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Your search for Yes
Bhagavad Gita Verse 11.9
 Dhwani Shah  
 2 July 2020  

Divine Eyes - In Gita Verse 11.9 Sañjaya said: O King, having spoken thus, the Supreme Lord of all mystic power, the Personality of Godhead, displayed His universal form to Arjuna.Sanjay when saw through his divine eyes the mystic opulence form of Krishna he says to Dhritarashtra that now Krishna has revealed his mystic opulence to Arjuna.Dhritartashtra had the opportunity to have divine eyes. But he refused that offer given to him by sage Vyasa. If he had said yes then with Arjuna he would have seen Krishna’s mystic opulence. Not only that if he would have said yes then his whole life’s pain that he had not seen his own sons would also be relieved.In our life also we miss many things when we say No. We need to learn to say Yes wholeheartedly, in acceptance.Just Say Yes:Life cannot be lived through no, and those who try to live life through no simply go on missing life. One cannot make an abode out of no, because no is just empty. No is like darkness. Darkness has no real existence; it is simply the absence of light. That’s why you cannot do anything with darkness directly. You cannot push it out of the room, you cannot throw it into the neighbor’s house; you cannot bring more darkness into your house. Nothing can be done directly with darkness, because it is not. If you want to do something with the darkness, turn the light off; if you don’t want darkness, put the light on. But all that you have to do has to be done with light.In exactly the same way, yes is light, no is darkness. If you really want to do anything in your life, you have to learn the way of yes. And yes is tremendously beautiful; just to say it is so relaxing. Let it become your very lifestyle. Say yes to the trees and the birds and people, and you will be surprised: life becomes a blessing if you are there to say yes to it. Life becomes a great adventure.With this question will arise in us - WHY CAN'T I SAY YES TO MYSELF?I HAVE THE FEELING THAT ALL MY MISERY IS ROOTED IN THIS INCAPACITY.It is one of the greatest problems. Every human being has to face it, because the whole society up to now has been based on self-condemnation. All the religions, all the societies, all the cultures create a tremendous guilt in you that you are not what you should be. They give you perfectionist ideals to fulfill which are impossible. They simply drive you crazy.Perfectionism is the root cause of all neurosis. Nobody can be perfect - nobody NEED be perfect; life is beautiful because everything is imperfect. Perfection is death; imperfection is life. It is because of imperfection that growth is possible. If you are perfect then there is no growth, no movement.God is the most imperfect phenomenon because God is the most evolving factor in existence and evolution and perfection are against each other. It is because of this that all the religions have been against the idea of evolution.No religion has dared to declare that God is imperfect, but God is imperfect because imperfection means evolution, imperfection means life, imperfection means flow, growth. And God is infinitely imperfect; he will never become perfect. The moment he becomes perfect the whole existence will disappear into nonexistence.All of us immediately feel - WHY WE ARE NOT COMFORTABLE WITH OUR IMPERFECTION?Because you have been told you are all wrong, you are nothing but a sinner. Everything that you do is wrong, everything that you think is wrong, everything that you are is wrong - how can you say yes to yourself? You have been given ideas, great ideals, shoulds: “You should be like this, like that…”And you go on comparing yourself with those stupid ideals. Of course, you fall very short, and when you fall very short you start feeling a deep no to yourself you want to destroy yourself; you cannot love yourself.You have been told to love others, but you have never been told to love yourself. And you can love others only if you have loved yourself in the first place: if you don't love yourself you cannot love anybody else in the world. Loving yourself, you learn the art of love. And if you can love yourself with all your imperfections you will be able to love other human beings with all their imperfections.If you cannot love yourself with your imperfections, how are you going to love others with their imperfections? You will hate them! Perfection is not possible. You are imperfect, and there is nothing wrong in being imperfect; this is the only way to be. Once you accept your imperfection you have accepted your humanity, and in that acceptance the yes arises. And then you can love yourself and you can love others too, because they are as imperfect as you are.Only when you love yourself YES arises in you. Once you say YES to everything God will merge into you. Ocean will merge into drop.

