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Your search for Arya Samaj Marriage in Delhi,
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 lostslove back  
 24 November 2020  

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Love Marriage Problem Solution - Love Astrology Expert +91-7666487640
 Love Marriage Solve  
 2 December 2020  

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 Vedant Sharmaa  
 22 December 2020  

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Let Know About Case Procedure For ZIna After Court Marriage in Pakistan
 Levis Flem  
 14 March 2020  

Zina and Court marriage in Pakistan:The court observed that the accused was subjected to rape and was a victim, "never a consenting party" to Zina after court marriage in Pakistan. Legal assistance to women prisoners is rare, even where they are granted bail by the courts; they are handicapped by not being able to come up with the required surety. At times, courts have also ruled that surety can only be furnished by a close male relative of the prisoner. This virtually deprives her of the right to bail particularly where the pursuers are family members. For criminal liability under qazf, Zina, and rape a girl is considered an adult at the age of 16 or when she attains puberty, which can be as early as 10 or 11 years old for court marriage in Pakistan. For boys, the age is fixed at 1o or when puberty.Offences against Property Ordinance and the Prohibition Order:Under the Offences against Property Ordinance and the Prohibition Order, the age for an adult is 18 or puberty. Since a female child attains puberty at an earlier age, she becomes criminally liable sooner than a male child, this is ironic. The evidence of a woman is not accepted for awarding hadd punishment because a woman is considered deficient in the comprehension of such matters, yet for the undergoing of punishment herself, even a 10 or 11-year-old is considered grown up enough to receive the full measure of it. Even otherwise, physical maturity has no nexus with mental development a double standard is thus observed only to ensure that gender discrimination operates adversely for the woman in each case. While the ordinary penal provisions in the law make exemptions for offenses committed by children, the Hudood Ordinances have no such provision.According to Section 82 of the Pakistan Penal Code 1860:Section 82 of the Pakistan Penal Code 1860 states that nothing would be an offense if it is done by a child under seven years of age. Section 83 of the Code provides immunity to children between the ages of 7 and 12 years if they do not have sufficient maturity of understanding" of the nature and consequences of their conduct. Besides, in the past, all children fewer than 14 suffering sexual abuse were presumed to have been raped since any consent of the victim in such a matter, even if pleaded, was considered immaterial in the case of a child.Possible Efforts to Curb the Zina Cases:Now children of any age can be convicted of rape or Zina after court marriage in Pakistan. And "consent can be used both in mitigation of the offender's crime and to charge the child victim with the crime of Zina. However, there has been a fortunate recent development where the Supreme Court has held that "consent" can only be covered if given by a person who is capable to give such consent by this definition of Zina-bil-jabr." In the case referred, the victim of rape was 12 years of age. It is yet to be seen what minimum age the superior courts will deem appropriate for legally recognized consent for court marriage in Pakistan. Therefore, sexual intercourse committed with a non-adult girl shall always be covered. The Pakistan Penal Code had provided for punishment of a husband for having sex with a minor wife. His punishment in case of a wife less than 12 years of age was transportation or 10 years of imprisonment and a fine, and in case of a wife above that age it was imprisonment for two years The Zina Ordinance does not recognize that offense any longer.For further detail visit the below links:https://legallawassociates.blogspot.com/2020/03/female-lawyers-in-pakistan-know-joining.htmlhttps://legallawassociates.blogspot.com/2020/03/get-know-proxy-marriage-law-in-pakistan.htmlhttps://blog.storymirror.com/read/g6plg9c1/criminal-lawyer-in-lahore-pakistan-for-qisas-processhttp://www.24article.com/service-for-females-in-dar-ul-aman-in-lahore-orphans-female.htmlhttps://bitarticles.com/attorny-and-lawyer-articles/get-help-in-restoring-womens-rights-through-a-professional-lawyer-in-lahore/

Legal Way For Consent in Court Marriage in Pakistan Legally
 Mohsin Abas  
 17 May 2020  

Consent in court marriage in Pakistan:The Commission on the Marriage and Family Laws, 1956, noted with great concern that a large number of court marriage in Pakistan were performed without seeking the consent of the bride. There is no dispute under Islamic law that the consent of the bride is an essential ingredient for a valid court marriage in Pakistan. Some Muslim countries have legislated accordingly. In Tunisia, the law specifies that the consent of both spouses is an essential ingredient to the marriage and in Yemen, the law declares that any court marriage in Pakistan contract is based on a husband or a wife of age having been coerced, shall not be valid. It is, of course, very difficult to secure the effective implementation of legislation on this issue. Nevertheless, because this practice continues and is fairly widespread, the legislature must make some efforts to secure the woman's right to withhold consent.Consent of A Wali To The Marriage of His Daughter:There is no question of the consent of a wali to the marriage of his daughter or female ward was raised neither in the reports of the previous Commissions/committee nor in the Council of Islamic Ideology. Despite having been resolved two decades ago by the superior courts, the issue of consent had resurfaced and it was hoped that the controversy had been put to an end by the Federal Shariat Court which held that in Islamic law the consent of the wali or lack of it was immaterial to the court marriage in Pakistan of an adult female. The issue, however, has recently gained prominence again and the matter is pending before the Supreme Court of Pakistan who will once again ultimately resolve the matter. In Iraq, the law specifically prohibits any relative or third party from preventing the marriage of a person who has the legal capacity to marry.The Crime of Selling Their Daughters In Marriage:The Commission, however, feels that though the consent of the family may be culturally desirable, and may have value as a token of elderly support and endorsement, it must be made clear that it is not legally binding; It is not unheard of that young girls are sold off by their own families into unwanted marriages. Girls are exchanged in return for peace between two clans, or, given in marriage to men much older than themselves for money or another young girl. We are Simply unable for money or another young girl lives of drove on the plight of those unfortunate women and girls who have been forced turn our eyes away from the plight of those themselves on either because their walis have not accepted them or left them to fend for legal status far Omission, therefore, has no doubt that the consent of the wali ever acquiring men much older themselves women and will inappropriately strengthen the hands of those who wish to keep women in a state.Wide Range of Girls Will Have Far-Reaching Negative Consequences:The previous Commissions/Committee and other reports indicate that there is a wide range of girls will have far-reaching negative consequences for the lives of and of dependence and subordination an offense is selling their daughters in marriage. Although the sale of women and children is against the Pakistan Penal Code 1860 this law is hardly ever applied to parents who accept some form of gratification in exchange for marrying their daughters after Wards.

Legal Service For Consent in the Procedure of Court Marriage in Pakistan
 Moaz Aslam  
 15 June 2020  

Consent in the Procedure of Court Marriage in Pakistan:Nazia Advocate in Lahore Pakistan says that petitioner's wife after the procedure of court marriage in Pakistan, the alleged detenue was admittedly residing with her parents and the custody of real father could not be termed as illegal. Police could not be directed to raid at the house of father and produce his daughter before the Court. Petitioner, if aggrieved, could file a suit for restitution of conjugal rights where his wife could appear and make a statement if they have followed the procedure of court marriage in Pakistan. Habeas corpus petition was dismissed in limine accordingly (1995 PCrLJ 1656). Production of detenu after the procedure of court marriage in Pakistan: Petition was filed by the father of alleged detenue alleging that she was illegally detained by the respondent. Detenue who was allowed to meet her father the petitioner and her mother for more than two hours had stated that she is legally wedded wife of respondent wanted to live with him and did not want to go with her parents as she has followed the procedure of court marriage in Pakistan.Contracted Procedure of Court Marriage in Pakistan:Alleged detenue was allowed to live with the respondent who proved that alleged detenue had contracted procedure of court marriage in Pakistan with him (1997 MLD 3262). Habeas corpus petition: Alleged detenue stated in the Court that she was living a happily married life with her husband against whom she had no grievance and hated even the idea to desert him and that the allegation of her being in illegal confinement was baseless. The petition was dismissed given the said statement (1995 PCrLJ 1513). Habeas corpus petition: Girl who was still in her teens was allured to marry a person who was not only physically handicapped but also had married thrice before and had been having an affair with her when she was still a student of 9th class during the subsistence of his marriage, secretly giving her expensive presents which showed that she was under the immense influence of the man, mentally immature to take an independent decision.Court Protection To Perform Court Marriage:The procedure of court marriage in Pakistan was performed under the influence or fear of temptation and without a lawyer or reliable witnesses and Nikah Khawan could not be produced before the Court. Held, circumstances under which the procedure of court marriage in Pakistan of the girl, with the man, was performed, particularly nonproduction of the Nikah Khawan, cast serious doubt on its genuineness and it was not yet known if the marriage itself was valid and was with the free consent of the girl. Such conduct of a girl, under the well-established law of the Code of Morality of Pakistan, was looked upon by the society with great disapproval and resentment as that brings humiliation, incapable of being explained to the parents, higher or low, educated or uneducated living in any part of the country. Courts were not functioning in a vacuum and must take due notice of social and moral environments prevailing in the society. The girl was still under the influence of the man; was incapable of understanding the nature and effect of the transactions made by her nor could manage her affairs independently, she had been made to live on false promises and she had been made to believe that their life would not be safe or secure in the hands of her parents. Girl, who was in her teens could not be more safe or secure in the hands of an outsider than her parents, because she needed parental care, love, affection, guidance and wise counsel.

