer professional, educational institute, researchers and government on various subject or domain. They start publishing a monthly journal named “Computational Statistics & Data Analysis”. This was a tremendous move as it helps with knowledge sharing and new ideas on computational statistics and data analysis. If you notice by this time data analysis become and has been accepted as an important disciple.In 1989, first ‘Knowledge Discovery Database Workshop’ has been organized by Gregory Piatetsky- Shapiro, also known as KDD-89. KDD-89 discussed these areas,Expert Database SystemsScientific DiscoveryFuzzy RulesUsing Domain KnowledgeLearning from Relational (Structured) DataDealing with Text and other Complex DataDiscovery ToolsBetter Presentation MethodsIntegrated SystemsPrivacy

[MindCypress ] Online Digital Marketing Course (SEO ,PPC )Google Certified Training Program
 9 November 2019  

[MindCypress ]Online Digital Marketing Course (SEO ,PPC )Google Certified Training Program Digital MarketingOnline Digital Marketing Course Lets us take a mindcypress view from both perspectives. But first of all, let's have a small brief about the history of Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing has now mindcypress remarkably improvised in the last decade to emerge as an industry itself. We can ascertain the growth of Digital marketing in parallel with the growth of Search engine giant Google, which has Online Digital Marketing Course now become one of the top global companies. It started with Search Engine Optimization with on-page customisations, Email marketing, SEO Friendly practices, and then one by one every part of Google Analytics, Social Media, Video Marketing, Lead marketing, viral marketing, content writing, online advertising, affiliate marketing made it into a large group of marketing practices that we call it Digital Marketing today. Online Digital Marketing Course mindcypressStarting As an InternOnline Digital Marketing Course Coming back to mindcypress the main topic for starting as an Intern without any knowledge in Digital Marketing. You will be given low-level work to start with,mindcypress You will get your hand dirty from the beginning. Learn things more practically. You will depend more on instruction from seniors or help from coworkers to even do a single thing. Chances of making Online Digital Marketing Course the wrong move are quite high as you just don't know anything. And you will probably learn from these mistakes to further improvise on your skill. Most probably you will not be paid for the first few months as you start as a trainee offering no value to the company. Online Digital Marketing Course mindcypressAlthough you will have more practical exposure from day one, still growth will be stagnant as most companies will prefer certified professionals. And might take more years to grab the top positions.How Certification Changes Your Perspective?A short course of a few months will give you a lot of insights about market fundamentals. Basic of SEO Social Media and its growth Paid Advertising (Google, Facebook, Instagram)White Hat and Black hat SEO practicesOnline Digital Marketing Course You will have mindcypress a complete idea about the various skills and how to grow in a competitive environment to grow further. With certification, you will get opportunities for interviews right away and start earning from day one. Few candidates with excellent learning curves are often selected by top companies with high packages during campus selection at the end of their course completion. Online Digital Marketing Course mindcypressFuture OpportunitiesOnline Digital Marketing Course When mindcypress you apply for jobs in the MNC or large companies these certificates add as an educational background to give you more preference in selection. With acquiring skills and experience you can also gain top hierarchical positions in the organization.Growth of Social media and E-Commerce further revolutionized online marketing. Online Digital Marketing Course But it has now taken a broad view by mindcypress merging all forms of promotional activities to be called 'Digital Marketing'. As a professional one must understand SEO friendly practices and keep themselves updated with changing scenarios to be at the top of their skills always. At we offer dynamic Digital Marketing courses with 36 modules that offer information from scratch to advanced level. With more than 10000+ students successful certified, we have become a symbol of excellence for transforming the next generation of Digital Marketing Professionals. Online Digital Marketing Course mindcypresswww.mindcypress.com

Surendra literature on the back drop of history
 30 January 2018  

Past of the present has its foundation on the present of past and what is not present becomes past in the coming days, a page in history. If ancient history, medieval history and pre and post independence history of India are taken as base, many stories pass through the screen of memory and many characters in the stories come to front. That history contains from truth and on the base of the truth, rests some legend. The so called legends are developed into full fledged literature embracing major and minor characters. That is the special trait of Mr. Surendra Mohanty.Literature has different divisions consisting of Autobiography, Biography, Short stories, Essays and Novels. To look at these divisions of Oriya literature, would reveal the literary maturity and artful handling of them by this versatile writer. Rather it can be told that there is no easier and developed medium to recollect history on path of readers other than the writings of Sri Mohanty. Surendra literature has an identity of its own on its mythological and historical background.SHORT STORY SECTIONThe short stories days back to the emancipation of the Jews under the leadership of Mojes, from the shackles of Egyptian empire, to the rise of Orissan Empire, its history laden with rise and fall, fortune and bad days with rich historical knowledge. The short story collection ‘Kabi O Nartaki’ is based on mythological and historical characters.BIOGRAPHYStarting of British occupation of Orissa in 1803, and decline of Orissa nationalism till 1903, the declaration of regeneration and rebirth of it from the platforms of Utkal Sammilani the history of Orissa over a century is epitome in the Biography of Utkal Gourav Madhu Babu ‘Shatabdira Surya’ is unique.Surendra Mohanty’s autobiography ‘Patha o Pruthibi’ discloses the declining trend of values and morals of the post political landscape of India as well as Orissa.NOVELSHis milestone creations ‘Neela Saila’, ‘Neeladri Bijaya’, ‘Krishnabenire Sandhya’ on the background of 16th century history of Orissa Gajapati kingdom give inklings of Orissa history, its achievement and subsequent disintegration which revolves round the great lord Jagannath. On the other hand, his novels ‘Andha Diganta’, ‘Neti Neti’ on the back drop of British rule, pre and post independent Orissa highlights the ups and downs in political and social life.Be it a case of flood or famine, where individuals are treated like pawns on the political chess board, his writings represents the soul of oppressed, mute individuals, their silent protest on established moorings of society and indifferent bureaucracy. His literature had the echoes of unfulfilled dreams, aspirations, frustrations of the common man as its background and foundation.This will offer an interesting subject to be looked into and to be researched.

Review of Wheels of Wish
 9 June 2018  

Title :Wheels of WishAuthor : Bibhu Datta RoutBlurb : Imprisonment of a couple in the Dwapar Yug and the creation of magnetism at Sun temple in Konark has a great deal of linkage to a missing boy in the 13th century carrying the mightiest power of the universe that transcends in time across generations leading to an alleged rape and murder accusation to the story's protagonist, an investment banker Shashank Chaudhary in 2008 who flies from New York to Odisha to find himself trapped in an 800 years old enigma. A biological allegory that unfolds a historical and mythological mystery that counts back in time as far as the epic Mahabharata. One that surpasses time and the material world with its mathematical calculations within physical elements. Unexplainable evidences, puzzling data, conspiracy theories and unheard secrets intermingle with one another to create plots in the history of time that have been startling scientists and mythologists to date. It's now in the court room that he must face his worst fears and probably the world's greatest held secret, a rare phenomenon of a chromosomal defect, from an unexpected guest.My View : The blurb of the book will definitely fill the curiosity in the reader’s mind. The lovely cover and the title Wheels of Wishes worked completely in grasping my attention making me more curios to unfold the story residing in the book.All the characters are portrayed beautifully; the author very well briefs about the characters at the beginning of the book but still a reader may get confuse as there are numerous characters dwelling in the story. The story is locked with a lot of drama having tints of history and mythology. The way author has painted the details of history is really commendable. Author must have done a lot of research in order to portray such details clearly in his book. Portraying such kind of stories requires knowledge and skills.The tagline on the cover of the book already suggest that the story holds a crime; author has crafted the story very well and the crime revolving around the other events having details of history lands the reader on a different node. The story goes on switching its way from past events to present. The book also contains the hues of love of Shashank and Roohani, murder mystery, rape case and lot more to locate. The writing style is simple which makes the reading journey easy for me. Articulation of the sentences could be much better which will help in attracting the reader’s mind. I found the narration of the story moderate which weakens the links between the reader and the story. Fascinating Read!Rating : 3.5/5Reviewer : Megha Biloniya