What Are Yahoo Mail Server Settings?
 Ruci Roy  
 12 November 2020  

If want to use your Yahoo email account either on an email program or an app on your smartphone for an easier mail exchange process then, you should need to definitely know about the following ‘Yahoo Mail’s SMTP, POP or IMAP Server Settings’—1: Yahoo-IMAP Server Settings: IMAP Mail Server Settings for Configuring Yahoo Mail Incoming Server HostName - imap.mail.yahoo.com Incoming Mail Server Port – 993 Requires SSL Encryption – Yes Requires Authentication - Yes 2: Yahoo-POP Server Settings: POP3 Mail Server Settings for Configuring Yahoo Mail Incoming Server HostName - pop.mail.yahoo.com Incoming Mail Server Port – 995 Requires SSL Encryption – Yes Requires Authentication - Yes  3: Yahoo-SMTP Server Settings:SMTP Mail Server Settings for Configuring Yahoo MailOutgoing Server HostName - smtp.mail.yahoo.comOutgoing Server Port – 465 (for SSL) or 587 (for TLS)Requires SSL Encryption– YesRequires TLS Encryption - Yes Requires Authentication - YesThat’s it! These are the Yahoo incoming and outgoing i.e., IMAP, POP, and SMTP server settings that are necessary to configure or set up your Yahoo email account on any email-client for completely avoiding Yahoo webmail sign-in issues and also for easier Yahoo Mail exchange process. Read More: https://emailspedia.com/create-new-yahoo-account/ 

IN$iDe the He@d of a girl
 Nandita Rani  
 11 March 2018  

A girl/women is the most complicated species on the planet earth. Well we all can agree to that..!! Have you ever seen a jumbled rubix cube? Yes exactly.. that is how a women's brain should look like. The are zillion self contradicting thoughts going on all the time. There is family, work, food, sex(yes we do think about sex..less then food though).Let me start with the most complicated one's first: LOVE ♥Our love for family is surreal, its like you touch my family and i will kill you. When it comes to the love of other gender, its very easy for us to get attracted to someone, but really difficult to keep holding the attraction and we always make the first move. Guys may think that they have initiated it but actually it just our dirty little mind games we like to play in the starting of a relationship. A girl always knows the next move of a guy & decides weather to encourage it or diminish it. A yes is always a yes for us but you need to concentrate on the NO. It may be a firm no, or a no which means maybe yes, or a no where you need to persuade a little to make it yes.Anger/Depression/Crying all of these go hand in hand. It starts with anger, changes to depression with time and the final result is crying to take it all off your chest. Though alcohol plays a part too in making things more miserable or may be lighter(depends on the amount of consumption).Well the last but not the least most prominent thing on a girl's head : Jealousy why god why? why didn't you made me thinner like my sister. You do tina has bigger boobs not me? why am i not as fair as kareena? why are hairs not as straight as neha? Well it never ends. This list goes on and on and on. Nonetheless we can never sustain in a world without girls and neither do we want so. #werock#dontmindme#loveall#smblogcontest

Mind the word "Quarantine"
 Prakash Rao  
 30 April 2020  

(Johnny Johnny - yes papa ; washing your hands - yes papa ; wearing your mask - yes papa ; shake my hand - No papa)● Quarantine is pronounced as "kworanteen"● Meaning : Strict isolation imposed on ship or person to prevent the spread of infection or disease● Verb tense usage : Put in quarantine means put in strict isolation for Forty days (as originated anciently from Latin word "quadraginta" meaning 40 days isolation)● Authentic source or later origin : The word "quarantine" also originates from "quarantena", the Venetian language (spoken in Venice) meaning "forty days isolation" which was practiced on ships and people as a measure of disease prevention related to the plague. This was first implemented in Venice during the outbreak of black plague, following which every nation & kingdom followed suit. ● The Forty-day quarantine period proved to be an effective formula for handling outbreaks of plague.● Current trend/practice : There is no fixed period but in recent times, quarantine usually means that you are placed under strict isolation for 14 days (standard duration) by the government or administration at their expense● By the way : Extreme case of Govt imposed quarantine for political reasons can also mean "house arrest" where you are totally shut off or disconnected from the outside world. But then you are treated well and can enjoy all domestic facilities at the expense of the government (i  don't mind being under house arrest)● Passing remark : Once bitten twice shy ; hence in the near future, i see a trend wherein foreign tours will be reduced dramatically ; Foreign trip will be considered a bane !Alas : My dream of visiting Rome & Paris will go unfulfilled !!