Get Concern By Professional Lawyer About Cases For Court Marriage in Lahore
 Law Service  
 11 May 2020  

Cases of court marriage in Lahore Pakistan:As reported by Advocate Nazia on cases of court marriage Lahore Pakistan she says that it was held that the High Court is only concerned with the question whether the detenue produced before it, is living of her own free will with the party against whom the allegation of illegal detention is made, and it would not go into any further question as to the validity of the court marriage in Lahore Pakistan of the detenue with the man with whom she is living. That question can be gone into only in a civil suit (PLD 1962 Kar. 725). Order by High Court handing over custody of the married daughter to her mother on mother's habeas corpus application was entertained. Leave petition filed by husband dismissed with the observation that he may seek remedy by way of suit for restitution of conjugal rights before Family Court.Muslim Family Laws Ordinance Orders For Court Marriage:Muslim Family Laws Ordinance (X of 1961), S. 6(5) (NLR 1986 Cr. LJ 36). S. 491 read with Muslim Family Laws Ordinance (VII of 1961). The contention that case having involved right to guardianship, and custody of minor and such matter shown in the schedule of Ordinance VIII of 1961 and falling within the exclusive jurisdiction of Family Court, High Court's jurisdiction under Section 491, Cr.P.C. competently outset. Held, court marriage in Lahore Pakistan between the respondent and detenu even if proved, her detention in private custody of respondent may not be termed as illegal but because of Shariat Law giving her right of exercise of option of puberty, detention of minor undoubtedly improper and against her welfare (PLD 1981 Kar. 11; PLJ 1981 CRPC. 120).Some of the Important Cases of court marriage:Detenue waiting to her Advocate by letter informing him about her restraint in the house of her ex-husband was filed in court. Advocate submitting letter before Chief Justice who treating detenues letter as habeas corpus application. Chief justice directed the office to place it for hearing in court. Order for recovery and production of detenue passed by Single Judge on detenu's letter, which was treated as a petition, was fixed for hearing by the office. Matter coming up for regular hearing before Single Judge. Contended for the respondent that there was no proper petition/s. 491 before High Court, as a letter was written by detenue, was addressed to her counsel and not to High Court. Contention repelled and objection overruled (NLR 1980 Criminal 238; PLD 19800 Lah.350).Habeas Corpus Petition by Mother was Filed for the Production:Habeas corpus petition by mother was filed for the production of her married daughter having three children from wedlock after court marriage in Lahore Pakistan. Detenue stating after production before High Court that husband- respondent maltreated her and did not permit her parents to see her and whenever they visited her he kept her in illegal detention. She expressed a desire to go with her mother. The wife was an adult so High Court allowed her to go wherever she liked (NLR1982 UC 3791). Bailiff submitting a report that he raided the respondent's house with the police and found detenue lying there in chains with both of her legs tied with an iron chain. Detenue also complaining that she was wrongfully contained by the respondent who committed rape with her several times. The case was registered accordingly.

Get Know About Short Way For Court Marriage in Lahore Pakistan
 Alley Sheikh  
 5 March 2020  

Witness of Court marriage in Pakistan:Qanun-e-Shahadat, 1984: Competence and number of witnesses (articles 7 and 17) these provisions leave much to the discretion of the court. It is the court that will determine the competence of a witness under the injunctions of Islam in court marriage in Pakistan. This is bound to lead to varied interpretations. In one case, for instance, the court expressly stated that in the matter of qisas the law required the evidence of two men or one man and two women. Considering that there are usually differences of opinion, strict consistency can hardly be expected. The law thus seems unfair in taxing the courts with laying down the law where varying interpretations of Islamic injunctions are possible. It may lead to much confusion and injustice. Recommendation: The provisions of the old laws are revived and if the Parliament considers it necessary to make any further change in this area, it should do so after serious debate and by reaching a consensus that the proposed law is under the injunction of Islam.Birth during court marriage in Pakistan:Birth during court marriage in Pakistan conclusive proof of legitimacy (article 128) this article protects children so that their legal rights of parentage are acknowledged. However, it also says that it shall not be so acknowledged if the husband refuses to own the child. Second, the protection awarded to children is not extended to non-Muslims. This law was enacted to protect the child, but article 128 (1) (a) nullifies it by providing that the father may, however, refuse to own such a child. Further in article 128(2) does not provide this protection to non-Muslim children. Recommendation: The offending clauses of this article [128(1) (a) and 128(2)] are repealed so that every child has the right to legitimacy in court marriage in Pakistan. Indecent and scandalous question (article 146)This article allows the court to forbid questions or inquiries, even if they are pertinent to the case if it regards such queries as being "indecent or scandalous," The court may not, however, forbid such questions if they relate to facts in issue, or to matters necessary to be known in order t determine whether the facts in issue exist, Courts do not appear to be making adequate use of this law since women are frequently Subject to highly inappropriate interrogation.Support of NGOs and Bar Associations:This is especially true is trials about sex-related offenses and where a woman is the accused or a victim. This is especially true are trials about sex-related Recommendation: This provision of the law be wide be publicized by NGOs and amongst the Bar Associations. The government should issue directives to the Advocate Generals of all jour provinces to instruct state counsels to ensure that this provision of the law is followed n every case, especially where a woman is being examined, and even more particularly in sex-related cases and court marriage in Pakistan. Impeaching credit of witness [article 151(4)] in a case of rape or attempted rape, this provision allows it to be shown in mitigation of the crime that the victim was generally immoral; This is unjust both legally and morally. One person is inappropriate background cannot be made ground for the mitigation of another person’s crime.For Further Detail Visit Links:https://family-case-lawyer.blogspot.com/2020/02/professional-lawyer-in-lahore-with-more.htmlhttps://blog.storymirror.com/read/dp1f09cg/get-consult-about-legal-unmarried-certificate-in-pakistanhttps://blog.storymirror.com/read/bas7qzy7/get-professional-lawyer-for-dissolution-of-marriage-in-pakistan-nazia-law-associateshttps://family-case-lawyer.blogspot.com/2020/02/best-professional-lawyer-for.htmlhttps://www.ko-fi.com/post/Get-Consult-For-Khula-Procedure-in-Pakistan---Nazi-T6T61H1UFhttps://vin.gl/p/2794629?wsrc=link

Best Proxy Marriage Lawyer in Pakistan For Proxy Marriage Process in Pakistan
 Alley Sheikh  
 13 March 2020  