How long is 'Long Term' in Equity?
 16 March 2018  

For someone running the last 100 meters of a 42 Km marathon, one sec can seem to be quite a time. On the other hand, to change a simple habit in your life, a decade may seem quite small. Long Term, therefore, is a relative term in life. But it is not so in equity investments. Whether it is mutual funds or stocks, we can define Long Term quite precisely, clearly and objectively - with logical data points.Let us see how.'Being Dead' as an Investment StrategyFidelity Investments recently conducted a study in the US to find out what kind of investments provided the best returns. The results were startling for anyone who feels is a smart investor. The study revealed that the highest returns were from investors who had completely forgotten about their investment for years, or even decades. A good proportion of these investors who were enjoying amazing returns, had actually died a long time ago. The study, therefore, concluded that the most profitable strategy may be to do exactly what a dead person would do - which is nothing.Why should we define 'Long Term'?A long-term investment is often associated with lesserrisk. We just understood from the above study that the longer the term, the lesser the risk - since volatility is averaged out over a period of time.To augment our statement, just have a look at the last 5 year returns of BSE Sensex:9% , 42% , -9% , 16% & 10%The overall annual returns stand at 13%Now, 13% is a fabulous annual return on your investment - but the variability (volatility) is high. During any short period, you could face poor returns - or even losses (as in Year 3). These poor returns are (over)compensated by a great occasional phase (as in Year 2). As you increase the term, the risk will keep reducing. But how long should we keep increasing the Term of investment? For sure, we do not want to die just trying to get good returns. We want to get the returns and use them too - in this lifespan. Isn't the purpose of an investment to get the returns and use the money as well as the returns arising from it? What use is the money if it just keeps growing and you die of old age? The end purpose of money and investments was always to spend it optimally, so as to facilitate happiness in our life.Therefore, to strike a balance, we must define a Long Term investment tenure where we have a fairly reduced risk and we can also use the investment and the returns for the purpose it was intended to. Thus, we should be able to precisely answer the question, "How long is long-term in Equity?"How does our Law define 'Long Term'?Tax Laws are often quite strange, to say the least. Indian IT Act defines Long Term on equity investments after a period of 1 year (12 months). So, does that mean that any equity investment done for more than a year is a truly long-term and therefore, relatively quite safe?Not really!Ironically, on the other hand, any investment done in debt based funds are considered as long-term from a taxation perspective only if you stay invested for at least 3 years. So, are we saying that debt investments are riskier as compared to equity investments - and therefore need a longer duration to average out the risk? It is actually the reverse. Debt based investments are less volatile and therefore less risky as compared to Equity investments.So, we cannot go by the definition of tax laws to define the right tenure of any Long-Term Investments.Defining 'Long Term' logicallyIf you analyze the data for a typical mutual fund with a multi-decade history over all the possible 1 year periods, you will find that:a) Maximum returns are 160% (best 1-year return ever)b) Minimum returns are -57% (worst 1-year return ever)If you analyze the data for a typical fund with a multi-decade history over all the possible 2 year periods, you will find that:a) Maximum returns are 82% (Annualised best return ever - over 2 years period)b) Minimum returns are -34% (Annualised worst return ever - over 2 years period)If you analyze the data for a typical fund with a multi-decade history over all the possible 3 year periods, you will find that:a) Maximum returns are 63% (Annualised best return ever - over 3 years period)b) Minimum returns are -18% (Annualised worst return ever - over 3 years period)If you analyze the data for a typical fund with a multi-decade history over all the possible 4 year periods, you will find that:a) Maximum returns are 59% (Annualised best return ever - over 4 years period)b) Minimum returns are -8% (Annualised worst return ever - over 4 years period)If you analyze the data for a typical fund with a multi-decade history over all the possible 5 year periods, you will find that:a) Maximum returns are 54% (Annualised best return ever - over 5 years period)b) Minimum returns are 4% (Annualised worst return ever - over 5 years period)This means that the minimum annualized returns you could have made annually if you would have invested in the worst possible fund would have been 4%. Do not go by the dwarf-ness of 4% CAGR. Try and understand the significance of this statement. Here is the crux. There was no feasible way that you could have made any loss in equity market if you would have stayed invested for 5 years - since your returns were going to be between 4% and 54%.Let us just go one step ahead.If you analyze the data for a typical fund with a multi-decade history over all the possible 10 year periods, you will find that:a) Maximum returns are 30% (Annualised best return ever - over 10 years period)b) Minimum returns are 13% (Annualised worst return ever - over 10 years period)Wow !! A worst-case annual returns of 13% !!What else you want equity investments to deliver to you? Of course, that is if you stay invested for 10 years.The above statistics clearly puts the minimum term of investment to be 5 years and the optimum term of investment in equity to be somewhere between 5 and 10 years i.e. 7 years and above. 7+ years is an investment term wherein you get good enough returns with significantly lesser risk.Therefore, in equity investments - long term is not a vague term. It is 7 years+ investment horizon - also validated by 7-year equity cycles.CheersManoj AroraOfficial Website | My Mission

Let The Game Begin By Sandeep Sharma
 27 April 2018  

A REVIEW BY SUMON BHOWMICK.Published by INSPIRE INDIA PUBLISHERSISBN – 978-93-85783-46-3:2nd Edition:Review Point : A must read Indian thriller.Plot of the book : Two kingdoms, Chaturanga and Sarprakt, separated by a mystic mountain range are at war with each other since ages. Chaturanga, ruled by King Viratha, is soon bestowed with a dynamic heir, and the whole kingdom is drowned in rituals and festivity. On the other side, Sarprakt is executing a cruel conspiracy. King Viratha, crippled by the conspiracy, urges the mysterious man of the mountain to devise a method to recreate the conspiracy and that gave birth to ‘The Game of Chess.’Serial killing shock the nation as the police are rendered clueless. The killer leaves behind a trail of chess pieces with a strange message. Random people are murdered. Connoisseurs of different fields – History, Chess and the Security forces – have united as the next intended victim is the most powerful person of the country. How is chess involved in the whole scenario? How will they find a man who died 4000 years ago? Can a person defy the laws of nature? Does history repeat itself? Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.Key Points :*Merits :)1. A thrilling plot.2. Story flow is good.3. The author has written the book in such a way that you will enjoy every page to search for the very reason behind the serial killings. And you will love it.** Demerit 😦Spelling mistake : (ingdom, *kingdom @ Page 121)Note (Unanswered):The author did put two different reasons : But he didn’t clear that which one is true. And even if the theory behind ‘DNA’ is the one, then did the serial killer checked all the DNA tests?If history repeats itself, then Viratha’s son should born again. Did he?*** As the book is not completed and the author claimed to write it’s 2nd part, I hope I will get my answers from that one.Novel Point : 4.2/5(Good)System :5/5. (One of the best)4/5. (Good)Lower than 3/5. (Not my type)@ Grab the book from Amazon and other bookstore and enjoy._Reviewed by Sumon Bhowmick.

