India is known for its big fat wedding. Indian weddings are not a single day affair. It is a big function that starts way before the marriage and lasts after few days of the marriage. Indian weddings mean a lot of relatives, the fun and the grandeur. Marriage is not for the couple only, but it is also for the family members. A marriage in India is the best excuse to enjoy till you become tired. Weddings have a lot of rituals and ceremonies and for pre-wedding, wedding day and even post0wedding marriage party.

Indian wedding has become more extravagant with time. Gone are the days of simple decoration in your backyard or the local community hall and the homely environment of the occasion. Today, people like to have fairy tale kind of wedding. Hence, the demand for theme parties, bachelor nights, grand venues and Bollywood style marriage is increasing day by day.

Resorts are becoming popular as wedding venues. It is because you do not need to worry about the wedding arrangements. The resort authority takes care of all the arrangements and you can easily enjoy and relax with your loved ones. Besides that, resorts offer professional services including food and decoration which are far better than your local decorator. You can get a beautiful wedding within your budget. A lot of holiday resorts in Gurgaon  provide venues for marriage

Resorts are a great choice because it provides accommodation and fooding to your guests and also provides entertainment options for them. It gives anyone a luxurious feeling. Many resorts offer special; stay package for the couples also. If you want to choose a resort as your wedding venue then keep the following factors in consideration before choosing one-

  • Decide according the season

If you are getting married in summer or winter try to choose a place with a garden and lots of open space. A resort with swimming pool in Gurgaon or any other city will make your guests comfortable. But for rainy season or winter, choose a resort with a banquet hall. 

  • Choose a place that is easily connected to the main city

You may need to go to a shop or florist or even your salon in emergency. Hence, choosing a resort inside the main city or close to the city is always great.

  • Choose according to your style or theme

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that you need to choose the resort as per your style and choice.  If you want a chic wedding or a classic wedding then you need to choose a venue as per the style. For classic weddings, choose a palace themed resort or a classic ambience resort for this. If you want a contemporary wedding then go for lakeside resorts or resorts with swimming pools and other attractions. 

  • Number of guests

You need to determine the guests and the number of guests that you are going to invite. Because of the more guest the bigger place.

Besides these, you should always go for a direct meeting with the resort authorities before choosing any place. It will be better if you shortlist some places and then choose the perfect resort for your wedding.