Yoga is an exercise conceived in ancient India. Ancient yogis spent their time and days observing the human psyche and that lead to the initiation of what they thought would bring these deeper experiences to them in the most consistent manner. The result was yoga. Yoga cleansed their energies and this helped them to find experiences that started from within them and connecting their worlds outside of their bodies’ rather than the other way round. 

When we are too full of energies and don’t know where to vent it out, the emotions adapt another form of venting, which is often un-noticed and accidental, this happens for the lack of expression. Lack of expression comes when one has spent a long time believing that whatever they do is not enough, they need to do “more”. 

Most of us do yoga just for the sake of it for the hype it has created, but we forget to understand the entire point of yoga, not being just an exercise, rather an activity that amalgamates everything that is within and everything that is without. As of now there has been a steady improvement in the practice of yoga in cities like Delhi and Gurgaon. There are some very authentic to the principle yoga teacher training classes , yoga classes in Delhi and yoga classes in Gurgaon, that is a repose for yoga enthusiasts and anyone who may just be curious about  yoga.

In order to experience yoga in all its glory, Here are 5 steps to be involved in some meaningful and a more connected yoga. 

Find Silence

Living in the age of technology, noise, chaos and this fast pace that we have to work with the times, and this often gets very hectic. In all the chaos, the quintessential silence that feeds your spirit is lost and we wonder why our spirits are dulling. Wonder when was the last time you sat for yourself and your soul wondering if it even exists? To know our deeper inner selves we have to tune into our deepest thoughts and jump off the never-ending chaos and walk a path of silence and self-love. When you do yoga, try not to focus on emptying your mind; rather observe what your mind is thinking and how those thoughts make you feel, and try to observe your thoughts for as long as you can. Don’t talk to your soul, out of turn and don’t try to solve things there and then by interrupting this conversation. This will help you observe the tone in which your mind is speaking now. You don’t have to give a forced closure to your thought, let it keep flowing and end itself out of your system.

Move your body

Movement is the essence of human life. Expression is a movement of thoughts. When you first learn to dance, your body is awkward and the movement is not very smooth and conscious; only with practice do you learn to refine your movements and give every movement an intention that leads to expression that comes from within you. This expression is very well worked on, and this is what will keep unwanted elements such as unnecessary relations, doubts, indecision at bay. When you are good at expressing your inward thoughts as raw and politely as you can, your life automatically detox itself. Choose to do what feels expansive and freeing to your body and practice that expression as a form of self-love, and not a task meant to be completed.

Check on yourself regularly

It may be true that this is Kalyug, but some truth is still within us, that we have to follow and try to reveal to ourselves. It becomes important then, to check on yourself and your actions time and again, and it takes a lot of courage to acknowledge your mistakes as well as someone else’s, keep your questions to yourself real and give time to answering them. Simple questions like how do you feel now? And observe your response; give time to healing the roots of your past, with a present body and mind.

Do the things you love

What is an activity that you love to do an activity that you can easily do without having to put a lot of strained energies, because you love doing it? People generally find their repose in creativity and working around it. Usually you may find it an easy task to tune your body into that activity and you find your flow and rhythm. Every time you perform the task, the chances to learn something new increases. You feel more and more connected to your inner rhythm. Yoga is all about finding your repose and rhythm!

Try practicing stream of consciousness writing

Originally originated as a new genre of writing in English literature, started by an African writer by the name of Alice Walker; Stream of consciousness is when you catch a stream of thought, pen it down and follow where your train of conscious thought leads you in the form of writing. This will give you good practice of inducing self love in your life. You observe your thoughts and hold it with mind practice and do a physical activity at the same time by exploring the flow of your thoughts through writing. You are observing your thoughts in this way. 

Wherever we are standing in our lives, it is essential that we are giving time to our intensions and understanding of the world. It is essential because that is the streak of humanity that is going to save us; and if cultivated with a lot of time and patience, the innermost intention and thought have the power to bear really deep and positive results.