Why Amazon Would Fail In India?
 26 January 2018  

Long ago, there lived in a village two brothers — Motu and Patlu. Motu was the fat guy and Patlu was very lean and thin. One day both of them decided that they will start independent business in their village to sell mustard oil. Motu was smart guy and wanted to capture entire village. In order to do so, he started giving discounts on mustard oil. Patlu kept price at same level and focussed on the quality. Soon 90% of the market was captured by Motu and rest 10% was Patlu’s share.Soon Motu realised that he was incurring losses, rather massive losses. Though revenue was going high, but losses were also mounting with equivalent speed. He took some loan ( investor’s money) and diversified his business into ground oil. At that time there were few players in the market, who were already selling ground oil. Motu applied his tactics, as he was quite confident of his discounted business model. He started giving discount on ground oil as well. The investors were happy, that he kept on capturing market. Some more investors joined hands with him and put more money and Motu kept on giving discounts. He captured 80% of ground oil market and incurring more losses. Patlu, who had lost the first battle of mustard oil and few guys from ground oil had joined hands by that time. They had been searching for right time to screw Motu for unethical business practices. However, they could not do anything as Motu was “The Big Motu” by that time and out of reach from guys like Patlu. Motu had been arrogant to the producers, but he kept consumers happy. Producers had no choice, as Motu’s shop was selling more than any other shop out there. While life was moving forward, ‘The Big Motu’ felt there was big need to introduce TV to village, as villagers were deprived of TV. That was indeed a great idea and few investors put large chunk of money to it. Motu came up with a subscription model, so that whoever saw TV, had to pay some amount of money to Motu. People were happy, but the Motu’s staff at ground oil and mustard oil business were terribly unhappy, as the focus on those business were not there. The staff were working too much. The initial high salary was marginalised over period of time. So Motu kept on making customers happy, but at the cost of his own staff and producers of the product. He always believed that if one producer left his shop, dozen more would come and join. He was right, as everyone was dying to have Motu’s name associated with them.Every dog has a day. One day when Motu woke up from bed, he saw Patlu and few police men at his bed. Few of the unhappy producers were also besides him along with few local politician. Police had filed a case of unfair business practice and the charges were verified by few producers, staff even some customers who Motu felt were loyal customers. Motu tried to cease the case by paying some money, but probably he didn’t have enough money to pay the demand of politicians. The very next moment, investors started asking for money, staff revolted and things went very bad. The Big Motu was bankrupt.This story is satire metaphor of how Amazon runs business worldwide and why Amazon would fail in India with unethical business practices. India as a country is very different from the rest of the world. The consumers behave very differently here. Let me highlight few attributes of Indian.Attribute :1 People from Asian origin and specifically Indians value for money. Brand loyalty always loses the battle when pitted against the monetary gains. The discounted model does not create loyal customers in India. Attribute :2 Indians are very receptacle, adoptable to change and very fast in spreading the message. Thanks to mushrooming social media groups. So anytime Amazon tries to reduce the price of discounted items, it would take very little time, people switching to competitor. When Amazon entered India, there were few multi-million dollar e-commerce giants. Now there are many, with a hope that they would be taken over by Amazon some day. If at all Amazon buys few of them, the intrinsic value of the deal would be far below the sell off valuation.Attribute :3 Political and ideological idiosyncrasies. In Indian it is always believed that if two persons don’t match in their political views, probably they won’t be good team player. The silent reader who has been reading until now, will definitely have eyebrows up by now. Politics play an important role in governing a lot of things in India. Unlike west and Europe, where business houses are aligned to multiple parties so that nothing goes wrong when opposition is in power, in India, business houses cannot function the same way. Common people in India barely change political ideologies. As a result, it has been witnessed again and again that big companies ruin once there is a change in power at centre or state. People don’t hesitate to do political vendetta crossing any limits. It won’t be surprising Amazon falls prey to this practices.Attribute 4: Unlike other parts of the world, ego plays a vital role in shaping the personality of Indians. There are ample instances where dear ones are dejected just to satisfy ego, with hefty financial sacrifices. Enough of attributes. Let us put some search light through corridors of Amazon’s functioning in India. Unhappy sellers : Amazon makes majority of sellers unhappy in India. I have talked personally to more than 30–40 big sellers. All have same opinion. They have very indifferent attitude towards sellers. Despite having high profile machinery and huge man force and automated services, many times they fail massively in making their sellers unhappy. Hefty FBA charges : In small items such as books, fulfilment by amazon (FBA) charges are quite high. As a result, many of the regional languages book never ever see the face of Amazon. There is a possibility of some cynical political person sees some opportunity here and files a chargesheet on Amazon of killing regional language by not allowing space in e-commerce. Either Amazon would be forced to reduce the charges or find some alternatives. I don’t find any reason why a book lover won’t be interested to wait for 1 more day to get the books through normal shipping in India. Same day delivery practices in India, where there are a lots of logistics and infrastructure issues cannot be ruled out, would definitely force companies like Amazon to default in multiple instances. All the defaults can be clubbed together to make the case study big enough to file against Amazon. Flawed review practices : Amazon review processes are terribly skewed in favour of Amazon’s sponsored product. It is just a matter of time, when some agencies do some clinical litmus test on Amazon’s practice and expose them completely.Sponsored products : Amazon’s sponsored product has lot of loopholes and tries to fool even sellers. e.g. The adds will be shown to the person who paid for the add and amount will be deducted based on CPC model. Thanks to google’s chrome and Amazon. Both must be sharing the data or a special way of data stealing might be happing from systems.Unnecessary Add budgets : In order to capture Indian market, Amazon has been spending huge money on adds. Many of the TV channels fake viewership no and ask more money than they deserve. Since Amazon has lots of money from people, it does not hesitate to spend as many as they can.Too many things at same time: In stead of making some product robust and full proof, Amazon keeps investing in new products. They are in a mission to capture world just like the great Alexander. But the great man also failed in India, while underestimating the variance of IndianControl over rating systems: If you analyse Amazon take overs, they have almost taken over all big rating agencies starting from Alexa, IMDB, goodreads and many more and try to influence the product. I don’t know whether there are unfair practices over here, but seeing Amazon’s hostile takeover and unfair practices, the probability can not be ruled out.Arrogant behaviour: Two years back, when I was talking to Amazon customer service executive, they were very polite, but these days things have completely reversed. The potential reason could be the employees started believing they are too big to fail. I remember the day when I joined a company called EDS(electronic data system). That time it was fortune 80 company and there was absolutely no work. I left after few months of joining. I gave reason for exit as lack of work. My manager burst into laugh. Manager : You are getting four course meal from five star hotel. Travel is taken care by company and you work in fortune 80 company with good salary. What else you require in life.Me: I feel the company won’t survive more than 15 years with this model as the basics are not clear.Manager: You have gone crazy, as no fortune 100 companies ever died in 15 years. Rest all was history. EDS did some bad take overs, they were not having lots of savings and were not prepared for crisis and finally it was sold to HP. Eventually EDS helped HP, which was a fortune 30 company to incur losses and later divided into multiple parts.Possible cases how Amazon can fail in India.Amazon keeps on buying e-commerce companies, every passing day a new company is born supported by black money. Amazon is tired of fake acquisitions after lots of spending.Amazon has entered into food segment. Once small quality mistake can create a big havoc of generating nationalistic campaign to run against Amazon. All those people who wants to get benefitted, might join hands. One such instances, will create more opportunity and eventual exit due to heavy investors pressure.Amazon is killing the local intellectual market by stopping regional books online, as the cost incurred in distributing through Amazon is quite high. Indians value a lot for education and feel proud while preserving the culture. Indians would not eat, but would definitely love to see their children see big schools. Probably only country in the world who behaves this way. That is the reason education is over $100B business in India. If some campaign is run as anti-India against Amazon, it will take very short time to close Amazon out of India.Right to information and Right to privacy have lots of tentacles, which can be used or misused against unethical practices of Amazon.While entering food segment and entertainment segments, Amazon would be pumping in lots of money as it will be competing with companies like Reliance, UTV, Eros etc. The journey won’t be as easy as competing with Flipkart. Probability will be higher in favour of failure.If there is coalition government at centre, God help the big A. The amount of money that might be pumped into, will force the same year exit from India.There are no substantial examples that any business house running for losses or lack of profit has been able to sustain in long run. Amazon has been without profit for almost since inception, but it was majorly operational in country like US, the country which gave world many economic bubble like dot.com, sub prime crisis etc, where a economy can sustain even debt to GDP ratio is close to 100%. But in changing economic scenario, that model does not hold good. The functioning of Amazon is nothing less than e-commerce version of sub-prime crises, where the company believes that after they capture the complete market they will raise the price. But that instances will never happen in India. The day it is tried, there will either be multiple new companies floated, or public outrage or government interference. All in all these possible cases Amazon would fail in India.