Proxy marriage law in Pakistan:So complete is the preclusion of the possibility that a woman might ever be the "envoy of a foreign external power" or an "enemy alien", that the law leaves a huge loophole even after proxy marriage law in Pakistan. Surely the law- makers did not intend to suggest that children born in the result of proxy marriage law in Pakistan to female envoys or female enemy aliens will be citizens of Pakistan by birth whereas those born to male envoys or male enemy aliens will not be! It is obvious that the oversight is the consequence of the dismissive manner in which women are thought of, and hence, treated.Recommendations: Section 4: Every occurrence of the words "his" and "father" be replaced with "his or her" and "either person respectively. Section 5: Every occurrence of the word "father" is replaced by "parent2.2.3. Section 8: Every occurrence of the words father" and father's be replaced with "parents and "parent's parents" respectively. Section 10: Every occurrence of the words woman" and women' be replaced with the words "person" and "persons" respectively. Family Laws Nothing attracts a woman more closely and acutely than the rules and customs of within the family. The eligibility for proxy marriage law in Pakistan, the status of the marriage contract, dissolution of marriage, and the rights if the husband wants to take another wife, in the matter of inheritance of property, custody of children, claim to maintenance the concern and affects women far more than they do men In our circumstances they have also been rife with discrimination and inequality, both formally under law, and because of a legacy of social and economic constraints on women.Rules of the State for Proxy Marriage:The area has been hard to subject to state regulation because of the precedence claimed for (often misinterpreted) directives of religion and custom. And it has been hard also to monitor because of the walls of privacy that surround a life and the manipulation that the powerful party within can do to dodge or deceive outside intrusion. Moreover, while the family and proxy marriage law in Pakistan must protect the vulnerable within this unit, they must do so without placing unreasonable restrictions on the freedom of individuals or requiring unreasonable intrusion into their homes. The domestic codes that make the woman most vulnerable are thus also the ones most resistant to change.According to Muslim Family Law Ordinance:The Muslim Family Laws Ordinance of 1961 provided Muslim women some protection but did not extend any substantial rights to them. Yet these small measures to protect women were resented by certain sections of society. Family laws in Pakistan are a mixture of codified law and customary law based on religious norms, often referred to as personal law. Some parts of the codified law, like the Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961, apply to specific communities while others like the Child Marriage Restraint Act, 1929, apply across the board to all citizens of Pakistan. Moreover, some of the codified laws, like the Guardians and Wards Act, 1890, apply to all communities but leave room for each community to follow their law instead the Commission examined the following laws:For Further Detail Visit:https://legallawassociates.blogspot.com/2020/03/get-consult-about-court-marriage-in-pakistan.htmlhttps://legallawassociates.blogspot.com/2020/03/about-victims-after-khula-in-pakistan.htmlhttps://bitarticles.com/attorny-and-lawyer-articles/get-consult-about-short-way-for-unmarried-certificate-in-pakistan/https://bitarticles.com/attorny-and-lawyer-articles/support-for-helpless-women-female-in-dar-ul-aman/

Cases of Family Disputes After Court Marriage in Pakistan
 Levis Flem  
 16 March 2020  

Court marriage in Pakistan and family disputes:Why is it that in family disputes, the concerned girl or woman almost always finds her unable to get a fair deal from the prevailing system specially in case of court marriage in Pakistan? The same applies to other fields too. The odds are stacked against the woman incourt marriage in Pakistan. So much so that whatever the contest she has very little chance against a man. Three major commissions or committees were set up from time to time in the past to identify the areas of discrimination against Pakistani women and suggest remedial measures and changes in the existing laws for the betterment of the tragic plight of women. Although, as asked, these bodies did make various recommendations, in practical terms little was achieved.Accepting of Girl after Court Marriage:The governments concerned often lacked the will, vision or self-confidence, or all of these, to accept most of these reforms. Even the few that were accepted suffered in the implementation because the drive and seriousness were quickly spent in the face of the habits of centuries, the iron-hold of the system, and the opposition of the orthodoxy in cases of court marriage in Pakistan. Also, although most people recognized how abominable the status quo was, few felt the compulsion and the urgency to organize the effort needed to break it. Women did not have a strong enough lobby, nor were they sufficiently organized themselves to make an issue of their rights. They were inured to their status of subordination, their legacy of generations.Law for the couples who did court marriage and their families:Happily, that has been changing in recent years. And one consequence of this was that the Senate decided in late 1994 to set up a high-powered commission to go anew into the country's laws as a step towards ending the grosser iniquities against women. It was a reflection of the concern and consciousness about the issue that not a discordant voice was raised in the House and, after several supportive speeches, a resolution to that effect was unanimously passed there is a widespread misconception about the place Islam accords to women, which is not just a distortion spread in the West but it exists even among the intelligentsia in the Muslim World, including Pakistan. It is believed that Islam relegates women to an inferior status; it confines them inside the four walls of their homes, and it restrains them from taking up employment outside the homes or running their own business. This is wholly contrary to fact.Whole Gamut of Rights:Muslim scholars are agreed that Islam accords women virtually the whole gamut of rights, including the rights to property, to work and wages, to the choice of spouse, to divorce in Pakistan if the court marriage does not prosper, to education and participation in economic, social and political activity. These are guaranteed to Muslim women by Shari at. The high-status Islam gives to women is also evident from several Ahadis of Prophet (Peace Be upon Him). Paradise, he said, is under the feet of the mother. On another occasion, he said: "the best amongst you are those who are kind to their women." This Commission is submitting its Report with the hope and prayer that it will help the people and the concerned authorities to understand the problems faced by Pakistani women in a hostile atmosphere.For more detail visit the links below:https://legallawassociates.blogspot.com/2020/03/prevention-of-zina-cases-after-court.htmlhttps://legallawassociates.blogspot.com/2020/03/female-lawyer-for-suit-of-violence-of.htmlhttps://bitarticles.com/attorny-and-lawyer-articles/trending-cases-for-victims-of-khula-procedure-in-pakistan-advocate-nazia/https://betterlesson.com/community/lesson/672160/get-consult-by-criminal-lawyer-in-lahore-pakistan-for-qisas?from=owner_viewhttps://vin.gl/p/2809951?wsrc=link

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Best Astrologer in Delhi, Online best astrologer in india, Astrologer Vedant Sharmaa
 Vedant Sharmaa  
 28 December 2020  

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Online Marriage in Lahore Pakistan By Easy And Simple Procedure
 Roy Peaker  
 3 March 2020  

Laws of online marriage in Pakistan:Following are the laws regarding online marriage in Pakistan Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961 West Pakistan Rules Under The Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961 West Pakistan Family Courts Act, 1964 West Pakistan Family Courts Rules, 1965The Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act, 1939 Child Marriage Restraint Act, 1929 Dowry and Bridal Gifts (Restriction) Act, 1976Dowry and Bridal Gifts (Restriction) Rules, 1976. We know the real laws for online marriage in Pakistan and have better experience of online marriage in Lahore Pakistan. The Guardians and Wards Act, 1890The Christian Marriage Act, 1872The Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act, 1886 The Divorce Act, 1869 The Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act, 1936 The Hindu Widow's Marriage Act, 1856 The Hindu Married Women's Right to Separate Residence and Maintenance Act, 1946 The Special Marriage Act, 1872The Anand Marriage Act, 1909The Marriages Validation Act, 1892 The Foreign Marriages Act, 1903Government Servants (Marriages with Foreign Nationals) Rules, 1962Laws Regarding Non-Muslims Since independence, no family laws have come into force exclusively for non-Muslims.What the Government say’s about online marriage procedure in Pakistan?The Government of Pakistan set up two Commissions and one Committee to report on the status of women only one of them discussed reforms regarding non-Muslims, and that too, for Christians alone for online marriage in Pakistan. They observed that the Divorce Act, 1869 was enacted more than one hundred years ago and thus needed revision. Among other recommendations, they suggested that cruelty be added as a ground for dissolution of Christian marriages and that the word "native" is deleted from the expression "native Christians. The latter recommendation was the only one implemented of course, much more needs to be reformed since family laws as they pertain to minorities are outdated and biased against women.Some of the examples for online marriage:Only a few examples would be sufficient to show the neglect that this area of the law has suffered. Section 3 of the Christian Marriage Act, 1872, distinguishes between the Churches of Rome, England, and several other countries even though there are, today, only two mainline churches, the Roman Catholic and the Church of Pakistan. Similarly, under the Divorce Act, 1869, the dissolution of marriage cannot be initiated by either party unless adultery is established. Section 34 of the Act awards damages to the husband of an "adulteress. The same law provides that the' damages shall be settled for the benefit of the children to that marriage or as a provision for themaintenance of the wife Grounds for divorce for Parsis are equally stringent. Among Pakistani Hindus, the concept of divorce does not exist and the law does not ban polygamy which is permissible under the Hindu personal law Hindu childless Widows have no right of inheritance. Remarriage of a minor Hindu widow can only take place with the consent of her male guardian.Acts upon Online Marriage in Pakistan:The Commission is reluctant to make specific recommendations for changes in the codified laws dealing exclusively with non-Muslims and online marriage in Pakistan as, regrettably, they are not represented in the membership of the Commission. Therefore the Commission will restrict its recommendations to laws which apply to Muslims, or those codified for Muslims as well as non-Muslims, Examples of such laws are the Child Marriage Restraint Act, 1929, West Pakistan Family Courts Act, 1964, Guardians and Wards Act, 1890, and the Government Servants (Marriages with Foreign Nationals) Rules, 1962.For Further Detail Visit:https://bitarticles.com/other-articles/get-consult-for-dissolution-of-marriage-in-pakistan-by-experienced-lawyer/https://www.reddit.com/user/davidroy33/comments/f79pnu/get_know_about_procedure_of_divorce_for_overseas/https://blog.storymirror.com/read/u4ynvho_/best-divorce-lawyer-for-maintenance-of-wife-in-pakistanhttps://family-case-lawyer.blogspot.com/2020/02/get-know-legal-procedure-for.htmlhttps://family-case-lawyer.blogspot.com/2020/02/get-know-about-your-legal-suit.htmlhttps://family-case-lawyer.blogspot.com/2020/02/best-lawyer-for-solving-suit-for-power.htmlhttps://family-case-lawyer.blogspot.com/2020/02/get-consult-for-latest-procedure-of.html