Mind the word "Quarantine"
 Prakash Rao  
 1 April 2020  


How to View PST Files without Outlook with PST File Viewer ?
 File Viewers  
 7 January 2020  

This post shows how to open the contents of a .pst file without installing Outlook. Therefore, if you want to view PST files without Outlook, keep reading the post.Sometimes there is a need to open PST data without installing Outlook. We have seen many requests on the Internet where users are looking for a solution to open PST file data. PST File Viewer can easily perform this task. Therefore, we would like to explain the step-by-step process for viewing the Outlook data file without any external application.Steps by Step Process to View PST Files without Outlook InstallationStep 1. Download PST File Viewer on your machine.Step 2.Run the tool and add PST files you want to preview.Step 3. The tool loads all the email folders.Step 4. Click on required email and check the complete preview.That’s it. By following the above steps, users can easily open PST files without Outlook installation.Read More About the Best Free PST File ViewerIt is a safe and reliable solution that allows users to view the contents of PST files without Outlook application. With PST Viewer, one can easily open and preview All Outlook Mailbox Items along with attachments. This application makes it easy to open and read PST content. The tool provides accurate preview of emails. It also supports previewing the content of emails, contacts, calendars, attachments, tasks, notes, etc. The software comes with advanced features that make the tool unique.Standalone Application - There is no need to install external application to open or view PST files. It allows you to open PST files without Outlook.Open Email Attachments - The tool supports to open and view Outlook PST emails with attachments.Better Compatibility - PST File Viewer is compatible with all the edition of Windows as well as Mac Operating system.Free of cost -This software is completely free of cost. There is no need to pay anything for this software to read PST file content.No file size limitation – With this tool, users can easily open unlimited PST files.Batch Facility - This software has the ability to preview multiple PST files at once.Preserves Hierarchy - While opening and viewing PST files, PST File Viewer maintains the folder hierarchy.View Corrupt PST Files - The tool allows you to open corrupted PST files without facing hassle.View Password Protected PST - PST Viewer is helpful to open password protected Outlook PST files.Supports All MS Outlook Edition - You can easily read content of Outlook PST 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 and other edition.What Type of Queries this PST Viewer Can Resolve ?Query 1. Is it possible with tool to view PST files on Windows machine ?Ans 1. Yes, this software is compatible with Windows and Mac Operating system.Query 2. Can I use this software to open Outlook 2010 PST file data ?Ans 2. Yes, PST File Viewer successfully supports all the edition of MS Outlook. Users can easily view content of Outlook PST 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 etc.Query 3. Does the tool supports to open corrupt PST files ?Ans 3. Yes, with this tool, users can easily open corrupted or highly corrupted Outlook PST files.Query 4. Does PST Email Viewer supports to view large PST files ?Ans 4. Yes, you can easily view content of large .pst file with this PST File Viewer.Final WordsIn this article, we have suggested the best solution to view PST files without Outlook installation. So, if you are the one who wants to open multiple PST files without facing issues, go with the suggested solution. The tool helps you to read content of PST files along with all the properties.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 3.19
 Dhwani Shah  
 25 September 2019  

