Way back in 1990 around, an employee of a company, middle aged 35 years old, a brilliant and intelligent mind, fast in his deeds, working at the centralized dispatch section in the administrative building, where Finance & Accounts Group, Training & PRO offices were located in the lst, 2ndand 3rdfloors.He was Mr. Manoharan. Two to three clerks work in this dispatch section. Dispatches to various outgoing customers/parties and incoming dak are routed through this centralized dispatch section.

The above employee was working in this dispatch section for the last 3 years and his overall experience was 15 years in other departments at factory premises. Mr. Manoharan had a click in his mind for master plan to make quick and fast money.He observed total working system and functioning of this centralized dispatch section thoroughly and accurately. In those days, the company has its other Branch offices located at Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Kolkata, Bhopal, and Mumbai and at other places in India.

Mr. Manoharan used to open all important letters especially letters addressed to Finance & Accounts Group and letters which were returned undelivered.On one fine morning, when Mr. Manoharan opened a cover which was returned undelivered to an employee working at Kolkata branch, Mr. Manoharan saw one “crossed Provident Fund” cheque amounting to INR 1.50 Lakhs in the name of One Mr. Krishna Rao who was also Company staff. Mr. Krishna Rao applied for non-returnable PF amount for the purpose of purchasing land. Mr. Krishna Rao went on long leave due to his personal reasons, who was then working at Kolkata branch.In those days, there was only manual accounting system and no computer working system. Mr. Krishna Rao’s PF cheque cover was returned to the centralized dispatch section undelivered to Mr. Krishna Rao of Kolkata Branch Office with remarks on the cover “party not available”.

Mr. Manoharan was at his work table, opened all the undelivered covers (which were only originally sent from the Company Finance & Accounts Group), saw Mr. Krishna Rao’s crossed PF cheque.Mr. Manoharan has thought for a while. He had a master idea how to swallow this cheque money. He has given a sketch of plan i.e., master plan.

Mr. Manoharan never used to exchange any of his thoughts nor used to discuss anything with his other co-staff working at this dispatch section. To the luck of Mr. Manoharan or otherwise to his bad fate or bad luck, Mr. Manoharan has simply kept this cover along with the PF cheque in his pocket. This was on one Monday. On the same evening, he went to his house. He has given a thought about his friend’s working at any bank.It clicked.One of his known people was working at State Bank of India at one place called ‘Malakpet’. In those days, no ID cards were asked by the bankers ‘to open a new bank account. Whoever approaches the bank for opening a new bank account, they were allowed to be opened their new bank accounts.He filled the one page new bank account form. There was no photo required for opening a ‘new bank a/c’.He deposited INR 100/- (Rupees One Hundred) in his new a/c.The name of account was Mr. Krishna Rao, but all other particulars belong to Mr. Manoharan. The signature belongs to Mr. Krishna Rao (Mr. Manoharan signed as Krishna Rao in a fake signature).

Mr. Manoharan just managed to open a SBI new savings bank a/c in the name of Mr. Krishna Rao in collusion with the bank friend. The bank friend was given a loan of INR 10,000/- by Mr. Manoharan for getting the new bank a/c opened in the name of Mr. Krishna Rao.However, Mr. Manoharan was successful in attempt of getting the savings bank a/c opened. On the same day of opening this new savings bank a/c, Mr. Manoharan deposited Mr. Krishna Rao’s crossed PF cheque amounting to Rs.1.50 Lakhs for clearance purpose. The clearance of the cheque took place two days, as the company issued cheque was from SBI local branch.After two working days, the amount got credited into the new a/c of Mr. Krishna Rao.

After two days, Mr. Manoharan came to the branch, and withdrew the total amount of INR 1.50 Lakhs. Mr. Manoharan’s friend was given INR 10,000/- (and an acknowledgement taken to this effect). Mr. Manoharan was attending to his office regularly. There was no doubt to any of his colleagues. There was no suspicion. Everything was routine. Then Mr. Krishna Rao at Kolkata Branch joined his duty after six months. Mr. Krishna Rao forgot that he applied his PF loan amount.

Later after two years, Mr. Krishna Rao was in need of money to perform his sister’s marriage at Kolkata. Mr. Krishna Rao applied for PF loan for his sister’s marriage purpose thinking that he has accrued the PF amount to the extent of INR 2.50 Lakhs. But to Mr. Krishna Rao, Finance & Account’s Group of his company intimated about the balance of PF amount as only INR 1.00 Lakh in his PF a/c and already the PF statement showed that INR 1.50 Lakhs drawn two years back. Mr. Krishna Rao shocked and surprised. Mr. Krishna Rao gave a complaint to the FAG that he never withdrew any PF loan earlier.

The FAG enquired with the branch where the company account was being operated. SBI officials told FAG that the amount was drawn by one Mr. Kr4ishna Rao from SBI Malakpet branch. The same thing was informed to Mr. Krishna Rao.Mr. Krishna Rao smelt some foul-play in this. Mr. Krishna Rao was advised by the company to give a complaint to the Company management. Later during the Management enquiry, all the things came to light and found that Mr. Manoharan who was working at the central dispatch section was the man behind this fraud.

The company put an ‘Enquiry’ on this episode. Mr. Manoharan was found guilty. Enquiry report submitted to FAG and to the company management. This fraud case was the highlight in the factory. Mr. Manoharan was ‘dismissed from service’. Mr. Manoharan was simply dismissed from service. There was no criminal case lodged against Mr. Manoharan. Mr. Manoharan was just managed with the influence from the factory Union leaders. Mr. Krishna Rao, Kolkata branch employee, however, was given his total PF amount by the management. But, the management recovered full money from Mr. Manoharan in due course of time.


Story by

Mantri Pragada Markandeyulu




Hyderabad. India

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