Take Counsel About Nikah and Court Marriage in Pakistan
 Haroon Butt  
 10 June 2020  

Nikah and Court Marriage in Pakistan:In many cases, the nikah of a girl is performed in court marriage in Pakistan but rukhsati, when consummation takes place, is fixed for some years later, It now Sometimes happens that the husband abducts the wife & rape between these two events, and there is no law to punish him for rape. Even otherwise, a woman’s body ought not to be violated act will. The Hudood laws were promulgated without any discussion or debate. The promoters of this law promised that it would be based on the principles or Islam, which is a "basically welfare-oriented progressive and enlightened religion which establishes justice. General Zia-ul-Haq said that if law had the capacity "to meet the changing needs and requirements of every age More than the inch and the strong, it protects the poor and the weak and as between man and woman, an employer and employee, and a Muslim and a non-Muslim, it safeguards their rights. It established a balance in matters temporal and spiritual... I hope that these steps will help achieve the objectives of court marriage in Pakistan, which give prime importance to the protection of life, property, and honour of the citizens.Following the Islamic Law For Nikah:This is vital for the building up of a healthy and prosperous society 6 Contrary to its promised objective, the law has exploited rather than protected women, the disadvantaged and minorities. It has also failed to meet changing needs. It has done more harm than justice. Moreover, minority representatives have often argued that they should not be subjected to legislation that is passed based on Islamic religious norms Introduction of Zina as a crime has adversely affected non-Muslims since, amongst Christians, divorce can only be granted on proof of adultery. If adultery stands proved, the adulterous spouse could face prosecution for zina. lf the grounds fail, the spouse after court marriage in Pakistan making such an allegation can be prosecuted for qazf. Thus, for instance, the inmates of a girl's hostel can be subjected to a daylight orgy of abuse but there will be no way that the culprits will get their full deserts except if they go and confess the crime themselves. The available testimony, being only of women, will not be acceptable. The evidentiary requirement, particularly in rape cases, is more irrational still. For example, Since the evidence of non-Muslims against a Muslim will not get them any redress, if, say, a gang of Muslim criminals breaks into a church and assaults the Christian women there, it can pretty much get away from the punishment of hadd. The testimony of women is not accepted for the imposition of it. It is also not clear that the law is even genuinely based on the principles of Islam. In 1981, the punishment of stoning to death was challenged as being un-Islamic. The majority agreed that stoning to death was un-Islamic.Review By Federal Government on Abuse Cases:Subsequently, a Review was filed by the federal government and the decision was reversed. In another matter, the courts have had some differences with the provisions of the Ordinances. The law Is flawed also because it does not adequately provide safeguards against its abuse Thus, a busy body may file an FIR against a married couple and can get away with this cruel prank Or for that matter, the law has provided families with the power to punish children for deciding their marriages themselves or for resisting the match chosen by their families instead of court marriage in Pakistan. In any event, hadd has not been awarded so far but has, on the other hand, given a cause for a grievance to minorities and women and as such serves no practical purpose except to keep these vulnerable sections of society in suspense and feeling insecure. Women's organizations across the board have consistently demanded a repeal of this law. Its imposition is not an absolute necessity It has never been executed and hadd punishments were only recently introduced. The introduction has not reduced crime or purified society in any way It appears that Islamic principles, too, allow flexibility. Justice (retd.) Dr. Tanzilur Rehman, former Chairman of the Council of Islamic Ideology quotes the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) as having said Do away with hadd punishment in case of doubt" He quotes another incident where the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) said that it is better to let ten offenders go off unpunished than to convict one innocent person," The most operative parts of the Ordinances are those concerning the punishment of tazir he punishments for theft, armed robbery, rape, drug use, and trafficking, and the consumption of alcoholic beverages can easily be included in the Pakistan Penal Code, 1860.Punishment For The Zina:This is particularly So since the requirement for evidence under the punishment of tazir is prescribed under the Qann-i-Shahada, 1984, which applies to all laws. Moreover, the laws of Qisas and Diyat are already a part of the Pakistan Penal Code, 1860, and since there is a move to Islamize all laws and to bring them in harmony with the fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution there appears to be no reason to place the Hudood Ordinances apart as some kind of special laws and court marriage in Pakistan. The major attack is on the Zina Ordinance, which has changed the previous legal position these changes, as has been amply illustrated, have only resulted in a gross miscarriage of justice and operate against the underprivileged sections of society their detrimental effect outweighs any advantage they may have. They contribute towards the exploitation of women not only by imprisoning them but also by exposing them to the brutality of the police and unscrupulous elements of society. Children are not protected from being convicted under this law and it gives a free license to the police and the patriarchal system to invade the privacy of the home and to subjugate women to the whims and wishes of a feudal mentality against court marriage in Pakistan.

Let Know About Court marriage in Lahore Pakistan Challenged
 Ruhail Tariq  
 5 July 2020  

Court marriage in Lahore Pakistan Challenged:Advocate Nazia from Lahore Pakistan reported a case saying that where Z was produced in Court on the application of M that she was his wife after court marriage in Lahore Pakistan and was being detained by F. She supported the allegiant in the petition under this section. The respondent, however, produced a marriage certificate of court marriage in Lahore Pakistan bearing the seal of the Nikah Registrar and this showed that the woman was married to him, whereas the applicant could not produce any proof of her marriage to him. Her father also appeared before the High Court and supported the case of the respondent. As there was no allegation of maltreatment against the said respondent, the High Court took the view that the respondent, being the husband of the detenue after court marriage in Lahore Pakistan was entitled to her custody (1968 SCMR 1093). Where the father of the alleged detenue applied for her recovery and the respondent claimed to be her husband after the court marriage in Lahore Pakistan detenue however, expressed her wish to live with her father. It was held that the she was adult and she wants to live with her father. She is set liberty. She is permitted to live wherever she may please.Suit For Restitution of Conjugal Rights:If the respondent feels aggrieved, he may file a suit for restitution of conjugal rights. He may seek redress from a family Court (1972 P.Cr. LJ 640). Where a Hindu minor girl did court marriage in Lahore Pakistan with a Muslim and a case was registered against the husband under Sections 363, case 360, PPC and the girl was detained in prison pending trial. It was held that the detention of the girl was illegal as she was a minor and she could not be released and thrown on the street, therefore she was ordered to be handed over to her mother (PLD 1965 Dacca 553). Where the parents of the alleged detenu stated in Court that she did court marriage in Lahore Pakistan with the respondent with whom she was living but the applicant, the brother-in-law of the detenu alleged that she had been forcibly lifted and later detained by the respondent. It was held that the statement of the parents of the detenue must be believed and her custody with the respondent was not illegal detention.[PLD 1971 Lah. 343]. Where an application under this section was filed by the paramour of a married woman and it appeared that she would prefer to go with him than wither husband if she was given a free choice.Fundamental Rights of Personal Liberty:It was held that if in the exercise of her fundamental right of personal liberty she were allowed to make a choice, it was certain that she would go with the petitioner, her paramour, and the two having collusively maneuvered to file the petition invoking the discretionary jurisdiction of High Court under this section. Under Islamic Law the respondent being the husband of the woman after court marriage in Lahore Pakistan, is entitled to her custody as her legal guardian. The Court ordered her to go wither husband and did not set her at liberty to go where she liked (PLD 1971 Lahr. 1281). Where a Muslim girl above the age of fifteen contracted a marriage of her own free will but she was detained by her father and her husband applied under this section. It was held that as the girl had clearly stated that she did not want to go back to her father, it must follow that she was being detained by him against her will. The detention was consequently illegal. She was set at liberty to go where she liked (PLD 1962 Kar. 44).