Throw Yes And No - In Gita Verse 3.19 Therefore, without being attached to the fruits of activities, one should act as a matter of duty, for by working without attachment one attains the Supreme.Krishna here explains regarding freedom to act. When you have desire for fruits in your act you will find bondage. You will be suffocating in your action. Because of your desire for the result, fruits.Experience Freedom, Space, and Meaning:Non-attachment gives us the freedom, space, and time to contemplate the true meaning of life, while attachment distracts us from reality. It influences how we perceive and react to our immediate world, since a world of excess leads to a roller coaster of highs and lows. This in turn motivates us to seek out more of those high moments of pleasure. We enter into a hedonistic world of want-fulfilment which creates further wanting in an attempt to bring lasting happiness.There are three kinds of freedom. One is 'freedom from'; that is a negative freedom: freedom from the father, freedom from the mother, freedom from the church, freedom from the society. That is a negative kind of freedom — freedom from — good in the beginning, but that can't be the goal. Once you are free from your parents, what are you going to do? Once you are free from your society then you will be at loss. You will lose all meaning and significance because your whole life had meaning in saying no. Now whom to say no to??This is 'freedom from'. This is not much of a freedom, but better than nothing. The second kind of freedom is 'freedom for'; that is positive freedom. Your interest is not in denying something, rather you want to create something. For example, you want to be a poet, and just because you want to be a poet you have to say no to your parents. But your basic orientation is that you want to be a poet and your parents would like you to be a plumber. "Better be a plumber! That is far more paying, far more economical, far more respectable too. Poet?!People will think you are crazy! And how are you going to live? And how are you going to support your wife and your children? Poetry can't pay!"But if you are for poetry, ready to risk all, this is a higher freedom, better than the first. It is positive freedom — 'freedom for'. Even if you have to live a life of poverty you will be happy, you will be cheerful. Even if you have to chop wood to remain a poet you will be utterly blissful, fulfilled, because you are doing what you wanted to do, you are doing your own thing. This is positive freedom.And then there is a third freedom, the highest; in the East we have called it MOKSHA — the ultimate freedom, which goes beyond both the negative and the positive. First learn saying no, then learn saying yes, and then just forget both, just be. The third freedom is not freedom against something, not for something, but just freedom. One is simply free — no question of going against, no question of going for. 'Freedom from' is political, hence all political revolutions fail — when they succeed. If they don't succeed they can go on hoping, but the moment they succeed they fail, because then they don't know what to do.That happened in the French Revolution, that happened in the Russian Revolution…that happens to every revolution. A political revolution is 'freedom from'. Once the Czar is gone, then you are at a loss: What to do now? Your whole life was devoted to fighting the Czar; you know only one thing, how to fight the Czar. Once the Czar is gone you are at a loss; your whole skill is useless. You will find yourself very empty.  'Freedom for' is artistic, creative, scientific. And 'just freedom' is religious.Just freedom, neither for nor against, NETI NETI, neither this nor that, but pure freedom, just the fragrance of freedom — before you learn, you will have to know the positive one: 'freedom for'.Hence the satsang, Guru, like minded people, commune. It needs creative commune; to be creative in a thousand and one ways. In every possible way everyone are going to be creative, so that you can learn how to say yes to life. When the yes has destroyed your no, both can be thrown away. That is the ultimate in joy, in freedom, in realization.Krishna tells Arjuna be free of yes and no both so you can act without attachments of the fruits. Once you will act from this freedom you are self-realized, Supreme. You will have freedom in your action and not bondage.

Discovering the Hero Within Myself……… PRAGATI N. BHATTAD—
 PRAGATI Bhattad  
 29 September 2018  

Discovering the Hero Within Myself………PRAGATI N. BHATTAD—When we learn about the many different heroic paths available to us, we understand that there is room for all of us to be heroic in our own unique ways.The way to free ourselves of shadow possession is to awaken our heroic potential. When we have intense desire to become the hero and have a  belief that there is a  possibility within us, then this is the first step of discovering the hero within ourselves .To Begin this journey of transformation requires awakening to the fact thatWe are the hero in our own life story. In the simplest possible terms, our lifeis about us.we  may be inspired to fight for a worthy cause or we may recognise our hunger for deeper levels of attainment and personal spiritual growth. At its heart, each journey starts with a desire to go beyond the limits of our present situation and, in the process, to create a greater version of ourselves, a version that allows our soul to sing through our every word and action and to resonate at the core of our innermost being. decision to accept the challenge separates the hero from the rest of society . The hero says ‘Yes’, usually without knowing how they will achieve what they set out to do. The hero says ‘Yes’ knowing that they do not have many resources. The hero says ‘Yes’when others say it cannot be done. The ‘how’ comes later. We can also motivate ourselves just by thedesire to live in a way that is in closer alignment with our deepest values andbeliefs.If we are ready to undertake a change in our life, we are a Hero. If we are looking for a new direction and willing to take the steps to have it, we are a Hero. If we dare to dream that we can be different, do different and have different, we are a hero.we have an amazing capacity located in the resourceful part of our mind known as the theta state. By directing our mind to that greater intelligence in 6-Easy Steps we can quickly access new and innovative ideas. we are taught to reach that greater intelligence through six-steps that change our thinking from ordinary beta to theta, a much deeper level of our consciousness. In this state we instantly clear those negative, limiting beliefs that keep us feeling small, powerless and frozen.As we do so we uncover hidden treasures that lie right within us and discover our hidden Heroic Self-the self we have always been.================================================================