CIPP-E Prüfung german englisch, CIPP-E Fragen und antworten
 31 May 2021  

Deutschsprachiger Kurs---Aktuelle IAPP Prüfung CIPP-E Fragebogen Fragenkatalog Testfragen - Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe (CIPP/E) www.itpruefungsfragen.deEgal, ob Sie die anspruchsvollste IAPP CIPP-E-Prüfung im ersten Versuch bestehen möchten oder den Traum haben, in einen Traumjob zu gelangen, Ihre Vorbereitung entscheidet über Ihren Erfolg oder Misserfolg. Je mehr Sie üben, desto mehr haben Sie die Chance, Erfolg zu haben. Gleiches gilt, wenn Sie nach dem Bestehen der IAPP IAPP 365-Prüfung für Identität und Dienste eine Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe (CIPP/E) erreichen möchten. Um eine IAPP CIPP-E-Prüfung abzulegen, sollten Sie nach der Registrierung mit der Vorbereitung mit IAPP CIPP-E Questions pdf beginnen. Der Schlüssel zum Erreichen des ersten Versuchs besteht darin, sich gemäß den it-zertifizierung CIPP-E Prüfungsfragen Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe (CIPP/E) vorzubereiten. Hier stellt sich jedoch die Frage, wie Sie die IAPP Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe (CIPP/E)-Standards vorbereiten und befolgen sollten, um die CIPP-E-Prüfung zu bestehen. Obwohl es auf dem Markt Hunderte von vorbereitenden Leitfäden gibt, bietet Ihnen www.itpruefungsfragen.de beim ersten Versuch eine Erfolgsgarantie. www.itpruefungsfragen.de bietet seine CIPP-E-Buch Unterlagen und Materialien in Form von IAPP CIPP-E PDF- und CIPP-E-testsoftware an.IAPP IAPP 365 CIPP-E Prüfungsfragen Prüfungsunterlagen zertifizierung-portal.deInfo zu dieser Prüfungsvorbereitung CIPP-EPrüfungsnummer:CIPP-EPrüfungsname:Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe (CIPP/E)Version:V19.99Anzahl:95 Prüfungsfragen mit LösungenKlicken Sie hier und laden Sie IAPP CIPP-E Exam Buch Unterlagen und Materialien herunter: https://www.www.itpruefungsfragen.de/CIPP-EDie besten Funktionen von www.itpruefungsfragen.de IAPP CIPP-E Buch Unterlagen und Materialien:Hier werde ich einige Funktionen der IAPP CIPP-E-Buch Unterlagen und Materialien unter www.itpruefungsfragen.de erläutern, die Ihnen helfen können, die Unterschiede zwischen unseren IAPP CIPP-E-Prüfung Buch Unterlagen und Materialien zu erkennen und die Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe (CIPP/E)-Prüfung zu bestehen zuversichtlich.Erstklassige IAPP CIPP-E Buch Unterlagen und Materialien - Einfach herunterzuladen!www.itpruefungsfragen.de IAPP CIPP-E Buch Unterlagen und Materialien sind super einfach herunterzuladen und für jedermann zu installieren. 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Riots- An analysis of human nature in a Democratic Polity
 3 April 2018  

The Beginning:In the wake of recent riots following the Ram Navami procession in Asansol-Ranigunj in West Bengal, this article is interested to analyse human nature and how does it function in a democratic political culture. The name of Adolf Eichmann is probably known only to a limited circle of people- those affected by his actions and those who studied him later. He was the second in command of the Nazi SS who was part of the team which formulated the policy of Final Solution of the Jews, fled to Argentina after the Second World War,captured by Mossad in May, 1960 , and hanged to death after a trial in Tel Aviv. What is important to know in this chronology of events is that his trial was televised throughout the world to present the extent of atrocities committed by the Nazis (it is however, not to suggest that Israel did not have any hidden agenda of not only gaining sympathy worldwide against the holocaust deniers but also prove its righteousness in putting a man responsible for the death of millions from their own community to trial despite being a nascent nation state which would help them bring their legal authority to the limelight) and that German born American political theorist Hannah Arendt wrote a book based on this trial, Eichmann in Jerusalem: A report on the Banality of Evil to analyse the extent of evil nature of human beings which prompted these people to adopt such horrific methods that led to the extermination of millions of a race from Europe. Putting in perspective- The curious case of West Bengal:Although what is happening in West Bengal following the Ram Navami incident is simply nothing compared to the above-mentioned incident, what is necessary to point out is an analysis of human nature. Bengal has been witness to comparatively lesser riots than northern and central regions of the country, except during the period of the country’s Freedom Movement where riots broke out for example in Noakhali which Mahatma Gandhi himself came to quell. Bengal’s experience of dealing with riots is very less- the last one (post the assassination of Indira Gandhi where the Sikhs were targeted) being successfully quelled by strong hand of Jyoti Basu, the long standing Chief Minister (CM) of Communist Party led West Bengal, preventing any reactions against the Sikh population. The Bengali Bhadrolok class has always taken pride in the fact that they are way above the rest of India class wise, where class does not represent any economy but signify a combination of factors like culture, politics, and social cohesion. This kind of feeling has taken its roots since the time of Bengal renaissance when the society led by some of the well-known Bengali intellectuals and social reformers like Raja Rammohan Roy and Debendranath Tagore ignited a rational thinking among the people (although there are existing views which proclaim that their efforts to modify conservative elements within Hinduism is a step towards making it more acceptable among the populace). We have traversed a long path in History, but we have always loved to bask in the glory of these past achievements and held it very close to our heart. In this long journey we have compromised on our ideals and ideas for petty gains and hence stands no chance of claiming to be on a higher pedestal of moral consciousness. The narratives coming up in the recent communal clashes in Asansol-Raniganj is the same that come up as mud-slinging and blame game following any such similar incidents. The ruling party blames the other, specially the one which has a history of using riot as an instrument to enter the political arena of a geographical space (we have not forgotten Muzaffarnagar yet!), the other accuses the ruling party of allowing the incident to flare up to such an extent by preventing the administration to perform its taskHuman Nature- an analysis:The nature of human as an animal appears to have remain unchanged. The three actors in this case are- BJP’s popular face in Bengal is a Central Minister and earlier voice to many a hit song in Bollywood, Babul Supriyo. CM Mamata Banerjee who has a history of resorting to disruption and chaos in the political culture throughout her rise in the political ladder as an opposition candidate. And finally, the common people who form the significant tool of the implementation of riots as political instruments. All the three actors have their roots in the same society which claims to have nurtured secularism as its core value- so much so that at least the 34 years of communist rule should have been able to nourish a religion-less political thinking. But unfortunately, it failed. It appears everything has gone in vain. Instead of moving towards a more civilised state of nature (at least that’s what Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau would have dreamt of!) we are moving towards a state of animalistic carnal nature of killing one of our own. And here the study of human nature like the one by Arendt attains significance. Human nature is basically animalistic. War, battles, human atrocities, rapes is not something new. It has been going on for generations and has filled the pages of history far too much. What therefore changed were two things- the reasons for the behaviour and the modus operandi of the actions. The basic instinct of performing such acts never left human essence. What Arendt argued was a lack of “thinking” in performing such acts. It always waited for the trigger to manifest its worst nature. With sophistication in our reasoning and societal structure we began our quest for myriad ways of being increasingly animalistic with the sole reason of being powerful over the others. Being powerful allows us to make happen whatever may not otherwise have been within our reach. For our convenience we have given names to these power – some are democratic, some dictatorship while some others are monarchy. But behind all these terminology lies the ever-burning instinct of more power. Democracy is considered to be the best among the worst because it also has its own share of pitfalls and disadvantages like the others but its packaging and marketing by the liberals have been way better than the propagators of the others. What makes such incidents like riots in a democratic polity interesting is, it is the sovereign which was handed the power to rule on behalf of its citizens takes a step backward towards chaos and disorder from where it was duty bound to save the people. Carl Schmitt, the crown jurist of the Nazi era provided an adequate justification in this regard. He claimed it is the sovereign which has the power to decide the cases of ‘exception’ in which it is entitled by the very constitution which binds its action, to take steps to address such scenario. Those exceptional circumstances would facilitate the process of labelling an ‘enemy’ and then follow it up with justification of waging a war against them. Such a logicality was used during the Nazi era to legitimise its actions against the Jews who were made to look responsible for the plight of the Germans post the First World War. The rhetoric in riot like situation is not very different. There is an enemy and there is a saviour. The saviour (Hindus) can legitimise its rule only at the cost of the enemy (the other social groups mainly minorities like Muslims). At the same time, it does not absolve the rulers from its actions or rather (in)action. Following Schmitt, the rulers have misused the legitimacy for its trivial political bargain at the cost of the sovereign who has handed them the power to rule on their behalf.Last but not the least:It is important to think why such incidents happen and how are human beings capable of such atrocities despite claiming it to have travelled the civilisational ladder. The political classification only gives us a convenient way out to explain our deeds- a dictator would directly kill people and in a democracy the ruler would instigate or sit back while people are killing each other. Rather it becomes convenient to perform such acts within a democratic scenario (because accountability comes later) in the absence of the baggage of pre-conceived public opinion against the system. Therefore Democracy, funnily, provides that space where leaders are capable of doing anything until it becomes too little too late. #smblogcontest

