Salsa is a musical dance form with Carribean and African roots.It is popular in Latin America and Latino communities  of the US.The salsa rhythm is catchy,sensuous but difficult to master.Several Salsa academies have sprouted all over the world to teach the nuances of this dance.There are worldwide competitions of this dance like World Salsa Championship and World Salsa Open.


It originated in the 1900s in Eastern Cuba.Salsa music is a combination of different Carribean rhythms and instruments.Salsa over the years has developed into different regional styles.They are

Salsa casino(Cuban style)

Miami style salsa

Afro-Latino style

Colombian salsa


New-York style

A mix of instruments is used in each style.Bongos,Congos,Maracas,guitar,piano,violin,trumpet,trombone,flute and brass instruments are used.It is common among Hispanic communities all over the world.


Salsa is danced shifting the weight of the body from foot to foot with the rhythm of music.This causes the typical hip movement.Most of the movements are below the waist.Steps are in eight movements going along with the music.There are 4 basic dance steps,they are-

The front back

The side step

Salsa dance socials are mainly held in night clubs,bars,restaurants and ballrooms.

The name originated from the spicy Salsa sauce which gave the food a zing,similarly musicians shouted'Salsa"when they put on an energetic musical act to add more zing.It added spice to both music and dance