School life is like a rainbow ,which shows you various colors of life in form of happy,sad,angry,embarrassing moments.Lets discuss a few first hand embarrassing school moments.

We were in standard tenth when this took place.It was an I.C.S.E all girls school and we had a vast course in History.We mugged and mugged dates and places to clear our exams.We had just finished with our half-yearly exams  and were taking it easy in class.Suddenly one fine day our History teacher came with a sheaf of our corrected History exam sheets.She had been the first to check our exam papers and wanted us to see our marks and mistakes.She distributed the sheets and there was pin drop silence in the class as everybody went through their papers.Suddenly the pin drop was broken by loud sobs and we turned to see one of our classmates sobbing.The teacher had been callous. Though she had done extremely well and was scoring above 90% but due to a small mistake in numbering her questions she had awarded her zero in her paper.The teacher instead of ignoring the small mistake did it on purpose and embarrassed her by ticking her off in front of the whole class.The girl a good student was heart broken.

This incident took place when we were in standard ninth.We girls were a handful for our teachers.We studied,shouted and played the fool all the time.We were all chatterboxes .This one particular day we had a Maths period and our Bengali teacher Miss.Dass was quite a lenient teacher.So a group of girls including my best friend Nidhi were busy chatting in class while Miss.Dass was explaining Trignometry. Suddenly she saw  girls giggling and talking on the last bench and she went into smoke.She took out a rope from the cupboard tied the leg of one girl to the table,the other's hand to the chair and the third was asked to sit on the floor.She took toffee paper put glue and stuck it to their lips and carried on teaching.She left the girls  in that position till school ended.They became the laughing stock in front of the class and juniors.It was an embarrassing situation for them.

This incident took place in a all girls convent school.It was the month of December and it was freezing cold.The girls of class eighth were busy with their final exams.Everybody was under stress as the exam paper was quite tough.Stress coupled with cold proved to be a nuisance for a girl Reema. Due to the biting cold and stress she wanted to use the washroom and it was a written rule that during a exam  no one would be allowed to use the washroom.She controlled a little and then sought permission from the teacher invigilating during the exam.The teacher instead of understanding her urgency, complained to the principal.The poor girl lost control over her bladder and peed in the class.The principal reprimanded her in front of the whole class, making  her embarrassed.

These are a few embarrassing incidents which students have faced in school.