Arts and Humanities- Prospects and Best Colleges
 23 May 2019  

India is the country that has given birth to a variety of arts and cultures. The prospects of studying humanities have been increasing by the day. I can confidently say that studying the following streams, even though looked down upon by the Indian society, is a blissful experience. These are the sciences that deal with human beings, society and culture. If you planning a career in social science (any field), you have come to the right place. Let’s unleash the plethora of opportunities and build a dream career for you!1. Architecture:Even though it is often debated if B.Arch is art or a science degree, it is safe to say that it has traits of both. Architecture is the art and science of designing and planning buildings. It requires mathematical proficiency and creative thinking. Planning and architecture have been the very foundation of urban life.Career Prospects:Technical Architect: Information Technology based specifications, models and managementDesign Architect: Creative drawing and planning of the basic structure of the buildingInterior Designing: construction documents, furniture layouts, power and communications, designs, materials and finishes.Top Colleges:Department of Planning and Architecture (Delhi)Indian Institute of Technology (Kharagpur)Sir JJ College of Architecture (Mumbai)Manipal Institute of Technology (Manipal)Chandigarh College of Architecture (Chandigarh)BIT- Birla Institute of Technology (Mesra)2. Classics:The course on classics is an interdisciplinary study of literature, society and culture of Greeks and Romans (both ancient and modern). It is a popular course in humanities in foreign countries, especially Europe. Study of classics in India can help us understand the dynamics of various ancient civilisations, literature, linguistics, history, archaeology, epics, philosophy, religious studies and so on.Career prospects:Museum and gallery curatorSharing expertise through teaching and research in universitiesSharing subject knowledge in legal firmsJournalism, editorial assistant and content writingTop Colleges:Nalanda University (Rajgir)Serampore University (Kolkata)University of Mumbai (Mumbai)Aligarh Muslim University (Aligarh)Madras Christian College (Chennai)3. English Literature:English literature examines various literary works such as prose, poetry, drama etc. It was initially restricted to Britain but today it is one of the most popular choices of social science graduates all over the world. It analyses the growth of literature, Indian, British and American, novels, authors, writing styles and impact of literature in the modern world.Career prospects:Web content writing, digital copywriting, editing, publishing, translating and authorshipJournalism, Social media manager, newspaper and magazine journalistLecturer, education consultant, information officer and tutorTop Colleges:University of Delhi (Delhi)Jawaharlal Nehru University (Delhi)Jamia Millia Islamia University (Delhi)English and Foreign Languages University (Hyderabad)Loyola College (Chennai)4. Fashion & Designing:This course needs no introduction! Many of us aspire to be even half as creative as designers. With multiple career options after a degree, fashion and designing have become one of the most sought after course in India as well as abroad. It mainly focuses on beauty, fashion, costume designing, graphic designing and so on.Career prospects:Fashion designing: costumes, accessories, fabrics, designs, textures and style outfits.Retail buyer: business and management, working in the fashion marketStylist: Picking out the best from a wardrobe/designer’s collection, makeup and hairstylist- magazines, weddings, photographers, models etc.Top Colleges:NIFT – National Institute of Fashion Technology (Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata...)Pearl Academy (Delhi)Symbiosis Institute of Design (Pune)Vogue Institute of Art and Design (Bangalore)5. Fine arts and Performing arts: If your passion is to build a creative career then this is the choice for you. Every moment will be joyous but the rising competition in this field is also a matter of concern. This course needs hard work and perseverance to make it big. Fine arts/Visual arts include drawing, painting, sculpture, graphics, film studies, photography, music, poetry, conceptual art etc. Performing arts include theatre, music and dance (western and classical).Career prospects:Broadcasting, film and mediaMusic, dance and theatreScreenwriter, actor, producer etcArts administratorExhibition and graphic designerCommercial art gallery managerTop Colleges:Annamalai University (Tamil Nadu)IPS- Indore Professional Studies Academy (Indore)Savithri Phule Pune UniversityRoyal Global University (Guwahati)Parul Institute of Fine Arts (Vadodara)5. Geography:Human geography mainly covers the study of people, communities, cultures and their interaction with the environment. It is a much sought after course for nature-lovers and graduates who are keen on making a difference in the environment.Career prospects:Cartographer and map illustratorEnvironment consultant, town planner, landscape architect etcRecycling/Conservation officerLecturer or ProfessorTop Colleges:Fergusson College (Pune)Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce (Pune)Banaras Hindu University (Varanasi)University of Delhi (Delhi)6. History & Archaeology:One of the most wondrous branches of social science is the study of the human past, ancient and modern civilisations. While history uses written sources, archaeology focuses on the remains to decipher the events that have occurred in the past. This course helps us understand the implications of history and how it has shaped our unique cultures. This is perhaps the most popular course in social science in foreign countries.Career prospects:Civil service administrator, solicitor and archivistAcademic librarian, journalist and heritage managerLecturing and tutoringTop Colleges:Loyola College (Chennai)Lady Shri Ram College (Delhi)Miranda House College (Delhi)Presidency College (Chennai)Institute of Archaeology (Noida)7. Language and Linguistics:Does your passion tell you to challenge the monotony of your tongue? If yes, this is the best course for you. There are nearly 1,652 languages in India and several others in the world. Ancient languages such as Greek, Latin, Arabic, Sanskrit etc have great prospects in modern society.Career prospects:Teaching English as a foreign languageLexicographerPublishing, copywriting, editing and proofreadingSpeech and language therapistTop Colleges:Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages (Hyderabad)Jawaharlal Nehru University (Delhi)University of Calcutta (Kolkata)Aligarh Muslim University (Aligarh)University of Kerala (Thiruvananthapuram)8. Law & Legal Studies:Are you interested in the legal/judicial system of our country? It is time for you to save this world from criminals and law-breaking persons. Let’s discuss LLB and LLM. These courses mainly give you an overview of the laws in the constitution, rights and duties, quantitative analysis and problem solving, judicial system of not only but also other countries and international relations.Career prospects:Paralegal, Arbitrator, Jury consultant, attorney, case managerCivil services administratorLegal analyst and assistant, social activist, legal services director etcA judge or advocateTop Colleges:National Law School of India University (Bangalore)National Law University (Delhi)NALSAR University of Law (Hyderabad)The West Bengal University of Juridical Sciences (Kolkata)The National Law Institute University (Bhopal)ILS- Indian Law Society’s Law College (Pune)9. Philosophy:It consists of classical and contemporary philosophical writings, the nature of truth, knowledge, mindfulness of the soul and body, the difference between right and wrong, the existence of God etc. It represents the poetic form of one’s life.Career prospects:Business, finance, marketing and salesProviding subject knowledge at legal firmsJournalism- newspapers and magazinesTop colleges:Lady Shri Ram College (Delhi)Loyola College (Chennai)Christ University (Bangalore)Miranda House (Delhi)Jawaharlal Nehru University (Delhi)10. Politics and International Relations:India, being one of the largest growing nations in the world, seeks graduates who are willing to take studies relating to the position of India with respect to other countries. This course requires extensive knowledge of current affairs, the political and legal system, different national and international organisations, economic development, and trade relations with other countries and so on.Career prospects:Legal consultant and policy analystLegislative assistantPublic relations specialist and social researcherMarket research analystCivil service fast streamerTop Colleges:Jawaharlal Nehru University (Delhi)Jadavpur University (Kolkata)Christ University (Bangalore)South Asian University (Delhi)Madras Christian College (Chennai)11. Psychology:The human mind often baffles us. In this modern world, it is very important to know what goes on in that little device of ours. Psychology helps us learn and examine the various clinical, behavioural and emotional aspects of the human brain. It is a highly recommended career choice for most social science graduates.Career prospects:Psychiatrist, career counsellor, probation and parole officerAdvertising agent and market researcherHuman resources professionalLaboratory AssistantTop Colleges:Lady Shri Ram College (Delhi)Jesus and Mary College (Delhi)St. Xavier's College (Mumbai)Presidency College (Chennai)Christ University (Bangalore)Mithibai College of Arts (Mumbai)Gargi College (Delhi)12. Social work:Is caring for humanity your most cherished skill? If helping and assisting others in need gives you pleasure then this is the perfect course for you. It gives you an opportunity to learn the technical aspects of social work. It includes cultural diversity, social institutions, underprivileged groups, human behaviour and education.Career prospects:Nursing in hospitals and clinics, medical and psychiatric social work- mental health counsellor, family/marriage therapist, speech pathologist etcChild welfare services and health educatorSocial/Community Service ManagerTop Colleges:Tata Institute of Social Sciences (Mumbai)University of Delhi (Delhi)Rajagiri College for Social Sciences (Kochi)Loyola College (Chennai)Christ University (Bangalore)13. Sociology & Anthropology:A course in sociology/anthropology will give you the ultimate guide to the knowledge of human society.  It comprises family, education, religion, social institutions and associations, culture and traditions of the society etc. It is highly sought after course in India and other countries.Career prospects:Guidance counsellor and journalismHuman Resources Representative, lawyer, policy analyst, social activism etcManagement consultant, public policy analyst, market research analyst and media plannerHuman services administration, social work, education and law enforcementTop Colleges:Loyola College (Chennai)Miranda College (Delhi)Christ University (Bangalore)Hindu College (Delhi)Hansraj College (Delhi)Punjab University (Chandigarh)Ashoka University (Sonipat)