Cisco CCNA / CCNP Home Lab Tutorial: Starting Over
 james noah  
 4 October 2019  

When you're getting ready for progress on your CCNA or CCNP accreditation tests, eventually you're going to need to begin absolutely without any preparation on your Cisco switches and switches. It's simple enough to type "compose delete" and "reload", however there are a couple of subtleties you need to watch in the event that you need your home lab or rack rental gadgets to go about as if they just left the case.The initial step is in reality to run the order compose eradicate, and after that reload the switch. You will be incited with an inquiry before the reload begins, however, and you need to offer the correct response .... or then again your arrangement will at present be there when you reload!To begin with, you will be incited to affirm the delete. Press to acknowledge the default answer of "affirm".R1#write deleteDeleting the nvram filesystem will evacuate all design documents! Proceed? [confirm][OK]Delete of nvram: completeWith the startup arrangement eradicated, it's a great opportunity to reload the switch. This is the place the subsequent brief comes in:R1#reloadFramework arrangement has been changed. Spare? [yes/no]: noAt the point when a Cisco switch prompts you with two responses to an inquiry, you must sort the appropriate response in (or possibly its primary letter). Answer NO to this inquiry and press when provoked to affirm the reload.The switch will at that point start the reload procedure. Since there is no startup arrangement in NVRAM, the switch will provoke you to enter arrangement mode. You should possibly answer yes in the event that you have a great deal of time on your hands, simply need to perceive what arrangement mode resembles, or practice CTRL-C to get out it! Something else, answer NO.- Framework Design Exchange -OK prefer to enter the underlying design exchange? [yes/no]: nOK prefer to end autoinstall? [yes]:yYou'll see many messages after this identifying with interface states, lastly you're back at the client executive brief.Router>Presently you're working with a switch that is much the same as it was the point at which it left the container!For switches, for example, the 2950, the procedure is a lot of the equivalent, yet you ought to erase the VLAN.DAT document before reloading the switch. This document contains VLAN data and is kept in blaze, so it will at present be available after a reload.switch1#write deleteDeleting the nvram filesystem will expel all records! Proceed? [confirm][OK]Delete of nvram: completeswitch1#delete vlan.datErase filename [vlan.dat]?Erase flash:vlan.dat? [confirm]switch1#reloadMake a point to hit for the two inquiries with respect to the erasure - on the off chance that you answer "y" rather, the switch believes you're attempting to delete a document named "y"!After the reload is finished, you'll be incited to enter arrangement mode. As you did with the switch, enter "N" and start to design the switch from client executive mode. There's in no way like working with genuine hardware to get ready for your CCNA and CCNP achievement, and there's no preferable practice over designing switches and changes from the earliest starting point!300-208 kill examC9550-275 dump810-403 practice test downloadOracle EBS R12: Install, Patch and Maintain Applications real q&ar certification test exam prep00M-649 exam pdf answersC5050-284.pdf exam killerTawk latest dumpsHPE6-A47 mock exam70-740 brain dumpsC_FSUTIL_60 practice questions70-464 Developing Microsoft SQL Server Databases exam vce pdfP2070-055 IBM FileNet P8 System Implementation Technical Mastery Test v1 Jsfiddle bootcamp1Y0-203 test questions free70-646 Pro: Windows Server 2008 mock examC2090-610 actual exam pdfP2140-020 examcollection500-460 test answers1Z0-334 study toolsImplementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 exam killerhttps://courses.laimoon.com/search/CERTKILLERS.NET+IS+BEST+CERTIFICATION+TRAINING+PROVIDER+OF+YEAR+2018+AND+2019 mock examJIRA Administrator exam reviewA2040-409 Assessment: IBM Notes and Domino 9.0 Social Edition Application Development pass guaranteedRCDD-002 exam pass assuranceFree exam pdf answers