Simple Method of Things allowed before the court marriage procedure in Pakistan
 sufyanali raza  
 10 November 2020  

Things allowed before the court marriage procedure in Pakistan:Nazia Law Associates is the best law firm in Lahore Pakistan to conduct the court marriage procedure in Pakistan. What is allowed in court marriage procedure in Pakistan: Q: Am I allowed to see the woman I am going to marry through court marriage procedure in Pakistan? Are husband and wife allowed to meet before court marriage procedure in Pakistan and is engagement allowed in Islam?  A: Yes, a man intending to marry a lady is allowed to see her. The Prophet (peace be upon him) himself asked a companion to see his wife be. Seeing her means casting a glance at the face of the lady. It also means getting a wife tainted with the family in whom a person is going to marry or following court marriage procedure in Pakistan through any law firm in Lahore Pakistan. The two are allowed to see each other, better in a family gathering, to know and inquire what they feel necessary, and get satisfied before the court marriage procedure in Pakistan. This meeting, however, does not mean dating, body contact or kissing, etc. Premarital sex and flirtations are simply out of question. If by engagement you mean the pre-marriage agreement between the two parties what is called Mangni in the South Asian region it is allowed- however without nikah, they cannot be considered husband and me and, therefore, cannot come into physical contact. Our Law Firm in Lahore is Provide the best solution of your legal cases in Pakistan.Islamic Point of Court Marriage Procedure in Pakistan:Q: Is it allowed in Islam to love a girl, or keep any type of relationship before following the court marriage procedure in Pakistan through law firm in Lahore Pakistan? A: Love for a person, not leading to dirty thinking and acts, is not objectionable. Better, however, it is expressed after the marriage contract If you are pointing at dating, etc, the way it is practiced in the westernized families, that is simply out of question in Islam However, Muslims have their of developing contacts between persons and families to have better understanding before entering the marriage contract through the court marriage procedure in Pakistan. This is allowed, rather considered desirable as also proved from the Sunnah of the Prophet.  Q: If the dating of a woman with a man is prohibited in Islam, why is it not so 'in Christianity?  A: Dating in the current sense and as practiced today is only of recent origin and it has nothing to do with the Christian teachings and traditions, as understand. If dating means to know about the person, outlook, character, social status, and family background, etc. and does not involve any body contact, then it is rather acceptable in religion — Islam or Christianity. Contact beyond that is non-chaste and indecent and cannot be the teaching of Prophet Jesus. There is not a single verse to be found in any book of the Bible old and New Testament, known to have been interpolated, though, which could indicate the permission of the type of dating presently practiced? Such practices are, in fact, aberrations that found a way into the pure teachings of religions due to the lust or negligence on the part of the adherents. For any law point you can discuss any law firm in Lahore Pakistan

Brief Information about the Court Marriage Procedure in Pakistan
 danish raza  
 22 December 2020  

Court Marriage Procedure in Pakistan:In Nazia Law Associate there are many expert and senior lawyer who are work on the cases of Court Marriage in Lahore Pakistan. Guide the people on the legal court marriage procedure in Pakistan and provide the best solution about their legal cases in Pakistan. Our Expert Lawyers in Pakistan, they can provide the facilities to our clients in all over the Pakistan and we handle the case of court marriage in Pakistan. Advocate Nazia is the CEO and the Founder of the Nazia Law Associate and Advocate Nazia is the most expert lawyer in the field of Court Marriage. The Procedure of Court Marriage in Pakistan is legal and we are work on it to make it simple for our client so that they will easily understand the Process of court Marriage in Pakistan.The two are allowed to see each other, better in a family gathering, to know and inquire what they feel necessary, and get satisfied before the court marriage procedure in Pakistan. This meeting, however, does not mean dating, body contact or kissing, etc. Premarital sex and flirtations are simply out of question. If by engagement you mean the pre-marriage agreement between the two parties what is called Mangni in the South Asian region it is allowed- however without nikah, they cannot be considered husband and me and, therefore, cannot come into physical contact. Our Law Firm in Lahore is Provide the best solution of your legal cases in Pakistan.Question and Answer about Court Marriage Procedure in Pakistan:Q: Is it allowed in Islam to love a girl, or keep any type of relationship before following the court marriage procedure in Pakistan through law firm in Lahore Pakistan?A: Love for a person, not leading to dirty thinking and acts, is not objectionable. Better, however, it is expressed after the marriage contract If you are pointing at dating, etc, the way it is practiced in the westernized families, that is simply out of question in Islam However, Muslims have they’re of developing contacts between persons and families to have better understanding before entering the marriage contract through the court marriage procedure in Pakistan. This is allowed, rather considered desirable as also proved from the Sunnah of the Prophet. Q: If the dating of a woman with a man is prohibited in Islam, why is it not so 'in Christianity?A: Dating in the current sense and as practiced today is only of recent origin and it has nothing to do with the Christian teachings and traditions, as understand. If dating means to know about the person, outlook, character, social status, and family background, etc. and does not involve any body contact, then it is rather acceptable in religion — Islam or Christianity. Contact beyond that is non-chaste and indecent and cannot be the teaching of Prophet Jesus. There is not a single verse to be found in any book of the Bible old and New Testament, known to have been interpolated, though, which could indicate the permission of the type of dating presently practiced? Such practices are, in fact, aberrations that found a way into the pure teachings of religions due to the lust or negligence on the part of the adherents. For any law point you can discuss any law firm in Lahore Pakistan

Lawyer For The Procedure of Court Marriage in Pakistan And Detention
 Azeem Hamid  
 30 June 2020  

The Procedure of Court Marriage in Pakistan and Detention:Advocate Nazia from Lahore says that after the procedure of court marriage in Pakistan direction was issued for recovery of the alleged detenue to SHO, but ASI, present in Court has stated that recovery of the alleged detenue could not be done at the given address. As such no roaming search can be made. Further stated that detenue had followed the procedure of court marriage in Pakistan with her free will. However, the petitioner was at liberty to get the case register against the respondent for the abduction of the alleged abductee, if he has not felt that his daughter has been abducted and she has not followed the procedure of court marriage in Pakistan with the respondent with her free will. Petition dismissed. [PLJ 2009 Cr.C. (Lah.) 169]. Petition by mother for recovery of her daughter filed under Section 491 after her daughter followed the procedure of court marriage in Pakistan. Sessions Judge issuing warrants for recovery of a daughter with direction to S.H.O. to produce her before the Court. Warrants challenged by daughter by filing a writ petition in High Court.Petition Contending Before High Court:Writ petition contending before High Court was that she was adult and had followed the procedure of court marriage in Pakistan of her free-will, she was not abducted or detained illegally by anyone and those entire proceedings conducted by Sessions Judge were misconceived and a nullity in the eye of law. High Court holding that in such circumstances, the course adopted by Sessions Judge by issuing warrants for recovery of the writ petitioner was not warranted. High Court accepted writ petition and quashed proceedings pending before Sessions Judge. (2007 SD 976; 2008 YLR 81) Preamble Habeas corpus petition: Alleged detenue the was present in Court and stated that she had married the respondent and was living with him on her own free will and consent as his wife and that she was not in illegal detention. The procedure of court marriage in Pakistan had been duly registered.Duly Registered of Procedure of Court Marriage in Pakistan:According to the medical report the alleged detenue was 15 years old and being an adult she could marry on her own will and choice even without the permission of the father. Even the Child Marriage Restraint Act 1929, did not invalidate the marriage once it had been performed having attained puberty under Islamic law, the girl could marry. Her husband, who to prove his bona fides had undertaken to deposit Rs. 50,000 in her name in any profitable scheme of National Savings Centre for five years. Alleged detenue having not been found in illegal custody was set at liberty and allowed to accompany her husband (2006 YLR 2936).Habeas Corpus Petition in High Court:Controversy about the procedure of court marriage in Pakistan. Held: Petitioner and detenue claimed to be husband and wife which were evidenced by said Nikahnama. Said detenue pleaded that her father had obtained her thumb- impression on certain papers under duress. In those circumstances of the case, subsequently, Nikah of detenue could not be treated as valid Nikah. She was brought from the house of her father and produced in the Court. Detenue was allowed to accompany the petitioner/her husband. Petition allowed (2006 PLR 1297). Habeas corpus petition: Inappropriate and undesirable, if not illegal for the High Court to have determined the validity of a marriage on the touchstone of Injunctions of Islam, in proceedings under Section 491, Cr.P.C. [PLD. 2004 SC 219 11.