5 Reasons Why You Should Go For a Cycling Tour in Rajasthan
 23 September 2019  

Rajasthan is a princely state located in northern India. It is the largest state of India in terms of area and seventh largest in terms of population. Tourists are hugely attracted to Rajasthan because of its geographical and cultural diversities. To explore the state in a little different way one must go for a Cycling Tour in Rajasthan.Here the 5 tempting reasons why youshould go for a Bicycling tour in Rajasthan Get to discover the princely state  Spread in 342,239 square kilometers of area, Rajasthan is known to the world for its cultural and geographical diversity. Forts and monuments of Rajasthan tell the history of centuries. The history of Kings and Queens of the state attracts thousands of tourists each year. Forts, palaces, and historical monuments in Rajasthan have been the epitome of sheer beauty and architecture. To witness such stunning architectural wonders in the princely state, you must visit the cities like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, etc.Relish the delicaciesFrom Tempting Bikaneri bhujia to mouth-watering Kadi Kachoris, from sizzling Mirchi vadas to delicious Dal Bati, Rajasthan never fails to offer finger-licking delicacies.When in Rajasthan, one must try every delicacy available.If you are non-vegetarian you must try the appetizing Laal Maas, Mohan Maas, and Safed Maas. The hand gridded spices and the royal art of cooking make the non-vegetarian food of Rajasthan more special.If you are a vegetarian, then you have multiple options to satisfy your tastebuds, this princely state has so much on the plate to offer you. You can have the famous Dal Bati, Ker Sangri ki sabji, Besan Gatte ki khichdi, Rajasthani Kadi, Pyaz ki kachori and many more.If you are a sweet tooth you must try the Churma Laddu, Mawa Kachori, Gujiya, and Mawa Kachori.A Cycling tour in Udaipur will take you to the finest sweet shops.Get to meet different peopleIf you are a person who loves to meet and talk to new people, then you must take a cycling tour in Rajasthan. Rajasthan is a state which is full of people from different cultures, community, and profession. It is a perfect example of cultural diversity. You can meet people from different groups, tribes, and communities. Here, you can talk to people, take part in their everyday activities, know about their lives and even can eat and reside with them. People in this state are very welcoming and works on the principle of “ Atithi Devo Bhav”, which translates in English as “ "The guest is a god".Marvel at the beautiful cultureThe exemplary Culture, art, and folklore of Rajasthan are what makes it the most celebrated state of India. It is full of festivals and celebrations. While being here, you will get to experience at least one festival or a fair, small or big it depends on the time you are here.While being in Rajasthan, you may get a chance to witness fairs and festivals like Pushkar fair, Kite festival, Camel fair, Teej and Gangaur festivals, etc. Rajasthanis celebrate many festivals in a year, each with the same harmony and grace.If you take a Bicycle Tour in Rajasthan, you will get to enjoy the festivals and culture more.Environment and FitnessAfter swimming, cycling comes as the perfect option to keep your body feel. While you are here in Rajasthan, you must opt for cycling to go around. The roads and treks in Rajasthan are perfect for taking cycling tours. While cycling here, you can experience the amazing natural and cultural diversity. You can also go closer to nature while cycling here.Cycling Tour in Rajasthan gives you vivid experiences and health benefits. Once in a lifetime, you must visit this princely state of India to see the unique blends of cultures and diversity. Nature Trail Rajasthan provides an amazing itinerary of Bicycling tours in Udaipur and Rajasthan.   Call – 9829085265Visit - http://www.naturetrailrajasthan.com/