Trust is a funny term
 Anindya Biswas  
 10 September 2020  

Trust is a funny term,If someone decides she won't trust you, it's impossible to make her believe. No matter you give your life, your soul, your everything in relationship, it becomes a fallacy, you sometimes are compelled to think that whether being transparent to your partner is a crime.You swear by name of your parents, your GOD, you swear on relationship bond, but still, if someone refuse to believe, you one day think, yes this is it, I won't suffer everyday, yes I might have unknowingly committed mistake in the past, but doesn't mean I should be judged on basis of that, I have committed mistake, I have learnt, I have moved on, that doesn't mean I am accusable now; it's not a crime to commit mistake , even if it's a mistake, end of the day people grow, individuals mature, and laugh and leave the matter in past.But if your partner refuses to acknowledge your love, your commitment, your dedication towards your relationship,you try to mend, try to persuade her to see logic, but one day you lose your patience and say enough is enough, I have my self respect, I have my integrity, I have my soul and heart intact, if someone's fails to see your dedication , your commitment, then problem lies with them, not YOU.Because end of the day, you are clear to your conscience, your own mind, that you have given your 200 percent to make it a perfect relationship.So BE HAPPY, BE CONTENDED, BE FREE

How to Convert Mac Thunderbird to 8+ Different File Extensions
 abhraham lincon  
 28 January 2020  

In this blog, you will get a complete solution to convert Mac Thunderbird to various file formats such as PST, EML, EMLX, MSG, HTML, MHT, etc. Many users have been looking for a solution to export Thunderbird emails into multiple formats for Mac.We have decided to give an appropriate solution for Mac Thunderbird Conversion. Also, the software offers advanced features to convert Mac Thunderbird files. Our support team has received a query related to how to convert Mac Thunderbird to various formats. Read the blog until the end to find the best solution. Download and install the tool and follow a few simple steps to convert Mac Thunderbird profile data. How to Convert Mac Thunderbird. Step by Step procedureFollow the given steps to export Thunderbird to 8+ formats. 1. Download, install and run the Thunderbird migration tool2. Add files through Select Files/Folders.3. Go to saving options and choose files.4. Enter the destination path and click on Export5. Lastly, Mac Thunderbird conversion process completed successfully. In this way, you can convert all your Thunderbird to the various file format. It is a direct and simple method. Also, it comes with a user-friendly interface.Benefit of Mac Thunderbird converterThere is no limitation to conversion from Mac Thunderbird profiles.The tool offers different file naming options like Subject, Date, Time, Year, etc.The software supports all Mac versions including 10.15 Catalina, 10.14 Mojave, 10.13 High Sierra, etc. Both, technical and non-technical users can use this softwareThis software gives 100% accurate conversion from Mac Thunderbird profile. The tool offers different saving options including PST, EML, EMLX, etc. The software allows to select destination path to save output data. The software provides facility to convert Thunderbird Mails in batch.Export Thunderbird files in 8+ multiple file formats including PST, EML, EMLX, etc.Solution to Migrate Thunderbird Converter for MacThe Thunderbird Converter is useful approach to export Thunderbird emails into multiple formats for Mac. It allows to convert multiple emails from Thunderbird at once. There is a no risk of any data loss. It converts Thunderbird to emails with along attachments. It is a trustworthy solution to convert emails from Thunderbird for Mac. Supports all Windows editions including all latest versions you can easily convert Thunderbird for Mac. Frequently Asked QuestionsQues 1: Can I use software on Mac OS?Ans: Yes, you can use software on Mac OS including all latest versionsQues 2: Can I convert Thunderbird profile using multiple file naming options?  Ans: Yes, you can easily convert different pattern such as Form, Subject, Date, Time, Year etc. Ques 3: Can I convert Thunderbird emails with all attachments?Ans: Yes, you can easily convert all attachments without any data loss.Conclusion In the above write-up, we have given a step by step process to convert Thunderbird for Mac. It works smoothly and exports Thunderbird various email formats in some moments. Any non-technical and technical person can use the method for accurate conversion. Also, you can download the free trial version of the utility to know about the tool’s working and features. 