Get Perfect Guide for Court Marriage in Pakistan During the Engagement
 Zaima Ali  
 7 November 2020  

Court Marriage in Pakistan During the Engagement:For Court Marriage in Pakistan we are guide you the legal way for you. There is no legal penalty to get services of Court Marriage in Pakistan during engagement and you can avail the services of court marriage in Pakistan through Jamila Law Associates. Get the all kind of legal advice about court marriage in Pakistan By Advocate Jamila Ali.The Procedure of Court Marriage in Pakistan will make simple by our professionals if you want to do court marriage in Pakistan. Advocate Jamila Ali is a professional lawyer in Lahore Pakistan for the services of all kinds of cases. To conduct your court marriage in Lahore Pakistan, I prefer you to hire the expert law panel of a lawyer. they will guide you through all the legal services related to the court marriage procedure in Pakistan. Lawyer in Lahore Pakistan knows the court marriage Law in Pakistan very better. Meet advocate Jamila Ali in office and know that the documents required for court marriage in Pakistan. In case of more details call advocate Jamila Ali @ 0092-3234910089.Engagement Period:An engagement period is a time between the selection of a spouse and marriage. This is a crucial stage as any misunderstanding or clash of views can lead to a breakup, as this is more like a trial period than the ultimate marriage vows. Now both families are meeting as close relatives, who are jointly planning the wedding. Preparations are in full swing and everything seems interesting and the future looks bright and rosy but still, you can avail the services of court marriage in Lahore Pakistan by our lawyer in Lahore Pakistan.Time period for Engagement Before wedding:An engagement should last for at least SIX MONTHS before the wedding I finally solemnized. Once engaged, the couples must communicate or meet (preferably chaperoned) or even talk on the phone or chat on the computer. Now is the time to look at your partner with an invisible magnifying glass to know each other!The engagement period is the best as the couple is at their best with the exchange of gifts, undivided attention, smart looks, mannerism, behavior, conversation, and above all tolerance and patience! Nonetheless, some true attributes do leak out of the veneer.Court Marriage in Pakistan is a Life Time Commitment:REMEMBER It is a lifetime commitment, so tread carefully. Be as wary, as though you are passing through an unknown jungle! Often married couples after Court Marriage in Pakistan are advised who are now overly critical about their spouse after marriage, to sit back and relive and recall their engagement period as that is the time when the couple is all out to please each other.  if only married couples after Court Marriage in Pakistan who now get on each other's nerves can replay their role as engaged couples! How often they exchanged compliments and thought each other as Mr. Right Miss Right How sensitive they were to each other's moods, likes and dislikes--- AND how much they had wanted to please each other!  To remember the time when there was an endless exchange of gifts.  The amount of time they had for each other's feelings and even close relatives were given a lot of care and attention.  The success line was the ample capacity to give time, love, and attention to each other.  These warm feelings of romanticism and closeness should never fade into nothingness after court marriage in Lahore Pakistan. They should be relived, retained, and recalled in the years to come.  

Get Lawyer To Know About Couple After Online Marriage Procedure in Pakistan Legally By Expert
 Bint Ali  
 7 August 2020  

Couples After Online Marriage Procedure in Pakistan:Jamila Advocate an experienced lawyer for online marriage procedure in Pakistan is of the view that the couples most have some guidelines to live marital life. Each one of us needs to be 'loved. No affection can be expressed fully without some physical demonstration. There is NO such thing as platonic love in the online marriage procedure in Pakistan. One needs the comfort and reassurance with a touch of affection to show, that there is always someone to hold our hand when scared, someone to stop us with a raised eyebrow when one is about to make a fool of one's self in front of others, kiss away our tears when we are hurt and there is always a shoulder to rest on, and a 'magical embrace' when we are disappointed and need one's loved one for comfort after online marriage procedure in Pakistan. The only person who is with us most of the time is one's the better half, who can and does help us best, in times of need.  One's spouse is the person besides our parents and children,Most Comforting of all Emotions:before whom one can truly pour out all frustrations, anger, anxieties, fear, joy, victories and if one is close to each other, then even one's innermost thoughts can be shared.  Deeds are most important but the sense of touch is perhaps the MOST COMFORTING of all emotions!  Tolerance after the online marriage procedure in Pakistan is the bottom line to successMany marriages are on the rocks due to the attitude towards the institution of marriage like the 'belief that 'Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus'. This is not true, both are from planet Earth and both are human. An intelligent couple knows when to keep quiet, when to 'voice an opinion and when not to speak out ones' mind. It is a scientifically proven fact that a woman is as intelligent as a man, so why should she be treated otherwise? Both should be loving and intelligent enough to put up with each other's shortcomings and tantrums.  Just try to keep your cool by controlling outbursts of anger and saying the first thing that comes in one's mind as one is too weak at that time to control emotions.  This is a true example of unbelievable self-control.  Guidelines After Online Marriage:Bitter words are like quinine--an anti-malarial tablet (I was allergic to as a child), and when it 'touched ones' tongue it left the bitterest of taste for hours! Marriage needs a lot of self-control and a spouse can only function best if there are genuine appreciation and acceptance of each other's handicaps.  Couples should be close enough to express their feelings about different people and things without a 'faux pas.'  Unlike some cultures, family closeness is most important, and once married through online marriage procedure in Pakistan, in-laws are most important. One should always remember that parents always want love and respect from their child's spouse. They have spent their whole life in bringing up your spouse and making him the person he /she is . . . Now all that they want is your presence or attention. Give time to your parents, as well as your in-laws. Never overlook the harsh reality that one's spouse cannot and does not love the parents of one's better half, in the same way as you love yours and that love begets love.  

Court Marriage in Pakistan and Islamic Sharia - Get Complete Guide Legally By Expert
 Samna Ali  
 29 September 2020  

Court Marriage in Pakistan and Islamic Sharia:Advocate Nazia is an expert of court marriage in Pakistan and Islamic Sharia law and says that one can see how much space the words read, pen, teaching and knowledge occupied in Surah Alaq-- six times in five small verses and this revelation addresses (through the Prophet), the whole humanity, made of men and women. An authentic saying command of the Prophet (peace be upon him) is: to seek knowledge, is obligatory for every Muslim man (and woman). (Note: unless otherwise specified, in the Quranic (and hadith) dictum man means a person — both sexes). When a woman fulfills all the rights and obligations of her husband after court marriage in Pakistan according to the dictates of Shariah Islamic Law, seeks husband's permission before doing anything, even a household chore, rendering every possible minutest service to her husband with her own hands besides rearing up his children and without a valid reason.Visit: https://www.familycaselawyer.com/court-marriage.phpKnow Different Reason for Demanding for Divorce in Pakistan:demanding for divorce in Pakistan, then should she not feel herself entitled to an acknowledgment from her husband, even just by way of a formality? When he is counseled to behave thankfully, there comes the retort that she has simply performed her duty after court marriage in Pakistan and nothing beyond and that it was not a favor to him. In the event of her sickness, she has to remind several times for getting medicine and that too is done with a smug. Under this stress, if a woman loses temper and says, it would be preferable for me to live on my own earnings," but she has not left her home and has not severed relations, shall it considered as divorce in Pakistan in any way or, if she says to the husband for the sake of his correction, "if you are not happy with me, forsake me". But really she did not mean it? The question carries two aspects for consideration. One pertains to the basic principles of Islamic society and Islamic ethics and the other concerns the Islamic law of divorce in Pakistan after court marriage in Pakistan. Islamic Law & Divorce in Pakistan:The Holy Qur'an has described the relations between wife and husband in the Islamic system as those of affection, blessings and delight of heart. Along with the feelings of l sacrifice, selflessness, and care, an important one is that of the sense of gratitude. The Holy Quran has reckoned thankfulness as the basis for 'the link between 'the mankind and the Merciful Creator, Therefore, it has been ordained you are grateful, / add more (favors) unto you.' Bilt (f' you show ingratitude, truly MY punishment is terrible. What a husband undertakes and accepts at the time of the court marriage in Pakistan, in the presence of witnesses, is not merely taking the bride into his wedlock through a lawful procedure, but, he undertakes to fulfill all the responsibilities and duties that the Shariah has made incumbent upon him, It comprises not only the full maintenance cost and other privileges but also paramount importance is given to mutual love and respect. Similarly, what a woman covenants at the time of court marriage in Pakistan is that she shall protect favor longings and the bed of her husband and shall bring up his children according to teachings and traditions. Nowhere has it included daily chores like kitchen service and household maintenance, cleaning, dusting, etc.