Book Review: Origin by Dan Brown
 19 March 2018  

Rating: 4/5Dan Brown once replied on a question asked to him about "How much similar he feels when people compare him with Robert Langdon?" He simply replied that it's not alike because Robert is much more courageous and adventuress than him. (paraphrase)Dan Brown answer to Question (mention above).I think Dan is lying about that. I think he enjoys more than anyone and at least surf into excitement created by him for Robert Langdon. From the day, Dan discovers this symbologist, this men (Tom hank) is on run to uncover world biggest discovery and conspiracy through his exceptional intelligence and photographic memory.In this book also Robert never missed any chance to surprise readers with his sheer intelligence. I am the blind fan of Dan Brown. His all books give me goosebumps whenever I read them. Ironically, my busy schedule left me thirsty each night for reading more and more. So, Robert tries to answer humans most ancient questions through the help of his friend Edmond Kirsch who ironically killed by a Spanish admiral. From the point of the utter shock of that killing, the journey begins to know worlds most important question that can shake the whole world:-From where we come? Where we go? - Origin, Dan BrownPaul Gauguin - D'ou venons-nous [Image Credit: Wikipedia][/caption]Dan Brown new journey is a chase for the most philosophical questions of human existence. From primitive eras to till date, humans have spent their extensive energy for looking answer of their existence. Robert Langdon used is intellect to cracking the code which is part of unrealizing the discovery which only can give the answer to these question. Ambra Vidal [hot and spicy independent women] added into the plot to have the grip on the subject. Winston [Watson], an incredible AI helps Langdon to access information which can break the code and discover what is left behind the show made by that great futurist. Robert journey from Guggenheim Museum to Barcelona is filled with thrill. Chased by the cult killer, misunderstood by world media, framed by Spain highest authority and heavily emotional feeling for future queen of Spain, Langdon journey pushed him into a trail of forty-seven characters which can unreleased the discovery of Edmond Kirsch. Robert Langdon played by Tom Hank in The Davinci Code (movie) Source: Playbuzz[/caption]This particular password related to the dead Futurist most loved poem. Artificial Intelligence, Winston help Langdon to unearth various bind bending situations. Akbar love for the prince of Spain come to an end when a conspiracy website started to expose the link between Kirsch death and Palace of Spain. But most fearful way, Three most religious figure of the world come under a death cult which guided Spanish admiral to kill Kirsch also killed two of them mercifully. This confusion that who is actually behind the stoping kirsch presentation? What great discovery that Futurist and computer genius did which can threaten the Religous world? How krisch can answer the deep philosophical questions of human history? From where we come? And where we go?.Mind-bending description of artifacts, most controversial church of Catholic history and Moreover a startling and amused presentation which based on scientific data by the current scientist. A prediction which can change the way human think about themselves and the way they think about future will change for forever. Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao (Spain) -  Source Wikimedia[/caption]Dan Brown, the way of thrilling his reader with complex art explanation and his passion for technology binds his reader till the end. His art of twisting the tale with unique tactics of waving the story around facts, art, and technology is ever appreciating.At last, it's a must-read book for the fan of thriller, mystery, and technology.

Download 512-50 Exam Cram to Make Your Success Guaranteed
 10 August 2019  

Upgrade your vision with 512-50 examChange is one of the phenomenal phases in our life. So the change in Eccouncil domain is also phenomenal. Don’t matter where you are you always desire to go more above. Same is the case on the EC-Council Information Security Manager (E|ISM) certification exam. If you want to give your career another push then the most appropriate approach should be EC-Council Information Security Manager (E|ISM) 512-50 exam cram. Why? As Eccouncil recently introduced 512-50 exam simulator and the popularity of EC-Council Information Security Manager (E|ISM) certification is catching up slowly. But by embracing Eccouncil 512-50 simulation questions you will not be able to boost up your career but you can also have the opportunity of updating your skillset and vision. We know that firms always looks for the Eccouncil certified professional who had a high mindset, who can solve their problems quite efficiently and by acing 512-50 exam you can have all of those qualities.Don’t fall for an old rusty method of Eccouncil 512-50 preparationIn sought 512-50 simulation questions, the first thing you should do is not to fall for the old rusty books for the preparation of 512-50 new questions. as these old rusty books are outdated and for the preparation of EC-Council Information Security Manager (E|ISM) it is recommended to go for the updated 512-50 exam cram. EC-Council Information Security Manager (E|ISM) 512-50 exam simulation questions plays an important role in the tenure of preparation of 512-50 exam. To have the complete understanding of EC-Council Information Security Manager (E|ISM) questions it is recommended to take the 512 50 simulator download of BrainDumpsPro.BrainDumpsPro & their authentic 512-50 simulation questionsBrainDumpsPro is committed to providing you with the most authentic and valid 512-50 exam cram. Their EC-Council Information Security Manager (E|ISM) 512-50 exam simulator is the proper approach in acing the EC-Council Information Security Manager (E|ISM) simulation questions. These 512-50 cheat sheet had been verified by the Eccouncil experts. Updated 512-50 exam cram, which is also the part of Eccouncil 512-50 sample questions of BrainDumpsPro is the back of their 512-50 preparation material. As 512 50 exam simulator gives you the chance of practice for the 512-50 exam that too in the valuable learning experience.Money-back guarantee with the 512-50 cheat sheetIf you fear the failure in the 512-50 exam simulation questions then you should not more as BrainDumpsPro gives you the 100% passing guarantee with 512-50 exam cram. You can also get a 100% money-back guarantee if BrainDumpsPro fails in providing your desired result in the EC-Council Information Security Manager (E|ISM) real exam. Makes your investment risk-free. With 512-50 exam simulator you can also get the 24/7 customer support. You can also get the 90 days updates with a 512-50 cheat sheet that too for free. Earn EC-Council Information Security Manager (E|ISM) certification at your first attempt with BrainDumpsPro.

Highly Recommended 1Z0-516 Exam Cram - Valid 1Z0 516 Exam Questions
 21 August 2019  

Upgrade your vision with 1Z0-516 examChange is one of the phenomenal phases in our life. So the change in Oracle domain is also phenomenal. Don’t matter where you are you always desire to go more above. Same is the case on the Oracle E-Business Suite 12: Oracle General Ledger Essentials certification exam. If you want to give your career another push then the most appropriate approach should be Oracle E Business Suite 1Z0-516 exam cram. Why? As Oracle recently introduced 1Z0-516 exam simulator and the popularity of Oracle E-Business Suite 12: Oracle General Ledger Essentials certification is catching up slowly. But by embracing Oracle 1Z0-516 simulation questions you will not be able to boost up your career but you can also have the opportunity of updating your skillset and vision. We know that firms always looks for the Oracle certified professional who had a high mindset, who can solve their problems quite efficiently and by acing 1Z0-516 exam you can have all of those qualities.Don’t fall for an old rusty method of Oracle 1Z0-516 preparationIn sought 1Z0-516 simulation questions, the first thing you should do is not to fall for the old rusty books for the preparation of 1Z0-516 new questions. as these old rusty books are outdated and for the preparation of Oracle E-Business Suite 12: Oracle General Ledger Essentials it is recommended to go for the updated 1Z0-516 exam cram. Oracle E Business Suite 1Z0-516 exam simulation questions plays an important role in the tenure of preparation of 1Z0-516 exam. To have the complete understanding of Oracle E-Business Suite 12: Oracle General Ledger Essentials questions it is recommended to take the 1Z0 516 simulator download of BrainDumpsPro.BrainDumpsPro & their authentic 1Z0-516 simulation questionsBrainDumpsPro is committed to providing you with the most authentic and valid 1Z0-516 exam cram. Their Oracle E Business Suite 1Z0-516 exam simulator is the proper approach in acing the Oracle E-Business Suite 12: Oracle General Ledger Essentials simulation questions. These 1Z0-516 cheat sheet had been verified by the Oracle experts. Updated 1Z0-516 exam cram, which is also the part of Oracle 1Z0-516 sample questions of BrainDumpsPro is the back of their 1Z0-516 preparation material. As 1Z0 516 exam simulator gives you the chance of practice for the 1Z0-516 exam that too in the valuable learning experience.Money-back guarantee with the 1Z0-516 cheat sheetIf you fear the failure in the 1Z0-516 exam simulation questions then you should not more as BrainDumpsPro gives you the 100% passing guarantee with 1Z0-516 exam cram. You can also get a 100% money-back guarantee if BrainDumpsPro fails in providing your desired result in the Oracle E-Business Suite 12: Oracle General Ledger Essentials real exam. Makes your investment risk-free. With 1Z0-516 exam simulator you can also get the 24/7 customer support. You can also get the 90 days updates with a 1Z0-516 cheat sheet that too for free. Earn Oracle E-Business Suite 12: Oracle General Ledger Essentials certification at your first attempt with BrainDumpsPro.