Custom Rigid Boxes” Incredible Option For Your Gifts
 jeneva jordan  
 20 May 2020  

We often take the help of gifts to express our feelings to our loved ones. Also, this considered the best way to recall the memories or forget the harshness of the relationships.Besides, we are living in a world where we almost daily face and show rudeness, anger, attitude, offensiveness, and such related stuff. Later after realizing of being extremely stiff, we look for different ways of apologies. Gifts are the best way to overcome all these austerities. Additionally, amazingly displayed gifts in the astonishing packaging will be a cherry on the top.Yes! The packaging is the thing that the receiver will first see. Also, just from the packaging, the receiver can assume any positivity and negativity about your feelings. Like, the alluring packaging will automatically bring a big smile on the face of the receiver. On the other side, the dull and dim packaging will no impress the receiver at all.Now the thing is that from where you will get the best packaging for your gifts? No need to worry about it. Different packaging companies are providing customization options to their respected customers. This means you can visit them and can get the packaging designed as you want or wish for.Elaborative Division of the Packaging:Packaging is divided into different steps that include the materials, elaborations, and customization options. The first one is the most crucial step. Yes! The material matters a lot.Like, the durable and the sturdy materials will give the eventual protection and space to your inside gift products.Additionally, the elaborations give an ultimately impressive appearance. Also, it helps to lighten up the mood of the receiver.Moving onto the customization means that the packaging companies give the right to their customers to go with the offering stuff of packaging as per their wish. Like, they can customize the packaging for their gifts according to the occasion and the reason for which they are buying the packaging.Quality of Material Matters A Lot:It’s a universal fact that nobody will go with such type of packaging that gives no surety of the safety of the products. Therefore, the packaging companies are more towards the protection and the security of the products. For this purpose, the thing that they are focusing on is the material quality of the packaging.Yes! First, they done all the tension tests on the material like whether it is capable of remaining strong and resistant against the strokes or jerks or not. Later, they pass it for the further process.Now the thing is which type of material will go best for the gifts? In the view of the packaging companies, the rigid material will do the best for your gift products. Yes! This material considers the stiffest material as compared to the other ones in the material list. Moreover, this material has different properties such it will keep your product protected during the shipment. Additionally, it has fantastic thickness. Like, you can go up and down in its thickness. The perfect and the most thickness of this material is 32pt. Again, the choice is yours if you want to increase the thickness more or not.Hence proved, your gift product will ultimately be safe in the Custom Rigid Boxes.Exclusive Elaborations for the Unique Appearance of the Boxes:Here we come to the elaboration part of the boxes. As we all are clear about the importance of the boxes. Also mentioned above that the outstandingly elaborative boxes can completely change the mood of the receivers. Also, it plays a crucial role in making up the misunderstood relationships of the people.Most companies provide different elaboration options. Few of them include the coatings to change the built-in dull and dim appearance of the boxes. Furthermore, the foiling to give a tantalizing addition to the boxes, embossing, and the debossing to enhance any writing or the mono over the boxes.Moreover, you can go with the window addition. Like, the companies offer two types of window addition that include PVC and the die-cutting. These two are different from each other. Like, if you go with the PVC window, this will make the receiver able to see the inside gift product of the Custom Printed Rigid B0xes. As compared to this, the die-cutting has no sheet on it means the receiver can both see and touch the inside gift product.Importance and the Types of Coating and Foiling:These both are the part of elaboration, but the reason to discuss them separately is to make them more convincing to you.Additionally, the coating has the power to give a shiny and polished look to the boxes. Now let you know about the types of coatings. Yes! Coating has two types from which you can go with the one of your choice. Types are gloss and matte. The difference between both of them is that that gloss gives the polished and the shin to the boxes. On the other hand, matte gives the unpolished but the even and the smooth surface to the boxes.This turn is of foiling. What is foiling? Its answer is already given in the above discussion but making it clearer to you. Besides, it’s an elaboration that can be done in any color over the boxes. It actually works in this sense that it gives the appealing and the eye-catchy shimmer to the boxes.Customization Options for the Ease and Comfort of the Buyers:Most of the time, buyers don’t want to go with all the elaborations or other related stuff that the packaging companies offer. Therefore, the best initiative of the packaging companies is that they are giving the customization option to the buyers. Yes! Now they can decide on their own that what they want to add in their Rigid Boxes Wholesale or what they want to subtract.This resolution is only for the relief of the customers. Also, to make a warm relationship between the packaging companies and their respected customers.You can get all the mentioned addition of the boxes at one stop, and that is the DodoPackaging. Yes! This is going to be your best experience. So, visit them for the amazing Custom Rigid Boxes.