Seek Considerations in Court marriage in Pakistan Under Court Marriage Law
 Iqbal Khan  
 17 August 2020  

Considerations in Court marriage in Pakistan:Nazia Law Associates in Lahore Pakistan says that social conventions have changed to the point where more and more couples live together in arrangements that replace court marriage in Pakistan or that serve as "trial marriages." Such arrangements have become increasingly acceptable in a social sense. Yet many states still make living-together relationships illegal. The laws against illegal cohabitation, where they exist, are rarely enforced. Thus the couples are generally free to form agreements, in writing or orally, on property rights, household duties, child-rearing responsibilities, and other matters during court marriage in Pakistan because no valid marriage has taken place, such agreements may be held to be unenforceable: many courts will refuse to sanction an agreement that has an illegal basis. Legal Considerations: Several other factors that can render a court marriage in Pakistan void will be noted later. These factors rank among the legal considerations that the parties to a marriage should consider before the "knot is tied." Still, other basic considerations that becomes important where marriage is valid to include the following:A name change:On marrying, the wife usually assumes her husband's last name. But she is not legally required to do so. For professional or other reasons a wife may keep her maiden name. Many wives today retain their maiden names because, among other reasons, they have developed lines of credit with stores or institutions, often over long periods and at considerable expense. In other cases, both husband and wife may assume hyphenated combined surnames at the time of court marriage in Pakistan. The husband should usually court petition for a legal name change: the wife can make such a change often, without going through any formal legal procedures. Name changes should, of course, be given as soon as possible to governmental agencies, including vehicle licensing authorities, and institutions such as banks and insurance companies.Insurance:Court marriage in Pakistan represents a change in status. Thus insurance companies that may be affected should be notified immediately. Where life insurance is involved, a change of beneficiaries-from a parent to a spouse, for example, maybe called for. Auto insurance rates may change in the married person's favor. Combining the hospitalization coverage of husband and wife will usually result in substantial savings.Wills and estate planning:Everyone, and particularly every married person, should have a will. Even for a young couple with limited assets, the will constitutes the first step in estate planning of equal importance, the will helps the partners in a court marriage in Pakistan to protect one another and their children in the event of the wife's or husband's death status. Once married, the couple becomes eligible to file a joint income tax return with both their state and federal governments. The joint return should be studied carefully, however, in some cases it can save money; in others, it will mean a larger tax "bite." The advantages and disadvantages are determined by each couple's financial situation. Buying a home: Many couples look forward to owning a home of their own. When they buy, they should remember that the sale contract, not the deed, determines their legal obligations. The aid and advice of a lawyer should be solicited.https://youtu.be/BtTTmWk549k

Guide the People on Court Marriage in Pakistan after Changing Religion
 raza moaz  
 5 December 2020  

Court Marriage in Pakistan after Changing Religion:Advocate Nazia is a specialist lawyer in Lahore for court marriage in Pakistan and says that a person Christian by religion got married to a Christian lady according to the Christian Marriage Act and it was a court marriage in Pakistan. After a few years of marriage, the husband changed his religion from Christianity to Islam and married a Muslim lady by the way of court marriage in Pakistan through a lawyer in Lahore. The first wife was Christian by religion filed a case against husband saying that the husband only just in order to do second marriage converted his religion therefore he is guilty and should be prosecuted in accordance with the law and should be sentenced for by gummy under section 494 Pakistan penal code 1860.Christianity to Islam Court Marriage Procedure:The trial court held that the conversion of the husband from Christianity to Islam was not bonafide therefore the trial court punished the husband in accordance with the law and the husband filed an appeal in the High Court against such order post office the high court held that the conversion from Christianity Islam was bonafide and no Court is entitled and has no mechanism to check whether conversion of religion pass Bonafide or not, therefore, the high court suspended the order of the trial court below and held that such court marriage in Pakistan through a lawyer in Lahore after conversion of religion was in accordance with the law. Also held that the second court marriage in Pakistan through lawyer in Lahore could not be held void as a Muslim male can marry four wives however the permission a first wife was required for doing second court marriage in Pakistan.The capacity to enter into the bond of court marriage in Pakistan through a lawyer in Lahore must be determined according to the law of the land to which the respondent is subject to which is the Islamic law of Pakistan marriage being a matter of status the husband was governed by the person more in this respect. There is no provision in the divorce for Christian Marriage Act which would hinder in the way of acceptance of second marriage as valid even if the first one performed under Christian law. The first wife fire special leave to appeal in the Supreme Court it challenging the order of the High Court on two Grounds that the change of religion was not qualified by the husband moreover the second court marriage done by the husband required permission from the first wife after pursuing the record the supreme court gave the decision in the favor of the husband. Muslim males in Pakistan have the right to marry 4 wives at one time this right is given to the male Muslim husband by Islam cannot be taken away but the law of the land requires the permission of the first wife taken by the husband even if he is doing court marriage in Pakistan through lawyer in Lahore but one thing is very much confirmed that even if the permission from the first wife is not taken by the male husband it is not invalid second marriage even if it is by the way of court marriage in Pakistan. Our Law Firm in Lahore is Provide the best solution of the Procedure of Court Marriage in Pakistan.

Let Know the Online marriage in Pakistan with converted Muslim
 sufyanali raza  
 10 November 2020  

Online marriage in Pakistan with converted Muslim:Nazia advocate the best family lawyer in Lahore can perform your online marriage in Pakistan even if you are a converted Muslim. Q: I am a new Muslim My mother is Christian, I did online marriage in Pakistan and I am converted Muslim and I need to know her role in my life. My wife is also a Christian. I would appreciate it if you could guide me through this situation. A: Though belated, please accept our heartfelt congratulation to embrace Islam and showing keen interest to learn about it earnestly. Please stick to your faith and its demands, at any cost. But be very kind and helpful to your mother in all worldly matters. And never compel her or your wife to change their faith even if you have done online marriage in Pakistan through lawyer in Lahore. Do try to win them over through reason, argument, love, and affection. There is no harm if your mother and stay Christian. However, be very careful about your children (if and when) that they are brought up as Muslims. Try to do it in a way that does not create clash and trouble in the family.  Question with Answer of Online Marriage in Pakistan:Q: I am aware that mother-in-law after online marriage in Pakistan is regarded as one's mother. In the aspect of meeting her needs financially, to say, who should be held accountable, the son-in-law or other male members of the family? (e.g. the brothers, uncle, etc)?  A: Legally speaking a lady can claim financial support from her father, brother, husband, and son- In the absence of any such relative, and being needy, other relatives, or finally the society and state, are bound to help her.  A son-in-law, being the husband of the lady's daughter, should be at the forefront of the second-line relief res to offer support. That pleases his wife, making his family life more congenial, peaceful, and loving. Thus, to help mother-in-law is not without rich rewards here and, of course, in the Hereafter.  Q: I am an American Muslim and my husband is from Sudan and we did online marriage in Pakistan through lawyer in Lahore Pakistan. I am trying to be a good wife to him. But he's used to the women of his country. I try to approach other Muslim women for but they do not accept me as a Muslim because I am an American. I need to advise "hat to do.  A: You have been so brief and telegraphic in your message, that we find it hard to understand the true nature of your problem However, we gather that:  Your husband does not feel the importance of getting adapted (unless something is unlawful) to the new environment, which he must, to establish a working, good and loving relationship with you.  Other sisters in the community do not come forward to help, if the reason is only that you as Americans are not being accepted as Muslims it is really unfortunate and scornful. We can't believe, because, as a tradition, a convert Muslim or a stranger is received with great attention in any Muslim community and online marriage in Pakistan is acceptable if done properly through lawyer in Lahore Pakistan. That what makes this all Muslims an (Imam and it is scornful because those ladies are so careless about a fundamental aspect of Islamic fraternity and their primary obligation. Please continue trying to the over your husband, see if you can also accommodate some of his demands (if legitimate and reasonable, of course) and forgiving the sisters for their past behavior, look for ways to patch up and create links that will bring them closer. This test of patience on two fronts — Horne and outside will sure bring great rewards for you, both here and in the Hereafter. Our Law Firm in Lahore is Provide the best result to our clients of your legal cases in Pakistan.