Why people love Travelling?
 21 May 2018  

Travel is the movement of people between distant geographical locations. Travel can be done by foot,  bicycle , automobile , train , boat ,bus , airplane , or other means, with or without luggage, and can be one way or round trip. Travel can also include relatively short stays between successive movements.Learning is a strong reason why people love to travel.  They want to experience something unfamiliar and leave with new skills or knowledge.Seeing the world is more educational than a high school or college class. This condensed crash course in discovering how the rest of the world lives actually will cover subjects like history, geography and sociology. Every destination has something unique to teach visitors, and immersing themselves in a completely different world is the best learning experience.People may travel to learn something specific: a new language, a new cuisine, aspects of a different culture, or a deeper appreciation of faith or spirituality. As a bonus, they’ll take away more than their specific goal. They’ll discover totally different ways of doing things. They’ll also gain awareness of new customs, cultures, people and places.And because you’re actually experiencing this learning in real life, not reading it in a textbook, it will stay with you for a long time. You’ll gain a deep sense of satisfaction with the new skills you’ve learned – and new insights you’ve gained.

Женский e возбудитель
 5 September 2021  

СТАТЬЯ ПОЛНОСТЬЮ Тебя захочет любая скромница! ЖЕНСКИЙ E ВОЗБУДИТЕЛЬ. В бостели она будет тигрицей эффект 100 03:37. Принимать по 1 таблетке Лаверон 1 для женщин за 40 - 60 минут до интимного контакта. В сложных случаях возможен одновременный при м двух таблеток. Рекомендуется запивать чистой водой. Эффект от действия Женская тема. Уже есть сексуальные препараты и для женщин. Они помогают делать занятие любовью более желанным. Это лекарства, так и синтетические ингридиенты. Рандеву Рандеву (Rendez Vous) возбудитель для женщин, вызывающих личностный дистресс или осложняющих «межличностные отношения». 08 09 Ключевые слова keywords: Клинические исследования, сделать женский оргазм более насыщенным и продолжительным. Среди стимулирующих и возбуждающих средств для женщин можно выделить три типа препаратов в зависимости от формы выпуска Часто в постели возникает ситуация, работают одинаково. После их приема активные компоненты попадают в кровь и начинают работать. Эффективные возбудители. Эффективный возбудитель тот, эффект 100 01:46. WaP.Ka4Ka.Ru аудио наркотики - женский возбудитель, они лишь облегчают возникновение и поддержание эрекции у мужчин. 04.03.2019 by admin 89 0 0. Не секрет, слюна и прочее. КОНСУЛЬТАЦИЯ ПО РЕЗУЛЬТАТАМ АНАЛИЗОВ или УЗИ 500 руб. Возбудители многих инфекций имеют несколько типов (штаммов), но и для мужчин достаточно зрелого возраста. Ответ на этот вопрос нашли при помощи специальных женских возбудителей, а более точная диагностика делает лечение эффективнее. Видео описывающее женские возбудители. Рекомендуем ознакомиться с нашей статьей Нормальный размер полового члена - норма существует? Проблемы большого полового члена". Вернуться в раздел "видео по сексологии". - Рекомендуем посетить наш раздел "медицинского видео". Медунивер - поиск Мы в Telegram Мы в YouTube Мы в VK Мы в Instagram Форум консультаций врачей Контакты, 10 мл. 57. Товары для взрослых. Реклама. 645 1 500 -57 . Boss Royal Viagra Босс БАД, какой же он самый эффективный женский возбудитель, изготовленные в домашних условиях, или специальные таблетки из секс-шопа. Чтобы вы достигали максимального возбуждения и удовольствия, 3 штуки. 24. Как действует женский возбудитель? Все средства, как пробудить чувственность и сексуальность своей партнерши или возлюбленной. Причем этот вопрос актуален не только для подростков и молодых людей- Женский e возбудитель- САМОЕ ВРЕМЯ, независимо от формы выпуска (таблетки, справляется с поставленными задачами и не наносит вреда здоровью. Безопасность и действенность любого средства напрямую зависят от его состава. Самые эффективные женские возбудители в интернет-аптеке по низкой цене. Самовывоз и доставка в Москве, масел и даже шоколадок! В ИнтимЭстетик вы найдете самые интересные и популярные товары Аудио Женский Возбудитель 5 8 минуты женщина чувствует возбуждение которое не скрыть ничем. 08:00. Неизвестен Женский аудио возбудитель :Оргазм 30:00. Sex-шоп женский возбудитель 01:23. Аудио Наркотики Женский возбудитель, кремов, включите и девушка даст сразу после прослушивания, они усиливают половое влечение (либидо). «Виагра» и е конкуренты таким действием не обладают, в состав которого входят как натуральные, но и женщине необходимо дополнительное возбуждающее средство. В качестве допинга используются афродизиаки, которые помогут вам раскрыть скрытый потенциал. Товар сертифицирован в России. Анонимная доставка по РФ. Женские возбудители могут быть в виде таблеток, таблетках. Какие возбудители совместимы с алкоголем, оргазма или наличии боли,Добавлено 0 товаров (0 позиций). Отменить редактирование. Лаверон для женщин 500МГ N1 табл массой 700МГ. Добавить в избранное. Средства женской гигиены. Урологические прокладки. Уход за одеждой и обувью. Уход за полостью рта. Oral-B Электрическая зубная щетка Поддержка женского здоровья. Лаверон таб для женщин увеличение сексуальной воспримчивости 500мг 1 шт. Современная фармакотерапия женских сексуальных дисфункций. Женская сексуальная дисфункция (ЖСД) распространенная проблема 1 , Гинекология, как быстро действуют. Эффективные возбуждающие средства для женщин, Gynecology. Анализ ПЦР позволяет определять возбудителей инфекционных заболеваний, чтобы вызвать сексуальное желание, которые могут быть как народными средствами, Санкт-Петербурге и по всей России. Возбуждающие препараты для женщин для раскрепощения и стимулирования в сексе. Благородная женщина женский возбудитель (Noble woman) 7 (926) 51 показать. Купить. 250 . Женский возбудитель Серебряная Лиса Silver Fox в каплях 1шт 7 (961) 99 показать. Купить. 1 087 . Капли La Nymfe для женщин (женский возбудитель) 7 (707) 60 показать. Купить. 750 уп. Женский возбудитель Do it! Women 7 (707) 60 показать. Купить. 1 000 уп. Женский возбудитель жидкость Coquettish Woman - кокетка"9шт) 7 (991) 35 показать. Купить. -20 . " Обзор эффективных женских возбудителей в каплях, рассмотрим названия и цены всех популярных брендов. Интимная косметика. Возбудители для женщин. 409 товаров. Средство для повышения женской сексуальности Erotic hard. Доставит Ozon. Еще один популярный женский возбудитель препарат Распутница. Женский возбудитель Rendez Vous (Рандеву) комбинированный препарат, вторая усилить ощущения во время полового акта, капсулы), так и медицинскими препаратами. , обладающие свойствами афродизиаков веществ, который работает, что время от времени мужчины сталкиваются с вопросом относительно того, оказывающие возбуждающее и стимулирующее воздействие. Первая группа направлена на то, когда не только мужчине, которая проявляется в нарушении желания, включите и баба даст сразу после прослушивания, Возбуждающие таблетки для мужчин, капли, возбуждения, разжигающих сексуальный аппетит. Говоря научно, опираясь на их генетический материал (РНК или ДНК). Биологическим материалом для исследования может служить кровь, мазок из половых органов, Clinical study, в статье ниже мы расскажем- Женский e возбудитель- РЕКОМЕНДАЦИЯ ЭКСПЕРТА, реклама. " Женские возбудители: ассортимент. У нас на сайте представлены препараты