Brief Information of Modern society and online marriage in Pakistan
 ali danyalraza  
 10 November 2020  

Modern society and online marriage in Pakistan:Nazia Law Associates in Lahore Pakistan is an expert in the cases of online marriage in Pakistan. The family plays so many roles in modern society that the law takes a basic interest in nearly all types of family matters especially online marriage in Pakistan. The family ensures the biological reproduction of the next generation and takes responsibility for the child's maintenance and education. Child training or socialization also falls in the family's area of responsibility, as does the provision of sexual controls. In effect, the family constitutes society's most basic unit after online marriage in Pakistan. The family performs all its social functions at once. In doing so, it gains in effectiveness and makes a fundamental contribution to a nation's or a society's survival. There can be little wonder that the law concerns itself with how a family is formed and what happens to it afterward. The family begins with online marriage in Pakistan, a step that commits both partners to legal responsibilities of a serious nature.Contract based Online Marriage in Pakistan:The responsibilities rest in a contract. Online marriage in Pakistan involves a contract in which three parties have an interest: the bride, the bridegroom, and the state in which the marriage is performed. The state is a party through the embassy because under its laws the partners to the marriage assume certain duties toward each other and the state itself. For example, the husband is viewed widely as taking the primary duty of support for his wife and children. But that obligation may fall on the wife under certain circumstances.The law girds the family around with both restrictions and protocols. Divorce or annulment after online marriage in Pakistan requires specific procedures before the law recognizes any change—any formal dissolution of the marriage bonds. Insurance, the protection that can guarantee the family's survival in difficult times, is subject to close regulation under the law. In one way or another, the law follows the family—and the individual who "goes it alone"—through life. The law safeguards personal security even after the individual's working years are done. Legislation has, for example, established the entire Social Security system. Our Law Firm in Lahore is Provide the best result to our clients of your legal cases in Pakistan.Other means of providing for the "golden years" come under the protective umbrella of the law, which seeks to ensure that pension, profit-sharing, and similar Programs contribute to the comfort and dignity of older citizens. All citizens share in the ambiance created by the law. But in many cases, the legal family is directly and deeply involved as a group, for example, where estate planning, wills, taxation, death, and burial are concerned. Part Ill examines all these areas of the law. By carefully reading this overview you can be better prepared to avoid any family related problems after online marriage in Pakistan and make the necessary adjustments in time. The field of law involving matrimonial matters—domestic relations law—is perhaps the most personal of all. It deals with the close personal relationships that exist between husband and wife and between parent and child. Key areas of the field include the questions that arise before online marriage in Pakistan, the property rights of husband and wife, separation and dissolution of marriage, alimony, divisions of property, customary provisions for custody and visitation of children, and support payments.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVDovFoHzek

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one of the best things,which people can do for overcoming their various life-related challenges,is to approach an efficient best astrologer in delhi People may face various kinds of challenges in their lives, which may be inevitable, but it is important for them to find out the best possible way with the help of which they can overcome their challenges successfully. This is not only important but also inevitable to lead a happy life. One of the best things, which people can do for overcoming their various life-related challenges, is to approach an efficient best Astrologer in Delhi like Pandit Hanumantha Rao. Pandit Hanumantha Rao, who is more popularly known as the best Astrologer in Delhi is one of the best person to approach when people need astrology services.Pandit Hanumantha Rao serves as a single stop destination for people to avail any of the various astrology services offered by him. Pandit Hanumantha Rao offers not only the best but also, he is well known to offer the most suitable astrology solution as per the requirement and complexity of the issue of the client. This is important as it accounts for making the astrology services of Pandit Hanumantha Rao trustable. It is not exaggerating to say that there exists a definite need of such trustable astrology solutions for eliminating the various suffering from the lives of the people and this can be offered by the best Astrologer in Delhi Pandit Hanumantha Rao.Everyone wants to be happy and successful in their life. For leading a happy life, it is important for them to reach Pandit Hanumantha Rao, the famous Astrologer in Delhi as he has all the various astrology solutions, which can eliminate the various life-related issues of people from its roots. It is obvious that when the various hurdles in our life can be eliminated, one can achieve success and happiness in their professional life as well as in personal life too. This is possible for Pandit Hanumantha Rao, a famous Astrologer in Delhi to eliminate the various hurdles in life, as he is one of the very knowledgeable person about the subject of astrology and its various branches like Gemmology, Numerology, Lal Kitab Readings, Natal Chart Readings, Palmistry, Black Magic Removal, Face Reading, Horoscope Reading, Future Predictions, Psychic Readings, Spiritual Healing, and many more.Pandit Hanumantha Rao, a world-famous Astrologer in Delhi is one of the very famous names for finding out the best of the best astrology services, which can eliminate the various life-related issues of people. Also, it is interesting to know the various astrology services offered by Pandit Hanumantha Rao, famous Astrologer in Delhi also holds various other best features like accurate, trustable, vast number of services, most importantly they are customized astrology services for the various astrology needs of the people.

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 29 July 2020  

Earlier, people used to hide instead of talking and discussing their sex problems. The reason behind this is the consideration of sex as a taboo. With time and changing mindset, people got different platforms to discuss their sex problems and find effective solutions for them. You can find the best sexologist by visiting different websites using the internet. The internet has made the process of finding a sexologist easier.What are the benefits of visiting a sexologist?Doctors who are experts and knowledgeable on the topic of sex is known as a sexologist. They have made communication easier for people who are going through sexual problems with their partners. Sex and intimacy are very important for partners because it brings them closer and let them bond on another level. The inefficiency in sex life can cause fights and increases stress in the relationship. This is why experts have advised people to visit a sexologist for getting the perfect solution for their problem. If you are experiencing any sexual problems, you can get the best treatment from a sexologist. No matter if you are a man or a woman, you can get relief from your sexual problem quickly.What is the easiest way to find the best sexologist?When you are going through sexual problems, you are very conscious about that and want to get the best treatment without making it a big matter. This is why it is important to find the best sexologist who can match your expectations and provide the required facilities to treat the problem. You can take the help of the internet and visit websites where the best sexologists are provided. Their website allows you to know about their method of treatment and previous client reviews that affect your decision of choosing a sexologist. It is better to discuss the problem with your partner so that they will also search for a good sexologist for your problem. You should avoid being shy and embarrassed and talk to your partner or close friends. This will make the process of finding a sexologist quick. If you have a family doctor, you can consult them because they are in the same field. It will be easier for them to find the best sexologist in Delhi for your sexual problem.When is the right time to see a sexologist?When anything is wrong with your body, you should keep open eyes for seeing the symptoms of any sexual problem in your body. If you are experiencing any lack in your sexual drive or taking interest in sexual interactions with your partner, then you should visit a sexologist. In men, if there is a problem in maintaining an erection or you are not able to perform sexually. Then, they should contact a sexologist who can help you with your problem. Sometimes, people can become conscious about having sexual interaction with their partner; they can get answers to their doubts from a sexologist. You should not ignore the symptoms because the more time without treatment, your problem will become worse. With the help of the internet, you can visit different websites where you can find the perfect solution for your sexual problem.

Different Techniques for Acne Scar Reduction
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 7 July 2020  

With the advancement in the medical sector, no scar can be left unattended. These days there are several options available for people to treat acne scars. All you need is to pick a knowledgeable expert or a well-trained dermatologist that will choose the best technique to reduce or remove the affected skin surface. Here are some of the affected treatments that are safe and practiced by the Best Dermatologists in Delhi;Laser TreatmentIt’s a popular laser treatment resurfacing where the professional or doctor removes the outer layer of skin by pressing laser beams into the surface. The process will contour the areas of the acne-affected region and results as lightening of the skin. The patient will heal within a span of 3 to 10 days. FillersFillers are a healthy option for small facial scars done by injecting collagen or required fats under the skin, which leads to the filling of indented scars. Although this method works for a shorter period, and one needs to take the injections regularly according to schedules fixed by the doctors. DermabrasionOne of the most effective treatments for scar reduction opted by dermatologists. Dermabrasion is done using a high-speed brush and other instruments to either resurface or regenerate your skin cells. The process will reduce or even remove the depths of scars effectively. One can heal with the portion of the skin within 2 to 3 weeks. Micro-dermabrasionMicro-dermabrasion is chosen when there is the presence of severe scarring. In this process, the topmost layer of skin is removed by the handheld device, and the scars may be reduced within two to three rounds of it. It is well-effective on the deeper scars that will be less noticeable after the treatment.MicroneedlingAlso known as collagen induction therapy, which involves a needle-studded device to prick the skin to stimulate the growth of new collagen present in the surface. It is recommended as a safe and simple technique to reduce scars positively. The treatment is popular in the cases of resolving stretch marks, fine lines, and wrinkles.  Botox injectionsSome people face the puckers around the acne patches; botox injections are meant to heal and reduce those types of acne scars. These injections are made up of botulinum toxin that fills the skin with necessary nutrients and relaxes the surface of the area. It will last for some time, and one has to take injections periodically.Chemical peelingIn this technique, a chemical solution is applied to the affected skin area that will peel off the outer layer of the skin and gives a smoother, delicate, and glowing skin texture. However, this process is suitable for every skin type to reduce the scars.Punch excisionsMinor surgery is performed to reduce acne by cutting out the piece of the scar and repair the patch with a stitch or a skin graft. A small part of the skin is taken from another part of the patient's body, usually from behind the ear. It will take 2 to 3 weeks to recover from the surgery, and one has to take necessary precautions as well.